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其他工业设备 Culver City greenhouse
1980 - 1990 -
- [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Amsterdam, The Netherlands Carol Takkenberg
1925 - 1970 vice president of Louis Reijners
Let me start, by saying sorry for my english. I'm Dutch and not used to it on a daily basis. My father, Carolus A. Takkenberg 1907-1985 worked almost his entire life by a firm called Louis Reijners in Amsterdam,The Netherlands. This firm imported for a couple of years Allis Chalmers farm equipment. I think that must be from about 1938 till some years after the war.My father always told me that sales of AC farmequipment went wrong in The Netherlands after all because the distance between the wheels of the imported machines was differant from the one used in Europe? The import and sale of construction equipment machines, I think from the late twenties till the sixties was however successfull till the merger of AC with Fiat. If someone out there is interested in some details I can try to look them up becuase I've a lot of papers of that time from my father. Names I can remember, my father was doing businness with were a certain Mr. Myron Rhoten and a Mr.Haskell ( I think he was danish originally). One of the things I have is a picture album from a trip my dad made in sept-oct. 1954. Several global dealers were gathered together and working with machines like the D-grader, the HD 15 AC with 314 scraper, the HD-20 pusher with TS-20 ripper and so on.There is a picture of Plant 3 in Springfield. Kees Takkenberg - [EDIT]
1950'S-1990'S MACHINIST
My father worked his whole life as a machinist for this company. If anyone remembers him please share any memories. As a child I remember him always working there until he retired in the early 90's. My dad past away in December of 2002. He was an outstanding to person to know. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Bremen; Germany Fritz Mergenthaler
1964 - 1968 Apprentice
Construction Equipment Carol Stream, IL John A. Bukovits 1966-1978 Government Parts Sales Manager
I started with the company as Parts Depot Manager for the East Brunswick, NJ. parts warehouse. In 1973 I was transferred to the Carol Stream Parts Distribution Center, where I held the position of Government Parts and also Dealer Order Entry. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment carolstream il arthur b petry
19 66- 19 79 STOCK PICKER
worked at carol stream for 13 years - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment carolstream,il raymond w nystuen
1942-1986 mgr payroll&retirement acctg
started at westallis in accounting, went to cedar rapids ia then to milwaukee as division controller,construction mchy down to springfield in the divsionsetup, up to carol stream move headqtrs to deerfield finally back to carol stream and eventual retirement.2503 - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Cedar rapids IA. Dale c. Lloyd
my grandfather was great friends with bob laker co. photographer at allis chalmers also a guy i remember as ron cambell i have grandads 25 years of service tie tacks and cuff links and a pic. of him and ron sitting on a ts 300 that says buda on it i know that mr laker has passed in 2005 dale started at laplant chote then allis chalmers then p+h - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Cedar Rapids IA Wayne A Simnacher 1957 - 1969 Senior Engineering Technician
Operated out of experimental proving Grounds located in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Focusing on Reparing, operatinged and installation of field kits for Motor Scrapers and Crawlers. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jim Petersen
1963 - 1988 P&H also various--painter, receiving clerk, assembly
Started out in 1963 as a torchmans helper in steel cutting. Worked many jobs. My father, Otto Petersen, my uncle, Kermit Usher, my brother Tom and 2 brother in laws also worked there.. Bill Steggall and Al Hooper.. After P&H bought them out, I stayed there until 1988 when I quit/retired and started working at Goss Graphics.. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Deerfield Il. Gary L. Backman
1958-1964 Production Control Salary employee
I'm looking for information on retirement benefits. I have a document showing a monthly income at retirement age starting in 2001 and don't know how to find where to inquire about it. I hope those people on this site that worked there during the same years as I can point me in the right direction. Thank you. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Deerfield Ill Larry Lange
19 69 - 19 80 Welder/Maintenance Elec.
Worked at Deerfield plant a good while. Met a lot of great talented people. Hey Ernie, how ya been. Curious about pension myself. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Deerfield, Illinois Ernest Taylor
1968 - 1981 Welder
I worked at the deerfield plant in the welding department when it was allis chalmers. I remember when John Post came out and told us we were laid off,it only lasted thirty days, after that Fiat came in.It was sad to see a great place close down but nothing last for ever. I now work for the city of Waukegan as the Assistant Director of the water plant I would like to know about our retirement pension please let me know any information you may have,Where are they located,how do we contact them, any phone numbers you may have will be helpful may God bless you and please write. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Deerfield, Illinois Richard Long
19 62- 1981 Manager, Materials Operations
I was a co-op student from Northwestern University when I first started working at Deerfield in 1962. I started in Engineering and then over the 6 quarters spent time in all parts of the business. It was a great experience. After graduation in 1965 I was hired into the Engineering Department. From there I went into Experimental Engineering, Quality Assurance, and then Materials Management. After the Fiat-Allis venture our business grew dramatically and I was exposed to world wide business activities that Fiat brought to us. However, I could see that Fiat was driving for the consolidation of the US operations to other parts of the world and was not surprised to learn that Deerfield would be closed. I was able to stay through most of that undertaking, went on then into Industrial Distribution, and finally into business turnaround activities. Deerfield possessed exceptional people, funded my MBA, and exposed me to business situations that were on an international scope. It stood me well over the years of my business career. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Deerfield, Illinois John Fischer
1975 - 1980 Co-Op Student
I started just as Fiat had bought in and it was a great experience to work there and one for which I am very grateful. The business at 500 Lake Cook Road was growing - I had the opportunity to work in a number of departments - and worked with some really great people. Not everyone is aware that the Caterpillar Corporate Headquarters are now on the Deerfield property. The area is now all developed and it's interesting to think that a "heavy" industrial product was manufactured in the area not that many years ago. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Deerfield, Illinois RUBEN A. CAMPOS
I had the great pleasure and privilage to work for the Deerfield Plant when Mr. John W. Post was in charge of the site 1969-1981, a great and fair man, sorry to hear he is now deceased. Does anybody out there knows what happened to our Pension plan when Fiat-Allis took over? I have contacted the PBGC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) which took over the Allis Chalmers plan from West Allis, but they don't seem to have a record of me, it may be that Fiat-Allis had somebody else managing the Plan but I don't know who to contact, any information on this matter will be greatly apprecited Thanks Ruben - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Deerfield,Illinois Dan Skorupa
1973-1981 Material Handler
I started as a lift truck driver in the weld shop in Feb.,1973 and in about 1977 became a Material Handler stocking the assembly lines, mostly for our newer equipment, the M100 and M150 motor graders. My father Tony drove a lift truck in the Yard and Assembly for about 25 years or so until his retirement in about 1980. All things considered, it was probably the best job I ever had, with decent wages and great benefits. John Post was the Plant Manager and Ray Lisowski was the night shift foreman. The Deerfield Plant closed in 1981 and a few years later, the property became the home of the Berto Center,the practice facility for the Chicago Bulls. I still reminisce about the some of the great times and great people at the old plant. Farewell and best wishes to all. January, 2021 - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Des Moines, Iowa Harold Sumption
1940-1978? Parts Manager
In about 1940 Charles (C.J.) Dukehart and Bob Hughes formed an A-C "earthmoving equipment" dealership for Iowa. For most of its existence it was the "Dukehart-Hughes Company" of Des Moines, with a branch for a while in Cedar Rapids. For the last few years of its life it was owned by a Mr. Graham and was known as "Graham Equipment Company." My father, Harold Sumption, was working for the Allis-Chalmers farm equipment wholesaler in Des Moines when Messrs. Dukehart and Hughes asked him to join them in their new construction equipment dealership. He worked with them for the rest of his career, first as Parts and Service Manager, then as it grew, just Parts Manager. I was born in November 1941, just as Dukehart-Hughes was getting established. My Dad and his colleagues were exempted from service in WWII as heavy-construction equipment maintenance was deemed essential to homeland defense. My childhood was spent scrambling over gigantic machinery when Dad would go to "the shop" anytime 24/7 to pull and ship parts (by Greyhound Bus)to idled contractors. Allis-Chalmers permeated my life from birth through my Dad's death--from the A-C calendars always on our walls to the miniature A-C dozer magnets on the car's dashboard to the A-C orange tape wrapping every box I got from home while moving around the country. I have vivid memories of touring the West Allis manufacturing plant and of driving the A-C tractors on my uncles' farms (no John Deeres there!). I would love to hear from anyone who had any association with Dukehart-Hughes or A-C heavy equipment in Iowa. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Mechanicsburg, PA Glenwood C. Reed
1950 - 1969 Field Sales Repr and Home Office Admin.
I began in 1950 as an accounting machine operator in the Farm Equipment Divison, Harrisburg Branch. After recall to the USMC, during the Korean War, I returned to A-C and was transferred to the Construction Machinery Divison,and attained the position of Assistant Sales Manager in the Harrsburg branch. In a reorganization, I was assigned as a Field Sales Representative in the Northern New Jersey, New York City, long Island and nearby upstate counties, district. About 1964 I was tdransferred to the West Allis home office, and served as an administrative assistant to the Manager of Marketing, Mr. Fred Dace...a prince of a man to work for. In early 1969, in yet another reorganization, in which the Construction Machinery Division was relocated to Springfield, Illinois I was laid off and, though I was subsequently given the option to stay with the company, I had already accepted other employment, and was obliged to decline. I subsequentluy retired, in 1993, after 22 years of employment by an independent agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In retrospect, being laid off from Allis-Chalmers was one of the best things that ever happened to me. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment New York/Pennsylvania/connecticut James Starling
1940 - 19 Sales
Looking for information about a father I never knew. He worked in highway construction equipment sales in the New York/Pennsylvania/Connecticut areas in the 40's. Thanks for any information. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment New Zealand Neville Clark Batten (Deceased)
60's - 70's Manager
anybody know of Neville (My Father) Batten you could email me. Thanks - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment shelby mi deno skolas - -
- [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Sprinf, Illinois Alan Moore
1969 - 1985 Final Assembly, descrepancies
I worked building construction machinery at the Sprinfield, Illinois for over 16 years and was a union deligate. It was one of the best employers I have had during my life ! The pay and benefits were unbeatable for that time of the century. I still have many fond memories of that job. Fiat bought in to Allis Chalmers and I guess they just ran the business into the ground as one site after another was shut down. The plant was torn down after we closed .I am trying to find out if I have any pension coming to me , and if so how much and how can I get it ? Let me know if you have any information on this subject. Where did Fiat Allis and the pension office for them end up as of today ? - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Sprinfield, Illinois Allan Moore
19 69 - 1985 Welder
PENSION INFO: For pensions call: 1-800 561-0877 Non union health benifits call: CNH America LLC 262-561-0877 Union Employee health Benifits Call: 877-837-5017 Alan Moore passed 12/13/2007 from the illness he caught at fiat...u can contact me at - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment springfeild ,il charles petroline 1950- - 19 60's assembler of dozer fuel tanks
my grandfather and two of his best friends gerld scheller and estel scheller they were related somen how . - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield Jim Kerske 1973 - 1976 Purchasing, Associate Buyer
My dad Bill Kerske retired from Fiat-Allis. My brother Bob worked there in the 70's. Funny when in 75 during a strike my brother said I should probably turn around when I did my obligitory duty of trying to get to work at the 6th St. Gate across from Mc Donald's. Instead I walked up the railroad tracks on the East side and entered through the South shipping door. HA! - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield Jim Kerske 1973 - 1976 Purchasing, Associate Buyer
My dad Bill Kerske retired from Fiat-Allis. My brother Bob worked there in the 70's. Funny when in 75 during a strike my brother said I should probably turn around when I did my obligitory duty of trying to get to work at the 6th St. Gate across from Mc Donald's. Instead I walked up the railroad tracks on the East side and entered through the South shipping door. HA! - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield and Deerfield, Illinois Alan R. Post for John W. Post deceased
1946-82 Deerfield plant manager; Springfield mfg eng'g
John W. Post was my Dad, born 1919 and died 2001. He was last plant manager at Deerfield, 1968-82. He worked at West Allis 1946-56 and then moved to SPringfield Works, 1956-68. Is there a Museum devoted to Allis-Chalmers Construction Machinery anywhere? I have lots of stuff from him. Have donated employee newsletters from Deerfield IL plant to Lake COunty, IL Discovery Museum. Huge slide collection here. Call 217-483-9404. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield Il Joseph F. Horrighs
1946 - 1979 Equipment Maint.
My dad retired from here, my grandfather retired from here and my uncle retired from here. My brother was Union president. This company fed my family for many many years. Good years. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield Ill Myron Vigesaa
1973 - 1981 Crawler Design Engineer
I was hired by George Koch when I graduated from engineering school. It was the most exciting job I have had. I was by far the youngest engineer in the department. Tom Beveridge had been hired 6 years earlier. I really appreciated all the advice and help I got from the seasoned employees in all departments. I often marvel at the capabilites of that plant in Springfield. It was a rare collection of talent to be able to cut gears, heat treat, weld and assemble machines shipped all over the world. My son now works at a strip mine in western North Dakota. He operates D-11's, so that is a bit of a thorn for me!! My father-in-law lives on south 6th street in Springfield. when we visit it bring back a lot of pleasant memories when we drive by the location on 3000 s 6th. Would love to hear from some of my coworkers. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment springfield illinois frank weitzel
1958-1976 paint shop
my father worked frank weitzel jr at the plant. my grandfather, michael reagan was president of local 1027 his son john also worked at the plant. it bothers me to this day ,to even drive by where the plant used to be. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, IL David C. Hollis
1973 - 1976 Welder
My employment began at AC in Springfield just before the plan was changed to Fiatallis. I just got home from active duty in the Air Force, and it was my first stop for a job the next week. I still think of the jobs I did there, and I think I can even remember how to put some of the assemblies together. I remember the huge inventory at the end of '73 for the changeover from AC to Fiat (Allis-Chalmers to Fiatallis). At one time or another, like so many others in the Springfield area, practically everyone in my family had worked at Allis Chalmers. My dad, mom, grandpa, and several uncles. My grandpa, Oliver Meyers was there from near the very beginning, and retired in 1967. So many stories! There are probably still a few hundred folks left in the Springfield area (in 2006)that had worked there at some time. I still see a handful of them. Every time I pass by the old plant location I think of the days that it was such a booming place, filled with people, equipment, rail cars,forklifts, parts bins, noise, and flashes through the windows from welding. The plant was torn down and the location now is a business park with several buildings for small businesses, government buildings, and some strip mall and fast food chain stores. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, IL William Fronmuller 1928- 1946 Foreman Machine & Welding
Employee was my father who left AC in 1946 to be Factory Superintendent at Heineke & Co. in Springfield. He died in 1985. Contact me at for a further exchange of information. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, IL Richard F. Sublett
1965 - 1991 Project Leader
Started in tool design w/Virgil Thompson as my supervisor. Went on to Assembly processing until the plant closed in 1985. Was part of the team to transfer production to Lecce, Italy for a couple years. Spent the last 4 years in product engineering and then closing of the proving grounds at Browning and the R&D building on the corner of Stevenson and 6th Street. In my 26 1/2 years there I met so many good hard working people. I have had several jobs since, but working at Springfield was the best job ever. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, IL Paul Forestier 1950s - 1979 Machinist
Dad was 42 when I was born so I was probably 12 yo when he retired. I only have dim memories of the plant and remember a tour that included sitting in an HD41. There are almost no signs left that a plant was once at the old site. Ironically, I worked 14 years in an office building that was the first to be built their. Dad passed away in 2002. He was proud to work there and represented a lot of hardworking men in the day. Work hard, earn your pay, provide for your family. How simple life seemed to be. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, Ill Larry Bonnet
1963- 1967 Machinist
I joined Allis-Chalmers out of high school and was lucky enough to go into the machine shop. at the time Allis-Chalmers had a tuition refund program if you got "c's" or better, so I went to the midnite to 8 AM shift and enrolled in the local jr college. It was a little tiring trying to do both, but I managed. I had a great shop foreman named Russ Applegate and the inspector of the finished products was named Burris, I don't remember his first name. In 1967 Allis-Chalmers had one of their layoffs and I was one of the ones selected, which allowed me to spend most of my time on school. I graduated, went into the Air Force, became a pilot, and went to Vietnam flying OV-10's. I got out of the Air Force and became an airline pilot, flying for PSA first then we were bought by US Airways. All of this was possible because Allis-Chalmers had a tuition refund program. Some of my best memories were made working in the machine shop. I worked on a radial-arm drill that machined the transmission cases for the largest crawler tractor that Allis made. It was lifted by three chains with hooks on the end and my machine was right at the top of the tunnel that went to the outside of the plant. One night while lifting one of those half ton cases out of the fixture one of the chains broke with the case being 6 foot off the ground. I knew it was going to come right at me and I shot down the steps to the tunnel with the case right behind me. I beat it down and after the noise stopped I stopped running. I was saddened to hear about the closing of the plant and when I was back in Springfield and drove by the place I was appalled to see the plant was completely gone, no bricks, no fence, no nothing. Allis-Chalmers will live in my memory as a great place to work and every person I met there was a quality individual. May we all retrain good memories. Larry Bonnet - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, Illinois James M. Johnson - JJ
1978 - 1982 Welder
Worked in depts 14 - 24 welding Hydraulic oil tanks for the 31 crawler ... Living in Rising Sun Maryland now. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, Illinois Billy D Surratt
1958 - 1985 Repairman
My Dad worked at the Springfield plant until they closed as a repairman. He fixed the equipment that came off the assembly line and did not run. If there were no broken equipment that day, he worked the assembly line. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, Illinois Andy Patton
1973 - 1982 Machinist
I worked at Allis Chalmers/Fiat Allis as a drill press operator and a CNC machinist right after high school. It was interesting to work on products that were shipped and used all over the world. The plant site (3000 S. 6th Street, Springfield, Illinois) is now home to quite a few businesses, but is no where near to employing the 5,000 people who once worked for AC in that location. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield, Illinois Hurley Ballenger
1973 - 1987 Plant Engineer ( Electrical )
I started as a machine operator in Dept 33 ( the Track line ) in September of 1973. Fresh out of eight years in the USAF. Worked my way up thru maintenance, then a maintenance forman, then project engineer in Plant Engineering. Was carrying the title of Plant Engineer ( Electrical ) when Fiat closed the Springfield facility in 1985. Stayed on thru the tear-down years while machines were transferred to the Lecce Italy facility. Worked with Rich Sublett, Bob Janson, George Brown, Elsa Jones, Bill, Ron, Charlie, and the whole rest of the transfer team in Italy. The time in Italy was bittersweet, but a wonderful experience. My father, grandfather and an uncle retired from the Springfield Plant. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Springfield,IL Lorence Wayne Trott
1963-1983? welder
Lorence was my late husband. 8/3/1994 he did not survive his second open heart surgery.He was a welder in the old Baker plant and he loved that job. He spoke fondly of his co-workers - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment springfield,ill duke beal
1970 - 19 85 machinest
I worked in the old bakers plant at the springfiel plant. I ran burners shears and press breaks. it was a great job and i realy miss it and the poeple i knew. my dad worked there for over 20 years in the same shop i worked dept 37 i would like to hear from anyone that worked there. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment St. Joseph Illinois David Huffman
19 - 19 -
My Great uncle, Harvey Wilson owned H. B. Wilson manufactering in Athens Illinois. They were a general metal fab shop but did a lot of sheet metal work for the plant in Springfield Il. Uncle Harve also had a radiator guard business & sold lot's of them to Mc Cormick - Deering. I have seen lot's of them on Mc Cormick - Deering tractors & some even have H. B. Wilson Mfg. tags on them. My family still has several of these guards & they have been used for just about anything you can think of. Please E- mail if you remember My great uncle. He was a great man for the little town of Athens, IL & at onr time or another, about every one in that town worked at one of his interprises. David Huffman - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Vienna, Austria Walter E. Steininger
1960-1964 Service Representative Europe
very nice reminiscences, allthough long long ago - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Kurt New
1940 - 1965 Eastern Division Salesmanager
My father Kurt New died June 5, 1996. He worked out of Memphis, TN, West Allis, Wisconsin and Atlanta, GA. during his years with AC. I know he made many friends in these areas and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. Thanks, Billy New I was in the Farm Machinery Division working out of Atlanta, GA. - [EDIT]
Construction Equipment Western Canada Claude Stearns
1966-1971 District Service Rep.
