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B - 10534 Mark A Cone
North Carolina - [EDIT]
B - - Mike Dziak
Falls Pa restored used on family farm also shown at show and parades and also pulls at shows - [EDIT]
B - - Clayton A. Maude
Clinton.maryland part restored/original/upgraded to 12volt ignition/all hydraulics functional - [EDIT]
B - - David Gantt
North Carolina used on small farm - [EDIT]
B - - Danny Burrell
Denver, Colorado Good solid tractor. Everything works perfectly. Going to use it on 38 acres I own just to keep the weeds back and the driveway in good shape. - [EDIT]
B - - D. Albee
Orlando Fl. Has hydraulics and pto. - [EDIT]
Victoria Texas i need a b govner ( battery ignition) - [EDIT]
B - - Mark and Neal Pallett
Silverstone England origional wing extentions (wasp model). age related no plate (CSJ 897). won 4 1st prizes at shows in 2 years - [EDIT]
B - - Neil Young
Scotland My Allis is a British Built Model B With a Factory Fitted Perkins P3 Perkins Diesel Engine - [EDIT]
B - - Tony Moll
Manchester Iowa Was my grandpa's ,then my fathers now it's mine. Have plans to restore,looking for rear rims,the rest is all original runs like a top and I love her already. - [EDIT]
B - - Roger Kotz Bristol, Wisconsin Working tractor, runs like a top. Have owned her since 1970. Plows lots of snow with Lindsay blade. - [EDIT]
B - - Steven Bowling
Stevensville,maryland purchased by my grandfather. runs perfect. tills 20 acres of soy beans everyyear. like new - [EDIT]
B - - Mary Forbes
Toronto, Ontario Originally we were told it was a '36 but the serial number seems to suggest a '49. - [EDIT]
B - - William B. Harris
Lehighton, Pennsylvania unrestored,4 spd, w/pulley, woods mower, cults, plow, & seeder. runs like new! - [EDIT]
B - - Randy Herreid
St. Paul MN Undergoing full restoration. Every bolt removed, cleaned, replaced if nessesary, primed and painted one piece at a time. If I am lucky, I might even get it back together.... - [EDIT]
B - - B.Bush and Sons
Boston England Nearly there, got any books on Allis-Chalmers model B? Im only 12 years old. Need all the help I can get! - [EDIT]
B - - R.B. Sanders
Sealy,Tex This was my first tractor! I grew up on a Model B and finally got my own in 1977. It goes with my WC,WD,D14,D17,180 and 190XT. - [EDIT]
B - - David Geerlings
Taylor, Mi. 48180 - [EDIT]
B - - Kevin Paul
Waynesburg PA Working tractor on 31 acres with side mower, hillside plow, cultivator. Original condtion, third owner, originally sold in Wheeling WV. - [EDIT]
B - - Robin Jennings
Cornwall, UK British built with Perkins P3/144 diesel. - [EDIT]
B - - John Lawrence
New Jersey Working tractor, rest - [EDIT]
B - - Mr D Tremain
Cornwall England Fully restored and regularly rallied thoughout Cornwall and Devon. - [EDIT]
B - - Tom McKinney
Yucca Valley, Ca Repairimg magneto. Rest of tractor in fairly good condition. Like to get a parts tractor. - [EDIT]
B - - shannonburns
w.v give to me by my uncle - [EDIT]
B - - Fischer Family Farms
Macomb,MI All around tractor, used to mow lawn, cullivate, seed, and pull trailers. rebuilt in '85, its probably the hardest working tractor we own - [EDIT]
B - - Lynn A. Dieter
Nunda, N.Y. Having trouble with Magneto, 50% restored, purchased from Canadice, NY , clean the magneto with an emory borad and clean any cororsin or erosion on it. - [EDIT]
B - - loren cox /dave grooms
harrisonville mo restored/one piston stuck aft ovhl need sleeve/has model c foot brakes &mag 6v - [EDIT]
B - - Ian Plater
fakenham - [EDIT]
B - - Mike & Donna Jones
Lizton Indiana 2000 restoration great tractor nice results - [EDIT]
B - - Russ Vriezen
Eldersburg MD Just starting to repair. I am looking for a Woods or similar belly mower for the tractor. - [EDIT]
B - - John Gasper
Hebron, CT Tractor is restored except for engine, body, frame, tires, paint, runs great. Looking for information re: lift mechanism used to operate hand operated implements e.g. single bottom plow. - [EDIT]
B - - Larry Tucker
Ontario Canada - [EDIT]
B - - Chad Smith
Port Allen La. No lights or starter,just hand crank. Woods finishing mower underneath. Runs great looking for another!. - [EDIT]
B - - Matt Chappell
Pumpkintown South Carolina My Dad just gave me a late 40's Model "B" in good shape. Needs painted and a little repair. Just trying to find someone to talk "Allis" with. My wife is tired of hearing about it. - [EDIT]
B - - Scott C & steven D Edwards
Dayton OR this is all org ex the back tires it looks and run like knew. I paid $800 for it it has an plow, disk, and a harow. - [EDIT]
B - - Thomas W. Westerfield
Crofton, Kentucky Bought in E. Ky. Engine frozen. Good metal. Waiting for restore. - [EDIT]
B - - Keith Dunn
Orton Ont. Canada Tractor is hand start with no options and is fully restored - [EDIT]
B - - Les McIntosh
Australia - [EDIT]
B - - Stan Agacinski
Verga,N.J. Asparagus Special,with starter - [EDIT]
B - - John Clemmons
Hobart, In Good little tractor, used for general purpose - [EDIT]
B - - Sill Jones Oxford,oh restored w/o hydraulics hnd brks - [EDIT]
B - - Larry & Patsy Morris
Knoxville, TN War tractor, came on steel, no electrical or starter, has flared fenders and tall air stack, Original condition, needs steel wheels. Son in law is wanting this one in the will. - [EDIT]
B - - Tim Young
norfolk - England commencing restoration now, if anybody would like to give me some tips that would be great - [EDIT]
B - - Ted Chaffee
Brooklyn, Ct. being restored. all most done. need a few things. - [EDIT]
B - - chad king
tennessee wanted1 good motor for a allis chalmers model b needs to be in running condition or parts for a ac model b (CE) engine. restoring tractor! - [EDIT]
B - - Eugene Dziak Jr Rr 1 Falls Pennsylvania restored wide front cultivators - [EDIT]
B - - Dave Weber Madison,Oh. Original runs good,used all year. - [EDIT]
B - - John
Leechburg, PA This tractor belonged to my Grandfather. I am now restoring it as it would be in 39. The tractor runs great, but needs some bodywork and paint! Can't wait till she shines! - [EDIT]
B - - Kent Lees
Alexandria, Ohio Restored by owner with two way plow and weights front and back. - [EDIT]
B - - Stevie Decker Montpelier Ohio 1rst tractor restored in 94. Good puller father and daughter pulling team. - [EDIT]
B - - Greg Bahr
B - - steve fickes
pa. my dad bought me this tractor in 1966 i sold it in 1970 isaw it on a dealers lot in 2001 and bought it. - [EDIT]
B - - Richard Cooper
Manchester UK Just purchased this one quite sound but several parts missing, can anyone email me a close up photo of an oil gauge so that I can have the face for mine reprinted Thanks - [EDIT]
B - - James Clausen
Westbrooklyn Ill. Runs good adj.front end & one row cultivator. Restoration started - [EDIT]
B - - Anthony Cusatis
Hazleton, Pa. - [EDIT]
B - - Greg Hayden West Point , Va. Used for mowing with 6ft. finish mower - [EDIT]
B ? EB 5132 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden Running condition - [EDIT]
B ? EB 103866 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden Complete but not running - [EDIT]
B ? EB4681 J eff Gillett Bencubbin Western Australia Fully restored ,3-point hitch, adj front,electric start - [EDIT]
B ? EB 105917 David James Owen Rees
Pembrokeshire (Wales UK) Currently under restoration (4/april/2000). Seems to have done very little work, spent many years in museum. No registration documents, can any one help. - [EDIT]
B ? EB 4417 Neil Hopley
Middlewich, Cheshire, England. Now back on the road after 18 months of hard work. - [EDIT]
B ? EB 13606 Mujunen Esko
Lemi, FINLAND Runs good, but now restoring. Some broblem with parts. - [EDIT]
B ? EB7070 Rien Beije Best, The Netherlands Acquired it april 2005. I am working on it, complete restoration. - [EDIT]
B ? EB9680 J.G Mears
Briston,Norfolk UK A delightful little tractor even if a little tempramental!! Supplied by Larkmans of Wymondham Registered on the 30,04,1953.I intend to cosmetically restore "Alice" over the coming months - [EDIT]
B ? EB86688 Ian Minshull
Devon, England - [EDIT]
B ? EB 8526 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden running condition, made in England - [EDIT]
B ? 237669 - Can not give owner info. Need more info on tractor first, please - [EDIT]
B 19?? EB 5050 Per Johan Bergum
Sweden / Norway Can enyone tell me the production yaer ? ? - [EDIT]
B 1937 B4442 Roger A. stephenson
