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D-17 - - Russ Wilke
Miles, Iowa First tractor I have ever purchased. bought it from my bother who bought it from our stepfather. It's in good shape but I want too restore to complete working status. - [EDIT]
D-17 - 13175 Eric Thomason
Albion,IL I got this tractor from my grandfather and I'm looking to restore it to have a nice tractor/loader. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Leland (Stub) Ploutz
Walton,NY 13856-9715 Show tractor as seen in the 2001 "OLD IRON CALENDAR" (October) - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Vernon Cohrs Westbrook Mn 517 loader mounted, large tires, good farmstead tractor for over 30 years - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Gordion Pohlman Caledonia MN series 3 and 4. Oil seal went out on the transmison on the series 3 so the right side brake dosnt work. It still runs the feed mill. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Elvin Enderson Lake Mills, Ia gas, wide front, in the process of full over haul. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - John Juday Howe Ind. Almost 8000 hours and still kick'en!!! - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Doug Smith Martinsburg PA series IV wfe, gas has 417 loader, has 185 rear fenders,180 wfe I added a 3pt off 180 5900 hrs,we use her daily best tractor AC ever built! MY Pap bought her new the year I was born - [EDIT]
D-17 - - John and Mark Zemcik
Central Bridge N.Y. Good ol' girl. It has a wide front end with a factory loader. Excellent condition and used daily around the farm for light chores. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Lapa Bros. Hatfield Ma. Good tractor for spraying and light work. Was bought new, It has 12000 hours on it. They don't make them like they used too - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Zac Koenig
Kiel, WI It isn't restored but it has been the main tractor on our farm for the past 6 years. It is a work-horse. I plan to restore it soon. I am a John Deere Man but this tractor is my favorite of them all. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Circle C Farms ( Doug & Connie Cahill Vienna, Mo. This was my dads tractor No amount of money could buy. Just installed a series 500 loader on it. We use it daily on the farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Adam Davis
Oblong,il repainted once, needs it again, wide front,series 1 bar grill, has extra three point hitch - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Ken Snead
Stillwater, Ok I just purchased this tractor. The timing gear and governor needs to be replaced. Does anyone have information on parts tractors in Oklahoma? - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Bob Brunink Borculo Michigan Thats my dad Series IV, wide front,Ryan on Ferris State Universty Heavy Equipment Service Floor, daily user on small dairy farm - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Randy Schemm
Neosho Rapiads,ks Have a loder on it runs good - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Walter Rider Beaver,Ohio nice narrow front added 3 point hitch - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Neal D Colbert
Clifton IL./ Cleveland Tn. tractor broke need information on power steering control valve any help would be appreciated. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Erine Nesbitt Renfrew Ont,Canada The first Allis I ever bought in 1961 and I still have today as our main loader tractor it must have over 12000hrs and is in 2nd engine, it also has the - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Randy Dexter
Central City NE For Sale, gas burner, three point hitch - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Dean Stratton SW Missouri LP, start every time, used as a sprayer tractor every year - [EDIT]
D-17 - - A&B RANCH Newark Ohio 43055 total new rebuilt Best on the farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - David Voigtlander Plymouth, Minn Overall good shape, runs well - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Allen Bright Somerset IN - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Garri McClure Anadarko Ok Series III factory LP. It's a local tractor that sat for 12 -15 years without being ran or used. With new plugs,points and so forth it started and purrs like a kitten. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - William Thomas
Conyers, Ga I grew up using this tractor but it hasn't been used for over 20 years. I plan to restore it this summer. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - David Frey
Peculiar, MO - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Eugene Shoemaker
Vallonia, IN Looks good. Used daily on feed wagon - [EDIT]
D-17 - - mike whiting
western new york nice shape... w/ loader, snap coupler disc, plow and back blade - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Larry Sadler Mich Bought new in 1965 main tractor for 8 year's overhauled at 7000Hrs still strong depenable tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Scott Haines
Neillsville,WI Use for making wood and mowing brush. Runs very well. Have a blade for snow removal and grading. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - R. G. - Looking for disc and plow for tractor. Wide front end - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Nick Roseland Seneca IL runs good and has a nice loader - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Mark Bogart
Nevada Mo. First tractor myself, need some help with the hitch mechanism please - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Gary McCroskey
Bristol Va I have both a diesel and and gas, they are both great tractors. - [EDIT]
D-17 - - John McCroskey (VA)
Bristol VA Just bought the tractor. Is a tricycle job. Has a New Idea corn picker mounted on it at the moment. It also has been sitting out in the weather for more than 20 years.(poor thing) So as work progesses ill let you know! - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Brad Hopwood
Arcadia MI - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Don Sukraw
London, Arkansas My wife and I love our AC D17--We hope to paint it soon because the paint job on it at the moment looks terrible. We need a left rear rim (size 13x28) and it is called a "power adjust" rim. Thanks! - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Bob Graham/Ken Sadler
Lapeer Mi. Series 4 What a work horse! - [EDIT]
D-17 - - hans pifer - runs great - [EDIT]
D-17 - - Ferd Powell
Ceres, VA Purchased in 92, rebuilt trans, repaced loader seals and replaced tires. Tractor feeds daily and we put 600 hrs on it last year. Great old tractor and easy on deisel too. - [EDIT]
D-17 - 1958 - Ryan Schott
Smith Creek, MI Power,Power,Power. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2660 Elmer Zehr
Newhamburg Ont can. Restored - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2077 Donnie Buck
Rural Retreat, VA Purchased this tractor in 1996. Runs great narrow front, just completed restoration "looks like new" - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 - Dan Ramsey
sw Ohio rebuilding it now for pulling NF PS - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1580 Erik Brown
MI The 580th D17 built. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 4234 Jay Von Holten
Sheffield,IL Just bought tractor on 8-19-06 and I am currently getting it back up to par. NF,Gas,need snap couplers \, will hopefully use this fall with an AC 4btm snap coupler slat plow. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1957 Richard & Katana Elbrecht
Cheyenne, WY Purchased this tractor in early spring 2003 for snow removal. was told it was a 1961 model but ser. # shows it to be a 57 model. Needs some paint but it always starts!!!!! - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1650 Wayne Rider Beaver,Ohio wide front gas with added 3pt. hitch - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1986 Kurt and Tim Greener
Jasper, IN Passed down from our father. In the process of restoring. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 3778 D Robert Leake
Duncan,SC Purchased 6/04/01. Tractor has been rebuilt. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1254 Duane Soeller
Stanley, Wisconsin good condition, works daily on the farm - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1592 George Goodsell Vicksburg, MI The 592nd D17 built. The serial number reference doesn't show D17's built in 1957, but obviously they were. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 3772 Matt Wosmek
Silver lake MN - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 11239 John D. Beal Maxwell,Iowa - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 6513D Marty Bad Axe, MI Scrapped piece by piece on Ebay march 2011 - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1008 N&B Gerstner
Greenfield, MN This tractor runs great. Really came in handy for landscaping projects. Received free from family farm. I believe it was purchased new. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1851 carl schott
michigan - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 3691 Art Strahla
Indianapolis, In show room condition, wide front, has not been in field since restoration. will sell - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1015D SCOTT
D-17 1957 1935 Steve Roberts
Hilton,NY Gas,WF,PS,12v,Snap Couplers,New Idea Trip Loader w/Snow& Manure Buckets,AC 3 Bottom Plow,Oxnard Backblade. First Tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1042 Rick Oswald
Minnesota I bought this tractor at the Gathering of the Orange in Hutchinson Mn, 2003. So far its been pretty fun to drive this thing around. I can't wait to get another AC and start a collection! - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2224 J. N. Jones sutherland Springs, Texas Rebuilding Engine/Working Tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 3152 Eric Shaw
Plano, TX Great Tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2992 Bob Denney
Newport, NC I bought this from the original owner. Is is in great shape except for a stuck engine. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 4009 Larry Orf Wentzville Mo - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2433 Bud Schaefer
Aledo, ILL 61231 D17 was bought with trip bucket loader and aftermarket 3 point hitch.Tin pretty good.This is my 1st tractor..... - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2223 Calvin Adams
Mound City,Ks My Dad bought this tractor in 1964, I have started to restore it, in need of alot of TLC hope to show her some day. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 3885 Scott Reppert
SC Mich granpa's last tractor, dad used, I used engine stuck basket case - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 12076 Clarence Neumaier
Plain, WI - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 11900 Dallas Davis Gillette Wyoming I bought this tractor in North Dakotah last fall and im the second owner - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2223 Calvin Adams
Mound City Ks My Dads tractor, traded his Wd45 for it in 1961. I have started to restore it, just a labor of Love. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1367 John Becker Wilmington ohio bought this one to restore the 61 been in the family since new - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2243 John M
D-17 1957 3657 Keith johannes
council bluffs iowa 5 yrs, almost done wide front gas series1 - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 D17-2521 S. Brock
Southern Indiana My 2nd Tractor, "My Dream" Purchased in fall of 2012,had been restored a few years prior,& in really good shape. I'm one Proud owner, having 2 Allis -Chalmers tractors,& a Agco-Allis 1718H Lawn Tractor. "Love The Orange" & "Life is Good" - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1531 Harold K. Cowan
Omaha, Ne It needs restoring, but it's gathering dust since I found the WD45 diesel . - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1615 prairie implement parkers prairie mn has loader and flat top fenders and crude 3pt - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1154d matt bock
illinois - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1026 Clarence and Fred Dunlop
Stayner, Ontario Purchased at farm auction Nov 11/67 with over 4000 hrs,owner used on 72 ALLCROP with corn head. Great tractor - no power steering - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 1296 WAYNE GRAY
Subiaco, Ar. First owrner, Purchased new from Otis Tole Equip. Co Ft Smith, Ar, . I am 2nd owner, purchased in middle 1970's. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2832 Brad Evans
Grain Valley, MO - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 4108 Dan Vieths
Eagan, MN Originally purchased from Lano's in Chaska, MN. I'm the third owner, as of August, 2001. Wide front. Runs great after new carb. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 3594 Dave Uhlman Jr.