Was big dick Region Service Mgr.for Canada when i left AC - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices - Delmer W. Call
19 - 19 President
I am trying to verify my grandfather's position as the President of AC, probably in the early 1900's. Please e-mail me with any information you may have. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Boston, MA Herbert Nielsen 1935 - 1951 draftsman
my great uncle, Herbert, worked as a draftsman for Allis-Chalmers for many years. He had only a high school education but seemed to like his work, and trained a lot of people who had colllege degrees. I am actually not sure whether or not he was in the corporate office, but I do know he was a draftsman. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Chamblee Georgia Melanie E. Turner
1978 - 1982 Shipping Clerk
I worked at Allis Chalmers in the corporate office in Chamblee, Georgia until me and several others got laid off on December 30, 1982. I really loved my job, which consisted of taking orders from our dealers in the Southeast, entering them into the computer, etc. On many occasions, I would personally go out and pull an item if we only showed one in stock. I remember many dealers of mine - Calvin Henry, from C&C Tractor, Maryville, Tenn.; Ted and Turby from Rhodes and Corriher in Lincolnton, NC. Otto who sent me a cowboy hat from Alabama. Doug Snead from Snead Tractor in Alabama. I would love to know how some of my fellow employees are doing. Betty Jo Crump, Agnes Laminac, Robert Thackston, Horris Simpson, Ed Nearing, Cindy Nicholson, Lance Mashburn and many others. I still see Rhonda from time to time at a favorite Mexican place near our homes. I work at Georgia Power now. I've been here since I got laid off from Allis Chalmers. I'm married with two step sons and live in Alpharetta. I have two horses and love to cook. I hope to hear from some of you!!! - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Harvey, IL Ed Sedlak 1955 - 1985 Shipping and Receiving Foreman
I am writing for my husband who I met at AC while working at the Harvey plant. Ed has since passed away and I was wondering what happened to the pension plan that he had. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Harvey, IL (?) Carol Stream, IL Ted Gulik
1945-1981 Foreman?
Hi. My name is Michelle Gulik. This information is about my dad, Ted. He worked for Allis Chalmers, then Fiat Allis, before he retired in 1981. I remember him telling me he worked in Harvey, and I know for sure he worked in Carol Stream. I don't remember much, as I was 8 when he retired. He passed away in October of last year at the age of 91. He was a foreman, but I don't know what else he did. I have an Ertl Allis-Chalmers One-Ninety that he gave me when I was really little, and a bowling shirt and coffee mug from Fiat-Allis. I came across this site while looking for replacement decals and/or paint for the model, so I thought I'd put him in here. I have vague recollections of the company picnic and going to work with him once to an ENORMOUS warehouse that seemed to go into the sky, filled with parts. Up until the day he died, whenever he would see something from Case, or CAT, or John Deere, he would say "Competitor" to me. :) Ironically, it became part of Case in its most recent incarnation...I think he really loved it there. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Independence, Mo Nancy Eaton Perry Martin
1953 - 1954 Clerk-Typist-Switchboard Relief
This was a very comfortable working relationship. A finely run business with employers able to relate to the employees. A good clean factory enviornment. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices La Crosse, WI Joseph Jiracek
193? - 1975 Clerk, Bookkeeper
My Grandfather (deceased) worked for A-C in La Crosse. Anyone with any information, thanks. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices La Porte IN Wesley Gemberling
19?? - 19?? tool and die,maintenance
Just wanted to include my Grandfather in this section.He retired from the La Porte plant before it closed in the 80"s. He was a great man and deserves the recognition ! He had lots of stories to tell and made many friends at the plant. Thanks Gramps for your many years ! Love , Mick - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Mexico City, Mexico Pedro A. Montero-Alatorre
1980's Administration
I write in behalf of Pedro Montero. He was a great man, remembered by many as a good fellow and hard-working accountant and administrator. He has died but I remember clearly his joy of working with Allis-Chalmers in Mexico City. He was proud of it. Long live his memory and Allis-Chalmers legacy! -- CarlosPC - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Milwaukee, WI Gustav Tuomin
1929 - 1947 laborer
My name is Gus Fenton. Gustav Tuomin was my grandfather. He worked for 18 years at Allis-Chalmers I have a letter from WC van Cleaf of Allis-Chalmers dated 23 Oct 1947 that sent regrets upon the death of my grandfather. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Milwaukee, WI Virgil von Soosten
1961 - 1991 District sales rep., Tractor marketing
My father worked for Allis Chalmers in Milwaukee, Taylorville, IL, Kirksville, MO back in Milwaukee, then ventured to Atlanta, GA for AGCO-Allis. He was in Milwaukee to see the last Allis Chalmers tractor go down the assembly line. He's 89 years old now and still loves to talk tractors. If anyone would like to contact him, please send me an email and I'll put you on contact. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices springfield, Illinois William Bromley 1942 - 1976 Supervisor - Inspector
Bill worked for Allis-Chalmers for 34 years in the Springfield Location. He was an inspector and supervisor - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices Springfield, Illinois John D. Tomlinson, Jr
1947 - 1982 Inventory
My father spent his professional career with Allis-Chalmers. He started out of the Army after WWII and retired from there 35 years later. My birth announcement was like an Allis Chalmers announcement of a new tractor! When I was 4 yrs.old the company sent him to ITALY for 14 months and when he came back things were changing to Fiat-Allis. While he was there our family got to go stay in Milan, Italy for 1 month. I wonder if there is ever anyone looking for my dad from there. I would love to hear stories of him. I love him and miss him every day (1925-1992). He was my Hero and awesome friend to so many. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices west allis Thomas Pipp
1936 - 1978 not sure
my grandfather worked at AC for 42 years he retired before i was born. He is still alive and well. he never told me much about the place. i currently work in the old plant under a new company called regenco.I was generator field technician now im just shop and work mostly on rotors. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West ALLIS Charles Kirchherr
1969 - 1970 Programmer
Trainee for programming then assignment to Pittsburg PA, until getting draft notice and enlisted in Navy. Never returned. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis Bob Senzig 1976 - 19 81 Research Engineer in Advanced Technology Center
I joined Allis-Chalmers as a part of the Advanced Development Program. Under this program I had 5 60months assigments in different groups. I worked is Independence Mo at Gleaner Combines in the test laboratory. I worked on improving the cutting mechanism to improve ground speed for wheat harvesting. My design team tested prototypes of a split sickle bar and a resonant spring that reduced HP and vibration. Next I worked in West Allis in Compressor Division to develop simulation tools and curve fitting algorithm for compressor simulation. I then transfered to ATC and worked on Kiln design and other similation for AG Tractor Division. I then began work in Noise and Vibration department of ATC as my "real job". I worked on developing a tractor transmission analysis tool that used FFT spectrum to identify noise and virbration quality in the transmission production line. I worked on developing remote analysis of compressor and process equipment in the factory environment. in late 1981 i worked applying these principles to huge valve actuattor issues during manufacturing of vaves for the deep tunnel project. I really enjoyed the challenges and the talented people I worked with at Allis-Chalmers. I use the problem solving skills I learned in my current job as Chief Engineer at GE Healthcare - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis jim Hunt 1960 - 1968 -
I am looking for a neighbor, Jim Hunt, that worked at Allis Chalmers - West Allis, and lived in New Berlin, Wi Kathleen - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis James Onarheim
19XX - 1963 Hoping to find something out
I've come across titles like Sales Office Chattanooga Tenn., Employment Manager. I knew at one point he had an office on Wisconsin Ave. somewhere around 20th. He seemed to possibly be associated with electric motors and/or transformers. He passed in 1963 at age 64 before he retired. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis & Port Washington Don Schoonenberg
1974-1983 Finance/Accounting
First job after graduating from UW-Whitewater. Worked in Corporate Accounting through 1976 and then took a position in our Simplicity division that made both Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers lawn and garden tractors. I was Simplicity's Chief Financial Officer up until Briggs & Stratton purchased the unit in 2004. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis Wisconsin Irene Pfeiffer
19 43-1944 steno pool?
Looking for my mom's work years at Allis Chalmers. I think she met my dad there. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, WI Delores P. Petushek 19?? - 1985? Office Clerical
Our Aunt Delores recently passed away 02-22-09. She worked at Allis Chalmers for many years, 25+. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, WI Doug Zoerb
1979 - 1989 Supervisor, Employee Communications
I joined Allis-Chalmers in 1979 in the employee communications department in West Allis. We produced the monthly employee newspaper and a quarterly magazine. I was fortunate to travel to many of the divisions to gather stories and photos. My favorites included the hydroturbine plant in York, Pa.; the Gleaner combine plant in Independence, Mo., the engine and lift truck plants in the Chicago area; and Simplicity in Port Washington, Wis. When business went bad in early 1980's, corporate staff was cut but fortunately I was offered a job as supervisor, advertising materials in the farm equipment division where I worked for Bill Anderson and Dan Nelson. One of my favorite jobs was supervising production of "The Landhandler" magazine. I also enjoyed going on equipment photo shoots. In 1987, I spent two weeks in Charles City, Ia., directing a shoot for the 9000 series tractors with the Deutz engines. I'm glad to see AGCO brought back the orange paint! I have some memorabilia that I'd be willing to trade, such as two 70th anniversary tractor calendars. I'd also like to hear from any of my old A-C friends. As of June, 2012, I am back working in the old Allis-Chalmers complex! I am now an employee of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, which is located in Summit Place, one of the former shop buildings that has been repurposed as an office building. Update: I plan to retire from AEM on May 11, 2017. I will miss coming to this special place each morning for work. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, WI Michael Thome
1987 - 1988 Trainee
I was working for about 8 months as a trainee from the german Deutz Corporation; had a great time over there, met a lot of great people!!! - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, WI Cyril Bloom
19?? - 1960 Electrical Engineer / Executive
I know very little about my grandfather. He was an electrical engineer by trade and according to his obituary, died in 1960 (age 45). The obituary listed his occupation as an executive at the company. If there is anyone out there that knew him or of him, I'd love to have any information that could be provided (he's been gone 53 years so the chances are slim). Thank you. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, WI Carl A Patton
1923 - 1958-60 Traffic manager
The employee was my grandfather. The dates are approximate. He lived 3 blocks from Corporate for nearly 40 years. When he retired at 79 yrs old or so it took 2 men fully 2 weeks to log the information he kept in his brain. It eventually was keypunched into the 'new' computer. It was, among other things, the rail routes to send large equipment through tunnels, over bridges etc. all over the country. He had to know the widths and load bearing capabilities of the entire routes. This is fascinating to me now, but when he died I was only 14. This may not be of interest to all you restoration guys but maybe someone out there might have worked with Carl. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, Wi. Charles T. Winston
1920's to early 50"s ???? Design? electrical??
Hope to find someone who remembers my Grandpa. Would love to hear some tales. He passed away in 58 and he worked at a/c. his entire working life. Was also a Mason, and a member of the Founders Club. if anyone can shed some light for me, I have no kin left on this side, so I need all the help I can get. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, Wisconsin unknown
1945 - 19 ? unknown
Hello,,,,, I am Kathleen J Misevicz age 64... I am looking for my father who was an employee at Allis Charmers in the late 40's... He was dating Evelyn Herman from Colby/Abbotsford area... I was born in December 1945.... My father is described a a TALL RED HEADED man that worked in the office at Allis Charmers.... any information would help... - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, Wisconsin Catherine Rossell
1941 - 19 74 C. Heinrich('74 -1982) Executive Secretary
I worked for James E. Fink C& MS Division 1965-1982. I had 4 kids and was rehired after each one. So, I was hired 6 times at Allis Chalmers: thats got to be a record. ;') - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, Wisconsin James E. Fink - Deceased
1945 - 1983 General Manager - Cement & Mining Division
Jim Fink is my dad. He is gone now, but I wanted to register him anyway. He worked for AC for 38 years in the West Allis corporate office. He started in 1945 as a mechanical engineer and worked his way up to General Manager of the Cement and Mining Systems Division. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, Wisconsin Jacqueline Hill
1972 - 1985 Executive Secretary, Purchasing Clerk
Wow - what a cool website. I started at Allis Chalmers during high school. I worked in the Quality department with Terry Hernessman. I finally moved to Purchasing and my last job was working for the infamous Tom Judge. I would cover for Kay Heinrich to support Jim Fink when Kay was on vacation. So many great people such as Mary Kirkcoff, Joe Dembosky, Jim Reilly, Kathy Clancy, Joe Beaumont, Lynn Fiedler, Tony LaRosa, Dennis Pionek, Debbie Rolland, Nancy Merath, Bob, Sue, Alice, Eva Broome, Andy Weaver and even Bob Rowe. I hope everyone is doing well. Life has been good to me and continues to treat me well. I have a great family and many friends (some from thirty years ago). - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices West Allis, Wisconsin Dario J. Avello
1969-1971 International Division Credit & Collections Clerk
First job ever right after returning from Vietnam Constantin Iskalis, John Meicklejohn, Joe Jany, Charles Zemene, Neil Hansen, Robert Cusack, Jim Ellis, Mr. Bouillant-Binet, Chuck Armstrong, Kelly Ray, Robert White, et. al. were among my colleagues. - [EDIT]
Corporate Offices west allis, wisconsin paul fortlage
19 65 - 19 95 quality control
- [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Chicago, Illinois Gordon Turnbull
1953 - 1988 Field Sales Account Manager
Discharged from USMC in 1953 after Korea; hired by A-C in Regulator Dept at West Allis Hawley Plant 1953-1957; Field Service Engr. 1957-1967; Field Service Mgr 1967-1973; Electric Utility Sales 1973-1980 (w/A-C); 1980-1988 (w/Siemens E & A). Have been retired for 29 years since 1988. Many great memories working 35 years with dedicated people for a great company; unheard of in today's climate. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Gadsden, AL George M. (Bill) Petty
1954 - 1969 Sr. Industrial Engineer
I joined Allis-Chalmers at West Allis in 1954 on the Engineering Training Course, spent time in Plant Engineering, Time Study, Plate Shop, Regulator Sales and others. After as three month stop in the Pittsburg, PA. plant, I took a permanent position in the Gadsden, AL plant in 1955 and worked in Industrial Engineering Dept. until 1969. Allis-Chalmers was a very good company for which to work. I made many friends, some of which I still keep contact. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Gadsden, Alabama Robert L. Florence
19 57? - 1980? millworker
Robert Florence --(my father) worked in the Gadsden plant for app. 30 years. he is terminally ill w/ cancer. i need someone to help me get some info concerning his retirement check. will my mom continue to receive any portion after he passes? Also, an address or a phone number that would put me in contact with the company that handles the retirement would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much, Kerry Florence--Augusta. Ga. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Hendersonville, N.C. Tom Freeman
1956 - 1997 Acct Manager, Sr. Application Engineer
I finished the GTC progran in 1956 and then was transfered to the Birmingham S.O. Later, Pittsburgh and Reading Pa. sales offices. I retired from the Switchgear Division at the Raleigh Plant in 1997. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Hyde Park, MA Bill Leary
1967 - 1974 Several
I was originally hired as a "parkerizer." I basically dipped metals in chem's to rust-proof them. I then moved on/up to machinest. I then moved on to blgg #8 as a sandblaster. (shotblast) Then another move on/up to welder A. Two new positions called; "Tester, Welder, Finisher" were created and me and Frank Moore were given that job. We continued until the Hyde Park Plant was closed in November 1974. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Hyde Park, Mass. Frank Lyons
1963 - 1973 Control Engineer, Tester
I worked at the ETD division in Boston untill it moved to Jackson MS IN "73" - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Milwaukee, Wisconsin Theodore "Ted" Canepa
1941 - 1969 Manager of Technical Manuals
My father started at Allis Chalmers as a checker of electrical wires (for a Charles Peters) for the Navy, when they found out he was a degreed electrical engineer, they transfered him to writing technical manuals, which he did for the next 28 years. Eventually he becam manager of the department. Had to take an early retment in 1969. My dad is 92 years old an in a nursing home in Waukesha Wisconsin. Names of co workers (My mom gave me) Dick Lueck, Lewis Cielenski, Earl Judnick, George Hess, a Mr. Earl, a Mr. Volkman. My dad also played bass fiddle w/ a trio of Allis chalmers employees, they called themselves the "Electonic Trio" - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Milwaukee,WI/Gadsden,AL Walter Hilton Chase II
1959 - 1974 Engineer/Manager
Post for my dad/deceased. Was hired as a mechanical engineer at west allis in 1958. Was transferred to Gadsden in 1970. Worked as a manager til Feb. 1974. Changed companies in 1974. Dad used to take me to "hosts" day in Milwaukee where I saw my first copy machine and calculator. This would be around 1968. When we moved to Gadsden my dad was a manager with the round balers being produced. Being so young during this time I have trouble remembering names of co workers. A shout out to Mr. Bill Wren(co worker with dad) took me on my first small airplane ride. I'm now a airline pilot. Jack Bondie and Mr. Phillips were good friends of my parents. These folks are probably no longer here, but their kids may remember. As kids we were friends with the kids of the other people I mentioned. There was a Mr. Harlow who was a co worker as well. These are all from the "Gadsden Plant" as it was referred to. Hope someone like this. - [EDIT]
19 46 - 1973 ELECTRICIAN
Electrical Equipment Terre Haute, IN Ed Utterback
1953-1959 mechanical engineer & former GTC
I worked at the Terre Haute plant 1953-1959. We made compressors for aircraft jet engines and later electrical switchgear, transformers, and circuit breakers. I knew Dean Shepherd, Bill Steinberg, Nathan Randall, Fenton Kelly, Milt Hambrock, Bill Morelli, and others. Several transferred to West Allis when Terre Haute shut down (in the 1970'2?) Would like to hear from anyone who worked there. I later worked for 34 yrs at Columbia House in Terre Haute and retires in 1994. I still live in Terre Haute. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment west allis john pascale
19 74 - 19 90 field service
Hired in 74 by Mr. Hanley, a real gentleman. Worked for George Routson and John Holmi the greatest. Transferred to FSO San Francisco as mgr., retired out of Alpharetta as training mgr for siemens. Have only the fondest memories of the company. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment West Allis, WI Jim Ratz
1960 - 1962 Electrical Engineer
I worked in two groups: Industrial systems in the main offices and Control department on Hawley Road. In Industrial systems I worked on a team computerizing the startup of a gas fired power plant for Gulf States Utilities. Hugh Drewry, Gordon Brown and Tom Bloodworth are some names I remember from that group. In the Control Department I worked on a solid state voltage regulator for diesel powered standby generators. Some of the names I remember are John Carroll, Roger Robertson, Dick Fugil, Bill Egan and Don Brohaugh. - [EDIT]
Electrical Equipment Wiscosin Herman Jack C. Lares 1920 - 1930 Electrician
Iam looking for more information on my Uncle Jack Carl Lares who worked for Allis Chalmers. Any information would be helpful. Thank you Allison Lares-Stavrakis - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership -10 A.J. Mecum & Sons 1940's?-1980's? Farm Equipment Dealer
We remember A.J. Mecum, but I was really young. I, myself have never worked for Allis-Chalmers. I bought a D-17 and a 190 from Dale Mecum. I also purchase a Gleaner E 1967 from Dale. My Dad bought a model 72 combine new and had the cornhead with it. The dealership sold and had parts and service department. At the last I think there were only two people up front in sales and service, and maybe a mechanic or two in the shop. I remember Dale's bookkeeper, Adaline Lenerts, and Dale's brother Floyd. Floyd helped his brother but also ran a used car business on the other side of the shop. I always had reliable service from them. The Dealership has long since closed, Dale and Floyd have passed away, but I will always remember them as good friends. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership -25 Dave Birkey
1978- 2003 Owner
Grew up going with John Birkey, my Dad, (started in 50) to the shop on Saturday nites in P-roy, IA when I was just a "tike". In our small town, that's what was happening on weekends. Allis Chalmers & Chevy, WoW, how stuff sticks in your head. Got the chance to buy in, went great for quite a while, grew during the 80's, lots of late nights helping the shop out during harvest. Late 90's, 50+ "2 Series Combines" in a declining market, every one wanting to lease new ones, you know the "rest of the story". Regrets? NOT. Would I do it a different way again? "Of Course!" As was said to me one time from a Company Official at a Sales Meeting, "AC knows how to build it, We have had a struggle at Marketing it". For example, I look at the old FFA books & manuals from the 40-50's of my father-in-law's, guess which Company sponsored them? Who knows, At that time, it may have looked like a "go for broke" investment for them. Who Won? Nevertheless, ALLIS CHALMERS & (insert your own)Rock! Proud to have been a dealer! Many fond memories. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Bangalore, Karnataka Prabhu S
2010-2012 Owner
Looking for Farm Equipment Dealership - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Brownsville, Kentucky James Von Miller 19 61 - 19 79 Mechanic /Trouble shooter
James Von, my Dad, worked for Dr. C. Huff & Company of Caneyville, Ky until they closed in 1979. He still resides in the Brownsville area. He was a mechanic/trouble shooter and worked on AC tractors, combines, and other equipment (including smaller lawn mowers and chainsaws.) Dr. C. Huff & Company sold and serviced Allis Chalmers tractors, combines, and equipment, New Idea and Hesston equipment, David Brown tractors, and other brands of equipment including Snapper lawn mowers and McCulloch chainsaws. This was one of the strongest dealers in the area. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Brownsville, Kentucky Thursby Blanton 195? - 1979 Mechanic /Setup Man
Thursby Blanton, my grandfather, worked for Dr. C. Huff & Company until they closed in 1979. He started in the early to mid fifties (around 1954??). He was a mechanic/setup man for various equipment such as: corn planters, corn pickers, discs, and many other pieces of equipment. He also repaired tractor tires and welded. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Clinton, KY Jim Stephens
1961 - 1981 Owner/operator
Jim owned Jim Stephens Farm Equipment and proudly served local farmer's needs until his death on April 13th, 1981. He began with Bridges and Craddock Farm Equipment years earlier before buying the franchise and beginning his own business beginning in 1961 with an original investment of $500 and worked very hard in the shop, parts and whole good sales. His wife Martha was the bookkeeper until the business closed in August 1981. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Colfax, Washington McSweeney Tractor Co.