Stone county, Arkansas Very rough exterior, but complete engine rebuild in mid 1960's by Father-in-law. Magneto bypassed to run off 12v battery with resistor and automotive coil. DIY brake pedals added but still has levers. - [EDIT]
B 1937 96 Or Lower Larry Mayer
Jeffersonville, Oh This tractor Has no serial number on it, the plate fell off. It has a Wakashaw Motor in it. - [EDIT]
B 1937 44 C. Skip Kezar
No.Berwick Me. This is a show tractor. With a Waukesha Engine. Now owned by my Son Timothy - [EDIT]
B 1937 1-96 ? Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN Bought 3/22/13. Missing serial # tag and correct rear wheel centers. Restored 2013. - [EDIT]
B 1937 1 Tom Treloar
Clear Lake Iowa Not Looking to Sell - [EDIT]
B 1938 6105 Dale J. Haymaker
Paris, Il. Good orignal condition, will restore someday. - [EDIT]
B 1938 6704 chris hedding
portage,wi has a bucket loader on it - [EDIT]
B 1938 6035 David Weber
Wadsworth, Ohio Used the serial number reference of this site to determine the year. Hope I read it correctly. Unrestored, in a barn in N. Wisconsin until I get it back here in the spring.February 2001. - [EDIT]
B 1938 27833 Ivan Olynyk
Saskatchewan, Canada Restored and painted - [EDIT]
B 1938 4211 Steve Geiger
Sellersville PA Minor restoration in progress - [EDIT]
B 1938 b1141 billy &jr norman
kingston,tn all original, engine was stuck but it is free now after just owning 1 day,will have running next week i hope - [EDIT]
B 1938 4849 Doug Durrington
Springfield, MO Owned about 35 years, sandblasted and repainted a few years back. No electrics, hand crank. - [EDIT]
B 1938 B24200 Oscar Guenther
Arora MN My first rebuild, I hung an IH 1 bottom plow from it and it turns dirt like a champ, my next project is to mount a snow blower - [EDIT]
B 1938 11255 john martin
four oaks nc i own a restored b. - [EDIT]
B 1938 10086 Harry Dubach Berne, IN Restored 2008. Painted PPG60080. Front NOS tires. New 10 x 24 Rears. - [EDIT]
ZONGULDAK -TURKEY It is very nice. - [EDIT]
B 1938 751 GARY D. ARNESON
B 1938 7101 Michael La Via
Sherman Ct. I road on a allis since I was 6 months old.I always wanted to get one for myself. Now at 14 I own one. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3017 Tim Carey
Stratford WI All original runs good, bought in 1990 10 miles from West Allis WI. - [EDIT]
B 1938 10953 Denis Heckaman
Michigan - [EDIT]
B 1938 4662 paul boone sullivan in. i use the b for shows it has hand crank and handbrakes igot it from a cousin in real bad shape its lot of fun to drive - [EDIT]
B 1938 150 gerald whiteside
Piedmont Al Found this tractor in Weaver Al with a 2 disk plow the person that had it was using 2 years ago but burned out clutch. Am planing to restore as soon as i get done with 4 more G's.I also have located a B with serial 154 close by. - [EDIT]
B 1938 4211 Scott Ferguson
Green Lane Pennsylvania I bought this tractor to restore. Has 5 foot belly mower on it now. Have started to rebuild carb and steering box as of this post. Had seat professionally recovered. - [EDIT]
B 1938 11113 Bernie Daily
Brockport, NY - [EDIT]
B 1938 11337 Edward Mills
Bogalusa, La Motor BE11332G hand crank and hand brakes - restored - runs good. with 1 original 9.00-24 Goodrich tire long & short straight bar with open pattern - would like to match tire - [EDIT]
B 1938 6351 Nancy Klukow
Buffalo Center, IA. It is being well taken care of. - [EDIT]
B 1938 9529 Bob Eckardt
Merrill Wisconsin Restored and runs good. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3175 jeff & isaac shumaker
augusta,mi our first old tractor - [EDIT]
B 1938 2988 Brad Talbot
Layton, Utah gift from grandad. hand crank, runs perfect. would like to find PTO and pull behind lawn mower. will get fresh coat of paint as I have time. - [EDIT]
B 1938 6436 Ross Kingdon
Gore New Zealand Un-restored. - [EDIT]
B 1938 1055 Lew Day Dorothy NJ Engine # BE-952, Block # AM2916-9, Block # A14W - [EDIT]
B 1938 4117 Tyler Woods
Olympia,WA Engine is done, most of the paint is stripped and I'm doing some detail repair to the sheetmetal. We're looking forward to "first smoke" sometime this May or June, 2003. - [EDIT]
B 1938 5743 tracy mcgee
OR grandpa,s old tractor - [EDIT]
B 1938 6440 Ross Kingdon
Gore New Zealand Un-restored. Goes well. - [EDIT]
B 1938 1138 Cody Moss
Sand Springs, OK. Just got it! were looking foward to the resrore. - [EDIT]
B 1938 11535 Lon and Lance Cassino
POB 1050 Conifer, CO 80433 Runs with some smoke, looking for exhaust stack, pto assembly and implements - [EDIT]
B 1938 6077 Eric Olson
Woodbury, MN // Woodville, WI Tractor has been restored, looks great, and is ready for it's first parade in the spring. - [EDIT]
B 1938 392 justin williams
taneyville mo found tractor as a basket case.My father and I have this tractor almost restored we just need to finish the final coat of paint on it.We also have B962 mechanically done but not painted. - [EDIT]
B 1938 5188 Miles Gray
Caldwell, Kansas The Tractor still runs but needs a new block. It is cracked where every other B cracks, at the petcock on the left side. - [EDIT]
B 1938 1796 John Bello
Long Pond Pennsylvania I need help finding parts.. I shattered the r/r axle sleeve - [EDIT]
B 1938 9212 Bill Kalich
Victoria Tx Clean Tractor. All sheet metal original,also starter & generator. Looking for good castiron zenith carb. - [EDIT]
B 1938 10300 Joe Dusseau
Graytown Good older restoration tractor. Crank start and hand brakes. Everything works great. - [EDIT]
B 1938 6370 Matt Woodbridge
St. Charles, IL My uncle traded an old Ford truck for this Model B. It sat in his barn for several years. On my eighth birthday he gave it to me. My Grandpa and I repaired and restored it. We show it at the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club show in Sycamore, IL. - [EDIT]
B 1938 - Joe Braml
Almena, WI - [EDIT]
B 1938 - Larry Joos
Carroll, OH Restored 1938 B - [EDIT]
B 1938 2671 Tim Scott
Charleston, Arkansas - [EDIT]
B 1938 5636 Tom Weitz
Appleton, Wisconsin Row crop with PTO. Great Shape. The kids love it! Looking for matching implements. If you were king of the world, you couldnt have more fun than you could with this tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1938 7975 Edilmar Mendes Filho
brasil, preciso de pe?as de reposi??o - [EDIT]
B 1938 11774 Mickey & Jenny Johnson
Boneville, Ga crank start/hand brakes-not restored (yet) - [EDIT]
B 1938 1836 stan palecek
OMRO,WI BE1836 is located on engine block boss top of clutch housing is this tractor ser. no. ? - [EDIT]
B 1938 - Jason K. Landry
Pawtucket, Rhode Island Purchased this Allis in Sept of 2013. Undergoing a restoration. Engine rebuild and complete repainting. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3391 Dave Bowers
Glendale, Az 85306 used in portland or, on an onion farm - [EDIT]
B 1938 511 Curtis C. Mosley
Arlington, TX I am starting the restoration of this early B to its original configuration. I will need lots of parts e.g. rims and clamps/bolts for both front and rear (has cast iron centers on all 4 wheels), original manifold and air cleaner. Many more I am sure. - [EDIT]
B 1938 7448 Myron Dellinger
Byesville, Ohio Engin#BE 7518. Currently in a state of resoration. Basic little Allis. Rescued from 12 year retirement. Restoration is now complete as of June 2007. Very happy with end results - [EDIT]
B 1938 8531 shaun impey
vermont bought this tractor today dont know much about them - [EDIT]
B 1938 713 Mr P Collins
England I bought my Allis about 5 years ago , its has the number 713 stamped in the normal place, can it really be this old due to it having a straight front axle and sprung seat? or could these have been changed? any info would be very gratefull - [EDIT]
B 1938 10852 Robert Mull
Woodstock,ga. hand brakes,hand crank,complete, engine stuck - [EDIT]
B 1938 - Klingbile Kollection Lennox, South Dakota Hand Brakes, No Starter. Fair condition. Someday we'll fix it up. - [EDIT]
B 1938 5357 David L. Bowers
Glandale, Az 85306 PHOTO Restored 1994 by Spike Scudda Tucson, AZ. Originally from WI. - [EDIT]
B 1938 B7676 Chris Johnson
ohio Bought in Kenosha Wisconsin - [EDIT]
B 1938 311 John Maley
Thompsons Corner, MD Restored years ago. I use it to cut my grass. - [EDIT]
B 1938 6820 Carri Dawn
Snohomish WA I love this gal, bought her yesterday for 400.00 runs GREAT no smoke, needs cosmetics and a steering problem fixed. Will do first complete restoration by lil ole ME! - [EDIT]
