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D-15 - - Dennis Fowler
Rochester, NH D-15 Series II, with A-C 415 loader. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - D Glaser
Western Washington Gas, wide front, 3 pt. working tractor. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Duane Soeller
Stanley, Wisconsin Mint condition - [EDIT]
D-15 - - gary s.
wyoming, story i own one but dont know much about them - [EDIT]
D-15 - 6AJ1641 Damien J. Devanney
D-15 - - Jimmie Anderson
Maryland looking to restore to original. any advice on decals, white faced gauges? - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Dan Mooney
Carson City, Nevada As of February 1999, undergoing complete restoration to original condition. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - DAN JONES
D-15 - - Gordion Pohlman
Caledonia MN The governer is really responsive. When we pull the stalk choper at night there is a blue flame that goes out of the muffler. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Rick Stanback
Versailles, KY. Great tractor for last 15yrs. Needs ring gear. starter does not engage anymore. :( - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Stephen Odel
NC Series II was grandfather which bought new, still in use - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Jon Goodspeed Breckenridge MI Bought new by my Grandpa from Johnson & Sons in Ithaca MI. Best little tractor we ever had. Has 2400 hrs. and needs paint and tires. It will never leave this family, I'm sure of that! - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Bill Hood
Whitehouse, Texas rough looker, good runner, need side panels - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Tom Christman Wabash IN - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Tim Zeller
Houston TX Series II, snap-coupler, WF, Gas, used every weekend. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Kurt Thomas
Durand, IL Wide front under resto. Looking to purchase perfect: grill, side panels and engine hoods. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Steve Adkins
Nebraska City, Ne wide front / factory 3 point - [EDIT]
Grand Junction, MI Runs great. I use it all the time for odd jobs. Has a frontend loader. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Doug Smith Martinsburg PA bought used in 74 by my grandfather,used for corn planting,hay mowing,spraying,etc, since then, has over 10,000 hrs, has been repainted and engine rebuilt twice so far, runs every day and uses very little fuel. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Ron Papsdorf
Chilhowee, MO Series II, gas, wf, 3 pt. A working tractor with lots of pep. Original owner purchased new in 1961. S/N eroded away. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Richard D Barkema
Jewell, Iowa I am interested in hearing from anyone else that has a D-15 diesel - [EDIT]
D-15 - - jason witzel Madison Nebraska Wide front, power steering, factory three point, runs awesome. - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Randy Huber
Hillsboro, Ill 62049 wide front 4 sale $2500 - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Ted Grener Marysville, Ohio,nice tractor - [EDIT]
D-15 - - Ron Sherman Centerburg, Ohio cold starter, series 1, gas engine,still works on farm - [EDIT]
D-15 - - George Carroll
Shreveport, Louisiana Good condition mechanically. Currently being prepared for painting. - [EDIT]
D-15 ? ? Ken curtis
Kitchener Ontario Canada Bought this tractor but the ser no. Is unreadable, it is a series 1. - [EDIT]
D-15 ? 615 dave anderson
Wisconsin Diesel engine With hole - [EDIT]
D-15 ?? ??? Robert Mull
North Georgia Series 2 , have it apart now overhauling engine. Narrow front. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 - justin schambron
vian oklahoma D15 deisel was my dads but now it is about 90 percent restored will be complete very soon if i can find air cleaner pan clamp, dash panel trim,and air heater switch - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1928 Tabor Farms - Was bought new by grandfather stays in family after full restoration - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1524 Lucas Catoe
McBee SC - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1013D Warren Colglazier
Mitchell, IN. Tractor was displayed at French Lick, In.dealers show and was bought new by present owner and is now retired and being restored, It went over 4000 hrs before the original engine was ever touched. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1028 Aaron Higdon
Elizabethtown, Ky Was wondering if this was one of the first D-15's produced because of the low serial number. If so does it increase value? Tractor has narrow front end and power steering. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Tractor is not for sale. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1884 Rick Butler Pine Plains, N.y. series i diesel power steering - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1308 Dan Schultz
Watertown,Wi Nice running clean tractor,wf,p/s. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1819 Kevin Gneiser
P-burg Colorado Original owner. Great tractor. Real good shape. Has a Allis 400 loader on it and is still used every hay season. I've always loved this tractor. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1577 Michael J Kaczmarek
