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7060 Bypass canister

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Topic: 7060 Bypass canister
Posted By: AllisandGleaner
Subject: 7060 Bypass canister
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2021 at 9:42am
I just bought this tractor and was getting ready to service it and I’ve read where several people say plug it off and do away with it I was just wondering what to do with it.

Posted By: bigal121892
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2021 at 10:15am
I wouldn't, it is there for a reason. If you don't want to deal with it where it's at, you can buy the spin on filter version for the 8000 series, and relocate it, this way it is easier to change, and you still have the filter.

Posted By: rw
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2021 at 11:52am
Can you still get the elements for them?

Posted By: Dave H (NE)
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2021 at 5:23pm
part no. 74057968  price  71.90

Posted By: MACK
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2021 at 8:32pm
Take it off and change oil more often. Have saw too many failures from blown gasket. A engine rebuild is costly compared to changing oil more often.                   MACK

Posted By: Lonn
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2021 at 9:55pm
The previous owner of my 7050 had that canister removed. I change the oil every 75 to 100 hours. I think the manual calls for 150 or 200 hour oil changes. Those bypass canister filters are a pain.

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Posted By: DrAllis
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 6:39am
They can leak, as Mack said, and cost you a complete engine failure. The orifice inside can plug with filter lint fuzz, which then makes the filter inoperable and it does nothing. So, why even have it on there ??  I've removed them by the dozens over the years.

Posted By: AllisandGleaner
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 8:36am
What about the 8000 series kits what’s involved to changing it to the spin on style? Do they cause any problems?

Posted By: DrAllis
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 9:06am
That's what everyone changes over to.

Posted By: Ben (MI)
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 9:13am
I've had my 7060 for about 10 years. It came with the spin on 3rd filter. There's been no problems with it.

Part time farming with a 1980 7060 and 1984 F3 hydro.

Posted By: Michael V (NM)
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 10:25am
I done this to mine few weeks ago, I got rid of the big cannister lube-refiner,, mostly cause of the reasons Mack said. I put the spin on type by-pass filter on it,I got the parts from Worthington tractor parts on my way to Hutch this summer,,I posted pics few weeks ago,,so go back a ways an see if ya can fine the post.. I'd put a link,,,but sometimes me and this puter don't get along to well...

Posted By: Michael V (NM)
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 10:30am" rel="nofollow - Out with the old, in with the new - AllisChalmers Forum

lets see if this works

Posted By: AllisandGleaner
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 7:06pm
Okay I’ll try and find a spin on kit from the 8000s to put on it sometime whenever I get a minute but for the time being the canister is leaking to plug it off you just cap the holes off from the 3 spots where it ports into the block?

Posted By: DrAllis
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 9:28pm
Plug the outlet at the engine oil filters base, Leave all lines as-is except for the one at the oil filters.

Posted By: Michael V (NM)
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2021 at 9:56pm
Mine only has 2 ports, the 3rd line was a filter drain
1line from the filters/oil cooler to the large bypass (cannister),1 line back to the block on the LH side behind the starter

Did you check out my "out with the old,inn with the new"?

Posted By: DIESEL
Date Posted: 25 Sep 2021 at 1:00pm
So it's okay to just plug the line on the left hand side of the filter base, just above the left filter. I've had trouble with my bypass leaking ever since I changed the filter last year, and I try and service every 100 hours anyway.

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