B 1938 1625 Bill Pelletier
Seacoast New Hampshire - [EDIT]
B 1938 B694 / BE624 Jim Poston
Monte Vista, Colorado A new addition to my Orange family!! She's a 1938 with a PTO and single seat; hand-cranked and magneto ignition; and was 'imported' from Indiana in October 2013. There's some elbow grease to be applied, but she starts and runs really well. :-) - [EDIT]
B 1938 3280 chris hedding
portage,wi has a cultivator on it. use it to work the garden - [EDIT]
B 1938 - Jeff DuPuis
Swanton, Ohio First tractor, I love toying and tinkering with this tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1938 B-121 Chuck Ellis
okla low serial number, tractor is under restoration - [EDIT]
B 1938 5733 Les Simpson
Pointblank, Texas Purchased Aug 2010 - has front loader, previous owner added - [EDIT]
B 1938 119 Glenn Manahan - Basically a transmission casting and a front end. Lot's to do to even make it resemble a tractor. Update 9-21-11 Have most parts gathered to begin the process of bringing her back to life. - [EDIT]
B 1938 ??????????? Kenny Short
Montmorency Indiana I bought this tractior from my brother in law a couple years ago. Love this little girl, she is tempermental sometimes trying to crank start her but she drives and rides smoooooth....Kenny - [EDIT]
B 1938 2158 chris hedding
portage,wi - [EDIT]
B 1938 10351 Fred Conley
Johnson City, Tn Fully restored - [EDIT]
B 1938 1904 Rick
Iowa Had her for almost 20 yearsand used her constantly for mowing(6 ft belly mower)and other work. For sale. - [EDIT]
B 1938 1138 Matt Thomas
Stillwater, OK - [EDIT]
B 1938 599 Rod Walli
Cromwell, MN Looking for buyer, good running condition, rebuilt engine, etc. Needs cosmetic work. Narrow front. - [EDIT]
B 1938 6231 Chris Pearson
Chester,Ct Started restoration. Wide Front,Runs good,no smoke.Would like to sell if anyone interested. has new rims/tires on rear,Re-built carb,misc parts. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3061 Charles E. Obermiller
Hutto, Tx under restoration - [EDIT]
B 1938 3574 David Watts
Melbourne,Australia was my Grandfathers. he bought it in 1956. still in Original condition and going. - [EDIT]
B 1938 1050 Norm Neuberg Culver Mn all original - [EDIT]
B 1938 5079 Mike Huber
Yale Michigan rough shape but getting back to running again - [EDIT]
B 1938 2543 Gary Reider
Boyertown , PA Running unrestored , current project tractor - [EDIT]
B 1938 2349 Janice Richman North Dakota - [EDIT]
B 1938 109XX Stephanie Nericcio Newville, Pa. Older restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1938 800 Jeremy Miller
Dunlap, TN Hand crank, two piece front wheels, Restored - [EDIT]
B 1938 - Garrett Trausch Edon ohio Under restoration - [EDIT]
B 1938 553 Jeff Fountain
Tobaccoville, N.C. undergoing full restoration - [EDIT]
B 1938 5887 William Jones Oxford,oh restored w/o hydraulics hnd brks - [EDIT]
B 1938 5970 Andie And Sara Hardie
Retford, Nottinghamshire, England. comes with grass reaper. to be restored. - [EDIT]
B 1938 2167 Steve McChesney
Gilroy CA Added hydraulics and 3pt hitch. Runs excellent. Needs to be painted. You can see a picture at - [EDIT]
B 1938 3674 Charlie Hawkins North Central, NY Just finishing total restoration. Looking good. Came in pieces as parts tractor for my '39 B. - [EDIT]
B 1938 8669 Torkel Arnelid
Stochholm, Sweden unrestored but in good original shape - [EDIT]
B 1938 2802 Don Daugherty
Marshall,Il. 62441 I bought this tractor and 5' woods mower in 1992 for a song and a dance, am in the process of restoration. will sell for $5000.00 Firm The price just keeps going up!!!! - [EDIT]
B 1938 3348 P. Wolters
Akron, Co. It's all origional, starts on the third crank of the handle, and is used alot! It's my baby! Will sell for $1.5M. It leaks a tad of oil though. New paint and decals. Looks wonderful. Blade and Brushhog mower deck. Fitted wheel weights. New seat. - [EDIT]
B 1938 5823 Carl Stang Appleton,WI Dad bought used in about 1949.Got it because it started on first pull in January.Had a Fordson before.Stored at my cousin's place until I or he can restore it.Has cultivators with it. - [EDIT]
B 1938 8809 Kenneth MacDonald
New Zealand Running and partically restored, used for Club outings,etc - [EDIT]
B 1938 11639 Jean Hendrickx
Elk River Mn. I bought this tractor with a cultivator and one bottom plow at an auction for $800.00.It runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1938 4211 Jeff Southworth
Richboro, PA For Sale! --Ready for final paint. - [EDIT]
B 1938 304 Medberrys Specialty Shop
Stoneboro PA Nice little Early B,after loosening a few valves she fired right up. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3531 Chris Kopek
Cedarcreek, MO - [EDIT]
B 1938 3866 stewart caldwell
Charlestown NH - [EDIT]
B 1938 11701 Jim Dunbar
S.Maryland - [EDIT]
B 1938 826 harold ringleb
hampton,iowa have plow,loader,cultivator,and mower for this tractor - [EDIT]
LAFAYETTE IND. I got this tractor from my dad a few years ago. i take it to the Steam and Power show in Battle Ground. - [EDIT]
B 1938 6434 Ross Kingdon Gore New Zealand Un-restored. Needs a lot of work and parts - [EDIT]
B 1938 4110 Ray Oliver Timberlake N.C. Moter froze up from rain in exaust pipe have rebuilt new sleves piostions rings ect.almost complety restored using to cut grass 72inch finishing mower works great. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3648 Richard Stanford
Sydney Australia Under restoration see - [EDIT]
B 1938 2459 Eric Stuart
Foxboro WI - [EDIT]
B 1938 3771 Don Mathews
Danville. Iowa I bought it with a rotary mower deck, I've mowed alot with , thinking about restoring it soon. June 2006, my Dave is restoring it this summer as a 4H project. - [EDIT]
B 1938 11383 Chuck Defever
NE Lwr MI Fence row project. - [EDIT]
B 1938 7463 Al Downs
Washington St - [EDIT]
B 1938 5352 Rodney Cassel
wisconsin fully restored with plow and cultivator - [EDIT]
Altoona, Iowa Converted to 12v, hydraulics, new paint, tires, engine OH, runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1938 4893 Brian Dembinski
Amherst, Oh - [EDIT]
B 1938 B10874 Larry Cauffman
Mount Laurel, NJ Recently purchased. Runs, but needs some tender love and care - [EDIT]
B 1938 3400 John Luthey
merced, ca love this tractor - [EDIT]
B 1938 9334 David D. Johnson
Scottsburg.In. Has woods L59 mower on it. Runs very good. Hand crank,hand brakes. - [EDIT]
B 1938 7219 Ed & Jeanette Gefellers
Greeneville Tenn. Always looking for a deal... Oldest tractor in the barn.Just restored and ready for show. Options are pto and belt drive. Wife will surely take from me very soon////////////////// - [EDIT]
B 1938 2339 Eldon Jons
Spokane, WA Nice little restored B No electrics or hydraulics - [EDIT]
B 1938 - allan cook australia just rebuilt motor running like a charm crank start, hand brakes and coat hanger front axle - [EDIT]
B 1938 10496 Harold Hoskison
Joshua, Texas Plan to restore - any info helpful.. - [EDIT]
B 1938 632 Richard and Gae Soper
Overland Park, KS Purchased new by Gae's grandfather, John Groff of Taylor County, Iowa - [EDIT]
B 1938 2481 Steve
up the road from Dave Arched-style adjustable axle; as nice as Dave's D-12 or better. - [EDIT]
B 1938 494 Tyler holder
Pecatonica,illinois Completely restored. Hand crank no options hand brakes also.I have a one bottom plow. Looking for more implements and either a c, a ib or a ca - [EDIT]
B 1938 3479 Matthew Varney
Hubbard, OR Has mid-mount (?) sickle bar (extends to right) and non-functional hydraulic lift. Runs rough. - [EDIT]
B 1938 22255 James Showers
Romney, WV The tractor has a decal on its sides showing it was sold new by the Farm & Industrial Equipment Co. Of Eugene, OR. The previous owner stated that his father-in-law purchased it in Oregon. I purchased it in Virginia. I acquired it on Feb., 17, 2017. - [EDIT]
B 1938 5616 Mark Mayberry Hale,Iowa - [EDIT]
B 1938 7366 dave grunenwald
oneida wisconsin tractor was given to me and delivered to wisconsin from michigan for a pair of packer tickets currently undergoing a complete restoration would like to locate a pre-1940 adjustable wf for this one anyone know of one? - [EDIT]
B 1938 7162 Tom Norton
Marshall, IL. Bought for $200 in 2002 then restored. - [EDIT]
B 1938 9471 Miles Gray
Caldwell Kansas Just bought it at auction! Don't even have pictures yet! - [EDIT]
B 1938 11486 Ted & Jo Samson