1946 - 1981 Owner; Farm Equipement Dealership
I, Allen McSweeney, and my Uncle started this dealership right after WW2. Our main sales were farm Crawler tractors,HD-5,6,7,9,10,11. Colfax was a testing area for these units as well as the testing area for the Hillside Gleaner Combines. AH-CH-GH-MH were the models that were tested & sold at this dealership. Colfax Washington is the wheat capital of the world in the hill country. I'm still alive & retired. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Concord NC Ed Roy
1967 1981 Mechanic
Grew up with allis equip. on dairy farmthen spent 14 yr. at local dealership. I still own several Allis Tractors and implements. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Deer Park, WA Fred O. Reynolds
1951-1959 Owner
My great-grandfather, Fred O. Reynolds, owned and operated an Allis-Chalmers Dealership in the 1950's in Deer Park, WA. It was called the Fred O. Reynolds Tractor Co. and he serviced the entire Deer Park area for almost a decade. We still own the original D14, WD45 Diesel and multiple implements that he purchased and used on the farm. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Denton, Maryland Kenny Scott 1982 - 1995 Shop Manager/Mechanic
My father who is still living at the age of 61 years old worked for Schaffer Equipment Co Inc. the dealership closed down when Marty Schaffer the owner died of a heart attack. My father worked there until 1995 when he left the dealership in pursuit of better means for us kids. I was about 5 years old when he came home in 1985 with the announcement that Allis-Chalmers was not going to be making farm equipment any more. this news saddened me as a kid because we had a couple of them when I was little. It would be neat If all of us enthusiasts put together to bring back Allis-Chalmers as it was and it could work, but unfortunately that is not possible. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Dixon, Illinois C. W. Woessner 1938 - 194? Dealership owner
My grandfather Carl "Kelly" Woessner (deceased) had an AC tractor and implement dealership. I have pictures dated 1938 showing a bunch of new WC's and a B lined up in the street in front of his shop. One picture also shows an All Crop combine. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Edina, MO Strickler Equipment/Dave Strickler,Jr.
1978 - 1985 Manager
I quit college to come home and run the AC dealership that my father bought from my great aunt. My great uncle, "Cousin Dick" Cornelius had owned/operated Cornelius Friendly Farm store from 1949 til his death in November 1976.

I was only 20 years old but thought I knew it all. I can remember paying 24% interest on past due machinery in the early 80s. There were 6 farm equipment dealers in Edina, but all closed up except us. We held out until somebody else wanted the franchise. Our successor, the Farm Shop, is the only Agco dealer for a 50 mile radius - [EDIT]
My Grandfather started selling Allis-Chalmers on his farm in 1929. He moved to the town of Mallard, Iowa in about 1942 and to a 2nd location in 1945. He sold hardware and Matag appliances as well as AC farm equipment. He built a new building in 1947 because he had a fire that destroyed that building. He died in 1965 and my Uncle Elmer managed the store until they closed it in 1969. My father Edwin Reinders bought an AC dealership in 1951 in Ruthven, Iowa, about 22 miles from Mallard. My mother Annabelle did the bookeeping for my dad until 1975 when she had to quit for health reasons. My brother Ed came into the business after serving 2 years in the US Army in 1964. I (Allan Reinders) came into the business in 1978. Previous to that I managed a Firestone Store in downtown Topeka, Kansas. My father died in 1982 and my brother Ed and I ran the business until 1987 when we bought a 2nd store in Estherville, Iowa, about 22 miles North of Ruthven. In 1997 we sold the Ruthven store to Greg Petersen, our mechanic. Ed left to go into teaching because of a conflict with the regional sales manager at AGCO. I am now the manager of the Estherville store. I own 50% of the shares and am buying out the 50% shares that my brother owns. I have several contracts of AGCO which include AGCO-Allis, Gleaner, AGCO St Compacts, White, White New Idea, Glencoe, Farmhand, and Tye. I also have had the Belarus tractor contract since 1993. I have sold over 50 of these tractors because of the tight farm economy. I also carry several short lines which you can see on my web page ( I plan to run the store for a few more years and then plan to sell to my employees if they want to buy it or sell it to an other AGCO dealership. I encouraged my two boys to go into other careers because AGCO is forcing dealers to have multiple locations. My oldest boy, Brent, is an Aerospace Engineer and my youngest boy, Todd, is a Mechanical Engineer. It is now September,2004 and I have decided to retire and close out Reinders Farm Equipment this month. I am having an auction on September 18th,2004.After the sale I plan to go see the grand children with my wife Carol. We have the in Utah, Indiana,and Texas. Todd the youngest was just married 2 years ago in June and lives by Sayloville Lake near Des Moines, Iowa. He said he is not ready to start a family. This history of Reinders Farm Equipment was written by Allan Reinders on May 3, 2001. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership galena, ilowner art dellabella 1950 - 1977 owner
mr dellabella is still living in galena, il,however, he winters in fl. i worked for him prior to being drafted by the army. i learned a lot from those days in the implement business thatstill apply to my occupation today. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Garnett, Kansas Clarence Highberger 1966-1997 Owner
Established Gem Farm Center in Garnett, Ks. Allis-Chalmers dealership. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Gladeville, TN J. E. Clemmons
1949 - 196? Owner
JE Clemmons (Joe) was my uncle and sold A/C's as a side job while selling seed corn in the TN area back in the 40's. In 1949 he opened a A/C dealership in Gladeville, TN. As a small boy in the early 60's that dealership was the center of the world in my eyes. It seemed that every farmer in the world came to see my uncle for one thing or another. In the mid to late 60's farmers in the area could not make any money anymore and my uncle sold the dealership. What a sad day for me! My uncle never said anything about selling the dealership but I think it hurt him as mush as it did me. When he died in the early 90's I got a lot of his things, that is to say the things that were important (A/C stuff) Found a 1948 WD that may have been sold by him in the area a few years back and have been re-living part of my child hood. Have my eye on several other nice ones that I plan on getting my hands on soon. I just love adding a bit of color to this green world we live in now!!! - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership GREENSBORO,N.C. JOHN H. PHIPPS,SR. 1958 - 1964 MECHANIC
Farm Dealership Herington, Ks. Jim Sharp
1936-1958 employee
My dad Col. H.M. Sharp had an AC dealership in Herington with Walter Pankratz (Sharp & Pankratz)selling and servicing AC & Gleaner Baldwin. During college summer break they would set me up with an AC all crop and a WC/WD and I would custom work all summer making college money. It was a great experience, when I wasn't combining I would set up new machinery. It was a great experience. They sold out to Lockard/Myers in the late 50's/ - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Holcomb, Mo E.F. Delaney & Sons 1935-1963 Dealership
My great grandfather started the dealership in the mid 30's and had until the early 60's. My grandfather sold the dealership to the Bucy family from Rector, Ar. in 1964. He later bought in to the dealership in Sikeston, Mo in the early 70's until it closed - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Hoople,North Dakota Hurtt Equipment Inc.
1964 - present Service dept./owner
Dad started Allis-Chalmers dealership along with some friends and soon after took over on his own. He grew the business for first twenty years and then sold out to my two brothers (Tom and Lowell jr.) and I (Dan). We have stayed exclusively loyal to anything Allis-Gleaner company (AGCO) has to offer for our area. We're in the home town of Mark Holt (Allis service Rep in the 60's) Mark is driving tour bus nowdays and my dad (Lowell sr.) is retired and having fun with antiques. Please wire a note to me for Dad or Mark if you have time. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership huntsville al madison co equipment 193? - 1985 -
dealership owned by nig smith and buck brady nigs father coleman ran the dealership for dealers in athens al and fayetteville tn until he bought each out.we bought equipment and tractors from dealership. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership, w,o, diehl
1937-1962 Son of owner
My father after seeing a WC in Annapolis Maryland pulling stumps with Rubber Tires - first rubber tired tractor he had seen - decided to try to get a dealership. Went to Frank Garvey the Branch Manaer of the Harrisburg Branch. Since Allis Chalmers needed dealers my father received a dealership in Stevenson, Md. basically for Baltimore County Maryland. He sold his first WC tractor to Emerson Farms in Brooklandville, Md. Competition was very tough even then. I remember my father saying that he would sell tractors for invoice plus freight plus $ 100. Did we sell tractors. We moved WC's by the carload. When the B tractor came along it was the answer to a dream. The estates small farms, and golf courses around Baltimore were looking for something like this. We sold them by the carload without a problem. The war WWII slowed things. We could not get the equipment to sell but we did the best we could. My father never took more than a just price. Said that was enough. After the war and the strike we really lost out on many sales by just not having the equipment. However we survived and were there when the WD, the G, and the C came along. They were all outstanding machines and sold very well. The All Crop was sold by carloads. I remember having 6 around the parking lot and we would work our way around assembling the equipment. They moved out as fasz as we set them up. I was only about 15 at the time but Pop taught me what work was. He put us all to shame. We kept selling AC equipment till 62. Planted too much concrete in Baltimore County. The farms just dissapeared and so did the busiess. We closed in 1962 after years of success selling AC. Allis Chalmers offered me a job as blockman but I did not really want to take the chance of having to leave Maryland. I went into banking and recently retired after 35 years. I was successful in banking but my heart alwasy has been with the Orange. While I do not have any AC equipment - just don't have the room in a row house - I will be glad to offer any knowledge I have to anyone who keeps the name AC alive. I am very proud to be a part of this web site. Good Luck! Bill Long - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Johnson, KS Jerry Hurlburt
1972-current(06) Owner
Started at farm dealership as parts and sales person. Worked about 4 1/2 yrs at Larry's Sales & Service, Ulysses, Ks. Left there in fall of 1976 and started Stanton County Implement, Inc., Johnson, Ks (from the ground up) and open up in spring of 1977. Have worked with several of the company people listed here-in, and have been through some trying times since the beginning. Are now enjoying accumulating some "old" Allis Gems and re-doing them. A "G" is done, a "D21" is done, we are working on "WD" now, have some 190XT's in the wing, a 7050 in the wing, and who knows what else?? Sad to see the big company image go to such a "global" mindset that the common people are forgotten about, and the common folk are who built the "company"!! JERRY--KS - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Kenton, Ohio Ronald Williams 1960 - 1981 approx. Mechanic
Ron was an excellent mechanic , a good boss, and a great friend. He worked for Fred Miller and Miller Brothers Allis Chalmers before opening his own shop. Ron died of cancer in 1982 in his mid 50's. He taught me alot about working on tractors and combines. RIP Ron. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership La Porte IN Mick Hunsley
1978- 1985 combine technician,pre-delivery and set up
I worked at the dealership called Dick & Fred's and then later to become Agriquip in La Porte IN from 1978 to 1985. I started when I was a senior in high school and continued until the business went bankrupt in '85.We had a great group of guys that worked there for many years and I really enjoyed the farmers that we did service for.With the La Porte implement division in town,we where always busy with orders and warranty work for the factory. The experimental group at the plant always had some stange things to work on sometimes ! I always enjoyed taking the new implements to the county fair to show them off ! I was primairily the set-up man and went to many a school in West Allis to move up to combine technician.We also serviced Bobcats,Gehl and Glenco Soil tools. Thanks for the memories !! Mick Hunsley - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Lennon, Michigan Glynn Brunger
1935 - 1946 Owner
Glynn and Floy were selling farm implements and Fordson tractors, in the mid 1920`s from what had been the blacksmiths shop on the Sheridan Rd.(M-13) C.C. Banting convinced grampa to take a couple of Allis Chalmers on consignment. Problems arose when Henry Ford told Glynn that he could not sell competitors tractors. Glynn told Henry to take his Fordsons home ,as the Allis`s sold better. In 1935 he took on a dealership. I have the paperwork that lists assets, debt etc. Most of the tractors came in on railcars, as well as the all crop harvesters, that came 8 to a railcar. He would even drive to La Port to pickup 2 combines daily. Reportedly sold more All Crop harvesters than any other dealer for a many years. He also would cannibalize a machine for parts if a customer need parts, "made the main office mad" he said, and caused dealer issues. Also the combine people from La Port would bring up combines every year and run tests on them, using his fields of grain. Told of the men making a round, tearing the combine apart, put it back together, and do another round, then repeat. He also had the Minneapolis Moline and the Massy Harris dealership, in the same building. All of which he closed out in late 1946. In summer of 1965 the building was cleaned out, my brothers and I had to throw out everything, manuals, paperwork, parts, posters, signs, just everything, I asked about keeping some of the posters, etc. told no! Grampa and dad did tell me in the late 80`s that maybe they should have let me keep some things. Glynn died in 1989, Floy in 1995. my dad in 2012. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Liberal, Missouri Frank "Happy" Curless
1930's 1968 Implement Dealer
My Granddad was an Allis dealer in Liberal, Missouri and is mentioned in Walt Bueschers book "A Plow Peddler" as a 3 Star Dealer in 1955. Persian Orange was embedded in my head while growing up. I collect WD45s and related implements as a tribute and memory of him. I would love to hear from anyone who dealt with him. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership marengo il jim carmichael owners oldest son
1960-1972 mechanic /owners son
Marengo Farmers Implement and Supply was the name of the dealership. E.V. (Mike Carmichael) was the owner for approx. 17 years; I am his oldest son residing in Marengo, IL. I have compiled a list of all of the 50+ past employees who worked there. Bob Duwey was our block man and Orville Montgomery was the service rep. Have many fond memories. Looking for any old possible memorabilia that may exist. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Marengo, IL Chuck Eichler
1968 - 1971 Machanic
I really liked working on AC equipment Marengo Farmer Implement. When the owner sold out I was asked to go to work for another dealer and was ask to work for AC as field rep. Kicking myself ever since for turning them go. Now I am trying to hone my past know of the equipment I like so much to work on and started collecting AC equipment. I have my first a 56 D15II w/ a Supirior loader. Looking for a snap coupler 3-14 plow. rear blade. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Monroe City Missouri Mark McLaughlin
1970-1975 Mechanic
Wright McLaughlin was my father. H work selling A/C for as long as I can remember. Also my grandfather too(Bill McLaughlin) - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Morenci, Michigan george h place 19 60 - 19 73 Dealership
- [EDIT]
- [EDIT]
Farm Dealership New Glarus WI USA Steve Hodgson
1981 - 1999 Sales/Parts/Service
I worked in my family dealership for 18 years before my father closed in 2000. The dealership started in 1938 under ERB Implement, and when he closed the dealership, it was the longest/oldest running AC dealership in the nation under one name. My father purchased the dealership from Carl Erb in the 60's. I did everything from sales, parts, wrenching equipment, to driving truck. Today I'm still in the farm equipment business in S WI, selling CIH equipment. We had the BEST "Blockman" that EVER worked for AC, (Bill Doran)! - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership New York Mills Mn Hendrickx Imp.
1934-2000 Implement Dealer
- [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Ocala, FL Bill Davis 196? - 197? Parts Manager, Rush Tractor Co.
Dad worked for Rush Tractor Co. for many years selling A-C parts, tractors, and service. He also owned an Allis G tractor. His dad, J.M. Davis of Lecanto, FL, had one of the first two WD45 tractors in Florida. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Ocala, Florida Gary Davis
1964 - 1971 Parts & Service Dept, Rush Tractor Co.