Cambridge Springs Pa. gas/wide front model. motor was tore down and froze up put a running combine motor in - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2930 Tim Carey
Stratford WI Nice, Wide Front - [EDIT]
D-17 1957 2664 R. Alex McNaughton
Bainsville, Ontario, Canada Original owner, tractor restored to original condition. - [EDIT]
D-17 1957? 3917 Marty Feldpausch
St.Johns,Mi Stuck. Will overhaul and pull in farm-stock classes here in Mi. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 15530 Randy Trok
Hager City,WI 54014 bought in fall 1999, have completely restored. a great addition to my D series collection - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 D17 8389 Michael Wingenter
Ford, Wa Old and beat but in the works - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8089D Frank Gregorio
Odessa,Fl. This tractor came from Missouri.I bought it from a man in Sarasota,Fl.It's in excellant original condition and very smooth running. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8984 P. S. Streblow Kinston, NC Tricycle being restored, runs good, - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7687 Brian Bunge
LaPorte Ind. Still using as a working tractor for snowplowing,mowing etc. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 5318 mike payne {watchwinder}
princeton. ky. nice condition sheetmetal straight probably paint and restore a little this summer - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8148 Doug Bausman Decaturville Tn Just got it.Going to restore it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 15151 Lyle Peterson
Maple Grove, MN My dad bought this diesel tractor brand new. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 5503d Jon Weis
Galena Il Diesel.Orginal paint looks decent runs and starts good. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7809 Dave Steinberger Defiance OH HI CLEARANCE Basic tractor- no power steering no tach no transport valve. Has 5 blade fan and heavier duty radiator. Have front mount cultivators for it. Gas burner. Paint the different sheet metal and it will be done. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 4408 Darrell Klemetson Ulen Mn Gas model, narrow front,clean tractor came from Delmar Iowa. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 Series 1: 118150 Steve Sharp
Hurley, WI Strong Runner. Used primarily to power Befco 19-BM6-800 Wood Chipper, and dragging hung trees out. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7716D John Ninteman St. Charles MN. WFE with extra pump - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 78844 Joe Hamilton
Linden,Texas Tractor is a factory LP decals say series III and is for sale - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 10823 Doug Pekelder
laclede, mo I purchased this tractor on July 26,2013 at an estate sale, previous owner was a Bivens, possibly the first owner - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 10942 John Lewis
Rexburg, Idaho Came from the Luman Ranch in the Green River Valley near Pindale WY. My plans are to restore the tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12720 STEVE CARLTON
MACEDONIA.IL NF,GAS,SNAP COUPLER,home built 3-pt...Dad bought it as a demonstrator in 1959 when I was 2 yrs. old. It's in better shape for it's age than me!!! - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12965 Amos Miller
Cassopolis, MI runs great, works hard, looks good. What more can a man ask of his wife and his tractor... - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 10686 Rob Mazza
Beaver Dams, NY My first tractor! - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 5947 steve white
63468 being restored - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 1858 Ira Roberts
Coffeen, IL - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8923 Dave Fulkerson
Manville IL Series I - Bought 9/1/91 Was my uncle's tractor Bob Mathis, Ancona IL. It gets used almost every day. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12920 Andy Pritchard
West Wisconsin - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14??? Scott Reppert
SC Mich diesel ser# gone, rebuilt eng, love to sit in rather than on a tractor main haying machine - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 D17 8606 Brian Mn Sank it in a pond once and it stilll runs great - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 - Tom and Cody Hager
Saint Charles, MN Gas model which we fully restored in 2007. It was completely overhauled and has new tires, gauges etc. It has an A-C model 170 trip bucket loader. Works great for moving snow. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 15640 Tom Norton
Marshall, IL. Bought in 1995 for $2500 motor had just been rebuilt. Later bought original power steering and installed. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 9746D Harry Dubach Berne, IN Diesel. Restored. Painted PPG60080. WF, PS - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 16172 Nunn Better Farms (Jeremy Nunn)
White Deer Pa. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7711 Ken Clinton
Parker, CO Just bought it in Iowa. 6/10 - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 9244 Emig Farm
Mascoutah, IL - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 - Ron Victor
Martinsville, Ohio Great sheet metal-almost done with restoration-need 3 point setup - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 10997 Alvin berning
New Knoxville Ohio narrow front end power steering bought it with 4 row front mounted cultivators - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 5388 eric yevins
Sw pa - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8333 Tom K
Roanoak Mo. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 5357 D Paul Guthrie
Poplar Grove IL Diesel NF Strong runner - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7769D Denis Heckaman
Norvell, MI Paid $1000, dosen't run (yet) hope to have it going soon. purchased 3-11-09 - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 4494 d.a.marshall
oh need to sell - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13566 alan lavalley
syracuse, ny have owned for more than 20 yrs. decided to try an restore, found out not such an easy job..completed but won't win any prizes - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13347 Scott Speirs
Ohio works and runs good. needs paint and small items..need help with the year. is for sale - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 10997 Al Berning
New Knoxville Ohio 45871 this came with a slat 3 bottom plow and a 4 row front mounted cultivator model 401 and and snap coupler blade - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 16350 Claude King
Quanah, Tx working tractor,--takes first place in local show for the last 4 years running - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14928 Tim T
MN Bought tractor on my dad's farm auction in October 2001. Great tractor, needs some work but engine was overhauled and bored out. Great all around tractor on our farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 11365 Timothy K Erickson
Hammond WI - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 11366 Alan L. Lewis
Big Rapids, Mi wf; 3 pt. conversion; ps added; used daily for field maintenance; - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14074 Brandon Pierce
Central Ohio I just bought my D-17...Dad has a WD45...I would like to learn as much as possible about the D17...Open to help - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12112 Dave Dahlheim
Cambridge, MN This old gem has a loader on the widefront. Have used it for cleaning & grading the driveway mainly. Would like to SELL for $4000.00 - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14785 Jeff Vinke Kingsville,MO - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14496 Dave Grunenwald
Oneida, Wis Purchased this tractor while on it`s way to the scrap yard. Completely rebuilt the engine - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13154 danny&gregdunow
wis. wide front end 2 point hitch 4cylinder very clean front loader bucket for sale low hours!!! - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 3222 John Hill
Millington Maryland For Sale with original plows, all the 3 point hitch stuff, p/s, Pie wheel weights, 3 spool hyd., original tractor -410-438-3527 - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8366D Rich McKenzie
Sheridan, WY Bought tractor in 1974 for high school ag project. Rebuilt engine that year and used as a baler tractor. Total restoration in 2003 and now used for conversation piece next to its big brother D19. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 11643D David Lucas
Poteet, Texas Just got it out of a soft sand field this week. It had not been run for 10 years. Working to restore. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 15137 Rob Mastrippolito
Unionville Pa Sold to Floyd Price, from Maryland - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7732 Chris Schaffier
Michigan work in progress - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8892D Tede Buisker Davis, Il. nf restored in 1986, used about 2000hrs. since then. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 6163 Hardy Henna Malta,IL Just repainted. Good loader tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 15676D Clay howard JR.