Spring Grove, PA We just bought our B. It runs great and looks even better. No starter, so it's crank start or roll it down a hill and pop the clutch in 3rd gear! We love it! - [EDIT]
B 1938 7571 Fran?ois Pernod
Toulon, France Imported in France in 1938 by my father, requisitioned by German during WW2 (1944 - worked wood gas at that time), and recovered. Beginning to restore. Need help : Cracks on top between sleeves. Change engine block ? - thanks. - [EDIT]
B 1938 1823 len paske
superior wi good running little tractor. grand kids love drivin it. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3648 Richard Stanford
Sydney Australia Purchased May 2007 for restoration. See web site - [EDIT]
B 1938 1165 Shawn Shuler
Warden, Washington Purchased 4/2001. Plan to restore, I would appreciate any info. on sources for parts or manuals - [EDIT]
B 1938 2654 Leroy Jones
Richfield,OH Hand brakes,hydraulics,older restoration, working tractor - [EDIT]
B 1938 254 Charlie Tucker
NW Illinois I put my Woods 59 mower on it. Runs good,but needs some TLC. - [EDIT]
B 1938 2637 Larry Ready Leavenworth,ks. under resoration - [EDIT]
B 1938 2584 Doug Ricker Lewistown, IL. Tractor has had some updates: Foot brakes, hydraulics, CE engine, distributor ignition, electric start, CA seat. Also has a Woods L59 mower on it. - [EDIT]
B 1938 776 STEVE LEE
B 1938 4905 J. Rich
Oberlin, OH Very good running condition, has not been restored, seems to be in original condition. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3504 Chris Larson
Colfax Wa. runs great just bought so don,t have a lot of information on it yet. - [EDIT]
B 1938 7775 Allen Dilg
Gurnee IL Restored crank start - [EDIT]
B 1938 4575 Jerry Jenkins
Plain Dealing, LA For Sale-email for images and details - [EDIT]
B 1938 5837 Craig King
North Dakota Runs good needs restoration came with a Woods belly mower - [EDIT]
B 1938 2492 Jerry Meade
Grand Rapids Mn recently overhauled and painted. need ac decal - [EDIT]
B 1938 B9611 A&A Richard
Nova Scotia Good running B with mower - [EDIT]
B 1938 8049 Gary Peterson
Salina,Kansas This tractor is on steel rear wheels - [EDIT]
B 1938 - Jacob Bratvold
Crookston, Mn / Sherwood, ND Overhauled, needs a new oil pump and paint job. - [EDIT]
B 1938 5132 Joseph (Joe)
Urich, MO Looks and Runs Great Need a manual.. - [EDIT]
B 1938 3599 Glenn Ubrihien
Bega N.S.W. Australia Sold by REO MOTORS Sydney. Restored 1990 goes well. - [EDIT]
B 1938 8116 Derck E. Koehn
Giddings, Texas Was my grandfathers, who passed away in 1997. In the process of restoring tractor for shows, parades, etc. - [EDIT]
B 1938 1018 Don Schirmer
Manhattan,Illinois wide front, still runs , Hand Crank, restoration in 2003 - [EDIT]
B 1938 1055 Denise Day
NJ Manual says this model is 1940 but serial number seems to be to early? It resembles a picture of a 1940 model. ENG#BE-952,BLK#AM2916-9,BLK#A 14W. Looking for info on correct year - [EDIT]
B 1938 5765 eric kemp
magnolia,ohio paid $150,did not run,all sheet meat good,has tricycle front front end original,some say yes,some say no! - [EDIT]
B 1938 ? EB 7782 MUAMMER ASLAN
TURKEY -ZONGULDAK It is very nice. - [EDIT]
B 1939 17618 Brett Butterbaugh Ohio Clean old unrestored B, Hand start,Hand brakes. Using it to mow with. - [EDIT]
B 1939 15727 kenth virgin gotland sweden - [EDIT]
B 1939 16184 Ryan E. Newman Centre Hall, PA Got it on trade for parts. Locked up awaiting rebuild. Is pto delete. - [EDIT]
B 1939 28340 Ricky Hawk
Mebane N.C. - [EDIT]
B 1939 16xxx Bill and Linda
Missouri My family has owned an AC Model B for over 50 years. - [EDIT]
B 1939 30860 Jim Pessek
Stewart MN Bought at the 2006 Orange Spectacular in Hutchinson Minnesota. Came with a side mounted sickle mower. Engine is stuck - [EDIT]
B 1939 - clint
S E kansas - [EDIT]
B 1939 B30203 Gordon Vosberg
Monticello, MN Gift from an uncle. Just completed carb rebuild. Fixing oil leaks. Plan to complete repaint late spring. - [EDIT]
B 1939 12192 Dave Carney
Cisco, Texas Bought this tractor from a JD collector. It came with planter and moldboard plow. This tractor has the adjustable front at the wheels and old style clamps on the rear rims, along with riveted front wheels, Will bring back to life soon. - [EDIT]
B 1939 24847 Jim Sangster
W.Columbia, SC Bought used around 1985, cleared our land and also cleared and formed my 100' x 2100' runway. In rebuild. - [EDIT]
B 1939 31800 ANDY NAGY
B 1939 22567 Mike Hofer
Collins, IA This B came from my late uncle, this tractor is pretty special to me. It needs paint, but it is at the top of my "to do" list. - [EDIT]
B 1939 28891 New Life Evangelistic Center
Missouri We bought this horse to begin mowing after a 33year absence - [EDIT]
B 1939 25508 Joe Watson
Riverton-Wyoming Littery got this tractor out of a sage brush patch. put on new carb. run good and looks good.I grew up on these B-C;tractors in Gunnison colo.Love them. Joe - [EDIT]
B 1939 12492 Dave Grunenwald
Oneida,Wis tractor is on rear steel with a 5ft. B-C sickle mower. excellent runner. - [EDIT]
B 1939 12408 tim ketcham
saegertown pa - [EDIT]
B 1939 21387 Mr S Batey
Mildenhall, Suffolk, England Purchased 2006 unrestored paid 550, restoration nearly complete hope to show in 2009. - [EDIT]
B 1939 21941 Larry Ready Leavenworth. Ks. under restoration - [EDIT]
B 1939 12492 David Grunenwald Green Bay, Wis Has a mounted 5 foot sickle mower with hydraulic lift front rims are riveted to the hubs - [EDIT]
B 1939 B 15988 Brian Smart
Troy, MI just bought and looking to restore to original glory!! - [EDIT]
B 1939 25601 Roger C. Gaul
Pomeroy, Ohio Completely restored to origianal condition Looks great - [EDIT]
B 1939 31180 greg garrison
kenai ,alaska owsome little tractor,we plow snow, spread rock,use it as a meat pole,set house logs,launch our skiffs in the inlet,one handy little tractor - [EDIT]
B 1939 17571 Paul Clifford
Jay, Okla. 74346 This is my first B. I have 5 more-some are for sale. I also have a Mod. G. I love them all. - [EDIT]
B 1939 31408 Donald Burnash
Houston,Texas this tractor was owned by my grandfather, who was a dairy farmer in up state new york. we restored in 2008 and now take it to shows. - [EDIT]
B 1939 16530 George Kuchle
Meridan Ct. For Sale, Recent tune up, new magneto, garage kept.Photos avail.on request. - [EDIT]
B 1939 32256 michael a. long
rockford illinois bought in 98 from neighbor, excellent shape nice paint sheetmetal decals new pistons liners + valve job nice firestones hand crank + brakes lots of fun - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Harold D. Cochran
Union City, TN Purchased locally to mow three acres around the house. It came with a five foot Woods belly mower. I'm in the process of repairing minor problems as I use it to mow what I call the "back forty." I'm enjoying every minute of it. - [EDIT]
B 1939 12668 Jim Pessek
Stewart MN Bought at the 2006 Orange Spectacular in Hutchinson MN. Runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1939 25584 Tim Elliott
Kathleen, GA Tractor purchased in Columbus, GA by way of Byron, GA. Tractor is complete, but as purchased, dismantled. Engine will require new crank, camshaft, and bearings. Anyway, hope to have her running again soon. - [EDIT]
B 1939 15151 Brian Mn - [EDIT]
B 1939 20765 Mickey & Jenny Johnson
Boneville, Georgia "alice"is in good condition/used every year in small garden-she's a lady! - [EDIT]
B 1939 1245 Sam S. Hopeck
Michigan Needs work. - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Cody Hager
Saint Charles, MN Tractor is on full steel and has extended fenders. Was completely restored in 05, and went to the GOTO in union grove in 05. Good running tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1939 21420 Chad Vincent
concord, Mi Bought this for my boy who just couldn't have a red one like his Dad. Think I'm starting to like orange now too. - [EDIT]
B 1939 13767 Brad Bryner
Kewanee, Illinois I watched my dad mow with this tractor for years. Sadly he recently commited suicide and I would like to restore the tractor in his honor. I am anxious to get started. - [EDIT]
B 1939 32675 John D'Hont
Riverton, Manitoba, Canada Bought and restored the tractor in the mid 1980's, turned out excellent. Getting another paint job this summer as the 1980's paint job has now dulled a fair bit. Still alot of fun driving it !!!! - [EDIT]
B 1939 32822 Crowe & Sons Farm, Inc.