Dad started me out taking inventory after school and on Saturdays. I later did all kinds of work from mowing the grass to assembling tractors & other equipment. I had some very good teachers such as my dad, Bill Davis, and owners Jerry Rushing, Red Smith, and Charlie Buhl. Working there and riding my dad's G Allis led me to develop a love for this great "orange" tractor. Today I have 9 AC tractors and a restored AC farm wagon. I would love to hear from anyone about old AC stuff or get pictures of old AC dealers. Thanks! - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Ogden Utah D Brown
1977 - 19 83 mechanic
I worked as A mechanic for two AC dealers in northern Utah. I grew up with Allis Chalmers tractor's because my dad was also A AC mechanic for over 20 years. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Osmond, Nebraska Chris Manzer 1975-2007 Owner, Founder
- [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Owensville, Missouri SCHNEIDER BROTHERS
1948 - 1971 Owner
- [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Paola, Kansas Charles Purvis
1966 - 1969 mechanic
As a 14 year old, my father got sick of looking at me hanging around the house and got me a job at Knecht Equipment Company in Paola Kansas. During school, I worked Saturdays. During the summer, it was full time. When I started, I had no mechanical experience at all. By the time I left, I was able to split tractors and overhaul engines, transmissions, and more. My mentor, Larry Knecht, was a 26 year-old, fresh out of the USAF B-58 Hustler mechanic and was without a doubt the best mechanic I have ever known. During that time, the relatively-new 190XT was known to have spider gear problems and our shop was used to set the flat rate for that job. The mechanical knowledge I gained there has probably been more useful than any formal education I received. Also, the work habits instilled then have carried over to this day and I have done my best to influence others in the same fashion. One Saturday afternoon per month--this is at a farm equipment dealership, where we worked on everything from mudball tractors to manure spreaders, we would stop work and clean the shop, including mopping the floor. It was truly a class operation and was probably the best place I ever worked. Salutes to Larry, Clarence, and George Knecht, Herb Seck, Bob Grandon, Clint Winger, George Secrest, Ronnie Stark and Marvin Rhodes. Probably the best team I've ever had the honor of being on. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Paris, Illinois Robert Clark
1978 - 1985 Mechanic
While in high school, I had the opportunity to go to work at a local dealership, Finn Power and Equipment, located in Paris, Il. I continued to work there until it closed in 1985 when Deutz bought Allis. I really enjoyed the experience I recieved while working there. I attended various schools offered to local dealers while being a mechanic, in Milwaukee and Mt. Carmel Il. I always wondered what happened to the friends I happened to meet attending these schools, and also the teachers. I got the opportunity to see the factory while at new mechanics training in Milwaukee,during the two week course. I am still an Allis collector today, with a shop of my own for restoration work. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Pittsford,Mi Andrew Frank
1985-Present Sales
We are Simplicity AgcoALLIS dealer my dad started the dealership as a salesman I now alot the brands if Agco would change the brand back to allis chalmers they would increase their sales 10-15 million in one year just buy doing. allis is so strong in alot of areas stronger than john deere insome areas. I now that Agcoallis is suposed to replace allis but if Agco would wake up they would do alot better the name is what people look at when they what a tractor.Email if feel the same way - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Providence Forge, Virginia Beth Stephens
1956 - 1988 Owner
My Grandfather was an Allis Chalmers dealer from the 1950's until 1988. The dealership was known as Stephens Farm Equipment and sold all AC farm equipment and parts. He also sold lawn and garden tractors. My father was an independent farmer and worked at the dealership during the off seasons. Some of my fondest memeories are of my Dad putting me on his lap while he was running a tractor or a combine. The smell of grease or diesel fuel still brings back fond memories. His was a family run business with his sister,brother-in-law,son, and daughter-in-law all working in some capacity over the years. Even his grandaughters worked the office. I remember runs to the district office in Richmond to pick up parts and meeting and talking with customers. It was a grand time and he, my father and the business are greatly missed in the community. It seemed after the dealership closed, many farmers retired and few have taken their place. So, AC orange brings back many great memories of really good times. I am trying to add to my collection of AC toys as a way to honor those memories. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Rector, Arkansas Bucy Implement Company
19 47 - 1975 Owners son
My father and grandfather started a Allis Chalmers dealership in Rector, Arkansas in 1947 and it lasted until 1975. At one time dad also owned a dealership in Holcomb, Missouri, I'm not sure of the years. I grew up orange and loved every minute working in and around the dealerships. I wish I would have had that to pass on to my sons, it was a great life in the 50's and 60's, the 70's were not as nice to us. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Riceville, Iowa Tom & Roger Lenz 1950-1970 OWNERS
Both Tom & Roger have passed away but I remember of going into their dealership many times to buy tractors with my cousin. They were very nice and accomadateing. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Scotia NY William Roland Brown 19?? - 197? owner
My uncle William R. Brown owned a farm dealership, Glenville Tractor Sales, in Scotia NY from the late 1940's to sometime in the 1970's. It was located near Lock 9 on the Mohawk River. He also raised sweet corn, and my Aunt Anna ran a farm stand and antiques business from the same property. As a youngster I sometimes spent a couple of weeks with them in the summer and remember going with Uncle Bill on calls and demonstrations to many different farms. The mechanic in the shop was named Roy, but was called "Puffer" because he always had a cigarette in his mouth, and easily became winded. Uncle earned several sales awards and was always proud of his products. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Senath, Mo Darrell( Squeaky) Briggs
1945 - 1977 The Only Combine Mechanic for 40 miles
Pepaw Briggs (Squeaky),my Grandfather, was at the Farmers Union Gin AC Dealership for 32 years. And after it closed he built a shop and from 1977 until all of the Gleaner(sp?) combines had disappeared. As he got older he worked on small equipment until his death on May 2, 2002 at the age of 84. As a boy I counted parts for him and went on service calls. Then in high school and college the dirtiness job I ever had was changing the concaves on the combine cylinders to go from wheat to soybeans. I have fond memories. B. Byrd - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Sleepy Eye, Minnesota David Schmidt
1949 - 1960?? Owner
I'm trying to determine how long this dealership was in existence. The owner Joseph Schieffert was my great uncle, the building in which his dealership was housed is still standing on the east end of Sleeepy Eye, US Hwy 14. The building is now used as a machine shop, but the brick containing his name and the date the shop opened is still in place by the front door. Anyone with information about him, his shop or how long it was in business would be greatly appreciate. I do know that by 1962 someone else owned the AC dealership in Sleepy Eye as I've seen ads indicating this, not sure if it was in uncle Joe's building or not. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Smithland, Iowa Framcis C Welte (Bud) 1954 - 1977 owner/operator
Welte Implement-purchased from Russ Hall, formerly Hall Motor Co-had been there since the 1930s, started with Buick cars and Allis Chalmers. Sold the full line of farm equipment and livestock feed also to carry over during the winter lull. Was a 2 to 3 man operation with the owner selling new machinery and parts and as shop foreman. Started when the branch was in Sioux City, Ia, then moved to Omaha, Ne and finally to Bondurant, Ia. Sold to Skip Welte in August of 1977. Uncle Bud passed away in May of 1999. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership South Wayne, Wisconsin Clarence E. Meier
1950 - 1960 Owner
My Dad owned a dealership, first with his two brothers and then went on his own. I spent alot of time with him working in the shop and going to farms to make repairs or demonstrate machinery. Dad always loved A-C and when he left the business and returned to farming, he stayed with A-C equipment. Dad has passed aways but he passed along he love for A-C to myself and my brother. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Sutton, Nebraska paul sheridan
1928 - 1945 Owners grandson
My grandfather Bill Sheridan took on a Allis Dealership in approximately 1929 in my home town of Sutton, Nebraska I have photos of my grandfather demonstrating Model E 20-35 in a threshing demonstration and then many sale bills of trading horses for the new 1935 WC Allis Chalmers on rubber. My Dad, Roger , his brothers Bill, Tom and Johnny were involved in the dealership for years discontinuing the contract with Allis after they came back from WW11 and taking on Massey Harris in the late 40s. A great history of family dealership - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Sutton, Nebraska paul sheridan
1928 - 1945 Owners grandson
My grandfather Bill Sheridan took on a Allis Dealership in approximately 1929 in my home town of Sutton, Nebraska I have photos of my grandfather demonstrating Model E 20-35 in a threshing demonstration and then many sale bills of trading horses for the new 1935 WC Allis Chalmers on rubber. My Dad, Roger , his brothers Bill, Tom and Johnny were involved in the dealership for years discontinuing the contract with Allis after they came back from WW11 and taking on Massey Harris in the late 40s. A great history of family dealership - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Tangent, OR Rex Shafer
2007-2008 Webmaster
The only places to go for A/C parts! - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership The Plains , Fauquier County , Virginia Ronnie Allison
1960 - 1978 sales / service technician
My parents Lewis & Margaret Allison signed a contract with Allis-Chalmers in August 1960 to become a farm equipment dealer . They even drove from Virginia to French Lick , Indiana for the big product introduction . They met lots of good people there - other dealers & company employees . The employees always seemed to be Allis's best assets . - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Waldheim, Saskatchewan Joel I. Schmidt
1937 - 1952 owner
- [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Waldheim, Saskatchewan Vernon H. Schmidt
1952 - 1989 owner
email - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Ware, MA Querino DeSantis (DeSantis Garage)
1941 - 1952 Owner
My grandfather, Querino DeSantis was an Allis Chalmers dealer at his garage in Ware, Massachusetts from 1941-1952. During that time, he sold a lot of tractors in the Ware area, some of wich I still enjoy seeing today. He sold his last remaining tractor, a late 40's model B in the late 1980's. - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership West Springfield, Pa Michael (Mickey) Bortnick 1950 - 1980 Owner
Bortnick Tractor - [EDIT]
Farm Dealership Wilkesboro, N.C. Toby Wellborn
1938 - 1958 Grandson of Dealer
My Grand Father Guy Wellborn had a Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment Dealership it was named G.G Wellborn & Sons. The dealership was located on West Main St./N.C. Route 268, Wilkesboro, N.C. My father(Toby Wellborn)sold and serviced Allis Chalmers farm along with his brother (Fred Wellborn). - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment - Steve 19 - 19 -
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment - camelotspa
19 - 19 -
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment - Pete 1964-1@ -
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Aboutdlpsp Gundossov
19 - 19 -
Aloha! jzv - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Annawan Illinois Mike King 1986-1992 mechanic
I worked for Hatzer and Nordstrom Equipment as a combine and tractor mechanic. We did alot of work on combines,transmission work on xt190.I like working on Aliis machinery it was real delightand now I work on deere and that sucks but the dealership is really professionaland thats why I left them.I still enjoy working on AC's today - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment asheboro nc faron overton
19 -78 19 83 partsman
Farm Equipment Atlanta, GA R. Gene Bagwell
1959 - 1985 Warehouse Supervisor
Worked for A-C from 1959-68 and 1972-85 then continued with Deutz-Allis and AGCO until my retirement in 2001. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Atlanta, GA James W. Wade
1933 - 1968 Salesman
I remember my late grandfather, Jim Wade, used to talk about traveling to Milwaukee for annual company sales meetings. He died in 1974. We still have a large group picture of everyone attending one of the meetings- I think it was taken in the 60s. Most of his career he worked out the Atlanta office. His sales territory consisted of Georgia and at least parts of several states that border Georgia. Back when I was in my late teens and early 20s (over 30 years ago), sometimes he and I would drive through the Georgia countryside together. I usually did the driving. As we drove, every few miles he would point to a farm on one side of the road or the other and reminisce about having sold Farmer Jones or Farmer Johnson or whomever a piece of Allis-Chalmers farm machinery. Jim Wade retired from the Atlanta Allis-Chalmers office in 1968. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Bedford, IN Ernie Fish
1961 - 1973 co-owner
Lee Almond, Arthur Nelson and I (Ernie Fish) bought the AC dealership from Ralph Owens in 1961. We called it Hilltop Tractor Sales. In about 1964 Arthur went to Orleans, IN where he bought out a dealer there. RP or Richard Paul Jaques was our our blockman. I mainly worked in the shop and with the parts. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Boyceville, Wisconsin Neil Wilts
1968-1983 Service Rep
I was a service rep for 2/3 of Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Orginally, I worked out of the Mpls branch for Leon Armstrong, and the last years for Dick Howell out of Columbus, OH. Started with 39 dealers. As the dealer numbers decreased, my territory got larger, and I was spending too much time away from home. Nevertheless, I have very fond memories with my days with Allis. I still enjoy going to tractor shows and since I am now retired, there is more time to do that. I have a great collection of Allis toys and memorabilia. Would enjoy hearing from anyone who I have worked with.....dealers, reps, sales,customers or management. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Brawley and Woodland CA Jin Rogers
1956 - 19 81 sales and service rep, dealer manager
He was transfered from Hardin, MT in 56 to Brawley where we lived until 67 when he was transfered to Northern California. He then went to manage one of the last corporate dealerships in Casa Grande AZ. H ethen worked in the offices at Hayward until his retirement. After that he worked for come other farm equipment companies in Yuma AZ. He finally moved back to Hardin in the nid eighties and passed away in 1999. He was a man who really knew tractors inside and out. I am his youngest son and would love to hear some memories of him. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment brooklyn new york levi watson 1958 - 1959 welder
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Buffalo Center, Iowa Jordal Farm Equipment
1948 - 1971 owner
My father Hardy Jordal purchased Honken Farm Equipment in 1948. Prior this he farmed with A-C in the Buffalo Center area. The orignial location was off the Mill Road in NW corner of Buffalo Center. In the late 50's he bought the roller skate arena on Highway 9 west of town and moved the shop out on the highway. After the sale in 1971 this location became a fiberglass manufacting plant that primarily made sprayer tanks. Buffalo Center did not have an Allis dealer till the mid 70's when Keiwit & Sapp opened a new dealership on the otherside of the high just a few hundred feet SW of this location. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Camp Douglas, Wisconsin Richard Bradley
1966 - 1982 Welder,repairman,fitter welder
I started in January of 1966 working in the weld department for Erv D. as a welder and ended my time there in the big shops as a Fitterwelder. I made many good friends and consider the time spend there for the most part good. I'm now a farmer. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Carrollton, GA Borders Implement
1930's - 1940's owner
My great great grandfather John Robert Borders was a mule trader of some reknown. He would travel to Texas once a year and return with several cars of mules just before planting season. He did this for years but in the 1930's became the Allis Chalmers and Mack truck dealer in Carrollton, Ga., about 50 miles west of Atlanta. His son and grandson took it over after WWII and sold it I think in the late 50's. Interestingly enough, his granddaughter, my mom, married a diehard International Harvester man, my dad. My cousins still have totally restored Allis Chalmers tractor. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment charlotte , mi. M. E. "RED"gloor
1946 1976 employe & dealer
Worked sales and management from farm branches LaPorte in.,Lansing Mi.,Franklin In.also for Allis-chalmers , Rumley,limited branches in Ontario,and Quebec. In 1976 a friend and AC employee Robert Simon and I purchased the Williams Farm Machinery dealership at Charlotte Mi. in 1988 I sold my share and now restore AC products the dealership has a lot of old and new parts and knowledge.. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Cincinnati, Ohio Donald C. Fletcher
1962-1972 Assembly
My father was a second generation employee of A-C. His father - Claude Fletcher worked there for 25 years. My dad, Don worked 10 years without missing a single days work. He died in the mid 90's due to complicants due to diabites. I am not too certain about the years though. If anyone knew of my father or my grandfather, I would love to hear from you. I grew up without my dad. I was given his 10 year pin and a certificate for his work record. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Clinton, KY Randy Stephens
1964 - 1987 Mechanic/parts department
My father owned an Allis Chalmers dealership, Jim Stephens Farm Equipment, from approximately 1961 until his death in 1981. The dealership was located in far western KY and we served customers from KY, TN, and MO. I worked in this business from about 1970 until 1981, then after dad's death, went to work at Dan's Implement(another AC dealer) in Barlow, KY for three years. I was offered a position of parts and service manager at Samples Farm Supply (AC dealer) in 1984 nearer to home, so I moved there and worked until 1987. I bleed Persian Orange... - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Columbia Missouri Stoney Pipes
1964 - 1978 Head Mechanic
I really liked the times and experinse i got at that time in my life, just out of high school. the dealer i worked for was great. at that time AC was doing good. the service schools really helped. AC sevice people did there jobs will. parts people were part of the team. but as time went on things changed engineering got sloppy,service people were not too talk with the engineers, Harvy was realy going to got away from AC. its bad things are ruled by politics. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Columbia, MO Jeff Blaylock
n/a n/a
I'm not registering an employee; however, I'm an attorney looking for a former employee who might be able to consult with me on the AC185. I'm defending a claim brought against my client, who owned an AC185. The plaintiff was injured when he started the tractor from the ground. I would like to speak with someone who is familiar with the operation of the 185 and in particular, the transmission, clutch, shifting, and parking mechanisms. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Columbus, Ohio Lawrence McHoney (Mac)
1936 - 1972 Branch Manager
"Mac" passed away in 2003, followed 3 weeks later by his wife, Frances. He moved around with A-C from Macomb, IL to Souix City, Iowa, to Independence, MO to Columbus, Ohio and back to Macomb until he retired. He always spoke fondly of Allis Chalmers and while clearing out the family home I found all the sales manuals from the 40's, 50's and 60's. What a treat to look back through those. It seems fitting that in 2013, which would have been Dad's 100th birthday, that my husband and I retired and bought an AC model CA! While everyone urged us to buy a Deere- I could hear my Father telling me not to do it. Orange still runs in my blood stream I guess. I see many names from his time as sales manager that I recognize. My Father lived we can have orange where it belongs, working our property! - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Conneaut, Ohio West Springfield, Pa Bortnick Tractor Sales 1954 - 1985 Owner
Bortnick Tractor Sales was owned by M.E. Bortnick now deceased. His employees were Half brother Frank (Fritz)Stepchuck, Ed Neidmeyer, Red Porter - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Conneaut, Ohio West Springfield, Pa Bortnick Tractor Sales 1954 - 1985 Owner
Bortnick Tractor Sales was owned by M.E. Bortnick - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Conrath,Wisconsin ED Golat
19 ? - 19 ? owner
I believe it was my great uncle Ed Golat that owned the dealership in Conrath Wisconsin. My name is Alan Golat, grandson to Henry Golat. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Daytona Beach, FL Billy F. New
1957 - 1970 Blockman - Atlanta Branch
I was a Blockman in the Atlanta Branch and worked in areas of Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Sure would like to hear from any of the Dealers or Blockmen from these areas. Thanks, Billy New - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment deerfield steve weber
19 73- 1981 material handler
loved my job im just wondering how to find out if i have a pension coming to me and how do i find out about it who do i call - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Denton, Maryland AL SMITH
1960 - 19 65 District Sales Manager
I worked for AC as a district sales manager in Maryland Western Shore and Eastern Shore. Knew many many AC employees and dealers. First job being acquainted with AC was a dealership in Warrenton, Va. about 1950 (summer job setting up machinery) I believe my grandfather was the first owner of a rubber tire AC tractor in Faquier County, Va.. After AC I went with Massey Ferguson ,being with them over 22 years until the Combine Division went belly-up. AC had many innovative products, but for some reason could never get the marketing just right, i.e. power adjust rear wheels, roll shift front axle, traction booster, etc..... - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Dickinson,ND Bill Sill
1986-1997 Territory Manager
I was territory manager in Mpls from 1986-1987 Sioux Falls, SD from 1988-1989, and Dickinson, ND from 1989-1997. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Duluth, Ga. Ronald V. Jones 1962 - Present Mamager, Sales Administration
Started at the Billings, Mt. F. E. Region in Parts. Moved into Data Processing. Transferred to Lansing, MI. Transferred to Winnipeg, MB. Canada. Transferred to Columbus, Oh. Computer Work, Field Acctg. Mgr., Sls. Admin. Mgr., Territory Mgr. Transferred to Duluth GA. Mktg. Admin. Mgr., Manager, Sales Administration to Present. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment East Palestine OH Jack Cobb
1975 - 1980 District Mgr. / Tractor Product Manager
Started as a District Manager out of the Syracuse NY region in '75. My "block" was New Jersey. Became a Sales Manager out of the Richmond VA region in 1977. In 1979, I moved to the home office in West Allis, WI as a Tractor Product Manager. It was so cool in 2005 to drive my restored 190XT in the Gathering of the Orange parade around West Allis and what remains of the old Allis plant. Cool, but also sad. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment england caputo luigi
1969-1971 operatore
would like information because i work in your company in the indicated above for pesion thank_you roberto greco (it's for my uncle) - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Enon Valley, Pa. 16120 W Drew Duff
1948 - 1970 Dealers Son
I grew up in my fathers dealer ship. He was a dealer for Allis Chalmers, Case, Ferguson, New Idea, New Holland, Ontario Grain Drills, Dunham Discs and Dodge Cars and Trucks are the ones I remember. The first motor vehicle I remember driving, as a 9 or 10 year was in 1948 was a New model G Allis Chalmers. We were un loading a rail car full of them. I new live in Fl. My goal is to get out of this condo, get a piece of ground for a garden and a Model G. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment essendine england michael barnes
19 - 77 1984 forklift driver
- [EDIT]
19 64 - 19 82 PROFILER FACTORY
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Essendine, England John Tyers
1956 - 1982 Technical Illustrator
There are still quite a few of us ex-employees alive and kicking in the south Lincolnshire area. We were proud to have built the Model B, D270, D272 and ED40 tractors, the 60ACH, Roto-Baler, Model A, C & 2000 combines plus mining equipment and just about the whole range of shovel loaders. Then Fiat took over and that was it! On yer bikes lads and look for another job! - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Eugene, Oregon Francis Holt 1950-1970 Owner
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Franklin In John Doig 1976 - 1987 District Service Rep
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Franklin Wisconsin Gordon E. Mayer/R.A. Mayer Equipment inc.