New Buffalo MI. Diesal several pcs of equipment engine in shop for rebuild - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13306 Matt Wosmek
Silver Lake MN - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 8006 John Downey & Phil Hudspeth Greenview, IL. Bought tractor on 7-19-06. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 4758 Danny Schaftlein
Crandall, Indiana Farm tractor, used for plowing discing, chores, has a modified 3-point that allows use of snap coupler also. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 10453 Eldon Jons
Spokane WA Good running condition, gas, wf - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13485 Ed Radzinski
Lehman, PA Bought in 1983 and used daily since. Great all around utility tractor. Easy to operate and cheap to run. Very reliable. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14479D Lowell Hendricks
New Harmony, UT Is converted to back hoe and frontloader - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 15799 Frank Whitmore
Shirley, IN Have owned this tractor for 5 years. Bought off of my uncle. Allis Chalmers have been in the family for years. The perfect tractor for my small farm. Would be nice to convert to 3 pt hitch in the future 11.5 ft disc and 3-16 slatted plow also - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13652 Virgil Ulrich
Lacon, Il wide front with snap coupler, tractor in good shape but needs paint, purchased 11/98 - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7700 mike grover Vestaburg MI undergoing complete restoration,finish spring2002 - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 5841 Emil H Filpus
UP of Michigan I've had it for 5 years. I enjoy combineing with it the most - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 6788 Eddie Miller
Corinth, MS - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14970 Jim Demaske
- nf, power steering, bought new by my dad and grandpa, overhauled by my dad - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12313 D. Ryan Mull
Goodland, Indiana Father purchased in 1971, farmed 60 acres;now on my 2 acres. Features: Wide front end, loader, power steering, Snap coupler 3pt. hitch, Snap-coupler plow & grader blade. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14574 Dale Wise Vale, NC Gas, NF with what apears to be a factory AC trip bucket. Un-restored - still working. Almost 50 and still the strongest tractor in my neighborhood. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13622 Rick & LeRoy Lenz
WI dont know much about the history. It was a trade-in at the dealer my dad bought it 1998,put a loader on and we have been using it(a lot). - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 9034 Jim Collette
Kansas City, MO Dad bought it in 1965. It remained a working tractor until 1998. Dad rebuilt it, won 3rd place in a local tractor show. I farmed with it from 1965 to 1974. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7980 David Harris
Section, Alabama Runs great, Starting a full restoration. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12446 Dale J. Haymaker
Paris, Il. Unrestored, still use - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 d1711117 william d. jenkins
youngsville pa 16371 purchased at death of former owner.VanDewark farms busti ny. restoring in memory of. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 14648 Craig Kuchta
Tulsa, Ok. LP tractor, runs great, wide front end. I'm restoring it little by little. Hard to do when you want to drive it all the time!!!! - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 7451 George Peterson
Highwood, MT Purchased Aug98 for limited field work. Gas, wide front, looks all original, good metal. Starts, runs great. 12hr/qt oil under very heavy load. Snap coupler 3pt. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12347 Brian Gregory
Kansas City - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13321 Dave Del Debbio
Wisconsin wide front P/s and a Kelly loader, good shape - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 11987 Dale Stallmann Millstadt IL - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 15431 R Wensel
Urbana Ia. Great tractor new rebuilt engine lots of power,and paint, purchased 5/25/03 - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 13129 John Cramer
Iowa;// Fully restored - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 12179 Rick Plotka
New Jersey - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 9654 Lonn D. Lindquist Hayfield,MN Bought in 1993. Gasoline. Won many tractorpulls in 6,500# and 7,500# classes. It is purely 100% a stock D17. Consistently outpulls 720 and R JDs, 770 and 880 Olivers and 450 and 460 IHs in the farm stock classes. - [EDIT]
D-17 1958 11342 BOB KING
D-17 1958? 7731 bruce stott
sheldon,wi. purchased in 1995 came with trip loader and i think the tree point was an garage now split for clutch work. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24868 Doug Hobbs
Greenwood ,Indiana Have own it for 5 years.Use it to put up has a 3 point that someone made for it .I am 3 owner. The last owner was missing his right leg so he rig up a lever and pulley to the brake pedal. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17786 MARVIN and BEVERLY OLSON
Winner, SO. DAK. wide front end, HM three point gas 226 engine,very good tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 16937 Willie Schouten
Innisfil, Ontario Original dealer Giffens Minising - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24680 John Donaldson
Orlando, OK USA Still runs good, has been quite modified, am in the process of putting it back to all A-C, if not to seres 1 looks (i like the look of series 3 or 4 better). - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17334 Chad Kelly Sunman, Indiana Restored. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 20569d Dan LaRowe
LaOtto In Diesel I bought it three years ago and it's set up. I have the head off now, and have plans to go though the engine and have it done buy next fall. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 26071 Dan Raley
Mechanicsville MD narrow front gas - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 23040 LLOYD KIEKHEFER
D-17 1959 27814 Jill Upton
Walnut Grove, MS Recent sentimental purchase (Dad owned dealership in the 50's). Use to bush hog. Runs great! - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 19884 Robin & lisa Wall
edinburg, IL acquired the tractor when I bought the house. it is in running condition, but currently overhauling the motor - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 19689 Peter M
God's Country Minnesota Fine Looking Lady, Students at Riverland College did a fine job of over-hauling her, Runs well !!! - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 18747 Gietl Bros.
Decatur IL> This tractor was brought new by our uncle. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24861 David Schipper
Plainfield, Iowa Bought 25 years ago. Restored 4 years ago. Won 3rd place at Iowa state fair - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24668 Larry Bembenek
Suamico, Wi wf restored doing complete strip and repaint - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 30691 Chad Coleman Goose Lake IA Fresh OH, unknown hours tach quit working at 6800 hours, straight sheet metal, have a 4 row mounted cultivator, model 17 picker and NI 305 picker for it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 22674 John Langan Jr
Elizabethtown, Pa Bought Wednesday July 8, 2015. nice tractor, but no power steering - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 - Chris Siedschlag
Aberdeen SD D17 Diesel, Restoration - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21544 Bruce
D-17 1959 - Mike Zakens
Cedar hill New York Sold by my grandfather new from his dealer ship to my great uncle.hasn't left farm sense. Narrow front end. Never been outside over night - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21047D E Olson Box Elder SD This D 17 has a 230 G 6 cyl gas engine from a combine swapped in it to replace the original diesel, bought it like that, runs excellent, wide front end and PS, with a Koyker loader ;) - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 D17 25529D Fx FERRY
S.E. Michigan D17 Diesel, original except for seat and 3Pt. modifications - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24059 Ed
Mexico, NY Use it as a Snow blower - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 18725 Mark Kienol
Rudd, Iowa Purchased 06/2009, came from Fertile Iowa area. Recently OH'd and repainted. Too pretty to use in the field. Will need to replace the combine wheels sometime with spinouts. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 16563 Donald Ottens
Chadwick,IL. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17900 Brad & Nick Taylor
Julian Pa. We bought it in 2009 , Has wide front end. Just finished rebuilding the motor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24632 Matt Lentz
Snohomish, WA Nice tractor, runs great, I would like to restore the paint and rework the gauges. Iam new to tractors and need to find old Allis parts and implements. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 25851 Rick Richards
Flagstaff Good old tractor! I need some sheet metal and some front and rear rims. She is old and all original. LP 4cyl. Is there some sort of anti-swing stabilizers for the 3pt hitch? - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 23099 Andrew Gray
Blue Mounds, WI LP, bought it in Missouri, hauled it back home to Wisconsin, and use it every day on the farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 27773 JacK Krieg
Kingston, Ohio Wide front, kelly loader - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21311D Andrew & Jerry Gray
Blue Mounds, WI Diesel, wide front, power steering, bought in Pensylvania and hauled it back home to Wisconsin - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 - Steven Cropper
Brooksville, KY - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 19458 Brian Dana
Corunna, MI Purchased partially (40%) disassembled and in the process rebuild. Any closeup photos of the brake pedal area would be appriciated. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 27392 Kris Keyser
Drakesville, IA Dad bought in 1961, now has 4000 hrs. Great running original everything, 3 pt hitch. Use to mow, rake, brush cut, snow blade, loader. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 26700 Estate of Darrell Quade
Haysville, KS New rubber and new rear rims. Won several tractor pulls and placed in others. Estate needs to sell to pay debts. Call 316-788-0720 or email at - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 27360 Philip Pearo
Vt. tractor has 6 cly.disel block was crcked but i welded it. TELL YA WHAT! WHAT? I JUST TOLD YA! - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 18491 Eric Britton
Castle Rock, Co 2nd owner,purch from original owner in ks,wide front,new paint,use for light mowing and hopefully snow plowing. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 16887D Andrew & Jerry Gray
Blue Mounds, WI Diesel, Industrial with Henry loader and backhoe, bought in Laramie, WY and hauled it back home to Wisconsin - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 19581 gary crum
lewistown,il still in use, rough needs work - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21215 Mark Affolter
Oakdale/Askov MN Perfect for what I need from a tractor. I use it to maintain trails with an Allis 160 rotary mower, and plant wildlife crops. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24149 Garry M Bals