Central Wisconsin Great tractor was sitting for 2 years when i purchased it. I installed a new batterie and turned the key and the tractor poped off on the first revolution very impressive leaks hydro and no brakes but other than that perfect. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1410 Max Brockhouse
Chapin, IL Just purchased (25Feb08). Gas, narrow front (one of 897 built in 1960 & one of 128 narrow built in 1960) snap coupler. Adverage condition with plans to restore. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1835 Jaime Higgins
Moreland, GA Runs great and in good condition. Currently looking for working Tach. - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1371D Gordon McGlashan
Ft Myers, Florida diesel wf - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1343D R. Harris
Eastern NC D-15 Diesel, WF, PS, SC, 3PH Adapter - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 D151259 W.L. Clark Farms
Evans Mills, NY Currently being restored been here on the farm since the 70's and was on a neighbor farm before that - [EDIT]
D-15 1960 1818 KJCHRIS
W C Iowa Single front wheel, 13.6x28 rears, everything works except tach/hour meter. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 6060 Eelke Tjeerdsma
Phelpston Ont Canada Dad bought this tractor new in '61 Completely restored itin 2000Still in excellent working condition. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2539 Platner Farm Corp. Marion Iowa bought new in fall of 61. still original engine - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 5594 Marty Hitchcock
Pine Village, Indiana This D-15 was purchased used 4 years ago on a consignment auction. Runs good, but needs restoration. This is the second D-15 I've owned. I have always loved the "D" series. Growing up, we also had a D-14 and a D-17 series IV. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3165 Roger Trester Rushford, MN Bought new in 1962.Narrow front with Power steering and tach. 13.6 x 26 tires. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3725 Jim Mills
Reelsville, Indiana Just bought it. 99% Restored. Engine, transmission rebuilt in 1995. Factory 3-pt.. Runs terrific! - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2798D Justin Beaudrie South Rockwood, MI Diesel. Has factory 415 loader. Engine is overhauled, plan to repaint soon. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 15-5602-R David Lewellen
Biggs,Ca Nice clean tractor, need the three point hitch - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3040 David Everett
Cortez, CO Purchased July 1999. Has home made 3pt., Wide Front, non-power steering, Gas tank was corroded bad! Cleaned, (several hours work) now running as good as new. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3194 FRED TENPENNY
D-15 1961 4104 Chris Johnson
Coatesville, In. Restoriation Project - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3425 Nelson Marks
Stockton IL Purchased from Carroll Oaks in Mendota IL. What a great guy. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 D15-3215 John Sealey
Ontario Canada - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 1310 Dave Rudolph
Richmond ,Il I am in need of a pre 9000 serial # engine - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 - Rich & Mary Vondrak Sioux City,Ia This is a great tractor, use it for all jobs around our home. Mowing, pushing snow, plowing . I will never get rid of it.I completely overhauled the engine, power director, & transmission, replaced all tires with new one, and repainted it. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 4127 Wallace Kimball
New Plymouth, Idaho A working Tractor. Has been a gem. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3226 Max Brockhouse
Chapin, IL Found this information in a group of manuals I purchased. Sold new 3-23-61 to Walter ?Barton or Gorton, Barry, Il. from Ipponsen & Simpson, Quincy, IL telephone # BA 3-0313. Engine #152707-R. Is it still out there? - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 D-15 1967 Glen Fowler
Terra Bella Ca 93270 Good running tractor. I will start restoring it in a few month, currently restoring a Allis Chalmers D-10 - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3511 Max & Andy Brockhouse
Chapin, IL Decent, WF, SC, gas, spent time in Kansas. New to us Nov 2012. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 4494 Colin Gierstorf
Schleswig, Iowa My grandpa bought it new in 1962 then my uncle had it for about 25 years, the last 7 it was outside so it may take a bit to get it going although it is stuck now, it was being used everyday before it was parked outside. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2858 Alvin berning
New Knoxville Ohio early D15 power steering wide front like new tires - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3952 Ted Polzer
Racine WI Received it from my grandfather Roger Kallstrom (Originally in Durand WI). Power Steering WF tractor. Going through major overhaul and restoration. Originally purchased from Anderson Auto Co. in Ella WI. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 D15 5050 Sarge, Amy, & Anastasia Allen.