19 - 1988 co-owner
My Dad, Gordon and his two brothers took over the family business from their father (RA). The small farms in Southeastern WI were conducive to small and medium size tractors Model B and G through the D-series. They stuck it out until they all retired and sold the building. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Franklin, Indiana James (Bill) King
1950-1975 Service Instructor
My grandfather worked for Allis Chalmers for 25 or more years. He traveled throughout the Midwest for AC helping others. He was very sharp and loved to work on tractors. I would love to hear stories anyone can share about his work. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Golden, IL Ramon Grimmer
1968 - 1992 Farm equipment dealership
Worked at my father-in-law's dealership, Eicken Implement Co. before buying it in 1986. It then became Grimmer's Ag Center. Now living in Madison, WI. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Greece, New York William H. Archer Corp. 1928 - 1956 Dealership
My grandfather started the AC dealership and my father joined him in 1939. My favorite memories are of being allowed to spend time at the dealership (not nearly often enough), climbing around on all the shiny orange machines. After my grandfather died in 1956 my father sold off the AC side of the business (kept the Purina Feed dealership). - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Greensburg, IN Donald Herbert 1970 - Present Service Manager/Mechanic
I have worked for our local farm equipment dealership, Briggs Equipment for the past 33 years. I have had the pleasure of a few grand vacation sales promotion trips over the years from Allis Chalmers--LasVegas, Hawaii, Mexico City to name a few. For the past 13 years, I have been an avid collector and restorer of antique Allis - Chalmers tractors and A- C equipment. In my hobby I have 10 restored beautiful orange tractors (U, UC, IB, RC, G etc.) I enjoy spending my summer and fall attending as many antique tractor shows as I can while still working fulltime at the local dealership. Attending a Gathering of the Orange at least once a year is a must. I enjoy reminising about the A - C past with anyone who wants to pass the time of day. Going orange is going great! - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Grey Eagle, Minnesota Greener Garage by Harold Bisel
1939 - 1970's Grandson of owner L. P. Greener
My grandfather was an Allis Chalmers dealer in this small town of 400 beginning in 1939. My dad and uncle worked at the garage and I remember them loading a "WC", "B", or "RC" on an old trailer and taking it out for farmers to try. Old Fordsons, horses, mules, cows, and almost anything was traded in to make a sale. As a young kid I assembled many plows, culitvators, belly mowers, and other pieces of AC equipment. To assemble that equipment, you had to remove nuts and bolts that were covered in paint. No air wrenches in those days. Our blockman,Irv Jahr, was a wonderful person and took an interest in his dealers. Just before WWII we got a Model 40 All Crop harvester with a bagger attachment. It had an auxillary engine. This was something new in harvesting in our area and we couldn't sell it so we went out straight combining. I drove the "B" tractor, my uncle worked the levers and my brother did the bagging. In the late 50s I taught school in La Crosse, WI and worked in the Allis Chalmers factory there during the summer months. In '83 I became an Allis dealer for lawn and garden equipment, the year before they sold out to Deutz. Allis Chalmers was a part of my growing up years and a name that was synonymous with inovation, quality, and value for the buck. Seeing those old bright orange tractors in the fields today brings back fond memories of a wonderful time in my life. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Hannibal, New York Linda Engle
1934 - 1955 Dealer's daughter
My Grandfather James Gault started with the Cheverolet business with farm equipment on the side back in the thirties. Then my dad, R. Gordon Gault built the Gault Farm Supply building with Allis Chalmers the main selling item, in the fifties. I would love to hear from anyone that has some stories for me. Orange tractors and equipment everywhere. You know how the men take off and leave the women and stop at the local bar, well Mom and her two friends hopped on the Allis Chalmers and went to joined them. Imagine the surprise. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Harrisburg. Pa. Charles "Charley" Englar 19 - 195? Branch Manager
I don't know when my grandfather started with Allis Chalmers. He was transferred to Harrisburg from Columbus, Ohio around 1930, and retired in the early 50's - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Hartwell, GA R. Gene Bagwell
1959 - 19 85 Warehouse Supervisor, Atlanta PDC
Worked for Allis-Chalmers starting in 1959 as a warehouseman, parts clerk, accounting clerk, computer operator and warehouse supervisor. Continued with Deutz-Allis and AGCO until my retirement in 2001. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Harvey IL. Gregory s.Cosner
1977=1982 gear cover line. Dep.69 Hammond drill press opp.
I was only 18 years old to 23 years old when I worked there then I got layed off.I am now 62 years old and I am trying to find out if I am able to get some sort of retirement from AC. If someone can help me please I would be very thankful.we had a union the steel workers union. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Harvey, IL Rosabelle St. John/Ramage
1944 - 1976 Line worker
My grandmother worked at Alice Chalmers for over 30 years and rarely missed a day. She was proud of her job and was a great influence and part of my life. She was proud of her length of employment. She passed away in 2004 at 92 in Florida. We miss her but think of her often. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment harvey, ill gene ststson 19 - 19 engine test
gene passed away in Florida RIP good man - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Harvey, Illinios Ovidio Madrigal
19 - 19 -
My grandpa worked for over 10 years with this company. I am interested to find out where I can go and find out about his retirement plan he had with the company. My mom once asked about it but told her that it was not time for his retirement...but it has been years already and we are curious to find out about the retirement pension. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Harvey, Illinois Herb Kuehn 1977-1983 Engine tester
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Harvey,IL Edwin Rogus
1962 - 1986 Fuel Injection-Pump Room
I started at the harvey plant when it was new in dept 69 as lift truck operator, then to dept 74. Met a lot of wonderful people there, and hated to see it close. AC was a good company to work for and it provided a good income to raise a family. Since closing, I was a janitor,Maintenance man,Teacher,Manager and retirement. Hello to Tino,Lou Zelia,and the rest. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Hendersonville, NC John Metcalfe
1975 - 1984 Co-owner
My father, John Metcalfe and his partner Thomas E. (Junior) Justus created their dealership, Justus and Metcalfe Eq. Sales and Service in 1975. John had worked in and around the farm eq. industry his whole adult life maybe beginning on 7th Ave. in Hendersonville at the Ford Tractor shop, he went on to manage the Allis-Chalmers Corp. owned shop until he decided to buy the dealership in the mid 70's. I grew up around these tractors and the men that worked on them and sold them. They sold several other brands including Hesston, Gravely, McCulloch, Green Machine, Yazoo. My dad died of cancer in 1980 leaving my mother, my sister and I with wonderful memories to go on with and for me, an undying love of AC tractors and all things mechanical. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Hiawatha, Kansas Charles "Charlie" Curless
1945 - 1970 Blockman
My husband, Charlie Curless, was a blockman for Allis Chalmers from 1945 to 1970,working out of the Kansas City Branch. His territory was in northeast Kansas and we lived in Hiawatha in Brown County. His block extended west to Washington County and there were dealers in Hiawatha, Sabetha, Seneca, Marysville, Waterville, Washington, Greenleaf, Frankfort and Holton. Later there was a dealer at Everest and at one time his block included St. Joseph and Atchison. This was good farming country he developed a good block. His office was at home and he worked with the dealers and the company to do what needed to be done. Over the years, his block won many sales awards. It won the 1958 Sales Program and he and his dealers along with their spouses were taken to Miami Beach for a week all expense paid trip. This was repeated in 1959 with a similar trip to Los Angeles. One of his dealers, Ted Hutchison from Everest became a 3 Star Dealer and that meant a great celebration for the community with food and entertainment. In 1951, the Kansas (Kaw) river flooded the industrial West Bottoms in Kansas City where the railroads and stockyards and also the Allis Chalmers Branch office building was located. Railroad cars were washed off the tracks and animals from the stockyards were washed on top of buildings. Many were drowned. One such animal had washed in through a second floor window in the AC building. After the water went down the blockmen were called in to help with restoring things to normal. Some time later a new building was built in a different part of Kansas City away from the river. In 1962 the dealer at Everest was killed in a car wreck and in 1968 Charlie's brother, Frank "Happy" Curless, the AC dealer at Liberal, Mo. died when a small tractor he was loading fell on him. In the late 1960's my husband became upset with what was happening in the company and in spite of opposition from the Branch Manager and others he retired at the end of 1970. We moved to The Lake of the Ozarks in 1976 when I retired from teaching. He died in 1997. Some of the people I remember from the days with AC: G. R. Campbell, a blockman who influenced my husband to work for AC and who moved up to work out of the main office and came back to KC to be Branch Manager; Bill Roberts who became President of the company; John Buxbaum and Harry Doying of the KC office; Bevo and Bob Bevan, dealers at Hiawatha; Ted Hutchison and Donnie Mauslein at Everest ; C. W. "Butch" Roepke at Waterville and his brother Milt at Marysville; and Lee and Bill Flentie of Sabetha. Thanks to my Grand Nephew, Darin Stratton, for providing this forum. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment holland in. Allen Hunefeld 1973- 2017 service manager
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Illinois or Wisconsin Timothy Aloyisius O'Brien
1955 (abt)- 19 ?? not sure
Looking for anyone who knew or has info on Timothy Aloyisius O'Brien. He was approximately 32 years old in 1955. I only know he worked for Allis Chalmers at that time, not sure of location. He was born in Illinois and I believe he died in Wisconsin. Anything at all would be greatly appreciated. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence , Missouri Arthur L. Herman
19 73 - 19 79 Line assembly-combine Div.
My father and 4 of his sons all worked at this plant for varying periods. My dad Glenn was a machinist for 30 yrs. The six years I spent on the assembly line were in the hey day for Gleaner combines. I remember putting 36 K and F models a day from the assembly line. I still look for the hillside models in my travels through the northwest. Can any one supply me pictures of hillside in the field? - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence Mo Bob Cummins
1972 - 2000 sheet metal -welder-inspection
spent16 yrs in sheet metal operator set up and lead 8yrs in welding 4yrs inspection - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment independence mo kenny mooney
1976 - 200 machine shop-welding-maintance
my dad howard also worked there from 1958-1982 in the machine shop then insepction. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence, MO Doug Herman
1972-2000 Line assembly-combine divison
This was the main assembly plant for the Gleaner combine and Massey-Ferguson tractor and White tractor. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence, MO Lawrence Ellebracht
1966-2000 Manager, Test
I started in 1966 on the Graduate Training Program. I signed on as a test engineer at the Gleaner combine plant in Independence, Missouri and worked at various positions in the test lab and in design. Some of the people I worked for were John Nelson, Larry Gutekunst, James Koelling, Lyle Shaver and Larry James. I worked in the experimental lab until the Independence plant closed down in Sept. 2000 and moved out to Hesston, Kans. Instead of leaving Independence, I chose to leave AGCO. I currently own and operate a auto repair shop in Parkville, MO. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence, MO J. Norman Schwartz
1956-1983 Supervising Production Engineer
This Independence Plant was production plant for Gleaner combines. I actually spent much time at other plants that did machine work for the combines at the Indep. plant. Much of the casting machine work on heavy castings was done at the Topeka, Kans. industrial machine plant. Much of this machine work was later transferred to the North Kansas City machine production facility. During all of this the final assembly was produced at the Indep. plant. About the time of the big ALLIS downfall the United States and Mexican governments combined to build a Gleaner assembly plant in Old Mexico. This was a venture doomed from the start. I spent two years in Mexico, along with many other production supervisors, in a vain attempt to make this plant a viable facility. It was never to be consumated. 129 machines were FINALLY assembled and shipped to the Indep. plant as payment for the service of the supervisors. These machines were so bad they had to be completely disassembled, worked over and reassembled. They were serialed as built at the Indep. plant. They were junk. ALLIS picked up speed going downhill. The U.S. government then attempted to initiate the same procedure with the government of Bolivia. ALLIS folded before that happened. Now the Indep. plant no longer builds Gleaner combines. I don't think any are built any more. No engines were ever built at the Indep. plant, all of the ALLIS engines came from the Harvey engine plant, the GM, Ford, and Chrysler engines came from those respective plants, built and machined to go on the combines. The Gleaner was one of the better combines built in it's heyday. Upper Echelon mismanagement killed Gleaner as well as ALLIS-CHALMERS. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence, MO Raymond Schmitz
1968 - 1979 experimental sr. lab mechanic
As a mechanic in the experimental department, we hand built prototype Gleaner Combines and field tested these units throughout the United States. During my years,I was able to do extensive work with what was to become the N6 model. I was credited with the sliding chopper mounting on the L and M model combines. I worked at the Gleaner combine plant from 1968-1979 and had first hand experience of the rise and the decline of the AC and Gleaner name. In the mid-60's, the plant would turn out as many as 35 model A2 and C2 combines per day. The RLDS Church parking lot to the northwest of the plant was always full of new combines waiting to be shipped. By the time I left, you would scarcely see any combines setting in the lot waiting to shipped. Travel was a large part of my job description as I would field test prototypes in many states, mostly west of the Mississippi. Some of the co-workers I remember fondly are Larry Mathes, Rolla Barker, Ron Erickson, Bob Calvert, Larry Gooden, Fred Christopher, T.C. Hewlett, Don Misel, Lloyd Lazerus, Lawrence Ellebracht, and Lee Shank among others. I chose to leave the combine plant in 1979 to take over the family farm from my father. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence, MO George Reuland
1955-1959 General Manager
My father, George Reuland was president of Gleaner Balwin Combine manufacturing in Independence,MO prior to its purchase by Allis-Chalmers in 1955. He stayed there as General Manager until he retired. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Independence, Mo. Gene Fletcher 1952 - 1982 Various
Passed away Aug. 14th 2005 - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Knightstown, Indiana 46148 Tom Wilkinson 1951-2000 Owner/manager
After Tom and Gene Wilkinson were discharged from the military at the end of WWII they opened Wilkinson Implement Co. in Knightstown, Indiana on U.S. 40 which was halfway between Indianapolis and Richmond. Interestingly, the Allis dealership was right next door to an International Harvester dealership(Willis Implement Co.)I can remember going through a side door from one dealership to the other with my Grandfather(Fred Maxwell) who was a customer with both dealers. Jamie Maxwell - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment La Porte Arnold wyrick
1946 - 1985 Painter etc...
My farther work at the LaPorte div. for many years,comming right from the ww2, knowing a lot of people, and he still alive at the young age 90 he still has a lot of stories - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment La Porte Arnold wyrick
1946 - 1985 Painter etc...
My farther work at the LaPorte div. for many years,comming right from the ww2, knowing a lot of people, and he still alive at the young age 90 he still has a lot of stories - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment LaCrosse, Kansas Lee Shank 19 65 - 1982 combine experimental testing
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment lagos joe doughlas
19 87 - 2003 chairman
all is well - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Laporte In Kelson Jordan
1955? - 1983 ????
Our grandfather worked in the Laporte plant for many yrs. Were trying to find exact dates,position,or any memories for for some plaque work were doing to honor him anyone have anything or suggestions please let me know. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Laporte In Kelson Jordan
1955? - 1983 ????
Our grandfather worked in the Laporte plant for many yrs. Were trying to find exact dates,position,or any memories for for some plaque work were doing to honor him anyone have anything or suggestions please let me know. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment LaPorte Indiana Bill Dettman II for Louis F. Dettman
195? - 1973 Foreman
My grandfather, Louis F. Dettman worked at AC's in LaPorte for well over 20 years. He was known as 'Lou' or 'Bud'. He was a very hard working man who knew the value of hard work and the value of family. He worked as a machinist for some time, working his way up to Foreman. He lost his battle with cancer in August of 1974. I still miss him, as do many others. If you have a story to share about him, please do so. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment LaPorte, IN Ralph Holtz
1936-1974 Foreman, Supervisor
My father worked many years in LaPorte and seemed to know everyone in town. I am writing a biography of him and would appreciate any input you have on Ralph and any other fond memories of Allis-Chalmers. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment LaPorte, In 46350 Charles (Chuck) Amor
19?? - 19 55 combine line
My dad worked at Allis Chalmers plant in LaPorte, In. His brothers worked there also. At one time my mother and aunt worked there. Does any one remember working with my dad or his brothers? - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment LaPorte, Indiama Robert Miller
1972-1983 Factory
Started working at Allis Chalmers right out of high school. Started in assembly then went to Dept. 22 which was the parts Dept. Also worked in shipping, tool crib and steel storage. Worked for Bob Kennedy, Bud Robertson, Bob Unger, Jerry Schoff, Evan Bunch and others. My father Ronald Miller and brother Gary also worked there. Also my best friend Rob Harness. This was the my first full tome job and have a lot of memories. If anyone would like to share some please contact me. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Lineboro Md Fred Dickmyer/Wertz Farm Equipment
1937-Present Owner
William Wertz purchased an implament buisness in 1910 and named it Wertz Garage he sold Massy Harris,Ford Cars/ Fordson Tractors, Delaval Cream seperators in the 1930's he passed away. His son in Law Sam Warner took over Sam took on Allis Chalmers in 1937. I started working for Sam in 1953 and married his daughter in 1955. I took over in 1966 when Sam passed away. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Litchfield, Illinois Redfern Farm Supply/Steve Redfern
1952 - 1984 Dealer - Sales & Service
My dad Ralph Redfern ran an AC dealership for 32+ years in Southern Illinois. When I think of the "shop" I can smell the blend of paint and oil and gas and tractors as if I was standing there right now. I grew up around the Orange and worked in the business from the late 50's until the mid-70's; my brother stayed to 1980/81. Dad exited the business in late 1984 just months before AC went belly up and sold to Deutz. I gained a lot of experience about life and from special people including Herb our head mechanic, and Dad, and the special customers we had when I worked at Dad's dealership. The most important thing I learned was how to solve problems - that skill has served me well in the world of business and continues to be one of my most valuable learnings. Dad must have sold a gazillion WD's, 45's and D-17's. To this day I am sure I could take a '45 apart and put her back together blindfolded. The Allis tractors were sold on their strengths if you had a customer who wanted reliability, economy of operation, and ease of service. Seasons came and went and tractor focus shifted to combines and from combines to overhauls during the winter. Good times in the family business with my Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister; and fond memories of the great, great people I met in the farming community. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Logansport , IN Max Snider
19 69 - 2008 Ser. Mgr. & Mechanic
I went to work at the AC coumpany in Logansport as Ser.Mgr for George Scheiber 1969. He bough the dealership from the company in 1971?- Worked for him 17 years . Sept. 1986 he passed away and dealership was sold to farmer in the county untill he closed the doors in July 1992. Sept.1992 Richard Sigman talked to me about opening the store again in Logansport. He has a dealership in Goodland IN. I have worked in the same building for all three men and enjoyed working on AC equipment. I did like a AC Ser. Rep. by the name of Bill King very sharp man. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment marengo illinois jim carmichael
19 64 - 19 71 service manger/ mechanic
this was my fathers dealership which i grew up being a part of until it closed.bob dewey was our blockman orville montgomery was the service manager. we employed about 50 people that i can remember. interested in any old artifacts anyone might have . jim - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Marthasville, Mo Chuck Driemeyer 1946 - 1995 Owner
work was good. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Matthews, NC Robert H. Johnson
1960 to l980 District Mgr
Hired as a blockman at the Charlotte, NC branch. I had a district in Southwest Virginia and Northwest North Carolina until Jan. 1, l974. Then I was assigned a district in Eastern North Carolina. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Memphis, TN Tim Brannon
1976-1978 Territiory Mgr. - Product Rep.
Besides regular duties as TM, we had the opportunity to haul some of the "EXPO" ladies all across the US as "tech man" ..... what a job......! - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Midwest Chuck Zindel
1962- 1985 Various
Repped Farm Equipment, Outdoor Products, and Parts. Started in Peoria Region, then to Mke, back to Ill on to Columbus and Indy with OP, back to IL and Batavia till KHD. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment milwaukee robert shacklett
19 - 19 88 welder
He was a great person loved fishing an just tending to his house other than that he was a laid back sort of guy im glad he married my grandma they couldnt have made a better couple..Sad that a good man, hard worker and provider had to pass on I only hope I get to acommplish so of the things that he did he even got a letter for the current president that was so cool ..God bless you grandpa - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Milwaukee, WI James E. Johnson
1930's - 19 70's factory worker
My Grandfather worked at Allis Chalmers his whole life I believe. He passed away in 1978. If anyone remembers him, the family would love to hear some tales from the days of old! I never really knew him as I was only 2. My e-mail is He also had a son Ronald Johnson who worked there as well. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Milwaukee, WI Enis "Frank" Brauer
?-1975 Millwright ?