Old Monroe MO I won this tractor in a raffle at our local tractor pull. It was completely restored down to the last bolt, and probably looks better than it did when it rolled out of the factory. Thanks to KofC - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17279 William & Emily Jones Middletown, Mo. Got this 3 yrs. ago, we use it around our farm for everything. Has not let us down yet! - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 26034 David Cole
La Salle Colorado Under restoration March 2016 - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 22345 LARRY BOTTO
D-17 1959 20003D KEN JAEGER
D-17 1959 22688D Gary Whiteley
Quaker City, OH Just purchased 5/4/00. Not sure of the year. Diesel, wide front wheels, rear lockout wheels. Would like to know what hp is for this model. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 26952 Noel B. (Brad) Crowell
Richland, Missouri - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 8260 steve braunschneider
burnips, mi. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21885 James W. Patton
Saint George, KS I just bought it 6-1-00. It has been repainted and has a loader. Everything works fine sofar. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 7654 Rod Dickerson
Ohio - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 18450 Tim Ubels
Legal, Alberta Runs a Massey baler, as well as, runs a New Holland mower every year. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21465 rick weber
ny who makes 3 pt hitch for this? - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 20??? Scott Beagle
Carrollton, Ohio Diesel,Wide Front End. Bought it to make hay with which it does a nice job of. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21079D Jacen Geier Carrollton, Ohio Totally rebuilt from the ground up. Use it everyday on the farm from mowing to planting. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 19168 William Gamble
Dowagiac, MI Solid overall workhorse. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 23509 Dave Fulkerson
Manville IL Bought 12/10 $1750, Runs good, straight sheet metal and fair tires. Needs a little TLC - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 28008 David E. Carmazzi Clio California Beautiful Tractor with fenders = possible Wheatland!? Diesel six 262 cu. in. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 28122 Bob Vanderploeg Bellingham WA. Wheatland Propane restored. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 20338 Meyer Farm Albion,IN - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 20809 Greg Peterson
N/IL Bought this tractor from my father in1984 when he retired from farming. Have been using it myself since although only for mowing or spraying. he purchased it in the middle 60's from local dealer MK Wix & Sons. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24089 mike andrews
Poulsbo Wa. I just got it. looking for info on hydraulic system - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 21635 Paul Guthrie
Poplar Grove IL Series I LP Gas 1 of 120, single front wheel 1 of 15. High Clearance with 38" rear tires - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17346 Ed
South Range, WI Just bought, has front end loader run off front mounted pump. Seems to run real well. 9-12-00 - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 18653 James Sheroan
Kentucky Wide front,PS,original - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 23112 Adam Wampler
Timberville, VA NF, gas. Series I with Series IV hood and painted to look newer. Needs an ignition switch as well as a few other things. Will be completely and correctly restored in years to come. My 3rd Allis tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 25712 Dallas D. Hurt
Russellville, Ohio Bought in 1992 w/ Factory AC Loader; Used to plow, mow, bale, plant, etc..I even borrowed a neighbor's four row mounted cultivators to cultivate corn and was very impressed with the job it did. Still runs but starting to foul plugs. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 - Dallas Palmer
New Virginia, Iowa I bought this AC from the original owner in Story City, Iowa. I use it all over my small farm and love its versatility. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 25523 Jim Krell
Selkirk, NY Almost as old as I am, much more reliable, and works much harder than I ever could. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17241 Britt Shipley
Norwich, KS - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 27259 Thomas W. Westerfield
Crofton, Kentucky Acquired 6/14/2005. Tricycle front, power steering, Series I, diesel. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 - Dan Ramsey
sw Ohio WF PS good straight tractor rebuilding it as we speak great utility tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 16213 GREG B. CHALMERS
D-17 1959 24797 john godwin wilson,nc great pulling tractor . Not so good at dragging dead cows around, but nobody's perfect. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 - Mike Fansler
bowling green, ky First tractor. Overall good condition, needs a little TLC - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 27894 Matthew & Lacey Locker
Greenfield,In we love this tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 D17 20393 D Nick Gubbels
Randolph, NE 10481 hours on it - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 16887D Jerry & Andy Gray
Blue Mounds, WI Industrial, with henry loader and backhoe. If anyone knows anything about this tractor let me know, it's hard to find info on it. Would really like to know how many they made. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17337 tony powell ohio - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17195 LindMan AC Sumner Iowa Is a LP conversion and has a local history. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 28556 Jim Palmer Sr
Castalia Iowa Wheatland. I would like to know how many more are still out there. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 23233D Dan&Dave Gietl
Decatur,IL. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 27827 Reilly Gilliam
Chula, MO - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 23155 Mark Pederson
Minnesota My 1st tractor and what a project it is turning out to be. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 20996 Matt Maas
Cedar Creek,Texas Just overhauled in Jan.2002 Sure could use a new fuel tank though. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 31394 Tim Vandenboss Michigan Running with a Kelly 400 loader. $1200 - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24990 Tim Sitzer
Clarksville, MI 2nd owner. Tractor will be put to work on a small farm and eventually restored. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 24251 James and Michelle Morse
Maynard, Ia bought this tractor for our first restoration project - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 22020 Jeff Persha
Carthage, NY Was my dad's tractor that he bought from another farmer. I love using it and plan on restoring. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 25100d Marvin Crawford
Ruich, Oregon I rescued this tractor from the scrapyard at White City, Oregon Want to know the first d17 d made serial number. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17890 Robert DeWilde
Wytheville,VA Just purchased Jan. 2001 sheetmetal great,has aftermarket 3pt,seems to run decent but will probably go through it anyway. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 18667 Truman Rhead Jr.
Canton, SD Bought new in fall 59. Loader tractor and main tractor for years. Sat in trees for 10 years, got running and been using for the last 10 years. Rebuilding engine now and getting ready to use this summer. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 D1720513 Adam Griffith
Clarksville, MO currently being worked on. runs good. i still use it - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 17405 D David Coon
dresden oh diesel wide front - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 D17 -25438-D Franklyn Shepherd
West Monroe N. Y. budda diesel 6cylinder Runs desent - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 22907 Joel Tesdall
Boone, Iowa Bought this tractor from the original owner. What a deal. - [EDIT]
D-17 1959 18607 Karl Herdes
IL bought it as I couldnt pass the deal. going to make an antique puller out of it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 29876 Ryan Walkup Avilla, Indiana - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28813 john myles
Ohio ItD17 WITH 517 loader onit nice runing just got a snap couple 3 14 plow for it see how it will plow - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 30872 shane chambers
Osawatomie, KS Inherited from Grandfather. Has trip bucket loader and it in pretty good shape. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 30575 Michael Selter
Ypsilanti, Michigan Nice original tractor .. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 29625 Charlie Tucker
NW Illinois Narrow front, power steering. Pretty straight looking tractor. Traded November 29th 2011. Gotta work on the wiring and gauges. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 D17 30678 Shane Masters
James,Ia wide front had head ported and polished cam ground carb done by deny's got 72 hp pulls 3 bottom plow and 14foot disc 3gear on high side - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 - Travis Alan Harris
Patriot, Indiana This thing sat in a collapsed lean-to for 6 years and fired right up with the old fuel! Restoring now! - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28907 Al Casper
Mounds,Il. Just bought this tractor. It's runing and mechanical condition are remarkable. It has a horsepower rating of 48.6. All it needs is a paint job,a shifter boot,steering wheel and replace the rusty cigarette lighter. It is truly love at first sight!!!!! - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28535 Butch Shaw
Whitecourt Ab. Canada Purchased bucket and blade. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 29261 Dale J. Haymaker
Paris, Il. This is an LP model I just bought, late series 1 - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 30295 Joey Figueiredo
Fairhaven, Ma bought as a restoration project - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 31214 Curt Frazee
iowa LP, narrow front, bar grill, manual steering. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 22688D Gary Whiteley
Quaker City, OH - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 25394 Doug Josten
Sioux Falls/Rapid City SD Tractor is a workhorse for sure -currently used for logging in the Black Hills - great skidder and log stacker - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32402D Tim Zaskoda
Caldwell,Texas Dad bought D-17 new in El Campo,TX. I grew up driving this tractor. Have many A-C attachments. Diesel with snap coupler. Runs great. Still use. I have the original bill of sale when my Dad bought tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32246 R. Davis Crownpoint, New Mexico - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 29789 Bob Vanderploeg Bellingham WA. Diesel Wheatland Restored. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 - Richard Berkland Cylinder IA Owns 2, 1 bad engine - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 - Daniel Paulson
Bloomer WI Looking for hydraulic pump , rebuilt or used - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28571 Bob Vanderploeg Bellingham WA. Wheatland Gas restored. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28769 Jake Benton
Tyler, Texas This is a propane, wide front end model. Needs a little TLC and and a few gauges, gaskets, etc., but starts and runs great. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28633 Leon A. Isakson
3l25 130th St. Charles City, IA Am in the process of repainting it - It's in excellent condition - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 - Steve Long