Mooreland, IN Pick this one up on trade on 11oct2013, will get full tear down and rebuild with new engine, paint and tires. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2903 Wendell Suelter
Lincoln, Kansas We have owned it since 1970. It needs a little work, but it is in good condition. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 4065D Kevin Weis
Aiken, SC WFE, Diesel, Series I, Runs good, In process of restoring/fixing several minor problems. Plan to keep it as a working tractor. Interested in hearing from anybody else with a D15, especially a diesel. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2858 Al Berning
New Knoxville Ohio bought this at K & L New Holland dealer in Fort Recovery Ohio in early 2013 - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 D-15 3727 Douglas MacLeay
Colrain, MA Tractor just coming out of complete restoration 10/14. Going to first show and ride. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 4933 Andy Parker
Tupelo,ms This tractor was owned by my grandparents.It was used to make many a crop.Now it is semi-retired. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 6298 Dale J. Haymaker
Paris, Il. Series I, snap coupler, power steering. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 - Brian Michaud
South Berwick, Maine currently under restoration - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2169 Jill Irwin
Hale, Michigan Bought this tractor 12 years ago with a loader, backblade, posthole digger , and plow. Only repair has been one clutch last year, bales hay with an Allis Chalmers 302 baler every year. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 4468 Mike Butcher
Tunas, MIssouri gas,w/f,mechanically perfect,no rust,fenders have dents and dings. Used almost everyday during winter to feed round bales. Bought from original owner in 1998. Couldn't live w/o it. Just installed frt end loader, manual bucket release. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3973 Max Brockhouse
Chapin, IL It just found me. It is gas with belt pully. Good shape and mostly original. Wide front and snap coupler. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2817D Ryan Schott
mi 1961 d15 diesel w/hd loader bought 9-16-04 - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 5779 chris hedding
portage,wi gas, wf series 1,going to try and get it restored this winter,snap coupler - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2238 James Sheroan
Kentucky Wide front, snap coupler, Original, good runner. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 4826 Edward Mills
Bogalusa, La Motor 15-4238 R Series I Gas WF - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2626 D Paul W Harvey
Bronson TX Recently acquired, Series I, hope to restore, has 3 pt. adapter. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 - Stephen Payne
Washington C.H., Ohio A nice strong tractor w/loader. Has belt pulley option. Just awesome. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 2387 Ronald K. Meaney
Grand Meadow, Minn. First tractor owned, its looks like new, will be looking for attachments now,post hole digger 1st. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 5530 Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN Has aftermarket 3 point, an Allis 400 loader and power steering. - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3057 Richard A. Smart
central arkansas - [EDIT]
D-15 1961 3681 Doug "bite me" McHatton
Auburn, KS Excellent condition. Good rubber. After Market 3-pt. w/drawbar. - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 - Joe Green
Eastern NC Bought new in 1963 from AC dealer who had it on the lot for year. On third overhaul. Added Allied 350 loader around 1970. Still a very strong tractor for it's size. Now used for bush hogging and loader work. - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 6659 Dennis Moural
Indianola, Iowa - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 6755 anson thompson
onalaska,wi - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 7239D Jerry Ledbetter
saint petersburg FL 1962 D15 diesel grove tractor one of 25 made started restoring 11-11-2004 - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 7001 Leo Gogolek
Centralia, IL currently under restoration - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 - possum hollow farm rome pa 18837 pulls 3 14s easily also 269 new holland baler an wagon easy on fuel - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 7248 Rick Nikolich
Charlotte, MI Series I, wide front, power steering, gas, AC wheel weights, nice tractor! - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 - David Wright Weatherford, TX Diesel tractor - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 7840 Don Kaiser