My grandfather worked at Allis Chalmers until he retired. My mother could only tell me that he retired 2 years early, so I can't say for certain what years he worked there. He was a wonderful whistler and could imitate almost any songbird. My grandfather died in the 1980's and I was too young to get a chance to share many of his stories. If anyone has any information I would very much appreciate it. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ernest (Ernie) Robert Kohn
1922-1928 Unknown
My grandmother said her family moved from Joliet, IL to Milwaukee sometime after 1920 so her father Ernie Kohn could go to work for Allis-Chalmers. She remembers her father getting injured on the job when she was about 10 years old (around 1928.) He got blood poisoning in his hand and spent time in the hospital in Milwaukee. His hand was permanently crippled and he received a settlement from Allis-Chalmers which he used to buy a farm in Westboro, Wisconsin. I would very much like to hear from anyone who might have known my great grandfather or have records regarding his employment. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment milwaukee-dousman william brennan and archie waters
1920s- 19 ?? Head Mechinist
William Brennan was Archie waters father-in law and in the very early 1900s they worked at ails-chambers in Milwaukee, William bought a 160 acre farm in Dousman Wisconsin with Archie, they stayed in Milwaukee during the week and only went to Dousman on the weekends. if any one has any info on my great-grandparents please contact me. looking for documents,pictures, or anything. 906-844-4449 - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Minneapolis, MN Marlan Stole
1956 - 1990 Data Processing Manager & Parts Sales
When I started at the Fargo A-C Branch in Jan 1956 we had 60 Model G-Tractors in inventory. The Colleges were buying them, a dozen at a time, for their Test Plots. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Mirandola ( MODENA) Italy zip code41037 Aldrovandi
1975 - 1985 Agricolture
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Monroe, LA Glen E. Fried
1936 - 1972 Blockman, District Sales, NE, central Louisiana
Born in 1908, Glen Fried, was my father who joined AC as a Blockmam in the Memphis Branch in the 1930's. He represented AC in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, based at Monroe, LA until he volunteered for service in the Army in 1942. Upon return from WWII in 1945 he resumed his job in the Memphis Branch domiciled at Yazoo City, MS. He met and in 1947 married my mom, Geraldine Spotorno, who worked as a secretary at the Memphis Branch. They settled in Yazoo City until early 1949 at which time they moved to Monroe, LA where they remained until his retirement in 1972. Northern Louisiana was a very sparce "block" in the AC dealer network. Despite that fact my Dad was a stellar performer earning honors in "The 52 Club" year after year. I still have my Lionel train that he won as part of his award in 1957. The six Fried kids grew up bleeding Persian Orange. Allis Chalmers put food on the table and we "knew" the AC was the only tractor to have in the field. We would rather have a mule than anything green. We were all part of the sales team. I remember drawing and painting posters, with the new Corporate logo for field days and schools in 1965 or 66 because AC had not yet printed up the new logo. We had many fond memories of traveling with Dad to the many small, 2-3 tractor, dealerships in his district. We were aware of the tough times when AC was weathering hostile take over attempts and down turns in sales and tight money. I remember Dad sweating out closures of a few troubled dealerships, actually camping out in front of some to prevent tractors and parts from disappearing in the middle of the night. Fortunately most of Dad's dealers were great people that became good friends over the years. He knew what it took to keep those small dealers profitable and most appreciated that. I remember one day when I accompanied my dad in the early 70's when he had to tell his good friend and dealer that he was loosing his franchise. We had a close relationship with this dealer. We had broken bread with him and his wife, hunted and cut Christmas trees on his and his brother's farm for years. When we bought our small tractors he was our dealer. It was a very sad day but the personal relationship went on for many years even til after my Dad died as long as the brothers were alive. My Dad retired in 1972 and a number of dealerships closed their doors shortly there after. I was offered the Block in 1976 but I declined knowing my dad's shoes were too big for me to fill. - [EDIT]
I worked in the Atlanta region service dept. I called on dealers in Ga.,South Carolina, and Alabama. When I left the Co. in 84 I started my on business, Thornton Eq. Repair in Monticello. I closed business at the end of 98 and went to work for Takeuchi Mfg.US in January 99. I work in the service dept. with Willey Hutto, who was service manger in Atlanta. Our office is a Buford, Ga. I also collect old AC Tractors, 2-B's, 1-C, 1-WC,1-WD45 Deisel,2-D17's, and 1-D21. I pull the WD45 in Antique tractor pulls. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment moorhead iowa Skow Farm equipment
- grandson and son of the two difrent owners
Im not shure on the year were my great grand father started and my father took over but i grew up allis and still to this day i work with allis on my inlaws farm im thinking the dealer ship what in biz ruffly 50 yrs or more ill do more checking on it but i have fond memorys of my days there i wish it would have never stop my great grand father and father work more hours in a week there the i care to rember they were allways av to their custmores day or night and there were a lot of night i just want to post this in rembernce of the great grand father and for my father just so they know that i appreated all the hard work they did to keep the custmores as happy as possable please feel free to drop me aline if u knew the biz in moorhead iowa thanks - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment MORRISON, MO BILL BOCKTING 1964 - 19 85 OWNER
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment New York jonn1 sSUEoPueWJb
comment1, - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment NORMAN, OK L.E PAULEY
Farm Equipment Nortonville, Kansas Don Potts
1973 - 1985 Mechanic
Started working for my Dad, Art Potts after he bought the the building form Clem Leighton who sold Allis tractors and Gleaner combines for years. Dad would do the selling of new equipment and also do mechanic work. My brother did the Parts sells and would also do mechanic work.I learned most of my knowledge from my Dad and also from Clem Leighton, Webster Mooney and Dick Lindsey, who all worked for Clem Leighton for years. I remember going to Independence Mo. and meeting with Al Paxton and signing the contracts to open the store. But like alot of the Allis stores we closed in 1985, but we still have all of our equipment and Richard my brother still does some mechanic work on the farm for some people. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Ohio Larry Schlotterbeck
1960's-70's Dist. Manager
Dad was a dist. manager (or whatever they were called , "blockman"?)in NW Ohio. Dealers I remember include Homiers in Continental and Payne, I think, Wannemachers in Ottoville, Al Post in Gomer and Smiths in Arlington maybe. I mostly remember getting to go to all the county fairs where they had displays hee-haa! We lost Dad in '88. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers Larry. Son, Joe - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Pahokee, Fl.33476 Eddie Honeycutt 1966- 1971 service manager
I work for a company owned farm,const. and industrail dealership that was located in Palm Beach Co. in Florida.I work there from the time I got out of the servive,working my way from floor sweeper,semi- truck driver to service/parts manager. The 14 years I worked for Allis-Chambers were good years. Years of pride in equipment well built. I don't know the demise of the company but it was sad to lose it. I still think of those years and often get chances to help an owner with a problem as I remember so much about the equipment. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Peggy tx Pete 1964 -1986 Owner of Peggy farm machine shop
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Pekin, North Dakota Walhood Implement Co.
1930's-1959 Owner
My Dad, Cyrus Walhood inherited the business from his Father, Fred Oliver Walhood, the original name being F.O. Walhood & Son. They sold and serviced AC equipment. I remember getting flatcar loads of Allcrop combines during the late 40's. I was 6years old and had the job of driving C model tractor pulling 3 or 4 combines from the train tracks to the shop for assembly. Some one would get me started and I would drive, really just steer since I had strict instructions not to move the throttle or shift gears, to the shop where some one else would get on and get me stopped. I was very proud of myself to drive this parade down mainstreet. I guess it put some AC orange in my blood which is still there. We had a Blockman names "Huck" Bergene from Fargo who always had great stories to tell me and my brothers. Does anyone out there remember him? - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Pennsboro, WV Phillip A. Cottrille
19 - 19 1972-current Parts Manager-Sales Manager
I have had the pleasure of working with Hayhurst Equipment for almost 30 years now and fondly remember the Allis years. During those years as parts manager, I made freinds with many people associated with AC and always remember that everyone was treated like family. We were blessed to have a great dealership foundation thus a very good customer base. Now that AC has been replaced with John Deere and Ford/New Holland and I have moved on to serve as Ag Sales Manager, I really appreciate HOW WELL we were treated back then. A few of the names that I remember from the Orange Glory Years: Ed Flagg, Territory Mgr. Columbus Ohio Branch: Dick Molette, Parts Manager, Columbus Ohio: Lee Holmes, Branch Mgr. Columbus Ohio: Ken Capley, Territory Mgr Engine Div. Harvey Ill: Tom Mellish, WW Cust Serv Mgr, Carol Stream, Ill: Gil Specht, Dealer Rep AED, (CS & Batavia?) Jamie Burke, Dealer Rep,, ITE (CS & Batavia?) Dave Munger, Dealer Rep, ITE/Eng: Marvin Ridder, Retd. Goods: Bob Gard, Tech & Service, Harvey Engine Div: Roger Higgins, Tech & Service, Harvey Engine Div: These are just a few that come to mind but there were many more. WHERE HAVE ALL OF THE GOOD TIMES GONE? I can relate a lot of good information concerning the history of AC as I have studied it to a large degree. Anyone interested in reliving old times or with information on any of the people mentioned here I would really like to make contact. By the way: I have a large collection of old AC paper manuals. Ag, ITE, L&G, Eng. that could be purchased. LONG LIVE THE TRUE ORANGE!! - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Pensacola , FL AL PAXTON 1962-1994 Manager
I worked for A-C as a district rep, sales manager, dealer development manager, and various other sales and marketing positions before retiring from AGCO in Atlanta in 1994. In 1996, following the marriage of our last daughter at home, my wife, Bobbie, and I sold our home in Atlanta, put our furniture in storage and hit the road in our RV with the intent of seeing America. We are still on the road and have seen lots of the U.S. and Canada with lots more to see. We have particularly enjoyed seeing many old friends and would like to see more of you during our travels. We do not have an e-mail address but can be reached by snail mail through our mail forwarding service at PMB #1111, P. O. Box 2430, Pensacola FL 32513. As we get close to you, we will get together to reminisce over a little food and beverage at our home on wheels. We look forward to hearing from you. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment philpot kentucky crabtree equipment
1980's customer
anyone remember much about crabtree equipment in philpot kentucky we bought a gleaner combine from them in the early 1980s still going strong anyone know what ever happened to melvin and what is he doing these days - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Retsof, N.Y. James R. Hanna & Son's/Jim Hanna
1930's - 1956 Dealer's
This dealership was started and run by my grandfather Jim, my dad Bob and my uncle Jim. They were Horse traders before becoming a farm machinery dealer,as many Allis dealers were! They continued the Horse trading along with the farm machinery for several years. There were 200 tractors sold in their first year of business. Part of their success the first year was due to the fact that they would take Horses in on trade for tractor's. The business continued on to be very successful. Than in December of 1955 my grandfather passed away! My uncle did not want to continue the business and my dad was having health problems and could not continue alone. The dealership was disolved, the last tractor was sold in the spring of 1956.(WD-45) I have many fond memories of the dealership! I would like to hear from anyone who did business with them or knows anything about the dealership! - [EDIT]
1968-1971 DISTRICT MGR
I traveled the Shenandoah Valley and east of the Blue Ridge mountains- beautiful country. I had the largest planter territory in North America for Allis. Left the company in 1971 to work for Valley Implement in Harrisonburg Va. Later moved back to South Carolina and opened my own dealership. Thanks to the Russian grain embargo, the ag economy would not support my efforts. Have worked for the last 36 years for Stuckey Bros in Hemingway, SC. Have been collecting AC "stuff" for many years and have several nice tractors and lots of printed materials. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Richmond, VA Linda Carroll
1971-1976 Machinery Clerk
I began at AC two years out of high school and worked with the best people - Pete Ennis, Fred Clack, George Hughes, Burl Washam, Grady Farmer, Randy Lafoon and Mr. Bennett (can't remember his first name). Pete took me under his wing and taught me so much, up until his death. After our branch manager, Mr. Branch went to West Allis, the office changed not for the better. I left in November of 1976, but the memories I took with me, of the people I had worked with, are still alive and well. I also enjoyed working with the dealers. They were great people. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment sioux city, columbus, indianapolis, milw larry clark
1965-1980 parts, blockman,customer service-milw
started in 65 @ sioux city in the 190xt days and worked parts, sales and blockman in Iowa & South Dakota. Spent time in the ope division at columbus and indianapolis. Some time at a dealership in columbus and then wild times at Milwaukee tractor plant making 47 units/day in 74 and being 18 months behind. Caught up way to fast and by early 80's a whole pile of us were on the street. What a place. lc - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment So Glens Falls, NY William Cridge 19xx - 1988 Sales, delivery
Baker Bros in So Glens Falls, NY, an AC dealer and parts and service. ACs were quite popular in this area for mostly dairy farm equipment - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Springfield IL Ken Calfee
19 - 19 73 Drill press & parts washer
I remember my first day going into the 6th street entrance and going down into the walkway under ground and seeing all the time clocks in the tunnel way and not believing that many people could work in one place,I came up into the plant and went to find my Forman,finally I asked somebody where I could find Al Funderburg,the gentleman said(oh he's the guy in the glasses)I thanked him and looked up only to find,that everyone in the building wore glasses,eventually I found him and went to work as a drillpress operator,later moving on to a parts washing after never being able to understand the(making production)proto call,some times you had to put out a 1000parts for one order and the next night they wanted 10,000 parts that had a difficult layout,some times you made production in a couple of hrs.some days you could never achieve it,had fun there during inventory,the whole plant became relaxed and even the crabby old guys had smiles on their faces,some of the guys pushed some pallets together outside in the snow and built an igloo to stay warm with a burning barrel in the middle,and we would go out side to get a sip of BlackBerry schnobs and come back into the plant and almost fall on your face from the heat inside,17 below outside hardly able to take inventory of the frozen parts,you guys take care now. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Springfield, IL Dawn Lair West for Clarence H. Lair (deceased)
19 - 19 ?
My Grandfather, Clarence H. Lair, worked at the Springfield, IL AC plant. I have no idea what he did, but he did retire from AC. I wanted to make sure he wasn't missed. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Springfield, Ill John Makstutis
1932 Lab
I only know that he worked there from around the time of 1925 to 1935 - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Sumrall, MS. Kenneth E. Singley
19 79- 1983 owner of Oloh service center
i worked at several allis-chalmers dealership from 1962 till 1983, in 1979 i started my own allis dealership with the help of ed halford(tm) and felix patterson(sales manager) out of the memphis, tn. branch, from the day i started working on allis equipment i bled orange, had some good time and meet a lot of good folks at allis chalmers, to many names to write, i would like to say hello to all of them, some have gone to a better place, but still in my heart. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Sunderland/ South Deerifeld, MA Stan
1972 - 19 73 mechanic
When I was in high school I got a job with Roman Skibiski AC dealer in Sunderland, MA. They were a major AC distributor in the Connecticut River Valley (Western MA) and I put together AC equipment. Things like putting together harrows, wheels on tractors and other things. In general, from the '40's thru the '70's AC was the tractor of choice in the region. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Tiptonville, TN S. B. STEPP 1948-1990 mechanic
My father, S.B. Stepp worked for Lake County Implement Tiptonville, TN from about 1948 to 1963 when the business closed. He then went to work for Chenoweth Implement Sales in Paris,TN which later became Paschall Equipment and then B&G Equipment which it is still named today. He was born in 1915 and passed in 1990. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Toledo, Ohio Benton F. Elliott
1930? - 1940? Salesman
My grandfather was a salesman for the banning co. They were an Allis Chalmers dealer. I am his grandson and would really appreciate if anyone would have any info about his time at Allis Chalmers. As he passed away in 1941 many years prior to my birth. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment tomah wis henry zellmer ridgeville tractor service 1966 - 19 73 owner
Henry sold and serviced many D17s series 4s 170s 180s 190xts he took pride in all sales and trades.Henry loved to go to field demonstrations .He would take a 185 with a fourbottom plow, He couldnt" wait for a John Deer 4020 with fourbottom plow to show up, Henry would say lets go its show time" Henry spent lots of time with Mick Feirington AC credit corp manager helping farmers buying from him. Henry loved it when he could spend time with service manager Bob Lauradalh at our shop. Bob was the greatest trouble shooter Allis could ever have. I was about four when our first load D15s and D17s showed up. I rember going LaCross to pick up plows,discs. I love the fact that I grew with my dad and Allis Chalmers. We have a 190xt that dad sold new that Im restoring I was hoping to have done before he passed away one year a go. Thanks Dean Zellmer - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Topeka, Ks. John D. Scott
1980 - 1981 Production planner (Gleaner Parts)
I was raised on a WD-45 and D17 as a kid. I had worked for a local Allis dealer and also a John-Deere dealer out of High School. I had been working into an Aviation field as money allowed and in 1980 I hired on with A.C. in Topeka Ks. as a production planner, setting machine priority for the Ind. plant. I really enjoyed working there and they understood I could not make my first day of work due to the birth of my first son! I now own and operate Hawkeye Helicopter. Yes I finished my ratings. I have 11 airplanes 10 patrol and a twin cessna. I also have 2 Jet Rangers and a Hughes 269. We patrol pipeline and powerline in 23 states. I pay myself better than A.C. did but its a life expirence I remember with great joy. Call sign "Hawkeye" - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Vacaville, California Ralph Wehnes
1964-Present Territory Manager & Sales Manager
I started at the Peoria Branch in 1964. A couple of years later it was moved to Morton, IL. The Morton branch was replaced by the Columbus Region. I moved to Vacaville California in 1987 with Deutz Allis. Then in 1990 we bacame AGCO. There are still a few people from Allis Chalmers heritage working for AGCO. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Vinton Va 24178-4312 Harold J. Nantz
19 69 - 19 90 Allis Chalmers Field Rep
Jim Peterson hired me in 1969 at the Richmond Branch. Transfered to Atlanta to work for Walt Byers in the Servive Dep't. with the Industrial Tractor Division. Later transfered to sales. In 1975 transfered to the Ag division and worked in the eastern part of the Country. Retired in 1990. I live in Central Virginia, garden spot of the World. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Alis,Wi. William "Bill" Lasnicka
19 ? - 19 74 Machinest
I am registering my dad,William "Bill" Lasnicka. I am not sure when he went to work there,but know that he was with the company for many years before retireing in 1974. He passed away in 1977 at the age of 67. He was known as a top notch machinest. He also worked on cars and was a great mechanic. One of his brothers may have also worked there for a while. The son of Croatian imigrants he loved to socialize,as a matter of fact he died on one of the local pub dance floors.He was born in MIlwaukee and lived in the surrounding areas most of his life. He liked fishing,hunting,and car races. He was a very handsome man and quite a man about town. Would love to hear from anyone who knew him. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis Richard E Hare
19 66 - 1985 Tractor Shipping
I worked in #5 shop,#4 shop, main errecting floor, finished my days there working in tractor shipping and customer service, till they closed down. I was there to ship and inspect the last tractors to go out the gates. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis m strauss
1949 - 1973 attorney
I am trying to help a family where there is an asbestos cancer involved. This cancer is called mesothelioma. I am looking into how and where asbestos was used during the manufacturing of the equipment between 1949-1973. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis Mark Sickman
1966 -1969/1977-1984 Engineer
Started at the tractor proving grounds, fresh out of college, in 1966 as an implement test engineer. I was transferred to the old LaCrosse plant in 1968 when engineering was "de-centralized". It had just been centralized 4 years before (another example of poor management). I left AC in 1969 when the LaCrosse plant closed, and I didn't want to transfer to LaPorte. Returned to the West Allis tractor operation in 1977 (after working for White Farm Equipment for 8 years) and became the Engineering Design Manager in 1980. Worked on the many improvements to the "brown belly" tractors that were incorporated into the "black belly" tractors. However, I was most proud of the 8000 Series tractors that were designed during my tenure as design manager---especially the cab that was finally the size it should have been when the 7000 Series tractors first came out. I remember well some fine people I worked with including Tom Whelply, George Zach, Dave Quick, Bob Schott, Norm Swinford, Ray Dague, and Paul Freedy. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis Kerry Brunner 1961 - 1979 Neighbor
While I never worked for AC, having grown up in Milwaukee I was very familiar with the area of 70th and Greenfield in the mid to late 1970s. Perhaps the saddest thing I have witnessed there, was the line of retirees watching the demolition of the factory building .... - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment west allis , wisconsin arnold ciardo
1935 to 1971 jigger
deceased 1996 - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis Wisconsin Rodney C. Forrest
1945 - 1977 Crane Operator
Rodney was my father and I would like to talk with anyone who might have worked with him. My Grandad also worked thier from 1924 to the day he died in 1978 he was an engineer for the pumps and turbines he is creduited with inventing a pump that revoultionized the the whole operation. his name was Frank R. Forrest - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI Jim Miller
1981-1982 Programmer
I worked in the North American Sales Division as a programmer, and have many fond memories of my short stint in West Allis. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI Tom Volkmann
1956 - 1969 Engineer
I started in the Engineering Dept. right out of high school as a Detailer, worked my way through Jr. and Sr. Draftsman, Jr. and Sr. Designer, and finally as an Engineer. When I started, the WD Series was still in production and the new D15 and D17 were just beginning. I did some minor design work on the Ontos, the military vehicle with six 106 mm recoilless rifles. I was in on the ground floor when they decided to build a new small crawler, the H3 and HD3, and the next design of the HD4. Those were truly the "good old days." Now that I'm older, I can't remember what I did yesterday, but the days at Allis-Chalmers are as clear as if they just happened. I have many "rocking chair stories" that I can pass on to my grandkids. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI Charles Gilmore
1947 - 1979 Warranty Administrator
My father has passed, but I'd like to add my name to the proud AC family of employees that gave their life's work to one employer. May we all live up to that. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI R. G. Fink
1974 - 1980 Buyer for ATD
Bought a lot of parts for the production lines starting in the seventies "crunch" until farm equipment sales dived with Jimmy C's grain embargo. Lived about 1/2 mile south of the plant near 65th and Burnham St. Toughest job I ever worked, but I sure miss seeing some great people and making the best of tractors. Whenever I drive by old Gate #7 on 70th and Washington Streets, I still see in my mind's eye those big Persian Orange Tractors gleaming in the sunlight outside the old shop. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI Wayne H. Linderman
1946 - 1958 Finance/Accounting
My dad's career began with Allis Chalmers and ended with Hyster traveling all over the world. He retired in the 1990's. He enjoyed working for both companies. The fate of both companies was similar though the Hyster name still remains under other ownership. Today I am a proud owner of an AC 6060 in Oregon. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI Howard Erickson 1965 - 1986 -
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI Mack Henderson
1951 -969 welder
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI Larry Ruud
1968 - 1977 Engineering
- [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, WI William J.Hagemeyer
19 - 19 ?