Rib Lake, WI - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32120 Ryan Walkup Avilla, Indiana - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32598 Dan&Dave Gietl
Decatur,IL. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28422 Max Brockhouse
Chapin,IL My dad bought new 3 May 1960 from Beard Imp, Arenzville, IL. phone number 112. Traded WD 45. Engine #17-24008,SC, bar grill narrow front. Swartz wide front added later. Traded for a gas 170 with Makiff in Greenfield, location now unknown. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 29813 Darryl Krause
LyndenWA. Bought in Tulare CA.IN April 08 Had for over 30 years in a Almond / cotton farm for cultavating. Now owned by David Maddux and is a fully restored single front wheel diesel high clearance tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 29731 R P Hill
Troy, TN Acquired in June 2000, pulls 10 ft. mower easily - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32710 Dave Fulkerson
Manville IL Series II my Picker Project tractor, I have a 170 picker that is going on it. It was really rough but it did run. $700 - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 D173748D Tom Snyder Underwood This is a D 17 diesel. Runs and drives good.$4200 402-490-9646 - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32697 STEVE CARLTON
MACEDONIA,IL WF,SNAP COUPLER,GAS,installed series III decals,moved lights to fenders,installed oval muffler - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32938 Michael Nixon
Topeka Kansas My First tractor, A little bigger than I wanted, but she sure has grown on me. Anyone got any tips? Mike - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 29930D Denny Springer
Goldthwaite, Tx my favorite tractor; low fuel use; great runner. My 8 year old son got pinned between the axle and engine mount, it was either destroy the tractor or the boy. Me and my hay fields haven't regretted the decesion, I can tell ya that much. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 28772 Worth Golightly
Texas Good running LP unit. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 17-24029 Tom Cassan (since 1981)
Arthur, Ontario This tractor sold new at Downey Farm Equipment, Minesing, Ontario as gas, narrow front. Later equipped with a 417 loader and I changed it to a wide front end. Somewhere over 14000 hours with sleeves and pistons at 8000 hours. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 32835 C T Downey
Jupiter, FL USA Got it running fine. Now required to sell it. feel free to contact if you are interested. Want it to go to a good home. Thanks - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 26981 Don Harju
Two Harbors Mn First Allis, Love the tractor. Use it for cutting and baling. Series 2 - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 19884 Robin Wall
Edinburg, IL acquired when I bought my house in 1999, so i don't have any previous info on this tractor. rebuilt motor in 2003 - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 30069D Carl Anderson
Culpeper, VA I bought this completely restored D-17 narrow front diesel in August 2002. It is a beauty and runs good except the lift pump leaks and I will probably fix this during the winter. Glad to be a part of the AC family. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960 ? 27434 KJCHRIS
W C Iowa P. Str. 16.9x28 rears, narrow front, black bar grill,Very good Original paint n decals. Manure spreader and Haying unit. - [EDIT]
D-17 1960? - Gene Howe
Milo Iowa No lack of Power /wide front/ new paint - [EDIT]
D-17 1960? D17-30680 Justin Hanks
New Underwood,SD I just purchased a 1960 D-17 with a Allis hydrulic loader(417 I think). I would like any info on how to determine the series, and some history of the model. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 D1732660D Clair Hardy
SW Michigan Diesel Rebuilt engine new paint tires looks and runs good. would trade for nice smaller D series. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35187 Charles Paul
Deming, New Mexico It looks and runs like brand new. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34324 Ron Hanson
Renner, South Dakota Good tractor,I have owned it about 19 years. I use it for mowing and scooping snow. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34100 Ron Walkup Kendallville, Indiana - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 37527 Chuck Davis
N/W Indiana Fresh paint,3 point puchased 9/4/99 - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35616 Martin L. Tremblay
Antwerp, New York Just purchased "Alice", at an Auction and having fun tinkering with her. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 37612 kelly ogle wolfe
strawberry plains,tn,usa gas model-bought at auction on 5 oct 2002! found a wide front end & 3 pt hitch conversion-looking for someone near knoxville tn to talk to about it - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35345 Jimmy O Booker
Newaygo Mi 49337 Bought from original owner,George Youngs, Reed City Mi. I have restored the tractor to about 85%. It still needs brakes and tires and a new steering wheel. Don't use it much but it seems to run good. Looking for a Front End Loader for this tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 33460 kenneth brehm hamilton ohio work tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34630 donm
ny state Just bought at auction- rough but salvagable.. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35878 Dale Ziegler
southern MN bought on auction, with a 417 loader, works and runs good , could use a little more tenderloving care. but all and all a good tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34144 KEN HAUSER
D-17 1961 36023 Brandon Lowell
Ellsworth, IL. New paint and tires currently being used for loader and mowing tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 37348 Larry Baker
Cabool, MO Just purchased. My first AC. In excellent condition. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34037D B. Oliver
Chazy, Ny working good condition , for sale - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 33534 John Becker Wilmington Ohio - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35337 Larry Atchley (Middle TN)
6794 Lucky Road, McMinnville, TN. 37110 - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 33568 Robert J. Austin
Ramsey, Illinois Just bought it today from Richland Center Wisconsin - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 33738 Duane Heimerich Clay Center, Ks Bought new by my Dad as a demonstrator tractor and was the main tractor for years. Was repainted in 1985 by me and is still used by me for plow days and some field work. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 36420 Keith Davey
Sayner, Wisconsin Low hours, great tractor. Used mainly as loader tractor with AGCO loader. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 33313 Todd Corbett Utah Great tractor! - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 36222 Richard A. Smart
central arkansas - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35254 Chris Selby
Nokesville,VA - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34169 Tim Schoessow
D-17 1961 36121 Nelson Marks
Stockton, IL Series II Excellent Tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35435 Roger Lindner
Keokuk, Iowa narrow front end-was father's primary tractor for many years on dairy farm - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 37602 FRED BECKER
D-17 1961 34204 Jay Schmidt
NE Iowa My grandpa's pride and joy that was recently passed on to me - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 33221 Dan McKinney Cheney, KS My Grandpa bought it new. - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 35244 Colin Donahue
Plattsburgh, NY real good tractor runs like a top added a 3 point hitch best thing i did to it - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 37816 vaughn seyffer
Pepin Wis - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34354 CHRIS WILSON
D-17 1961 36751 Matt Williamson
Aurelia, IA Still hard at work moving snow in the winter and tractor rides in the summer😎 - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 36007 jason maaland
royal ia pretty straight old tractor, prefer my wd's.plan on selling this d-17 - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 33544D Ken Ferguson
Gillette, WY 262CI Diesel, F11 Farmhand Loader. Maninly used for snow removal, cleaning corrals and pulling a disc. 50 years old and still ready for work! - [EDIT]
D-17 1961 34620 Todd Wilburn
Ladonia, Texas - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40960 Rich McGowan
Weatherford, Texas I've owned this tractor for about 12 years and bought it from a friend in Northwest Missouri where I used to live. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 D-17 42367 Erik O. McInnis
Huzzah, MO Got it up and running on July 8th, 2015. Needs a bit more work before it is ready to use. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38960 Ron Ernsting
Le Sueur, MN Tractor is in good condition but needs a little TLC I plan on restoring it as close as possible to original condition. I am looking for an AC loader to mount on it at some point and intend to use it and show it at a couple of local shows. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 - Mike Grubb
Georgetown, IN We owned 2. First was purchased from Blesch Bros. in Holland, IN. Sold it when Dad got out of farming. He bought an identical one years later for use around the farms. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 39381D John Brock
Arizona Series II diesel, Thompson High crop conversion. Strong running tractor, the 15.5x38 rear tires really make this into a super pulling tractor and it draws plenty of attention at the shows even though it still needs a nice paint job. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 33937 David Stoops
camden Michigan great tractor my big horse its little brothers d14 and two wds have to really work to try and keep up! �� - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 41220 David Young
Mt.Gilead Ohio sheet metal in great shape. good looking tractor. runs excellant. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42747 Darrel Just
Hillsboro Kansas Grandpa bought this tractor new. Dad bought it from him in 1970 and we still are using it around the farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42746 Darrel Just
Hillsboro Kansas Dad bought this tractor new and we still use it around the farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42001 D.R.Duncan
Bryant,Ar. Just bought don't no any thing about this tractor.Go to use it to bush hog pastures. Looking for a parts dealer. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 39286 Jay Penman
Hooper Ut Dad bought it in 1966 I'm am restoring it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 67411D ROBIN FLAGG
D-17 1962 39381D Bob Dalrymple
S W Loiusiana Just acquired three weeks ago. 262 Diesel engine. Waiting on parts to arrive to put fuel delivery system back together. This was modified by Thompson Machinery to rice or sugarcane model. You should see the arched front axle. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38422 LARRY NEELEY
D-17 1962 42726 Dan Baker
OHIO D-17 Series 3 wide front end with a loader. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 57950 J.t. Eastburn
Palmyra, Mo. diesel eng., wide front, 3point conv.,great tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 41213 Don Simpson
Hooper Utah My Dad got this tractor in 1974. Its been the all around tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 39661 Buford Webb
Tower Hill,Il 62571 My father bought new and is still in the family. Just finished a major restoration to orginal factory paint. It looks better than new, took to bare metal, has no dents in sheet metal, and has 3200 hrs. Put a new westenorf loader at the same time. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40447 Glen Walker