verona ky getting used to it,maney questions - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 - Dave Girvan
Tampa Bay, FL Series II with all the bells and whistles. Great tractor in 100% original condition, everything works! - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 7804 Eddie Stewart N.Texas got this backhoe cheap cause starter ring was stripped. Working on repairs now - [EDIT]
D-15 1962 7572 Edward Mills
Bogalusa, La Factory LP NF. 1 of 122 total D15 Series I factory LP; 1 of 897 D15 Series I NF; Motor 15-6914 I - [EDIT]
D-15 1962? 5164D Clarence Mcbride
Van Buren Ohio My 83 year young father in law gave me this Tractor.I am interested on its value.I put new batterys in it I have the charging system working fine,I put some ac paint on her its a 9 (could use tires)any information would be helpful Thanks - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 - Bill Vogel
Ames, Iowa Have a D 15 II with Paulson loader, D 15 narrow front, and WD with belly mower. They all leak here and there but run great. We live on 27 acres of timber and prairie with a long driveway so use all three often. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 13655 Ken Morgan
Lone Jack MO SeriesII, wide front, 3point, used all the time, runs perfect, looks great - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 14671 Michael Martin
Holland, MI Bought this tractor 3/17/06. My first tractor,runs fine,needs paint. Ready for show. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 15913 Charles Matthews
Columbia, Sc owned by father-in-law since 1973, now deceased. runs good. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 16571 Walt Pralle
Tishomingo, Ok. Series 2 wide front. Father in law bought it new. Still on the farm. I use it to brush hog, limb rake and g.p. hauling. Replaced clutch and rebuilt starter in 2002. Great running machine. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 14527 Ted McCauley
6495 Groveland Hill Rd, Groveland NY 14462-9537 Purchased at an auction in Hamlin NY in spring of 1970 with a New Idea manureloader and has been in continous use on the farm to the present day. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 13161 Roger Lindner
Keokuk, Iowa series ii used on farm - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 15864 Paul Landowski
Bath, N.Y. a working tractor - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 13838 Ryan Schott
Smiths Creek, Mi Bought from chesley ont. on 12/27/02 and got it back to U.S. is in great shape seriesII almost original only 3400 hrs. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 15750 Travis Jones
Superior WI I bought this tractor from original owner in excellent condition. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 16138 Larry Schulze
Crivitz, Wisconsin LOOKS GOOD Series II Wide front Ind. Loader. I got it 2 years ago to play with when I retire in a couple years, now I'm being urged to sell it. I have no idea what to ask. HELP!! - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 16334 Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN Forklift - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 - Wilson Brothers Farm
New Liberty Kentucky - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 16341 Walter Ontario, Canada Excellent working tractor, very low hours. Owned it since 1968. Series II, gas powered - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 3304 John Thomas
Conklin NY Second owner,orginalfarmcompletelyrestoreddiesel,snap coupler.used all summer to Ted hay. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 13200 Jordan Kraft
Gowen Mi 3500 hrs new rear tires,due for a paint job this winter. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 d15 15226 dan novak
Rochester ohio bought two of them made a good one, Series 2 with factory 3 point, power steering, Now fully restored . other serial # D15-22640 - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 14567 Jim Eichenberger
Pomona Ks hi Jim I have a series 2 D15 serial#14564-R.I was wondering the year etc.please reply..Ont,Canada. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 15549 Mark Herndon
Tennessee Was my father's tractor. Used to mow the yard and bush hog. I grew up on this tractor bush hogging in the summer to make money. Rebuilt by my dad before he died in 2000. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 13950 Dan&Dave Gietl
Decatur,IL. This is factory 3 point. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 13582 David (in Mi.)