My grandfather(William J.Hagemeyer) worked for the company i think his who life. I was wondering if anyone had any more information about him. He passed away in 1999 of natural causes. He use to live on 77st & National in West Allis,WI and walk to work everyday. I believe he wrote a book about Allis Chalmers. I don't think it was published. It might be on file at the West Allis Historical Building, I'm not sure. If anyone has any info on my grandfather I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You, Jackson - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, Wi. Jim Wanek
1946-1983 Senior Purchasing Agent
Was called (from the Heil Co.) to play basketball and tennis. Started as MAIL BOY. Worked in all facets of Purch. At that time sports was a big thing. I remember tractor was building the Ontos for the Army and the Manhatten Project was at the Hawley Plant. Worked with a great bunch of people.Did see alot of change over the years. ps: K. Marsh says HI to Bob Fink''' - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Steven Schultz
1979-1984 Assembly
For the years that I was employed at Allis-Chalmers I worked in 7 Tractor on line assembly and some repair work. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Walter Chase
1957-1973 Mechanical Engineer
My father Walter Hilton Chase, II graduated from West Virginia Tech and his first job post college was at Allis-Chalmers in West Allis, Wisconsin. He was a Mechanical Engineer but unsure what division he worked in. He worked there from the mid 1950's and relocated in 1970 to Gadsden, Alabama with Allis-Chalmers. He left Allis-Chalmers in 1973. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Eli Heinemann
1955 - 1969 Senior Product Rep/FE Advertising Supervisor
Worked in Implement Sales, Industrial Tractor sales, Beach Sanitizer and Beet and Potato Harvesters. Went on to work at Gehl, Hawkbilt and Farmhand. A nice run of over 50 years. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis,WI Roger Hornaday
1973 - 1984 Sr. Service Instructor
I started out at Allis Chalmers as a Field Service Rep. at the Peoria branch in 1973, then in 1974 was transferred to the corporate offices as a Sr. Service Instructor for Gleaner combines. I remained in that position until Allis started having financial problems and was then transferred into the new computerized Warranty Dept. as a Sr. Warranty Analyst from 1981-1984. In August of 1984 I left Allis Chalmers rather than being transferred to Iowa to be a Field Service Rep in the Kansas City branch and went to work in Wabash, IN as a Service Manager at the local Allis Chalmers dealership. I worked there until Aug 1986 when they also began having financial problems. I now operate heavy construction equipment for a large asphault paving company and still live in the Wabash, In area. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis,WI Aurthur Helm
1947-1985 He worked in Mold Division
My father worked for Allis Chalmers for 38 years. He was a Foreman for a short while till he decided that was not for him. I have all of his anniversery pins that Allis gave out. The only one I don't have is the Foreman pin. If any one out there is willing to part with one they have it would mean alot.(willing to pay) He passed away 2 years after give his life for the company. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment West Allis,Wisconsin Frank Mueller
1915 - 1961 Machinist,Superintendent Tractor Shop
Frank Mueller was my grandfather and worked at Allis Chalmers,West Allis for more than 50 years. His first job was to fetch buckets of beer from the Tavern over on Greenfield for the machinists in the shop. His father, my Great grandfather Adolf Mueller also worked at Allis Chalmers which was called Reliance Works back then. My grandfather worked his way up through the ranks retiring as Superintentant of the Tractor Shop. My grandfather also had 2 brothers working at Allis Chalmers. George Mueller and Emil Mueller. If anyone knows anything about my grandfather,greatgrandfather or greatuncles please contact me. Thanks. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Wichita, Ks. Paul G. Oldenstadt
1964 - 1972 District manager, Three districts in Kansas
I worked in a dealership in McPherson, Ks. while attending college. Upon graduation, I started work in the Wichita Branch and had my first territory at Iola, Ks. My first experience was a massive shortage in the dealer inventory and an underground dealer principle.....we cleaned it out in less than 24 hours.... I worked several territories for short times then left when the company closed the Wichita Branch and started a dealership at Hutchinson, Ks. I sold my interest in that within a short while and pursued family business interests....... I still work on old model tractors at home. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Williamsburg VA Jon Fair
1962-1992 Sales
Started out in the Indianapolis branch and was hired by L.P. Walsh. Went on a territory in sounthern Indiana and then went to St Louis branch as sales manager, then to Peoria branch as dealer development manager and then sales manager again. From there went to Richmond branch as branch manager, closed that one and went to Syracuse as branch manager where I closed that one. After Syracuse I had had enough and due to the fact that Allis was in pretty bad shape, took a territory in Virginia. Stayed there until I retired in 1992. We are still living in Williamsburg and love it. In the summers I work at Busch Gardens running the steam locomotive and in the winter we travel. If you ever get to this area be sure and look us up. We are in the phone book. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Winner,South Dakota Marvin Olson
1959 - 1963 Mechanic- Machinery Setup
I worked partime for Mills Motor Co. while my brother Kenneth worked full time from 1955 to 1972.I worked partime while also working on our farm. The D17 and D19 were a very beautiful machine at that time.The D21 was king of tractors. - [EDIT]
Farm Equipment Wisconsin, New Jersey Stephen Washburn
1930s - 19 ?? ???
Stephen was my mother's great-uncle. He began working for the Woodruff Seed Company in the 1920s? and then for Allis-Chalmers later in his career. I've been trying to find whatever became of he and his family, because they just vanished at some point in the 40s. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! - [EDIT]
Minning and Forestry Equipment Eugene,OR William Brandt
1940's-1970's Field Rep.
Bill Brandt was my maternal grandfather. I am trying to gather information about him for our family history. My mother never knew him so neither did I, but I want to know about his life. We know that he worked at Allis-Chalmers after serving in WWII. He worked in Springfield , IL for a few years and then transfered to Oregon. The pictures I have seen of his show all kinds of dozers and such in use in the forestry area. I would love to hear from anyone who knew this man. I never had a Grandpa on either side so this means a lot to me. Thanks! Steve D. - [EDIT]
Minning and Forestry Equipment Thornaby on Tees, England Colin Rogers
1973 - 1974 Designer
Worked on the British Steel pelletizing Plant at Sanderson Engineering Offices. Worked with Jack D.Roberts Designer from Greendale Wisconsin at that time. Had fun at Lumley Castle Mediaevil Banquet. - [EDIT]
Minning and Forestry Equipment West Allis Wisconsin Raymond R. Mueller. Deceased
1927 - 1978 Chief Draftsman/Cement & Mining Division
My father worked for Allis Chalmers for 49 years. His father, my grandfather, Alfred Mueller was also an Allis Chalmers employee. He died at the plant in 1946. I would like to learn more about my father and grandfather, their families and their relationship with Allis Chalmers. - [EDIT]
Minning and Forestry Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Pete Schumacher
1975 - 1985 Sr. Application Engineer
I began work at Allis Chalmers after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a mechanical engineering degree. I worked in several areas of the company (Compressor, Advanced Technology Center, Mining Systems and Reduction Systems) during the first two years as part of the Career Development program for new employees. I settled into the Reduction Systems Division which was later merged into the Cement & Mining Systems Division. I was involved in the development and commercialization of rotary kiln technology for the direct reduction of iron bearing ores as a step in the steel making process. My work included a signifcant amount of internation travel, includng participating in system testing and plant start-up activities in Mexico, Canada, India and Norway. Commercial operation of these reduction systems continue today in Keonjhar, Orissa, India and Tyssedahl, Norway. I moved with my work group to Boliden-Allis in 1985 when our operation was sold during the divestature of Allis-Chalmers. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment - Mack Henderson 1951 - 19 60 -
- [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Appleton, Wisconsin Carrol Catlin
1956 - 1982 Industrial Forklift Sales
My father Carrol, who is still alive and happy, started with the company in 1958 keeping books. He shortly found his calling selling for the Milwaukee area. A new dealership was to be opened in Appleton, and Carrol proudly moved his family up and started his legacy as one of A/C's top salespeople in the country. When the divisions of A/C started to sell off, they were looking for investors to buy their forklift dealerships, Carrol and 2 other partners bought the Appleton and Lacrosse franchises from A/C. Carrol finnally retired from the forklift business in 1998, to give him 27 years working with A/C. He has built alot of good friends thru his years, and likes to stay in touch with as many as possible. If you havn't heard from him, please drop him a line at the e-mail address listed. He is not much for computers, and this mail will go directly to me. I will make sure he gets it. By the way, around 1983 I had the opportunity to get a ride in the Allis Chalmers QJ37. It was a self sufficient forklift that the driver sat in a compartment that went up and down with the load. It also charged it's batteries as the cab was lowered. I have several pictures of this unit. Does anyone know if one of these are still around? It would interesting to know. Thank you. It is with a sad and heavy heart to let any of Carrol's friends know that he passed away on July 10th 2018. He will always be remembered in my heart. I love you Pops. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Chicago/Seattle Rod Schneider
1979 - 19 83 Sales Manager/Branch Manager
I joined Allis Chalmers as Sales Manager at the Chicago retail Lift truck operation. In 1981 I transfered to Seattle As Branch Manager. Went back to Chicago in 1983 as Sales Manager due to family needs. Left when Lift Truck division was sold. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Cleveland, Ohio Susan Herder
1966- 1970 Secretary to Service Manager
Allis-Chalmers was my first job out of college. It was a fun time. I worked for Austin Hill until he retired and then for John Wren. I stayed with AC until they closed the Cleveland service office. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment ctg, bangladesh shoba sen
19 90 - 2003 Mechanical Tachnician
I am 35 years old and diploma mechanical engineer. I need a work in any European country or in Canada. I am a minority in my own country. I am in too much pressure by religious majority. I want freedom but I have no freedom in my own country. Who want to live with out freedom, without humanity? So I need a job or with a human sense response. Please help me to get any kind of job or………. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Engine Division Harvey, IL Thomas Powers
1965 - 1986 Inspection - Engine tester - Spray painter
Started Torque Trim line, then Engine fastner, then Spray painter, then Foreman, then Receiving inspection, then Inspector instructor. Iloved working at the engine plant in Harvey, so many friends, so many good memories. Hi to all that know me. tom - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Engine Division Harvey, IL Gary Hjerpe
1973-1981 Varied
I started at the engine plant with an assist from my wife's grandfather, Len Peerbolte, who was someone of importance in the field service department, in 1973. I worked on the assembly lines for a couple of years, moved to engine test for several more. Transferred to fuel injection department machining, did a stint on the big screw machines just inside the divider wall from the large parts area. Transferred to supervisor in FI, moved to large parts machining supervisor and ended with the slowdown back on the assembly lines in 1981. It was so slow there at the end that after I left I was surprised the company lasted another four years. It was a great place to work, with a variety of jobs and challenges. The people were the best, more characters than a dozen sitcoms could ever dream up. A great place to expand my horizons and learn how it was in the real world. Kind of miss it to this day... - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Engine Division Harvey, IL Ed Winder
1966 - 1986 Engine Assembler
I worked in the engine assembly department for most of the time I work there. I did enjoy the time I spent working on the V8 and V12 engines. I enjoyed my experience as a union steward and representing the assembly department in contract negotiations. I often wonder what happened to everyone and would like to here from anyone that reads this post. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Grand Junction, CO David Barnard
1996-present Crane Operator
I live in Grand Forks, ND and my name is Jeremy W. I am from Grand Junction, CO. My best friend David Barnard (who is without the benefit of a computer) is looking for a new start. He has 6+ years experience operating crane back in Colorado but has no idea where to start his job search. I moved here in July of 01 and I told him that this would be a much better place to raise his family than southern CA or any other "big city" job market where work is flourishing. His experience is with Webb Crane of Grand Junction and I know he would be a valuable asset to any company in the great plains. That is coming from a mountain boy who has found himself blessed with his fortune in ND of all places. Please contact myself via email @ or through Dave himself at (970)434-1905 for any information regarding crane operator job placement in MN or the Dakotas. I appreciate your time. Much thanks, Jeremy W. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Grand Rapids, Michigan Raymond Lubenow
1941- 1954 Apprentice tool and die
I was an apprentice at West Allis plant before and after WWII. I worked in building # 52. I finished my apprenticeship in 1949. I worked on a huge armature for 3 years and the the giant high crane was in the process of moving it when the hoist broke and it crashed with thunderous bang. Everything stopped that day as 3 years of work Years of work was wasted. Bill Hanson was my instructor. I was very happy working there. I worked on Cincinnati hydotell. So so sad to have seen this wonderful special machine shop which employed thousands of workers, loyal and many my friends. I would welcome conversing if anyone is still alive as I am 95 now. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Greendale, Wisconsin Maryle (Bloedorn) Peterson
1959 - 1962 Secretary, Nuclear Power Dept.
I am a 3rd generation past employee of Allis-Chalmers. I was a secretary in the Nuclear Power Dept. located at the corner of 60th and Grange, in Greendale, Wisconsin, where the Pathfinder Nuclear Reactor was being built. Then transfered to the main plant in West Allis, Wisconsin, Plant Engineering Dept. Both my Grandfather (Albert Bloedorn) and my Father (Ray Bloedorn) were also employees of the company. See comments under Pumps and Turbines. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Guelph On Wayne Tovell Sr.
1970's n/a
Hi putting my Dad's name in , hoping that someone my recognize it, dad has since passed on, if you know him, or have any interesting stories please email me...good wishes only please. Thank you Wayne JR - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment harvey ill leon cole 19 - 19 maintenance
past away august 4 th 2008 worked for allis chalmers for 20 or more years at the harvey plant in harvey illinois - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Harvey , Il George Woosnam Jr.