Sturgis, Ky Its a series II that has had a SeriesIV Hydraulic pump added, with three point hitch and wide front end and a Farmhand 2 Loader . - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38000 Larry Steward
Wooster, Ohio In running condition but needs some sheet metalto bring back to good condition-rt and lft hoods, top "bar" that holds hoods, and equipment/tool box on fender. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42190 Dave Patterson
S.E.Ontario Canada - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 41434 Bill LaCoe
Sherburne,N.Y. just another old tractor that I could'nt pass up - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40762 Norman Boshart Wayland, IA - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40865 Marty Bad Axe MI Scrapped piece by piece on ebay april 2011 - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42911 ? Southern Colorado Original LPG unit, runs great! - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42810 Bob Theesfeld
Fayette, Mo - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42473D RALPH MACKEY
D-17 1962 40752 Jake Peoples
Butler, KY - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 - Lucas Perry
Green Castle, Mo. D17 diesel series III prior owner changed out the torque tube and didn't record the serial number - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38631 Randy Waitt
Otis Orchards, WA Series II with Mark IV backhoe and TS1000 loader. Bought to push a bunch of dirt around for cheap and to slowly restore to it's former glory for not-so-cheap. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40686 Kevin Smith
Richmond,KS. Restored D17 with wide front end, on gas - [EDIT]
WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, OHIO Has a cab, got loader for it but not on yet. have 3 bottom ac plow. runs great homemade 3pt.hitch. this is my first tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38837 Matt Diederich
Marble Hill, MO My grandpa bought this tractor new. Grew up using it. Need a restoration but runs great. Enjoy using it. Brings back memories. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38100 Preston Lake Walkup Avilla, Indiana - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40771D Wayne & Patty Cripps
Indiana - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40058 Roland & Eric Jensen DUNBAR, NE It is a diesel and I also have the D17 serial # 40057. Both good shape and run and WFs. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40032 Dana Hobson
Stillwater, OK Was Dad's tractor. Good Runner in great shape. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38827 Eddie Hickerson
Lobelville, Tn Good solid tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 - BobHnwOh
Jenera,Ohio Diesel,wide front,added 2 hydraulic valves and made a 3 point hitch. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 40057 Roland & Eric Jensen Nebraska City, NE Purchased 2 weeks ago and is a diesel and after some work it is running - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 38654 R.B. Sanders
Sealy, Texas I bought this tractor at an auction for hardly nothing. It had a crack in the block that had been welded, but still leaked. Thanks for J&B weld. I've been using it since 1987 and have only replaced batterys. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42242 LeRoy Fry
Platte Ctiy, MO Series III. - [EDIT]
D-17 1962 42485 Wm. McAlexander Michigan - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65578 David Jordan
Orangeville IL to be restored - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 70374 Mike Dombrowski Racine, WI PS, WF, gas engine. Needed one to replace the Series II we sold a few years ago. The best tractor we ever owned. Going to restore this Series III, but it will still work the farm Sold!!! - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 70229 Greg Bahr
port huron mi. looks good & runs good. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 D17 69829 Dave Fulkerson
Manville Il Bought 1/13 $2700. Series III gas with a single front wheeel.Completes the set LOL - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 68761 John Fezell
Pulaski, WI Series III,WF, PS, Gas, 4,250 hrs, straight tin, complete engine o/h at 3,900hrs, runs great. Found only a few miles from home. Came with a 3-bottom mounted plow. Great original tractor, just needs paint & decals. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66032 James Martin
Pittsfield, Illinois - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 69828 LARRY RANES
Slaughters Ky. Father & Grandfather bought in 63 at E.Brooks Equip. Hanson Ky. This much loved tractor is still earning her keep in tobacco patches & hay fields of West Ky. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 70229 Mike Huber
Yale Michigan motor rebuilt use tractor on my hobby farm a real sweet machine - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 69674 Klingbile Kollection Lennox, South Dakota Hi-Crop. Bought it repainted. Has wrong decals (series IV ) looks nice - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 67428 Neal Breitbarth
Fairmont, MN Purchased 11/04 near Wells, MN. Fully restored 6/05. Will use in my business to move RV's, parades, mow grass, and blow snow. My Dad had one just like this when I was growing up on the farm 35 years ago. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66233 Sam Brannian
Coralville, Iowa Series III-Purchased at farm sale in sept 02 straight tin sat outside bad paint but runs ok have worked on it some but I am having fun and creating memories and reliving a few too! - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65552 Craig Keeling
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada We just purchased it (14-07-12) at an auction. Run great.......We are now in the process of restoring it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66161 Dirk Burhans
Columbia, MO Needs restoration by me but runs good. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66599 Sam Severson
St. Ansgar Iowa D17 111 RESTORED NICE TRACTOR - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 68033 Larry Mayer
jeffersonville,Ohio Propane - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65172 Steve Ronat
Pocahontas, IL Runs great still used on the farm for lots of jobs. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 - Ryan Van Decker
usa 1963 d17 industrial with ts-1000 loader - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66741 Harry DeBold
Lacona, Iowa Series 3 - Just rebuilt engine - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 69574 Ryan Van Decker
Maine This is an industrial series 3 with ts1000 loader - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66613 Cale Cooper
Alba.Mo The most versitle tractor any small/hobby farmer could own!Why buy little fords or overpriced JDs when you can have the real thing.Not for sale;just a damn good tractor! - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 69098 Billy Burney
Selmer,Tn Bought from son & son in law of man that bought new. All original except for a repaint several yrs. ago. Runs great. Never been overhauled. No smoke - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 67032 RONALD AMES - - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 67752D Dan Novak
Rochester Ohio I bought this tractor not running its a D17 Diesel. I had to completely rebuild the engine and hydro,pump. I tore the whole tractor down sand blasted and repainted. It took one year and about 4000.00 dollars - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65615D R.A. McNaughton
Elgin, Ontario, Canada Series III Diesel, WF, Snap Coupler, PS, excellent condition, ready for restoration - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 - John Goetz
Hudson Falls,NY Paid 3800.00 Previous owner did a partial restore - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 - possum hollow farm rome pa 18837 d17 loader tractor 3pth - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 - kris steele
sprinfield ,mo like to find original lpg series lll decal kit any help please - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65679 Frank Mckenzie
MI Series III, bought 2008. First Allis. 400 series loader, snap coupler, 3 pt conversion. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66962 richard moreland
preston maryland total restoration,was owned by my late father,wide front end,gas engine - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 68026 Jim Demaske
- series iii, wf, power steering, excellent shape, overhauled by my dad and i - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66835 Tim Carey
Stratford WI Series III all original WF,PS - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 D68048 David Haney
New Canton, VA Diesel. Working tractor with 828 hours. Restoration pending. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65383 Stanton Davis
Rushville In Still used for everything on the farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 - Bernie Dart Rhldr, WI purchased in 1985, always starts, engine rebuilt in '85,gas, WF, some fixing up in 'o4, use every yr. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65496 Greg Zarbok
Villard Mn - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 68746 Dennis Folkers Randolph, Ne. Series III gas, family tractor. Grandpa bought new in Spring of 1964. Dad got to drive home. Dad bought on Grandpa's farm sale in 1981. Just finished complete restoration in 2006. It is retired from the farm work and is a show tractor now. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 66176 KJCHRIS
W C Iowa Series 3, Wide Frt, P Str., 16.9x28". Older POOR repaint!! good snow mover w/snap coupler 9' blade,also auger tractor & 7' pull bushhog. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 67390 Galen Flinn
McMinnville, OR This is a Diesel. Purchased from Young Oaks Farm in Independence, OR in March, 2006. Plan to restore over next year or so. Runs fine but needs cosmetics. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65172 Ward Sussenbach
Greenville, IL I bought this several years ago, sold it to a friend & just now bought it back. It's a great tractor, easy on gas & always starts. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 65900 Adam Wampler
Timberville, VA WF, gas, wheel weights, three point conversion, looks pretty good, runs great, has AC 160 rotary cutter mounted to it, my 7th Allis Chalmers tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 69382 Paul Guthrie
Poplar Grove IL Series III Gas with shur vision cab. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 69060 Gary Wallert
Kansas - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 67909 Gary Hoyer
Montague, Michigan D17 Gas, wide front, power steering. I just bought this tractor. It's an unabused survivor. What a machine. - [EDIT]
D-17 1963 67887 Kay Guthrie
Poplar Grove IL Series III Gas Bought new by VIva H. Burd (Dad) April 1964 at Grays Imp. Belvidere IL. Restored in July 1999. Three time 1st place show winner. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76642 David Taylor
Hickman, NE Bought at auction in 2005; used on small acreage for plowing snow, mowing pastures, etc.; runs great. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 70658 D Paul Guthrie
Poplar Grove IL Diesel NF series III - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 - Mark Shaulis
Oregon Il In the process of restoration - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75327 Clint Sommer