Kansas City, Missouri - [EDIT]
B 1939 13065 Tim Elliott
Kathleen, GA Tractor belonged to the Pierce family of Powersville, Ga. Features handlift cultivator frame. - [EDIT]
B 1939 1688? mike mc millin mo - [EDIT]
B 1939 15140 DANIEL DALTON
B 1939 29445 Steve Oscarlece
Poughkeepsie, Ny working on restoration, engine & drive train done. - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Mark hendrickson
Eaton Rapids Mi First allis B I've owned - [EDIT]
B 1939 22419 Clyde David Russell Vernant Park, AL In the process of being restored. - [EDIT]
B 1939 18830 James Kemble
North Liberty, IN My Great Grandfather's first tractor. Working to restore it for my Grandmother. - [EDIT]
B 1939 20978 Jim Farmer
Herod IL - [EDIT]
B 1939 14514 wjohn E Central IL Runs excellent. Collecting correct '39 parts - have front riveted rims. Restoration sometime down the road... - [EDIT]
B 1939 33078 Brian J Borich
Duluth MN Inherited from my Grandfather-I've loved this tractor all my life!(I'm now 58) - [EDIT]
B 1939 30022 Jackson LeVault
Spring Grove, PA Restored by my grandfather. Still trying to put the implements together that were scattered though out the barn. - [EDIT]
B 1939 27614 Jack Wetmore
Fredericton Nb father bought oct 18 1939. in regular service. pulley, plow, cultivators. - [EDIT]
B 1939 22764 Lauren Airing
Westminster, MD My father inlaw drove all the way to an aumann auction in iowa to get this tractor for me. It has been fully restored to original condition by my husband Richard and has been to some of the local shows this year. - [EDIT]
B 1939 13312 Ryan Werth
Wichita Kansas Great running tractor. Has a 60" Woods deck under it. Would like to add a 3-point in the near future. - [EDIT]
B 1939 28393 Nelson Marks
Stockton, IL Purchased in May of 2000 with a Wood Belly mower. Great little tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1939 32252 Jerry Jenkins
Plain Dealing, LA For Sale-email for images and details - [EDIT]
B 1939 12400 dale and john edwards
shropshire/ england tractor is being restored at present also tractor is on full steel - [EDIT]
B 1939 28997 Roy Patterson
Brighton, MI. This old tractor had a hard life hauling wood.Now after a conplete RESORATION life will be at ease nothing but polish rags & sunshine for my baby. - [EDIT]
B 1939 29631 Leonard M. & Ray M.
Texas Owned my grandpa leonard. as of 3/10/11 it is under restoration - [EDIT]
B 1939 18001 wrren nelson
alberta canada i have recently purchased a model b with a factory ordered track conversion from bombadier im wondering if anybody can help with some history on this very interesting tractor - [EDIT]
B 1939 32667 Greg Schmidt
West Allis, Wi restored, very good condition, generator not working - [EDIT]
B 1939 32241 Chris Kimberlin
north dakota older restoration runs great - [EDIT]
B 1939 16157 RC & Lori Hiller
Stanton MI Bought it this spring for $1,500.00 with a one bottom 3-point plow. Also use with our 5' rear blade and a Farmhand wheel rake. Great little tractor! - [EDIT]
B 1939 16670 Wesley + Don Smith
Brook- Indiana I traded some power poles for this B and it will be a great tractor - [EDIT]
B 1939 B 28362 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden - [EDIT]
B 1939 24780 Troy Meyer
Baxter, IA ready to restore, need help to find parts - [EDIT]
B 1939 16157 RC Hiller
MI Purchased 2/18/12 look forward to doing some cosmetic restoration as she pays for her keep. - [EDIT]
B 1939 26685 David Wood
Belding Michigan crank start.pto and belt pully. - [EDIT]
B 1939 18915 Tom Cole
South Carolina Dont have the original sheet metal on her 1952 metal - [EDIT]
B 1939 18676 Joseph B Faust
Pierz Mn for parts - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Emig Fram
Mascoutah IL Use to mow around farm and pull wagons - [EDIT]
B 1939 24038 Charles Hunsinger
Decatur, IL Grandfathers, fathers, now mine. Trying to get it running, no spark - [EDIT]
B 1939 20848 scott kemp
maine tractor has rare ajustable arch front end . is on steel, have wide rear fenders ,thick rear hubs ,engine weights ,tall air cleaner , swinging drawbar and extentions on rear wheels finished restoration jan-06 - [EDIT]
B 1939 B19255 Steve Kudrick
Mooresburg,, Penna. Unrestored but runs. Has a Freeman 100 loader that I'd like to get rid of. Looking for mower and implements. Anyone know what was offered in 1939? Thank you! - [EDIT]
B 1939 23540 Howard & Kyle Schwer Papillion , Nebraska We need help figuring out what the year is the serial number is B2354 0 - [EDIT]
B 1939 12503 J. Russell Lambert
Camby In. Need front wheel.Rim rusted out. Has Continental Belden belly mower. Engine overhauled ,runs good. - [EDIT]
B 1939 22389 Dan Mcgraw
Allegany N.Y. Bought last fall to restor.needs, paint, and back rims. good running. No smoke - [EDIT]
B 1939 11900 Wes Sanford
Bowling Green Ky My First Tractor, and just finished getting it running right. Now searching for original parts - [EDIT]
B 1939 18770 Steve Belanger
Northern Maine Purchased in southern Maine Restored by - [EDIT]
B 1939 20927 Chris Mather
Moorhead, MN. Picked this up last year to use as a lawn mower. Has a Woods 54" belly mower. - [EDIT]
B 1939 16637 Brian Klinger
Indiana - [EDIT]
B 1939 17250 bob byrne
ohio nice tractor. used with a woods mower, - [EDIT]
B 1939 12483 Conan Dallman
Liberty, KY Just recently purchased, hopefully be restored sometime next year.(2006) - [EDIT]
B 1939 25351 Ronald Kunke
Tomahawk,Wisconsin In mighty fine shape,with a kub klipper belly mower. - [EDIT]
B 1939 23645 Kerry olson
minnesota still restoring trying to get engine running got running sounds great now going to restore - [EDIT]
B 1939 19062 Kenneth Locke
Syracuse,NY - [EDIT]
B 1939 24707 Joel B. Hathon
Eaton Rapids, MI Tractor given as a gift from my father when I was 14 years old. - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Alan Hein
Bally, PA Bought in 2005 from Agco Allis dealer in PA. Very restorable, in good running condition. - [EDIT]
B 1939 18666 Alan & Rebecca Weisler
Missouri Tractor was purchased by my Great Great Uncle and kept in the family since new. - [EDIT]
B 1939 27209 GSNYDER
B 1939 15493 Gary Brooks
channahon,IL Just made a trade, I've started restoring. - [EDIT]
B 1939 21110 Larry Fredrich
Kansasville, WI 1939 "B". Not running but all there. Has foot brakes, hydraulics, and belly mower. This is my Fall '00 restoration project - [EDIT]