1968 - 1970 Cribman in Tool Room
I remember summer work at the engine plant in the new Building. I learned so much there about life and living which was so much more than a paycheck. Quality was the ALWAYS the end product. I went on to college and eventually into the ministry, but I will long remember people and the special relationships there. Currently I would like to find a WD or WD 45 to restore. Just to remember and be proud of what once was!!! Yes, my father was one of the engineers in the Harvey Works. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment harvey il jim "wilbur" singleton
73-86 eng tester , repairman ,assy line
i miss my old friends - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Harvey IL Tim Baker
1964 - 1985 Last position air test eng assy
I held many different jobs at the harvey plant as did a lot of people there did. I also worked as a union steward for 3 years for the assy dept. The eng plant was good to me and I really wanted to work there till I could retire, its to bad we had to close in 85, as I enjoyed the job and most of the people I worked with. Would like to hear from other employees and find out what they did with their lives after Allis Chalmers - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment harvey illinois jimmy c nelson
1962-1980 grinder in the engine div
i'am looking for anyone that would know who worked the second shift with me between 1969 and 1970...i remeber some of the names like harold thompson but need despertaly to find the others..any help from any of you would be shift and 3-11 shift would be great - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Harvey Illinois bob kirk
1968 - 1968 machine operator
My uncle Bill Giovanetti worked most of his life in Harvey and later Mattison. He worked on many machines including the axle machine at Harvey. Sadly both he and his wife, Mary Lou my fathers sister have passed. They and AC helped me get a leg up on life and I post as a tribute to them both. RIP. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Harvey Illinois bob kirk
1968 - 1968 machine operator
My uncle Bill Giovanetti worked most of his life in Harvey and later Mattison. He worked on many machines including the axle machine at Harvey. Sadly both he and his wife, Mary Lou my fathers sister have passed. They and AC helped me get a leg up on life and I post as a tribute to them both. RIP. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment harvey illinois bob sudkamp
19 72 - 1986 machinist
trying to locate robert "suds" sudkamp from A-C engine division. anyone with information on his whereabouts, please e-mail me - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Harvey, Il. John Fiandaca
1968-1979 Customer Product Auditer
Started out in Dept# 72 and finished up in Dept#82. Working for A/C was one of great pride and pleasure. Some of you might remember my father "Big John". - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment harvey, illinois bob sudkamp
19 72 - 1985 machinist salvage
bob worked mostly in the small parts department of a/c engine division as a manual machinist. when they closed the plant down in 1985 bob was one of the last to leave. i was able to keep in touch with him until 1991 when he moved from florida back to illinois. if anyone knows his whereabouts, i would really appreciate hearing from you. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Harvey, Illinois Pearlie M. Jimerson-Burns
1973- 1986 Tube Bender
Met my last husband Charles Burns... standing in line for coffee here! Started as a chip handler, wash tank, lathe operator, brazier then tube bending along with Carl Golden, Carl Merkerson... quality control, Johnny Merkerson from tool room and Vera Hardiman from parts wash tanks. They put many of us out when they closed the factory and relo to Milwaukee. Nice job/wages. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment harvey,illinois jobe, chester a. and terry lee
1958-1979 r&d machinist, maintenance foreman,machinist
dad started at a/c engine division when it was located in the old buda corp. building in harvey illinois around a small boy, i recall visiting him at the new building located on commercial avenue also in harvey, where he was working as an experimental machinist in the r&d department.several years later i followed his footsteps and hired in there as a machinist apprentace,in the fuel injection department(74) - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment hydeparkmass Jamesmeurant JR
19 55 - 1972 02136
iwork in stockroomhade kikrtowathoutsickasspasder - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Jining,China Lin
2013 - 1976 Industrial Park ,Sishui
Shandong Sishui Machinery Group Corporation, an excellent manufacturer and supplier of machinery and machine tool accessories, has five subsidiaries: Sishui Flour Machinery Company, Sishui Food Machinery Company, Sishui Hardware Company, Sishui Machine Tool Accessory Company, and Sishui Import and Export Company. The products are of more than 20 series with over 160 varieties, including wheat flour machinery, corn flour machinery, biscuit machine, cake machinery, glove dipping machinery, machine vise, drill chuck, etc. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Jining,China Wu Lin
2013 - 1976 Industrial Park ,Sishui
Shandong Sishui Machinery Group Corporation, an excellent manufacturer and supplier of machinery and machine tool accessories, has five subsidiaries: Sishui Flour Machinery Company, Sishui Food Machinery Company, Sishui Hardware Company, Sishui Machine Tool Accessory Company, and Sishui Import and Export Company. The products are of more than 20 series with over 160 varieties, including wheat flour machinery, corn flour machinery, biscuit machine, cake machinery, glove dipping machinery, machine vise, drill chuck, etc. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Matteson & Harvey, IL Rod Schisel
1968 - 1986 Machinist & QC Inpector
I started working at the Engine Plant in Harvey and moved to the Lift Truck Division in Matteson in 1969. I would like to say hello to fellow former employees. I recently turned in my AC pension which was frozen in the 1980s. Something is better than nothing. I worked in Depts. 22, 34, 37, 50. E-mail me so we can catch up. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Matteson IL Fred Owen
1974 - 1986 International Marketing
My introduction to Allis Chalmers was as the North American Manager for Lancer Boss. Allis Chalmers Lift Truck division marketed Lancer Boss sideloaders. Jumping ship I joined Allis Chalmers in 1974 and became responsible for lift truck sales in Europe Africa Asia & the Pacific. Thought was being given to the possibility of building trucks in Australia and my past working experience in that country as well as Asia may have been a reason AC took me on. In hindsight an early indication of inherent problems was reaction to a report summarizing an initial trip made to Asia . . . that Japan should be a concern . . . Ports like Singapore had proved Japanese trucks met their needs competitively in price and performance. We should be looking at Japan as the major future competitor, perhaps Toyota, rather than argue over was it Clark or Hyster . . . This was ill received and the consensus of the meeting was although Japanese Lift Trucks had achieved some penetration on the West Coast they would not be acceptable to Allis Chalmers users. After a couple of years at Matteson I was transferred to Canada, Guelph Ontario Plant, first as Marketing Manger, then as Acting General Manager with the responsibility of closing out the Lift truck operation then handing the plant over to another Allis Chalmers Division. Canadian labor requirements, not as protective as France, but greater than USA, at least gave employees more time to find employment. After two years and plant closure I returned to Matteson and took over as International Marketing Manager. Returning from a meeting in Milwaukee I remember puzzling why is it that West Allis has this conviction its Allis Chalmers way, it’s the right way. I wished I could be so certain, again in hindsight, it was the attitude that helped to continue sinking the ship. My next assignment was as the French Court registered - Le Liquidator to close out the Dieppe lift truck manufacturing plant, as well as the German and French local marketing companies. At one time the French plant had 600 employees and was descended from a French engine and tractor maker older than Allis Chalmers. It had 130 employees when I took over and being located in a small fishing town on the Normandy Coast alternative employment opportunities were not good. This was an interesting and challenging task but personally most disturbing. It really hurt when I had to make the last long service awards presentation, handing pins too virtually every employee, many who had 20, 25 and some 30 years. The hypocrisy of saying thanks, well done, “out you go,” to people who had joined the company with the tradition that if you did your job well, kept your nose clean, the company would look after you. I was greatly impressed as not once was hostility expressed toward the foreigner from the States, although I know they felt let down and betrayed. Finally I moved over with a handful of others from Matteson to Columbus Ohio when the Lift truck operation was sold. After a couple more changes in ownership I joined those let go in 1989 and retired. I had many interesting assignments and challenge at AC traveled the world on a regular basis. Met many wonderful people, and associates, seemed to change duties about every couple of years. Most exciting projects licence agreements in Korea and Venezuela. AC was a good company to work for but things did go down hill and I am not over happy about the way pension and benefits worked out although they could have been much worse. If this recalls a memory, drop me an e-mail. Fred Owen - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Matteson or Harvey, Illinois Gary M. Conner
1964-1986 Machinist
My dad,Gary M. Conner, worked at the A/C plant in either Matteson or Harvey, Illinois. I am unsure of the division. He was a machinist. I am actually looking for information, rather than posting information...sadly, he passed away on October 24, 2000. I can tell you that he truly loved his job! He was anxious to work for the company...his first day employed was his eighteenth birthday. He remained employed with A/C until the plant closed in 1986. I am hoping to find former co-workers of his...especially a friend of his, "Don", in the Lansing area, that he shared rides to work with. Thanks! - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Matteson,IL Fred Amirault
19 78 - 19 86 Scheduler
I started as sub assembly Expeditor, and worked in several production control positions both on the assembly line, and in machining, fab shop, and welding. it was a great place to work, and I still remember the last day that production took place in 1986. Today, I believe that no one in this country produces Fork lifts. Thanks United states government for not protecting jobs for American citizens, opting to protect the business owners instead. We are a poorer Nation for that - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Milwaukee, Wisconsin Clarence Kusch
19 41 - 1961 Machinist
I am looking for some information on my Grandpa. I know he lost his hand while working with sheet metal. i wouldl like to know if there is anyone who remembers him. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Round Lake Rick Michur
74-83 Assembler
Just wondering how we can find out about a pension we may be entitled to. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Springfield Il James Wheeler
197? - 198? welder
I know my Dad was proud to work at FA after the Air Force. I don't know very much about his years here, but it was stable for him for awhile. Unfortunately Dad passed away of lung cancer complications Feb 2013. My name is Angie, Im his only child, if you have any stories I would love to hear them. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Springfield IL Marvin L.Watkins
1953 - 19 63 Office
My grandfather worked here not correct on the years but was wondering if anyone had any information about his employment. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Springfield,Illinois John Langenfed
196? - 1985 Unsure
I am the daughter of John. Wanted to make sure he was not missed. I am not sure what he did on the line . he left when the plant closed in 1985. We never did receive his retirement. I now my mom looked into, but never did receive anything. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Thousand Oaks, CA Robert Brady (Braciszewski)
1965 - 19 78 Western Regional Sales and Service Manager
It was an interesting career that I thought would last a lifetime. Really enjoyed working with the people at West Allis, Harvey and other facilities. As a field Service Engineer, I had many opportunities to work with all divisions that applied engines. It would be nice to know how many of my associates are still standing upright and taking nourishment. I still have manuals on the old Buda Engine as well as the 2900,3400,1100,2500 engines. Also belt buckles vests and other items from the "Big Al" program - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment venice,florida fred opie
19 53- 19 80 -
Graduate training program 1953-1955; 2 years in the switchgear dept. To field sales 1957-1970. IPD 1970-1980. Left A-C in 1980 and became mfgr's rep for several industrial organizations including A-C, learned much during my A-C years, a great company,with terrific middle management, but weak top management. The early demise of Geist,Johnson and Roberts in the space of 4+ years, in my humble opinion,set the stage for the gradual decline and end to this once great organisation - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment Vine Grove, Ky Don Moriarty
- -
I am researching the History of the Allis-Chalmers built M50A1 Ontos. As a volunteer at the Patton Museum at Ft Knox, Ky, I am also part of a restoration team, currently restoring an Ontos. I am interested in learning more about the actual development & construction of the Ontos. I have started a website dedicated to the Ontos and its history. ( I am very interested in any photos, documentation, or stories of the Ontos. Feel free to email me if you might be able to shed some light on this unique vehicle. Thank you in advance, Don - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis Wisconsin Maurice Pendergast
1943-1944 unknown
My dad met my mom here in about 1944 - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis Wisconsin Maurice Pendergast
1943-1944 unknown
My dad met my mom here in about 1944 - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Robert Hemphill
1950-1989 Power Plant & Utility Systems Manager
I went from the Graduate Training Prog. to the Power House under F.G. Schmid in 1953. Spent the next 30 years generating steam, electric power,compressed air, pumping all sorts of water for manufacturing operations and domestic uses. We were a relatively small operation-many employees didn't even know we had a Power House but without us the whole operation would have come to a halt. I finally ended up in Plant Engineering,shutting down utility services and dividing the property up for sale or lease-a very sad task. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis, WI Louis Saye
1930's - 1960's Welder/ Machinist
Louis Saye is my grandfather and worked for Allis Chalmers for over 30 years as a welder and machinist. He lived just a few blocks from the company and has many good tales from his years at Allis Chalmers. I believe my grandmother Cecilia also worked there briefly during the war. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis, WI Walter Raasch
1930s - 1950s (?) Unknown
I have registered my great grandfather. I am interested in learning more about his area of responsibility and years of service. I know that he was involved in the manufacturing process, but of what I do not know. If anyone has information or suggestions for possible resources, I would really appreciate a note. I am told that he worked at AC for "decades" and may have misrepresented his age to continue working until he was approximately 70, so my estimated years of service should be a good ballpark guess. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis, WI Albert Knutson 1910 - 1965 Machinist
May have done tool and die work. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Jim Lile
1943 - 1958 Welder
Jim (passed away 1958-cancer 42yrsold). We are also trying to find out where he worked in the plant and if he worked on the Manhattan Project at some time. The Government has a program that will compensate you if they can determine your cancer was caused by Radiation from working on the Project. Also we'd just would like to know if that was the cause of his cancer. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Jean Marie Bursen
1965 - 1970 Secretary
Initially, I was a stenographer in the Steno Pool on Hawley Road. Then I was hired as the secretary to E. E. Richards and Eugene Mills. Evenutally, we moved to what was referred to as "The Hill" - the main bldg. on 70th. E. E. Richards and Eugene Mills were the managers of Motors and Generators. Eugene Mills was manager of the Development Engineering group for Motors and Generators while E. E. Richards headed up the regular Motors and Generators Engineering group. The plant struggled and eventually, we had a new President who did an excellent job of keeping everyone in line and actually saved the company from possibly closing much earlier than it did. The group had a fabulous man by the name of Red Petit who was a troubleshooter and would go out into the field to assess problems and get them corrected. I, personally, enjoyed my employment greatly with Allis Chalmers. Both managers were so wonderful to work for. E. E. Richards later was transferred to at a plant in Ohio. His birthday was February 2nd - Ground Hogs Day - as I recall. Some work was done with the Siemens Company in Germany, as I remember Ernie Richards traveling there. When the group moved to "The Hill" we were located on the mezzanine of the building. When things were slower in our department, I was also utilized to type instruction manuals for our equipment which was done by John DiTrapini's group usually. I sometimes also was involved with typing the five-year plan for the company. Even after I left the company to return to school, I worked a couple of summers doing just that. Many happy memories of my time at Allis Chalmers remain in my heart. We all were like family. Different groups formed as offshoots of the company - I read about a musical group here and I myself was a member of the Tennis Club that formed. We all had good times together beyond work. - [EDIT]
Other Industrial Equipment West Allis, Wisconsin Logan Blake Council
1947-1057 Service & Erection Engineer
Worked on numerous dam projects including Wilson Dam in Florence, Alabama, and Toketee Falls, Oregon. Supervisors included Tom Hanley and Lee Watts. Worked with Fank Jones. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines champion mi joseph jerominek
19 76 - 19 77 on site engineering turbines /mining plants
ted this was the best in the business, met a lot of good engineers,service techs, office and support pers. watched you like a baby, written reports daily,loved the the work, i would do it all over again if i had the chance,joe - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines Hyde Park, MA Clement J. Lazarovich 1940s - 1972 Machinist, Expediter
My dad, Clement "Laz": Lazarovich, along with his brother, George "Brudsy" Lazarovich worked at the AC in Hyde Park. He, like many of the young men in the school's "machine shop" program, began right out of Hyde Park High School - in their "Bldg. 8" plant. He later moved up thru the ranks to a management position at the Hyde Park Avenue location. He remained with AC until until they moved out of Mass and headed south to Jacksonville Mississippi. (My dad was asked to relocate there, but after a company paid visit, and a family meeting during which we all expressed our dislike of having to leave "the avenue," he left with the plant's closing.) I have warm memories of eating dinner at 4:15/4:30 in the afternoon, because his shift ended at around 4. Only later did I realize that most folks had supper at 6 or even 7!!! I can still picture him coming home. Luncbox and thermos in hand, wearing his green "Dickies" and his work boots that contained "a gazillion" shoe lace eyelets! RIP Dad, I miss you. He passed jan, 2009. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines Memphis, TN Cindy Moser Shubert
1977 - 1986 Secretary
I worked at the Memphis, TN facility. Allis-Chalmers Fire Pump Systems & Jim Stewart was the facility Manager. I met a lot of great people thru my time there, many from the Cincinnati facility. Our plant was shut down 12/31/86. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines Montreal, QC (Canada) Lawrence Patrick (L.P.) Brady
1899 - 1950? machinist -> General Manager
My great grandfather L.P. joined AC as a machinist after showing up asking for work every day for a month at age 14. Despite limited education he rose from machinist to "General Manager" of some aspect of operations in Montreal. His son Patrick "Pat" Brady worked as an installer/trouble-shooter for turbines in Northern Ontario & Quebec. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember either, esp. L.P. whom I was too young to have met personally. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines West Allis Wisconsin Jerry Barr
1959 - 1967 Apprentice Machinist, Inspection, Shop Foreman
I served my apprenticeship in the Steam Turbine division from October 1959 to December 1964. I transfered to the Tractor shop where I worked in Quality Control 1050 area? Not sure of the shop designations anymore. Worked as a shop foreman in the same area. I married into an Allis-Chalmers family. My father in law, Karl Hoisington was a buyer, my brother in law, David Hoisington was an engineer, working with vibration problems in mining and pelletizing equipment. Allis Chalmers was a family. I am saddened every time I pass the old plant in West Allis. I am proud to work for such a great company and still am excited by the machines I ran and the industrial equipment we built. I remain a loyal Allis Chalmers employee - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines West Allis, WI Howard J. Fitzpatrick
1936 - 1977 Multi-Machinist
My Dad,Howard worked for AC for 41 years. He put his heart and soul into the place as did so many others. During World War II, my mother Ruth worked in coil winding, my Dad's brother, Tom and sister, Ora Rush, and nephew Bill Alveshire also worked there during the war. At age 16 he made me join the the then Allis Chalmers Employee Credit Union, now known as Allco, which later I would become the Chairman of the Board. Our entire families roots were made around this great company. Howard is now 93 years old, and would rather reminisce about Allis Challmers than any other subject. For years he and my mother would atend the Allis Chalmers reunion picnics each summer. Howard passed away at the age of 93 1/2 on March 7, 2006. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines West Allis, WI Robert Luedtke
1975 - 1982 Heavy Machinery Assembler/Master Tagger
I began working at Allis Chalmers in April of 1975 working as a heavy machinery assembler in 2 shop. It was dangerous work as many of the machines we assembled (pumps, steam turbines, cement mining equipment) weighed in excess of 100 tons. I worked with Mark Weishan, Joe Pollack, Bill and Mike Ratzmann, Chester Brezgel, John the Painter, Mike Spellman, Tom Kern, Ron Merath, Dick Stolp, Davey Schmidt, Dan Smead, Al Habersbrunner, Tom Bauman, and many other dedicated, hard working men and women. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines WEST ALLIS, WI. Ken C. Fredrickson (YOOPER) 19 51- 1960 machinist
- [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines West Allis, Wisconsin Raymond Bloedorn
1925 - 1968 Time Study & Planning Engineer
I am registering my father, Raymond (Ray) Bloedorn who passed away in 1976, at the age of 66. He started at Allis-Chalmers as an apprentice at the age of 16 on the factory floor. He worked himself up to being a Time Study and Planning Engineer of steam turbines. He loved working for the company (43 years) and would have worked there longer if it had not been for the major layoff, due to the company deciding at the time, to no longer build steam turbines. That was a hard blow to all the employees effected. I remember him walking to work each day when I was a child and we lived near 72nd and Grant. My father was a member of the Allis-Chalmers Forman's Club and Toastmasters. My Grandfather (Albert Bloedorn) also worked at Allis-Chalmers for many years and I believe started there shortly after the company opened. My sister worked in the main plant for a few years, starting in 1953. I (Maryle) worked for Allis-Chalmers from 1959-1962 as a secretary in the Nuclear Power Dept. and Plant Engineering. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York, PA Autry "Bud" Schroll
1970's - 1980's Welder
Just putting my grandfathers name on here since he worked as a welder in the hydro turbine division. I believe he taught welding classes or trained new employees as well. He left the company sometime after Voith bought it and worked for American Hydro until he retired around 1997. He now lives in Dover, PA. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York, PA Ted Bowens
1977 - 1986 Welder, Field Service Representative
I just sort of stumbled onto this site. Pleasantly surprised to find it. I always thought it was such a shame to see such an American industrial giant die a slow agonizing death. I worked in the Nuclear Components, & Hydro-Turbine Divisions in York, PA. To this day I am still employed by the Voith group of companies that aquired the Hydro-Turbine business. Obviously, A-C was a very diversified company over the years, but has anyone ever heard that they manufactured a car at one time. If you have any knowledge of this, please let me know. I am trying to do some reasearch, and so far most of the searches lead only to tractors. Thanks for any help that you may be able to offer. Ted - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York, PA Ron Myers
1972 - 19 85 Manager, Project Operations
I started in 1972 at Allis Chalmers as project manage for the Custom Pump Division. While the Custom pump division was located in West Allis, I was in York and the plan was to transfer the Custon Pump productio to York in order to take advntage of the lower costs in York. It turned out that Yorks productivity was worse that West Allis and that the costs wher higher than West Allis. I then transferred to the Hydro Turbine Division as a Project Manager for the Snake River Project. I worked for Jum Meyers. After several years I moved to manufacturing a the manager of Industrial Enginering under Nev Grove. In 1080 I moved to Project Operations as the manager with Gertz Phafflin as my boss. Gertz was a great boss and gave me the opportunity to really learn how to manage complex project and to realize my potential as a manager. I look back on my days a AC as significant personal growth and feel that I had contibuted to the organization, eventhough the Division has tough times due to low profit contracts.I have great memories about working with Selim Chacour,Nev Grove, Carl Baldwin,Dick Fischer, and other whose names I do not remember. I left AC at a time when the business was on a decline but will always cherish the experiences I had with the great people there. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York, Penna. Dale Cessna
1970 - 19 74 Machinist apprentice/Machinist
I am proud that I was part of a great American company. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York, Pennsylvania Ronald Deitz
1975 - 2001 Field Engineer
I started 1/6/1975. Most of my time with Allis-Chalmers I've worked in the Field Engineering Department. This provided a lot more travel than I preferred. However, I had the opportunity work with many great Allis-Chalmers employees around the world and experience our hydro turbines coming to life. When the Hydro-Turbine Division was purchased by Voith, my work expanded into the Controls. In August 2001 I moved to become a Project Engineer for Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation. I am happy to have been a small part of the company with the Orange and Black AC Logo. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York, Pennsylvania Barry Weaver
1975 - 2006 Welder, Field Rep. Hydro Turbine Installation
I started at Allis Chalmers in 1975 as a welder trainee. I stayed in that position for about 5 years. Since then for the past 25 years I have been overseeing the installation and repair of hydro turbines. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York, Pennsylvania Robert D. Wolf
19 40 - 19 80 machinist
Looking for any co-workers for Mr. Wolf. If you remember Mr. Wolf or have any information regarding his employment please contact me. Thanks. - [EDIT]
Pumps and Turbines York,Pa. Fred Gross 19 67 - Field Rep.
I started with Allis Chalmers May-8-67. Iwas a machine operater in the valve devision and then on the valve assembly floor. I then went to the turbine devision as a field 1977. I am still on the road as a Field Rep.for Voith Siemens. I am proud to say that I worked for Allis Chalmers. - [EDIT]

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