Croswell, Mich. Nice straight tractor, runs smooth, needs tender loving care. Series II, gas. Nice driver - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 - Robert Saathoff Jr. Easton, MD nice little tractor early series II with 3pt hitch good mechanical condition just needs paint - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 - ken macconnell
kawkawlin mi we bought it from the dealer in alpena brand new it is a keeper - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 139XX Matt Wosmek
Silver Lake MN series 2, gas, High Crop, Snap coupler hitch - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 15025 Robert McCall
Clifton, Va Wanted: parts tractor Please contact me. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 16525 Grant Sadler Decker Michign Bought Jan, 2006 - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 14448 marcus woodford
St Charles Missouri D-15 series II I think it was kept in the barn its whole life very little dirt and very little rust . slowly restoring it for putting in some wildlife food plots. - [EDIT]
D-15 1963 14575 Sam Severson
D-15 1963 16076 John Wright
Caldwell, Idaho Finaly located the correct ser.# and year. Currently undergoing full resto. factory 3 point and draw bar. Is used almost daily. Almost ready for paint. Have full set or decals, maybe it will last another 42 years. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 16935 Patrick J. Sharkey Lexington, Kentucky Series II, gas, narrow front, power steering, been in the family since 1971, Snap-Coupler - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 18307 ED ROY
Concord N C Found Tractor in Shed Had been sitting for 3 yr. runs good Has factory 3pt hitch and 415 loader. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 5527 Brett Howard
Remsen, NY Bought in l981 from original owner. My husband used in woods and brush hog as long as able. I now use it mainly for mowing meadows and pastures and moving fire wood. has Power Crater engine, Hi-Lo range and 3pt hitch. A real work horse. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17374 Albert R. Nadeau
Charlestown N.H. series 11 with industrial loder on it - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 18530/18590? Denver Oklahoma Lpg series2 wide front, original snap coupler 3 point, spinout rims, power steering. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17692 Derek Appel
Spokane, WA Not restored, but completely functional with a front end loader. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 18508 Scott Brown
Barrie, Ontario Canada I remember as an 8 year old this new tractor arriving. What a sight! Completely restored in 2013. Use it for Sunday drives around the farm. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17241 Jane & Martin Carlsen
Mound, MN power steering, snap coupler, org 16.9x26 tires weather checked but in good condition, less than 5000 hrs on working meter, had not seen field work in over 30 years untill last year. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17787 saburny farms
stonecreek ohio u.s.a. good original series two wide front - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 - Scott Mitchell Hiddenite, NC - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17011 D.FREAR
new york bought tractor 15 years ago good tractor - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 18844 Dana Hobson
Stillwater, Ok Straight Solid Runner. Needs Hydraulic Pump Overhaul - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 15262 David Hughes
Salem, OR AC D-15 Series II with 415 Loader Power Steering - 2nd owner - Runs Perfect & Works Hard - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17011 Don Frear
D-15 1964 17131 Ron Misener 580-225-3409
Elk City, Oklahoma Very nice original LP Gas tractor. 3900 hrs. New AC Sleeves and Pistons. Needs to be in somebody's collection! Tractor will be at Gathering of the Orange! in Pawnee, Ok. May 7-8 '05. Will sell to right person! - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 18664 Big Dave in KY