B 1939 19470 Scott L. Leubner
Oconomowoc, WI Purchased in 1994 with a 60" Woods Mower. It was in rough shape. Since then I rebuilt the engine, carburetor, generator and the steering. Works great now.I use it to cut 2.5 acres of grass. - [EDIT]
B 1939 14634 D. Phillip Rees
Pembrokeshire (Wales) Currently under restoration (4/April/2000) Seems too have done a lot of work. No log books/regestration documents, can any one help. - [EDIT]
B 1939 28819 DENVER FORE
chillicothe, ohio ?? - [EDIT]
B 1939 25814 ken phillips
east otto n.y. i have a 72`` jd mid mount mower on mine. works great! 100% american made - [EDIT]
B 1939 14200 Steve Merryman
Sammamish Washington Bought 9/2000. Tractor is disassembled and was in process of being stripped for restoration. Only needs painting and reassembly. Add'l comment 5/01: Boy was that last comment a laugh. Over $4000 into it now and still climbing. New from tranny forward. - [EDIT]
B 1939 24373 Jonathan Tower
Oswego, KS - [EDIT]
B 1939 30649 Dan Erdman Gouverneur NY Nice little tractor in great shape. - [EDIT]
B 1939 15442 Bob Mark
Webster, Florida Good condition, runs great, needs rear rims (4 loop), oil leak(most likely valve cover) seeking information - [EDIT]
B 1939 31725 Boomer Hulsey
Alabama Need info on how to hook up push blade {hand lift} great tractor - [EDIT]
B 1939 23121 Frank Hughes
Tulsa, OK - [EDIT]
B 1939 27367 Donald M. Cosper
Burleson, Texas - [EDIT]
B 1939 30055 Philip and Cherye Faughn
Jonesboro Arkansas Purchased from a Mr. Walker from Portia Arkansas in Nov. 05. Perfect running condition. Getting a new paint job, decals, etc. Sharp tractor!!! - [EDIT]
B 1939 13396 Jason Hayes
PA I am 17 years old and this is my first farm tractor. I plan to folly restore my ac b - [EDIT]
B 1939 14375 David Liddiard Alresford Hants England Found in a barn in devon . Brought by my father in 1971 for 5.00 .Full restoration carried in 1999 by myself . Tractor has rear wheel wieghts fitted . - [EDIT]
B 1939 31752 Jeff Copeland
Jones OK It got rolled by a tornado. Needs lots of work. - [EDIT]
B 1939 28524 Ed Sedgwick
Deep River, CT My grandfather's original tractor. In pieces since about 1970. - [EDIT]
B 1939 31426 B. Watts
Melbourne,Australia Does anyone have the correct paint colour and code for this tractor? please - [EDIT]
B 1939 27107 Ted Seifert
Austinburg Ohio Will be restored someday. Cost $300 - [EDIT]
B 1939 22907 Loren Kahl
Empire MN Restored - [EDIT]
B 1939 17265 Bob Byrne
Tiro,Ohio Good Shape , - [EDIT]
B 1939 29011 STONEY SMITH
B 1939 21325 Gary Shappard
Metropolis Illinois owend this one for about 5 years just done acompleat restore this is my first of many i hope. - [EDIT]
B 1939 17755 Don Emery
Binghamton New york Crank start Recent paint and decales.Runs,looks nice.Up for Adoptin.Posibly trade. - [EDIT]
B 1939 19979 Roger Thorpe
Aniwa,WI Sounded O.K. until I put a muffler on it. Needs a overhaul job. Sheet metal good. No fluid in tires. Rims O.K. Took it into shop and started to restored 12 SEP 05. Finished spring of 2008. - [EDIT]
B 1939 26036 Bob Nordyke
Culleoka,Ten. Tractor was given to me, almost full restoration was done before i got it. I have 3 more B's - [EDIT]
B 1939 30141 Charlie Hawkins Northern, NY Getting ready to start restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1939 - kip side JORAN NY Fully restored will be taking to shows. I put a 6ft sickel bar mower on it . (got parted out when sold) - [EDIT]
B 1939 23544 Tom Goeken
Brush Co. had to replace both rear wheels and tires.It had stuck valve and rebuild carb. Runs real good. - [EDIT]
B 1939 29011 REVENIA J.
B 1939 - Wayne Wetzel
Keystone Heights, Florida This B originated in Illinois, was purchased in Atlanta, Georgia. It is 90% restored. - [EDIT]
B 1939 20212 Jeff Brown
Hampton, VA Tractor was bought by my father in 1955 or 56. He gave to me a few years ago. Just recently got it running again and will start restoration soon. UPDATE - Dec 2001: Just hauled this tractor from boyhood home in NJ to where I live in Va. - [EDIT]
B 1939 24168 Bryan Milbach
Milwaukee runs,no smoke, good tin, bought 10-31-99 - [EDIT]
B 1939 19496 L Sweet
Bennett WI Was Dad's tractor. It has a newer CE engine with starter CE530736. Dad (Morton Shogren) worked at the AC factory in the 40's. - [EDIT]
B 1939 26496 Bruce Anderson Jr
Alborn Minn Am in the process of restoring this little gem to use on my 120 acre beef ranch. - [EDIT]
B 1939 20829 Patrick Hopkinson
Grantham,England. Bought off ebay as a runner in July 2005.Painted and fettled with.Nearly ready for summer shows in 2006.e-mail - [EDIT]
B 1939 12604 Noel Trengove
ballarat - [EDIT]
B 1939 30804 Gary Norton
Georgia My first tractor. It's painted ford blue, has a farmall belly mower, came complete with water in the oil. Runs great, I love it! - [EDIT]
B 1939 23044 Linn Vehslage
Rockford, IL Just for fun! - [EDIT]
B 1939 14453 Tom Caldwell
Donahue Ia Complete restoration in 2004 engine rebuilt, bearing and seals though out new tires PPG paint - [EDIT]
B 1939 30306 Jim Corcoran
Austin, Texas Has adjustable WFE. Needs complete restoration which is currently in process. - [EDIT]
B 1939 20812 Ed Sedgwick
Deep River, CT - [EDIT]
B 1939 14708 Link Shadley
The Dalles, Oregon Restored in 1999 - parade ready. - [EDIT]
B 1939 24219 Al Stoneberg
Ladysmith, Wi. Locked up tight when I got her. Took 2 wks. of tlc to turn the crank. Had broken rocker asmbly. popped frost plug, cracked temp. guage housing. One crank and she's off to the woods. She stays in the garage with my '49 WD until we go out and work. - [EDIT]
B 1939 23447 Johnny Smith
Patterson, CA Restored 39 Model "B" in good working condition - [EDIT]
B 1939 B 15753 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden Good condition. Runs like new. - [EDIT]
B 1939 33489 Tom Greeneisen
Lebanon, Oh. Very reliable, used for mowing and gardening. - [EDIT]
B 1939 24591 Frank Malcolm
Newborn, Ga. purring like a kitten after 30 years in the shed,my dad's tractor,ready to sand & paint - [EDIT]
B 1939 20700 Ron Strack
Ellicottville, New York I have owned this "B" for 25 years. It's all original and in good shape. It has the PTO shaft and belt pulley. I also have the original A.C. single bottom plow for it. Engine number is BE-208220. - [EDIT]
