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HD-6 - 16538 Dan Åkerblom
sweden HD-6 G - [EDIT]
HD-6 - hd6b-21246 jack mootz portage,WI has the hard nose with blade on it and also has the reversing pto. - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 15304 Etheridge Farms
Blodgett, OR Purchased from the neighbor who said it came from a quarry after getting a new undercarriage. Has worked like a dog for me and always starts second crank. - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 12072 Don France
New Zealand Used on a sheep station South Island New Zealand. Equipped with an angle blade and snow plough. - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 1689 /? d jones walnut grove ms. - [EDIT]
HD-6 - - Kim Dunnet Western Australia (Recently purchased) rake,blade and ripper runs well replaced seals and bearings in final drive expensive and difficult - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 24969 Nickolas Pitts
Granby, Mo. In 2006, we purchased this Allis Chalmers HD6-G from a seasoned contractor in Joplin, MO. This was his personal unit that no one else was allowed to use. It seems to run strong and hopefully for a long time! - [EDIT]
HD-6 - hd6g13949 Tom Randol
winterset ia I bought this in 2001 with a bad inj pump. Found a rod had knocked a hole in the block behind the pump. Clapp bro had a late model from crawler. - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 6-14940 Deep Shitter
Canton, MS According to the serial number you have listed your tractor is a 1962 model - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 13322 Myles Bradford
British Columbia Parts for Final Drive - [EDIT]
HD-6 - - Mike Davies
Whitewood SD Looking for a winch that could be mounted on the back and used to pull trees - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 104578 clarence hadley
paragon good parts dozer 4 SALE - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 19466 G W Allan
Marlborough New Zealand Used for track maintance and scrub raking on hill country, has a scrub rake that is used for clearing manuka - [EDIT]
HD-6 - 1689 /? d jones walnut grove ms. - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? HD6G-10915/6-10944 Scott Johnson
Bellingham, WA Tractor Shovel 6 sn# 62201 - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? HD6G - 9211 Bob
Taxifornia Shes cold blooded to start but when she runs theres nothing to stop her. Still looking for teeth for the rear(hyd) scraper made by Drott. 1.5 x 6 x ? - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? HD6B 1795 E.D. Cokelet Belfair, WA Has blade, driver's cage, and logging winch. - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? - Gerald Wilcher
Fountaintown, IN We just recently purchased this HD6G to help clear some land. It is in great working order. Anyone know about how much it is really worth. - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? ? Fred in Mo.
South of St. Louis tractor all there--would like to get a set of manuals for it - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? 24963 butch wyant
maryland great loader needs a little work but works fine. - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? 66332 Jonathan Socha
Giddings,TX Rsently purchased ,Would like to know about how old it is. Still runs good. - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? 17567 Forest Lawn Boy Scout Reservation
CA This tractor has been used at a Boy Scout Camp for the last 20 years or longer. - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? 6-22913 Mike Scandrett
Te Anau New Zealand Starting restoration ,5 roller track frame, had tilt blade - [EDIT]
HD-6 ? 1965 19448 Jaddy McDaniel
Sylacauga, Al Bought this loader 5 years ago.. Strong Engine. 4 Cylinder Turbo.. Plenty of Power. Not sure about what year it was built...Any Suggestions! - [EDIT]
HD-6 ?1961? 12818 Martin
Champagney FRANCE Great machine, use it almost daily, parts are hard to find in my part of the world. Looking for 6 actuating lever 055759 can anybody help? - [EDIT]
HD-6 1955 HD6B986 Chuck Morris
Springdale, WA USA Strong like bull. Been in the family 20 years. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1955 HD6G 859 Alex Chamberlin
Cleveland, Ohio Purchased in Oct.1978 $3000. 7548 hrs.on proof meter 9-5-2011 - [EDIT]
HD-6 1955 11205 Bob Thomasson
Reno, Nevada crawler loader in reasonably good condition. still used, but not daily or continuously. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1955 964 Hamish barrow
southland NZ - [EDIT]
HD-6 1955 11101 Tom Reel
Downing, MO 63536 Need track and pads. Teeth for bucket. Use quite a bit - [EDIT]
HD-6 1956 4047 John Newman
Little Meadows, PA HD-6G, 344 cid AC. Finished rebuilding clutch assembly (6/6/04). Acquired parts from Stephens Equipment near Pittsburgh. Good service and fast response. Finished replacing right final drive (7/13/06). - [EDIT]
HD-6 1956 - Lew Donaldson
dade city fl HD6G loader good tracks repaired injuction pump and muffler. runs great - [EDIT]
HD-6 1956 hd6b1729 wes rader aztec,N.M. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1956 3722 William Powell
Pottstown, PA Actually an HD6G. Work in progress. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1956 HD6B2472 Curtis Anderson
HD-6 1958 6-8852 Chris Humphreys
Bastrop, TX HD6G-8850 Rebuilding the starter. There seems to be small amount of smoke coming from the back of the motor closer to the top. Haven't the slightest clue what it might be... - [EDIT]
HD-6 1958 9661 David Henderson