Cecilia, KY SeriesII with orig."poop scooper" dump bucket, best H.P. for size, Love the Power Director hand clutch, second D-15 I've owned wouldn't want to do without it. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 18051 Bret W. Wolf
Warsaw, IN Series II Wide Front with recent three point addition. Over 5000 hours when the tach. quit working. Paint only restoration a few years ago. Used mostly for pasture mowing. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17020 patrick becker
MARSHFIELD,WI. This is an original industrial loader tractor made in WEST ALLIS,WI. Works excellant! - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17292 vaughn seyffer
Pepin Wis - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17972 Paul Tanski
Newtown, CT 06470 Mine is a 4 cyl gas Series II Industrial model that came with a Henry model TS-500 Loader and a Mark IV Backhoe. No 3 pt hitch or PTO, painted yellow. Has a shuttle clutch instead of a power director. Still runs great. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 19093 Dan&Dave Gietl
Decatur,IL. needs work - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17686 Michel & Carol Alarcon-Belanger
Ashton, Ontario, Canada Series II,WF,PS,Allis Snap Coupler 3PH conv,3500 hrs,hyd. loader and bucket.Completely restored.New motor,clutch,4 new tires,urethane and clear coat. A beautiful restoration job. Tractor is used on a 150 acre farm and performs admirably. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17757 Indiana D15II Indiana D15 Series II. Narrow front. All original in great condition. 3800 original hours. Purchased from original owner and have all original Operators Instructions, Service Manual and Dealers Parts Catalog. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17745 Max & Andy Brockhouse
Chapin, IL Factory high crop, told only 22 built, wide front, hyd delete, traction booster delete, SC delete, gas, originally painted red. Started life in CA, we bought it needing a complete restoration Oct 2008. - [EDIT]
D-15 1964 17366 Max Brockhouse
Chapin, IL Tin work good, gas, really tired engine as of 10 Nov 2008. Wide front and SC. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20233 Bill Chason
Sharon SC 29742 Factory 3 ph, power steering series 2. Use for everthing from logging to bailing hay. Owned for ten years. Took a lot of abuse while logging but still works good. Hope to restore to better condition. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 17839 Darrell Klemetson
Ulen MN LP Purchased 1-16-06 has narrow front, snap coupler and belt pulley. Tractor has pan style seat and no tach. I will fix up mechanically first, then someday paint. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20142 Bruce Falk
Joliet, Illinois Purchased new by my father in Clarinda, Iowa in 1966. 2,700 hrs. Always well cared for. Will not be restored. Good originals need to be preserved as is. The Corvette guys have a special class for them called "survivors." - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20119 David Dutton
Glasgow, Kentucky Always thought I wanted a J.D. 2cyl. 30 series, but am very glad my father-in-law knew original owner of this Series II, N.F., 3300 hr. A.C. Pulls a Woods 9.5 ft. belt drive mower through heavy grass at 1.5 gal. of gas per hour. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20884 Les Pomeroy
Granton, Ontario Purchased this tractor in 2004 with a McKee blower primarily for snow clearance - but I will find other uses I am sure.... - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 21297 M. Lansink
N. Central MN Excellent tin and paint, though not fully restored. Snap coupler intact w/ AC blade. Also use AC 3Pt adapter for 7' finish mower, 6' snow blower etc. Wide front, though I own the NF as well. Engine runs perfect and transmission is tight. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 21070 R. Glenn Barefoot
Seale, Alabama Bought about four years ago and i am still using it every day in the hay fields. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20665 Stephen Kline
Sturgis MI Wide front, nice runner - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 21159 Gietl Bros.