B 1939 32377 Richard Matthews
Texas Purchased 12-05. Runs great. Minor work required for restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1939 12488 Michael Lynn
Paducah, KY Am in the process of making an IB out of this tractor. New engine,paint, and fenders. Fun little tractor to drive. - [EDIT]
B 1939 32739 ryan schott
goodells mi Bought on 8 3 2015 - [EDIT]
B 1939 B18572 Paul Chappell-King
Wiltshire, UK Recently purchased, looking for a few parts to get it running. - [EDIT]
B 1939 33245 Steve Crites
Ontario, Canada First tractor, lots of mods/additions, love it - [EDIT]
B 1939 E B 12000 marion
west australia found in a paddock and given a good home after 25 years of neglect! Still goes, currently under restoration - new manifold, seat, gauges, gaskets, half a dozen oil changes, refurbish engine ... panels currently being welded sound ... watch this space! - [EDIT]
B 1939 31416 Derek Thorne Harrison Valley Pa Almost completely restored - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Ray Sullinger
Ohio - [EDIT]
B 1939 34390 Steve Valles
Gainesville, FL Awaiting restoration. Runs great! - [EDIT]
B 1939 B13630 Corbett Dodge
Western Michigan Running when purchased 5/2016, needed carb and bottom bearings. - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Jon Heintz
Peotone Ground up restoration in progress. - [EDIT]
B 1939 19255 Steve Kudrick
Mooresburg, Penna. Coming back to life one small step at a time.... - [EDIT]
B 1939 1957 Ben Sutherland
South Carolina Running, older restoration. Have Serial Number B 1958 now. - [EDIT]
B 1939 20788 Ted McCauley
6495 Groveland Hill Rd Groveland, NY 14462-9537 Purchased at auction in summer of 1996 & is partly restored at this time. - [EDIT]
B 1939 15002 Kevin
Dunnville Ontario Canada Best running machine I own. - [EDIT]
B 1939 13465 Peter John Dent
Llanboidy Carmarthenshire West Wales U.K. Bought at farm sale in 1972 in working order, Restored in 1990 it has a curved front axle and lever brakes and PTO drive . - [EDIT]
B 1939 1958 Ben Sutherland
Dacusville SC This is a sequential SN to my other B. It is rough, but well worth the effort of having the "pair". - [EDIT]
B 1939 B 21937 Chris Rawlins
Rio Rancho, New Mexico Restored in 2010 in Marion, Kansas. I brought it home on September 16th, 2017. It's in overall very good condition, with minor cosmetic and mechanical issues. The tractor starts on the first crank, and runs very well. - [EDIT]
B 1939 B16174 Corbett Dodge
Western Michigan Purchased 6/2016 as parts tractor. Sat in woods many years. Restoration possible. - [EDIT]
B 1939 18636 William Drake
Neola, Pa restored - [EDIT]
B 1939 12755 Bob Thompson
Oakfield, NY With one row cultivator - [EDIT]
B 1939 28970 John McNutt
Carrollton, Ohio Reconditioned and in use as a mowing tractor with 60 inch Woods finish mower. Looking for starter crank. - [EDIT]
B 1939 12400 CLIFF SPENCE
DECATUR,TX. REBUILT FATHERS TRACTOR complete rebuild, still need paint and belly mower - [EDIT]
B 1939 12296 John W Myer
Cozad, Nebraska My Grandpa restored it 25yrs. ago and now I am totally restoring it again. I have the rear steel for it but have yet to find the front steel. - [EDIT]
B 1939 17713 Matt Frenton
Cambridge, Ohio good little tractor - [EDIT]
B 1939 31522 Steve Lumsden
Boring, Oregon I am in need of implements for my Model B. Most need: (1)cultivator and (2)mower. - [EDIT]
B 1939 28538 Andy osborn
Marion NY has adjustable arched front end. future puller for kids - [EDIT]
B 1939 15548 chris snyder
Bangor, Michigan first tractor, won it in a raffle at an antique tractor and engine show. rebuilt the engine and it suprises me every time i use it - [EDIT]
B 1939 14854 Karl Erik Karlsson
Sweden found tractor as a basket case. I have this tractor almost restored i just need to finish the final coat of paint on it. - [EDIT]
B 1939 18722 Steve Provost
Connecticut Under Restoration currently - [EDIT]
B 1939 32675 John D'Hont
Arborg, Manitoba Restored in 1985 - [EDIT]
B 1939 25274 Curtis & Sheryl Cook
Chesapeake, Va has been painted and looks fair. runs well and all sheet metal good. needs minor work. - [EDIT]
B 1939 14238 David Louden
Dawsonville,Ga Fully restored - Hand brakes and crank - Starts first crank every time - WILL NEVER SELL !! - [EDIT]
B 1939 - Clint Anchors
Olathe KS Restoring,have a small crack in the block, and looking for PTO and hydraulics - [EDIT]
B 1939 25489 JEANNE RITHER
B 1939 - Gerald ( Whitey) Patrick
Brighton Colo. 80602 Where do you find the serial # right by the gear shift lever, will start with a B - [EDIT]
B 1939 B31406 Sue Thompson
Cedar Springs Michigan This Allis Chalmers B was bought by my great-grandfather, the year my Daddy was born. I found it and rebought it to remain in my family. In honor of my Dad, who passed away on May 27, 2017. - [EDIT]
B 1939 B29227 Eric Stanley
Four Oaks NC Equipments- Henderson Loader - [EDIT]
B 1939 B24168 Daniel J Rost II
Rost Lake, WI My Great Grandfather had a 1940 Allis B that he farmed with on this Farm For Over 40 Years! This tractor is a memorial to him and My Uncle Arnold Smith who recently passed and was an Allis Collector. This tractor was part of his Allis Collection. - [EDIT]
B 1939 B21445 Devon
Iowa - [EDIT]
B 1939 29038 John Clemmons
Barnhill, Illinois restored wide front, new eng. used for mowing - [EDIT]
B 1939 15843 rich
dundee ny im new with tractor dont know much about them starting to learn about them and my allis - [EDIT]
B 1939 25124 Alan F. Garratt
Market Harborough, UK Farmed until 2003 in Reach Cambs, when bought and restored by Tim King (Soham Cambs). Owned by Fredrick & James Andrews (Willaston Cheshire) 2011-13. Parked alongside my Dexta & TEF-20. - [EDIT]
B 1939 29473 John Martine
Highlands, Texas just bought it-rusted-not running-lots of mplements-plan on a complete restoration to a 2 row crop - [EDIT]
B 1939 20441 Tony Dutton
United Kingdom. Bought 1996. Being an early model it is fitted with the wishbone front axle & independant rear hand brakes. It is in fair condition & is to be restored in the near future. Was originally fitted with a mid mounted featherstone finger bar mower. - [EDIT]
B 1939 27035 M.Pare
Campbellford Ontario Canada All original and purrs like a kitten. Thanks Marv... make an offer... - [EDIT]
B 1939 28515 Stone Acre Farm J.S.Erwin Jr.