Copperas cove Texas Hd6G crawler loader rebuilt hydralic cylinder new clutch awsome machine will be used to clear brush in east Texas - [EDIT]
HD-6 1958? HD6G3126 Bill Paxton
Houston PA Would like to find a nice HD11 - [EDIT]
HD-6 1959 - robert johnstonnew new zealand - [EDIT]
HD-6 1959 - robert johnston new zealand waitomo valley gorse crushing and track pushing machine goes anywere just hold on and hang inthere - [EDIT]
HD-6 1960 13689 Darryl Clinton
western kansas project dozer, 2/27/2010 - [EDIT]
HD-6 1960 no tag J.Durham Hampton,NY (near Rutland,Vt) Dozer. D14 or D15 gas engine, not sure, but tough. 6-way 7-1/2ft blade. Looking for good used track chain & rollers, etc. Still builds roads and does much landscaping and ditching here at farm and at contracted locations. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1960 - Don & Vickie Losson
Topeka Ks This is a very hard workin ol dozer shes not pretty but she does everything I ask her to do. Wouldnt sell her for what I gave for her If I ever did think of getting rid of it. Shes my ol reliable - [EDIT]
HD-6 1960 hd6g5733 Kenneth & Cathy Dillman
Blairs Mills P.a good powerful loader, .Recently replaced tracks and idler,found them in Pittsburgh at Stephens equipment ALL KINDS AC PARTS - [EDIT]
HD-6 1961 HD6G 12818 marc alfsen
Palaiseau France - [EDIT]
HD-6 1961 HD6E-14474 curtis anderson
Minnesota HD6E with ag equipment. Idaho farm tractor. Now used at Lesueur Pioner Power Show. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1961 HD6G 12818 Marc Alfsen
Paris running perfectly today had to change brake and crankshaft - [EDIT]
HD-6 1961 HD6EP 14746 Mervyn Pepper
Thames. New Zealand Angle blade. Carco E30 winch - [EDIT]
HD-6 1962 hd6b5784 Nick Caspar
Byron Ca. I was told by owner this is a 1962. It has a 3-71 Detroit (not Allis or Buda) engine and is a manual shift farm crawler with a bean pump and sliding drawbar nice condition - [EDIT]
HD-6 1962 14.459 Peter Grolimund
Switzerland Der Raupenlader hat 3300 Std.und wird für Hobby benutzt. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1965 HD6E 18541 mervyn pepper thames . new zealand bush rigged with canopy angle blade and Carco E30SG winch - [EDIT]
HD-6 1965 HD6E 18554 Mervyn Pepper
Thames. New Zealand Angle blade Carco E24 winch - [EDIT]
HD-6 1966 HD6 EP 19986 Steve Kranz
Port Lincoln South Australia I recently imported this dozer from New Zealand it is power shift and fitted with original angle blade and Allis rippers, I am looking forward to restoring this machine to good original condition. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1966 19653 Pete Daniels
Pineville,MO Still runs strong. Worked on a farm for the last 7 years in NW Arkansas. I guess it will work for a few more. Plus I got all the original manuals. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1966 hd6e19402 peter o,flaherty
upper hutt new zealand This angle dozer is fitted hydra tilt blade all new track gear E30 carco winch and is in daily work logging and general bulldozing - [EDIT]
HD-6 1966 HD6E 190402 PeterO'Flaherty
Upper Hutt NZ angle blade E30 winch - [EDIT]
HD-6 1966 HD6B 19057 Tom and Maggie
Upper Hutt New Zealand In good condition -mainly needs painting - [EDIT]
HD-6 1968 HD-6B 21111 PeterO'Flaherty
Upper Hutt NZ angle blade, bare machine - [EDIT]
HD-6 1968 - KEN
HD-6 1968 HD6AG-21078 Curtis Anderson
Eagan, MN Idaho farm tractor with BEGEE hydraulics/cab. - [EDIT]
HD-6 1968 6-25589 mike crosby
califoria - [EDIT]
HD-6 1970 70c22285 Patrick Sherman
Vermont looking for parts for wet clutch and belly pans - [EDIT]
HD-6 1971 40M 23710 Peter O'Flaherty
New Zealand Angle blade E24 Carco winch Persian Orange #2 - [EDIT]
HD-6 1972 37A24546 Marcus Sadler
Douglassville,PA I bought this loader at auction in 2007 for $5200.00. It is in great shape runs well! - [EDIT]
HD-6 1972 37a24074 Robert D. Templeton
Williamston, Michigan This is a track loader I use around the farm could use a parts machine or knowledge of one near by - [EDIT]
HD-6 1972? 40M24052 Wally Lloyd
Iquitos, Peru We bought this machine to work hard!! We would like more info if anyone has it. Thanks. We need a main drive pinion, can anyone help? - [EDIT]
HD-6 1973 70c 24687 peter oflaherty
Upper Hutt New Zealand fitted with angle blade hyd tilt and E30 winch with ROPS Canopy - [EDIT]
HD-6 1974 - Ed Mills
Bogalusa, La HD6B with 5 rollers; 6-21155 motor; Carco E30SG winch; Angle Blade - trying to figure out the 40M, 70C, 94S, 88Y designations - [EDIT]
HD-6 1974 HD6G37a25013 peter o,flaherty
upper hutt new zealand I have owned this loader since 1984 it was over 20 years old before the oil clutch was first adjusted it is programmed for its third set of new tracks in 2002 it has a std bucket blade,log forks,root rake, and E24 winch (bit light) A great tool! - [EDIT]
HD-6 u/n HD-6-B 20644 Richard c. Hilliard
Thorndale tx Gd machine but having to put a clutch in it and then steering clutches. - [EDIT]
HD-6 unknown 10786 Neil Mortenson
The Dalles, OR Body seriall# 10786.....Engine Serial# 6-10814 Model is HD6E. Anyone know what year this old rig is? I bought it a month ago off a ranch south of here. Runs great, but leaks oil somewhere on top. - [EDIT]
HD-6 unkown 4 OM 25201 pete lewis
Northland NZ have owned hd6 machines for some years runninng 1 machine and sevicing others plus wreckinng three at preasent keen to and interested in starting a hd 6 net work for parts / info /anyone keen please E -MAIL me - [EDIT]

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