Decatur,IL This a real clean tractor you can see it at the farm progress show this week09/26/00 - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 19731 Alvin berning
New Knoxville Ohio 3rd owner power steering wide front series 2 - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20821 Don Simpson
Hooper Utah I bought this tractor because the owner had problems with it. So I thought I could make some money on it but it turned out to be a great tractor so I just couldn't sell it. It's been here about 2 years now. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20355 R. J. Schaffer
Maryland second owner. spent first 30 years mowing lawn for a private school. has turf tires, . snow plow, and power steering. i don.t think it ever sat outside until i bought it. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 21002 johnholthuysen
walton ontario canada series11 wide front power steering ac loader pto 3pt hitch cab power crater eng [gas] still works for a living although not too mutch anymore - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 21113 Capt. Dana L VanLoan
Fort Plain, NY Diamond Girl is her name. Bought sight unseen she was a diamond in the rough. She now has been given a new life. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20454 Mike Johnson
Lebanon,TN Grandfather, Hilman Davenport bought the tractor new from JE Clemons Sales in Gladeville,TN in '65. I bought the tractor from his estate in '85. A Series 2,gas,3pt,belt pulley,wide frt end. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20948 john huff
nil. bought at a farm auction dec.07,great little ac with 517 loader .only 1468 hours on it. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20132 R.A. McNaughton
Elgin, Ontario Series II, gas,factory three point,wf, great condition, ready for restoration - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20840 Wayne Luckey
Caledonia ,IL Needs TLC but runs good going to restore when I get time - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20518 JC
MN original - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 17994 Marshall Thompson
Hayden, Idaho I have owned for 20 years. It has been used for clearing land, snow and hauling firewood. It has been a great friend. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20302 Darrell Chaisson
PEI,Canada Loader tractor, still working and doing It's job. - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 160-8722-R W. Patrick Braly
USA / Kilgore TX. All original with steel canopy/roll bar, brush hog and 6' box blade. Is a gift from my mom for my birthday-I was born same year as manufactured. Thanks Mom! - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 19691 Douglas MacLeay
Colrain, MA 3pt hitch getting ready to put original loader back on with new clutch - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 20668 Mike z Cedar hill ny Was traded into gramps dealer ship for a brand new 170 at the time - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 19731 Al Berning
New knoxville Ohio I bought this at a auction in St Marys Ohio Dale Quellhorse - [EDIT]
D-15 1965 ? 17020 patrick becker
NASONVILLE,WIS. D-15 series 2 is an industrial tractor with loader made in WEST ALLIS,WIS. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 22345 Dan McClure
Athens mi going to do complete restoration - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 22929 Hendrich Farms
Clinton, MO - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 - RH MacKinnon
Ontario, Canada D15 Series II. Bought new in 1966 with Freeman loader and manual trip bucket. 6800 hrs+,dry clutch done once, never touched motor, runs great, uses no oil, used on 200 acre farm since new, new tires all around 6-10 years ago. Great little tractor. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 21377 Chuck Eichler
Genoa,IL My D-15 III Has a Superior loader w/ front mounted pump on it. It's a great combo. Planning a complete restoration for 2001. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 227?? JIM ANDERSON 1-937-885-2545
D-15 1966 22333 Paul Guthrie
Poplar Grove / Lena IL Gas WF Loader bought new by Viva H Burd (Fatherinlaw)Caledonia Il. Daughter is going to use it in Lena IL. at her "EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME" 9-16-09 - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 21883 David S. Haney New Canton, VA 2500 hours. Overhauled engine top to bottom due to leaking liner oring. Series II with three point. All original South Carolina tractor. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 22720 Ron Weisel
Bellevue, Wa. Series II, wide front, with a model 150 loader, Brand new rubber all around, runs like a clock. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 - Brian Devine St. Louis, Michigan Returned to the family. I learned to drive on this tractor, cleared a woods with grandmother and mother. My grandfather bought this tractor new in 1966. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 22773 Dan