Metamora Il series IV 3 point #170 freeman loader narrow front owned since 1969 - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76765 Jon Goodspeed Breckenridge, MI Took on trade in Nov. 08. This will be our 3rd S IV. Doing some restoration and still using it. Great runner - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 70745 Western Illinois Tractor Club Chapin, IL Serries III, gas, wide front, SC, good shape. Been traded around local dealers for years. Summer 2011 - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 69812 John D. Beal
Maxwell, Iowa Purchased new in 1964,and Still using. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 - k.bev.hinz
laird sask.canada just finished restoring. has p.s. and an A.C.500 front end loader would like wide fenders for it . - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 72654D Gary A Hudson
Huntsville, Alabama Series III Diesel, wide front-end, snap coupler. Totally restored but need help if anyone has one near this same serial number. Thx. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 72395D James Fields
Brewton, AL Series 3, Diesel, D17 fully restored and fully employed. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 - Ed Hornback
Richland, Indiana My dad's main farm tractor, still runs good, needs some work, original paint. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75011 L.E.Jensen
Washougal , WA Have had tractor for about eighteen years, traded a CA for it and gave $600.00 to boot.Have had no problems.Good Tractor, Has about 3.600 HRS on it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76176 Keith Hullinger
Kokomo, IN WF, Series IV, Snap Coupler System, Dad bought new in '64 or '65, about 2,900 hrs., still used for snow moving. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 72687 Tom Foss Ramsey, MN Industrial with TS-1000 loader. In very rough shape is now in pieces in the shop. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75488 John
IL Series IV - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76800 Marc Mucroski
Shenango Twp. , Pa wfe, gas, series IV, snap coupler & 3pt hitch, great bend 330 loader, good daily worker - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 71482 LARRY KAHLE
DORCHESTER,, NE Bought new by my father. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 - Robert Taylor Port Hope My grandfather bought it bran new and drove it home from toronto it has bine on the farm ever sints I just did some motor work and it runs like a top at the shows I use it in the slow races it idles slow enough to count the fan blads as they go around - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75445 Rex Brockhouse Chapin, IL Series IV. I bought it on an sale, my Dad and brother used it everyday for years to do livestock chores. Showes it age, but still original. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 71142 Roland Goudreault
Haverhill Ma Bought with blown motor and loader restoring - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75784 Skip Welte
Anthon, Ia I traded for this when I was an AC dealer, sold to Dad, he gave back to me, overhauled eng, is a Series IV, has 170 rear fenders, has original paint, great tractor, wont part with for anything! - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76583D Thomas A. Stoll
Western New York - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75808D Joe Clinton
Ste. Genevieve, MO Just bought this great D17 tractor. The tractor was used every day for feeding. Recently repainted, she looks and runs great. Great to be apart of the Allis family.. We will use her on our farm for light duty (mowing,etc.) - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 - Chris Rohrbaugh
Steinauer, Ne - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75730 John McNary
Jasper, Mo. My father bought this tractor in 1997 it had been repainted and had a loader mounted on it we use it for every thing on our farm. It is a very useful tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75844 Mike Sheplee Huntley, MN At 9/18/09 2,067 hours. Dad bought new from Anderson? Implement in Huntley. My son Ben and I just finished tear down to repaint and refresh. Good tractor; using mostly for light loader duty. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 71342 Lee WY Series III - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75576 Dave Fulkerson
Manville IL Series IV, Was Dads - Waiting for o/h and repaint. My favorite tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75077 Mike Merten
Austin mn Original d17 in its work clothes. Has a front end loader. Still running good and working on the farm. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76828 Steve Henricks
Bonners Ferry wide front end, snap coupler, complete overhaul 1992, great tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 - Mike Zakens
Cedar hill New York Series IV bought from pine planes tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 75165 Peter D. Richeson
Oklahoma City, Ok Second tractor ever own. first was an 8N. Like the additional power - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76530D Dale J Haymaker
Paris,Il. This is a series IV diesel with narrow front, PS and 3 point hitch. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 76289 Dan Waterman
Lebanon, MO I purchased this tractor (Series IV) in 2012 and have used it to bush hog primarily. I plan to restore it when I retire in a year or so. It runs like a sowing machine. - [EDIT]
D-17 1964 72145 John D.
Greenview, IL Series 3 - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 77867D Ernest Taft
Montana Smooth running diesel, 2057 hours total time on hour meter. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78300 David Perkins
Brunswick,Tennessee I just bought this tractor, and can,t wait to try it out . She is all original, stored in a barn for many years. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 80253 Allen Leitherland
Dyer, TN Narrow Front, Complete Restoration - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 80188 Dave Cottington Cygnet, OH Purchased 8/99 from original owner. Very nice. New paint, 4 snap coupler implements, PS, full cab on it. I grew up with the AC B, C, and D Series. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 80013 Geoffrey Smith
Arizona Completely original straight rust free trycycle front end tractor, ready for full restoration - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 80312 Steve Stanley
Gunn City, MO Series IV. I'm 2nd owner. Gas, wide front, 3 pt. Recent valves & bearings. New paint & tires. Purchased 6/00. Replaced tach & gauges June '02. Rebuilt starter Jan '03. New ex manfld/mffler Feb '03. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78402 Ray Lammers
Nebraska - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 D17 79244 Matthew P. Sites
Mitchell Nice D17 works well here on the farm - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 d17078375 Ed Thompson
Missouri Diesel, Hi crop - Thomson conversion, series iv with live hydraulics. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 77949 Larry Henderson
Glencoe, Ok - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78628 Paul & Stella Helle Dyersville, Iowa Series IV w/ 417 loader. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 76786 Andy Elliott
Quincy, WA Bought in March '05. Am 3rd owner. Tractor originally sold about 15 miles from my house. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 80037 Patrick J. Sharkey Lexington, Kentucky Series IV, gas, narrow front, factory three point hitch - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 77562 Robert Morrison
South Carolina - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78264 Andy Zimmerman
Wolcott, NY I purchased it from a dairy farmer in 1994. It's a gas, WF in excellent cond. with 6200 hrs. Had a top end rebuild in 1984- pistons, sleeves, rod bearings etc. I use it for light farm work. Great tractor! - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 D17 78375D Matt
Logsden, OR. pulled this tractor out of a barn where it has sat for the last 15 years. put a battery in it and it started! The rear rim is rusted out. I was able to drive it around the field before the tire came off the bead. Its in good shape but needs painted. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 - Greg & Amanda Holtgrewe Russellville, MO Greg's dads old D-17 series IV - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78122 VFW 8274 Sommerset Memorial Post
Crisfield Md 21817 Just purchased this tractor to cut the fields about 10 to 12 acres. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 77416 Platner Farm Corp. Marion Iowa 2nd owner bought in 79. still original engine - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 80084 Richard P. Cich
Sturgeon Lake,MN Bought it from a local mechanic who dinged it up to running order..Use it to rip up some heavy clay soil with a gazillion rocks..and haul 16' oak logs out in the winter..good runner..Home made ROP & chaff screen. A work horse plus. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78085 Paul Hooper New Sharon Maine Series IV with AC500 loader attached,rescued from tractor salvage yard in 05, runs good, little at a time it will get restored. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 77533 Randall Ladoga, IN This tractor has supposedly lived in Indiana all of its life. There were 2900 hours on the broken tach and the tractor has a light duty (but functional)loader on it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 79892 Eric Morrisey Mayetta, Kansas All original series IV with 3 point. Great running and very straight - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78435 Chad diegnau
MN Restored - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 77420 R.A. McNaughton
Elgin, Ontario, Canada Excellent condition, Series IV, 5200 hrs, wide front, gas, factory TPH, with AC loader, ready for restoration. - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 D17 79957 Nickolas Pitts
Granby, Mo. Bought this D17 gas, WF, several years ago to bush hog with. I am now in the process of doing some much needed maintenance and general clean up on it, starting with the brakes.....has been a very reliable tractor so far! - [EDIT]
D-17 1965 78962 Dave Steinberger Defiance OH Bought new by my Dad and uncle. This tractor has done every job on our farm. Used but never abused. Series 4 gas 3 point 18.4s This is truly the queen bee of tractors. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 80676 Dan Hayes
Tigerton, Wi Excellent runner. Has Schwartz loader. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82272 Mike Mitchell
Crawfordsville, IA - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82275 Frank Watson
Franklin, VA. Wide Front End. Not running at this time. Motor not Stuck,keeping it turned over by Hand Crank & WD-40 - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 81569 Andy Lynch
Podunk, MA Bought @ auction 6/00. Have rebuilt engine, replaced clutchs put on 170 fenders runs haybine and baler just great.desiel - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 81180 Gordon Pohlman Caledonia MN Has ben loosing power but we know the solution. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82115 Bob Wiseman Newtonville Indiana series iv power steering new paint - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 83647 Bill Hallatt
Heidelberg, Ontario Gas, 3pt., wide front. Block is 1966 according to serial no., but suspicious chassis is older as it has a belt pulley on the side and the plunger-type hydraulic pump. Runs like a top. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82653 Joe Maurath
Fenton, Missouri Rescued from a barn in Illinois. Tractor sat for some seven years. New fuel and battery,she fired right up.I use it for a variety of choirs. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 85513D Gary A Hudson
Huntsville, Alabama Series IV, diesel, wide front-end, factory 3pt. hitch. Bought Dec. 2014 - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82888 BARRY VAUGHN SR.