Three Rivers, Mi. Series 11, wide front, nice runner - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 21712 Jim Rose
Mount Olive, N.C. 2nd owner. Began restoring 01/01/01. Rebuilt mechanically and awaiting paint 09/23/03. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 - Eric & Lori Staman Watsontown,PA. This tractor was bought new by my father year I was born.Has been through barn fire & tornado & still runs strong. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 220XX Bill Massey Yoder, Co. wide front, gas with 5' jd loader, great for snow removel on our 500 ft driveway. - [EDIT]
D-15 1966 23325 Tom Bechtold
Dow, Il series ii, wf,ps, restored - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 3681 Doug McHatton
Auburn, KS Not sure about the year of Manufacture. Also, Ser # coulb be 3581 vs. 3681. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 D15-25199 Harold Dilworth
Athens, AL Excellent Condition! I am working on a paint job and brakes, runs like new. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 23963 Dean Becker
Madelia, MN Restored with rear wheel weights. Runs as smooth as a sewing machine. Neat little tractor! - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 24212` David Thompson
Calgary, AB, Canada Series 2, Gas, SC - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 24224 Solon Mitchell
Hiddenite, NC Recent Purchase, motor locked up, had it freed in 4 hours. Factory 3 point, Wide front, Gas. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 - Carrie James
Russellville, MO Series II For sale. Have pics and more info by email. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 23793 Jim Jenner Greenville. Il - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 25327 Tom Sleight
Molalla,Or. series II bought last year, need help finding supplier for enyou suckgine kit: gas engine# 160-16546-R - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 23787 Paul & Stella Helle Dyersville, Iowa Original Series II. Second owner. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 23000 Jerry Stockard & Jim
Sapulpa,Ok Dad bought tractor while Jerry was rep for AC in "67. We are in process of restoration. Need an used seat & some guages, oil & water pressure. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 25045 Jerry Heist Northern Kentucky series II,gas,wf,factory 3pt. Needs some gauges and other minor repairs. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 - Wilson Brothers Farm
New Liberty Kentucky We just bought this one last year on the 127 yard sale in Kentucky. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 247280 David Grunenwald
Oneida, WI Unrestored series II High Clearance WF gas engine. Purchased from the original owner, still wears the original BF Goodrich 38 inch rice tires. Have the original invoice for this tractor. Super straight. Runs excellent. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 23346 Marian Ploutz
Walton, NY 13856-9715 Great running tractor, used constantly except when at shows. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 25249 Scott W. Bickley
New London WI My grandpa bought it new in January of 1968 from cloverbelt co op in wausau wisconsin. He just gave it to me the January of 2000. All original. Even the radiator hoses are. Thanks Grandpa - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 23595 Fred and Cathy Dunlop and Family
Stayner, Ontario Series II D15 gas - Purchased spring 2005 with 415 loader, factory 3 pt and Power steering. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 - David Noss
Oklahoma Purchased in December 2005 to mess around with. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 24088 Sean J. Whitehouse Station, NJ AC D-15 Series II Gasoline powered, 3pt. hitch, Power-Crater Engine, Power steering, Runs great. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 24965 DeWayne Spears
Rockford, IL Excellent restoration and paint. Factory 3 point. Came from Rockton Lacrosse and before that Arcadia? - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 24162 Sam Cook
Milan, MO Bought 4/28/09 to replace D14 for chores. - [EDIT]
D-15 1967 ? 24222 Bob L. Webb
Hendersonville NC would like to confirm year my allis chalmers D-15 series II, any help appreciated - [EDIT]
D-15 1968 25359 Solon Mitchell
Hiddenite, NC Recent purchase, found in neighbors barn. Been sitting 5 years. Changes oil, cranked right up. Series 2, gas, Factory 3point, belt pulley. - [EDIT]
D-15 1968 25323 Michael Ollhoff
Poynette Wi. I have three series II D-15 tractors.1964, 1966, 1968 Two snap couplers and one factory three point. - [EDIT]
D-15 1968 D15D 25418 Don Dittmar Michigan Diesel with factory 3pt. Next to the last one built. In the restoration phase now - [EDIT]
D-15 1969 615 - 596 Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN It's a 615 loader backhoe. - [EDIT]
D-15 63 14132D Glen Fowler
Terra Bella, California Allis Chamler,D-15,Series II Diesel, Restored to new. - [EDIT]

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