D-17 1966 84433 Le Roy C Osborn kenton, ohio - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 - Garrett trausch edon ohio Series four factory 3 point - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 79276 Sid(SC)
South Carolina My father bought this tractor new. I got it when he died in 1999. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 84199 K. Lauscher
Vanscoy,SK. Can Series IV, Gas, Snap coupler converted to 3pth - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 84319 Gary A Hudson
Huntsville, Alabama Series IV, Gas, wide front-end, snap coupler. Delivered to farm in 1967. Been running since. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 85677 Bill Stewart
Valparaiso, In. This is one of the cleanest unrestored D-17's I have seen in years. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 85444 julio logli
iowa a real nice series 4 with factory 3 point. 3945 actual hrs. the best tractor a/c ever built. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 83993 Quenton Kroge Kearney Mo. Series 4, bought new by my father at Higginsville Mo. Tractor very good condition. I am going to restore it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 84845 Curt Bonin
South Louisiana My tractors are high crop, also have a D17 back half high crop 85533 with factory three point. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 84157D Fred Dunlop and family
Stayner, Ontario Purchased tractor April 2/03. series iv, diesel, 3 pt hitch, original paint, wide front - clean, side hyd pump -we are 4 th owner,originally sold Ewing Equipment, Shelburne, Ontario - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 - M&W Farms
Maryville, TN series 4, gas, 7000 hrs - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 80819 Roger D. Schneider
Astoria, Il. wf, snap coupler,runs great and has excellent sheet metal. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 - Jim Hamilton
Lime Ridge, WI Purchased in 2000. 3rd owner. Great tractor! - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 - Joe Ledford
Marshfield Mo. Series IV still in use on farm great tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 80780 D Gatzemeyer (Gatz)
Lincoln, NE Diesel, Wide Front; Good Condition, want to restore. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 81971 Merlin Boshart Wayland, IA Third owner, have owned it for 27 years - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82427 Duane E Schempp
Shawnee, KS. I am the second owner. This trator has always be sheded. The paint and the decals are in good order. Know the original owner and the engine has less then 1000 hours on a complete overhaul. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 83228 Kenneth Melton Galax, Va. Series IV wide front Diesel with factory 3 pt. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 84849 Mike Haines
Stroud, OK - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82206 Bob and Linda Vanderploeg Bellingham WA. Hi-Crop. Came out of a Auction in Kansas in 2007. Slowly restoring. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 84745 Doug Ricker Lewistown, IL, This is a handy little tractor. Series 4, wide front, gas. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82417 Mark Vorwald Worthington, IA All orginial with gas motor,snap-coupler,wide front end,and 16.9x28 rear tires.Bought used in 1987 and used mostly for hay making and light duty jobs. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 81387 Scott A. York
Fulton MO This was originaly my mother in law's tractor that she used on the farm when my wife was a child. I rebuilt the motor in the fall of 2000. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82707 Unknown Oklahoma Series IV, Gas, P/S, Snap coupler, 3pt conversion, 2200 hrs, original paint. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 82451 Darrell Chaisson
P.E.I . CANADA Series 4, wdf, snap coupler. Great tractor, Won at auction for 1625.00 In 2006. Couldn't ask for much more In a tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 85516 Jim Ganoe
New Market, Al original owner, runs great, original snap coupler implements (4 row lister, cultivator) - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 85514 Meyer Farm Albion,IN My grand parents bought this tractor brand new. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 84730D Paul W. Harvey
Bronson, TX. Cane tractor, restoration under way. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 85272 Fred Stowell
Port Byron, N.y. tractor is in excellent condition. series 4 with factory 3 pt. has less than 2400 hrs, used on farm for light work. - [EDIT]
D-17 1966 83668 Jay Chugg
Gallatin, TN I just bought this tractor with a bush hog and a HD Allied front end loader. Was planning for a quick re-sale but in a week I have begun thinking about a full restoration. But I have a lot to learn....received all the original manuals wuth it. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 88931 Hendrich Farms
Clinton, MO - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 87571 M.P. Rogers
South Dakota I was told that I have one of 100 original Vision cabs that were made for a D-17 series IV wide front,and, also a Allis-Chalmers radio. Factory 3 point PTO, Dual 320 loader with bucket, original paint. I love my tractor it's very powerful. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 86640 Chris Armstrong
Spokane, WA Bought this Series IV in January 2006 Gallatin, MO - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 86314 Robert Leeper
Grabill, IN I've owned the tractor about 24 years. Has wide front, 3-point hitch. Starts and runs very good. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 89123 John huff Il. Great tractor gas,3 point,use for haying alfalfa,runs great - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 - Chris and Evan Conrad
Dry Ridge, KY A series 4 that won't quit, it is used daily on our family farm - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 88530D Tom Randol
winterset ia I bought this tractor used from R and M equipt co over 30 years ago the owner sold it to his dad new late 1968,said it was the last new d17d sold in Ia. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 82691 MIKE COMSTOCK
D-17 1967 88999 Alfred Regner Volo Il - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 86446 mark g
celina ohio great tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 89005 Todd & Dawn Campbell
Hockey town U.S.A. IV Gas - Heavy-duty adjustable wide front axle 6 lug, power steering, operation meter, cat II three point hitch ,dual remotes. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 88611 Gary Kirschman
Prairie Home,Mo. I am the second owner of this tractor. I bought it in 1974. Wide front,gas series IV Factory 3 point hitch. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 86206 Kris C. Rutko
Pitman, PA Wide front, rollshift front axle, rear spin-out rims with 16.9-28 tires. Has the 4 cyl. 226 ci gas, Kelly 500 loader and factory 3pth. Mainly used for landscaping. I love this 8700lb. baby. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 87548 Lloyd krug Remsen,Ia. Bought in 2004 to use on our acreage to clean barns and move snow. It has a Westendorf Loader, rear blade, 3 pt mower, generator, and 3 pt snowblower for the tractor. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 87299 Victor W. Boll
Joplin, Missouri excellent condition, wide front, gas, front end loader, best tractor i've ever owned! - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 - Travis Gibbs
Amherst, Wisconsin Series IV Gas, wide front, New Idea Full Hydraulic Loader - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 D17 88230 mike fish
copperopolis, CA Still runs good - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 86626 James H. Overall
Trenton, TN Series IV, snap coupler, Bought 1977, - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 86162 saburny farms
stonecreek ohio u.s.a. all original - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 - Mike Ollhoff
Poynette Wisconsin D-17 series IV excellent condition, (factory 3 point) - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 89157 Floyd W. Shoemaker Dover Pa. Series IV Nice tractor had AC's all my life. - [EDIT]
D-17 1967 81457 g.allen cantrell hendersonville nc 28739 - [EDIT]
D-17 1968 89097D Brent Richesin
Nyssa Oregon Looks and runs great. 3pt hitch - low hours. - [EDIT]
D-17 1968 - Jeremy Gragson
Cornell, IL My grandfathers tractor, he bought it new in 68. he passed it down to my dad in 200, then my dad passed it down to me. and she just turned 5300 hours. - [EDIT]
D-17 1968 87647 Dennis l. Shaw
Des Moines Ia.50317 just bought a ac d-17 series iv , so far love this tractor has factory 3 point and kelly loader . i also have a acwd-45 1955 - [EDIT]
D-17 1968 89389 M. Lantz Evans Springfield WV This tractor is a IV but is still a snap-coupler. it is gas tractor and I use all the time to farm. I would like to find a diesel tractor - [EDIT]
D-17 1968 88633 L. R. Johnston
belmont wi Series IV, Bought new in Corydon Ia - [EDIT]

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