Williamson NY tractor runs buzz saw. - [EDIT]
B 1939 24291 wilburn russell
baldwyn ms. love my little allis she is just right size .plan on giving her some new paint this winter - [EDIT]
B 1940 39748 Isaac Considine
Portage, WI Bought this 8/27/06. - [EDIT]
B 1940 - Toby Olsen
Amsterdam NY This tractor,according to CH wendels Allis Chalmers story is commonly known as the Asparagus Special.With factory original cultivators,and paint job,hand brakes,crank start with add on electric start.Runs Great!!!!! - [EDIT]
B 1940 36995 Dennis L. Blake
Nineveh, Indiana Hope to restore. Wide front end. Trying to hook up belly mower. Is there a web site for exchanging information ? An A/C club? - [EDIT]
B 1940 41666 Robert May
Houston, TX Restoration in progress - [EDIT]
B 1940 33553 Jim Stokes
Franklinton, Louisiana Dec.10,1999 purchased . A lot of work ahead to restore. - [EDIT]
B 1940 41691 Roxanna Maddox
Jonesville Mich. unsure of the year or history of this little gem Would appreciate any help. - [EDIT]
B 1940 49720 Patrick Curry
Luttrell, TN Newly acquired, runs good. This is the last 1940 tractor off the line. The next tractor was considered a 1941! - [EDIT]
B 1940 45914 Bob Appleman
Lancaster Ohio I bought this B at an auction this summer with a Woods L59 mower,it goes -stops-steers great. I put it to work to earn its keep mowing seven acres. Lots of fun, hand brakes and all. I may restore it when it gets old or tired....... if it ever does. - [EDIT]
B 1940 38488 Terry Gardner
Marion, NY - [EDIT]
B 1940 48660 Wayne Crank
Louisa, Va. Got it with drawbar, plow, rear weights,electric start, gen. and 2point hitch. would like to find mower for it. any help out there? - [EDIT]
B 1940 36983 JOHN UPDYKE
Horseheads, NY Adjustable WFE, PTO W/ belt pulley, added electric start. Ground up restoration complete in 2002. - [EDIT]
B 1940 45726 Scott and Amy Mommaerts
Caledonia,WI Spent a long time waiting for a "B"..Now I finally have one. AWF, elec. start, hand brakes, PTO. Restoration well under way. Having alot of fun with it. - [EDIT]
B 1940 37830 Kenneth J Koupal
Cedar Falls, Iowa bought 3 yrs ago for restoration - motor runs fine - needs tin work - [EDIT]
B 1940 46047 Ron Carter
Branch, MI - [EDIT]
B 1940 41349 Mick Reese
Swanton, Ohio Just purchased, not to bad of shape. belonged to late Great Uncle who purchased new - [EDIT]
B 1940 B54758 JOHN ELLIS
B 1940 b43385 Todd Petty
rock hill sc $2500 - [EDIT]
B 1940 42795 Garry Blevins
Hanmer,Ontario,Canada - [EDIT]
B 1940 36984 kenneth brehm hamilton ohio restored - [EDIT]
B 1940 41574 Hurtt Equip., Inc
Hoople, Nd 58243 complete but not restored - [EDIT]
B 1940 34171 Dave Kirkhuff
Metamora, Illinois Bought in 1997 - 12v start, wide front end, great sheet metal & paint! Has a Woods belly mower, and can clip 5 acres in just under 3 hours! - [EDIT]
B 1940 46378 Dave Carney
Cisco, Texas Purchase Tractor near Durango, Texas. Came with middle buster/turning plow, side planter, and cultivator. All it needs is some TLC. Will bring it back to like new. - [EDIT]
B 1940 46802 Tom Sybrandy
Michigan - [EDIT]
B 1940 46399 Randy Howell
Beggs Oklahoma running just fine . - [EDIT]
B 1940 52483 Glenn Hitzfield
Clayton, Ohio 45315 Just purchased on 4-21-2001 Need owners manual - [EDIT]
B 1940 49218 Peter J Crown Point, IN Have a Woods L59 belly mower on it. Use it to mow waterways. Presently restoring my Oliver. - [EDIT]
B 1940 42182 Dave&Michelle Underwood
Holland Centre On. Information on parts would be helpfull. Got to keep this baby alive!!! - [EDIT]
B 1940 41466 Alan Avery
International Falls,mn engine no be42037-g 12volt partly restored wide front runs great - [EDIT]
B 1940 49371 Carl Sheets
Hughesville Pa. Its a little rough but mows my 2 acre lawn all summer - [EDIT]
B 1940 40655 Joseph B Faust
Pierz Mn adj wide front, orig ac front weights - [EDIT]
B 1940 41966 Robert Clay Wilson
Seneca, Missouri - [EDIT]
B 1940 39127 Don Fulton
BlackRiverFalls, Wi. - [EDIT]
B 1940 39546 Bud DeGraff
Zion, IL Restored in spring of '99. Used for plowing and giving rides to grandchildren. - [EDIT]
B 1940 48908 Jim Thomson
Attleboro,ma restored, has hand lift cultivator and is used to cultivate market garden - [EDIT]
B 1940 34665 John Snyder
N. Franklin, CT The tractor is in very good condition. Am currently getting it set up to pull in antique tractor pulls. Plan on repainting and restoring over the winter. - [EDIT]
B 1940 48361 Marvin Davis
Americus, Georgia restored,hand brakes - [EDIT]
B 1940 47482 Mickey & Jenny Johnson
Boneville, Georgia currently restoring - [EDIT]
B 1940 45627 Michael McCauley
Springwater NY Need a set of lights to complete the restoration - [EDIT]
B 1940 41131 eric renstrom mora mn FOR SALE 1 320 679 4398 restored parade quality like new 2000.00 - [EDIT]
B 1940 45687 Peter Wood
Rockville, Virginia My first antique tractor. Plan to restore it. - [EDIT]
B 1940 36673 Kirk G. Hedgecock
Boulder, Co. This tractor has been used for haying since 1958 by our family. Going to retire this fall and redo. - [EDIT]
B 1940 B39557 Jason Geary
Albany, NY - [EDIT]
B 1940 B45166 P. Sweangen Coiorado - [EDIT]
B 1940 B42681 John Gulenchyn
Peteborough ON Can Bought new by Grand Father ,Paint is fadded ,new tires but still in 100% running condition - [EDIT]
B 1940 37970 ryanschott
goodells mi bought on 11 29 15 needs a little work but will run again. has original paint - [EDIT]
B 1940 37038 Tom Gray
Yorkshire, United Kingdom Older restoration, needs a few tweeking jobs doing but a lovely little machine. My first ever tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1940 42883 Chris Scott Chicora Pa My first tractor, traded an old trailer to get it. Wide front, factory hydraulics, woods belly mower - [EDIT]
B 1940 41974 Dave Carney
Cisco, Texas This is a partial tractor that I saved from salvage. I have the block, body tube, rear end, adjustable front end. 1 rear rim. hood in fair condition, radiator, seat back and supports, PTO and pulley housing and a few more pieces. - [EDIT]
B 1940 43970 Dan Hritz
Flint,MI Working tractor, restored .In the family since 1943 - [EDIT]
B 1940 38938 Phil Auten
Durango, TX. Adj. WFE, PTO/Belt Pulley, no electrics, rear wheel weights. Needs minor dents fixed and paint to be very nice. Allis #2 to go with the RC. Added a belly mount, one row cultivator and a belly mount 6' sickle bar mower in 2000. - [EDIT]
B 1940 34157 Tony and Brad Baldwin
Fairhope,Alabama Looking for year made and tips on restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1940 36441 William Drake
Neola, Pa running, good condition - [EDIT]
B 1940 40591 James R. Schnabel
Gowanda, NY Working tractor - [EDIT]
B 1940 37793 Joseph B Faust
Pierz Mn adj wide front, to be restored - [EDIT]
B 1940 40803 Ted Seifert
Austinburg Ohio Parts tractor may live again someday bought for $50.00 - [EDIT]
B 1940 49709 Brent McConnell
Rock Hill, SC Nice original tractor, will be restoring this winter - [EDIT]
B 1940 36841 Myron (Butch) Rafferty
Durand, IL Restored and Running - [EDIT]
B 1940 46994 Steve Ronat
Pocahontas,IL Runs good still use it around the farm for light duty - [EDIT]
B 1940 48134 Louis Krock
Fort Wayne,IN run great in the middle of restoring it. 9-1-2013 - [EDIT]
B 1940 44099 Tom Dicke Goodhue working on it - [EDIT]
B 1940 39771 Joseph B Faust
Pierz Mn for parts - [EDIT]
B 1940 38767 Larry Dotson
Bellefontain, Ohio fresh engine, nice shape - [EDIT]
B 1940 38814 Eldon Jons
Spokane WA Not running adjustable wide front. Came with 2 way plows and front axle weights - [EDIT]
B 1940 39127 Bruce Bessert
Hatfield, WI Tractor in excellent condition, have sickle bar mower that attaches under belly, and looks home-made push blade - [EDIT]
B 1940 41543 joseph snyder
Hudson,NC restoring now runs like a singer sawing machine hoping that it will turn out like factor if I can find all the info on it. - [EDIT]
B 1940 45077 JOE MANZELLA
B 1940 40440 Jim Davenport
Glade Park, Colorado Working tractor - [EDIT]
B 1940 44992 Lonnie & Zachary Henry
Pa. - [EDIT]
B 1940 40797 Larry Deutz, Grafton, ND
Minot, ND This tractor is from the Edgeley, ND area. Has been sitting in a barn since the 1950s. Engine is seized and need a rear tire rim. Just getting started. - [EDIT]
B 1940 42843 Ernest A. Cameron
Country Harbour, Nova Scotia Used on hobby farm - [EDIT]
B 1940 48692 RICH MAXWELL
B 1940 48726 Gary Maynard
North Bay, Ontario Running, Have Plow and 80s Sickle Mower in working order. Have Factory Installed Hydraulics. Has Magneto, all 6 volt positive ground. Block number AM-2916-12 Engine number BE49355 - [EDIT]
B 1940 41134 Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN Nice clean tractor with no electric and on full steel with extensions on the rear. - [EDIT]
B 1940 39247 Denis Wisko
Suamico WI Picked this ol girl up a few years back, runs with a miss, thought Id restore it because this is what I learned to drive on when I was 8 years old. too many irons in the fire now. Id sell it for $950. - [EDIT]
B 1940 - Tom & Becky Cherry
Greensburg,IN Restoration finished 4/2010...Took AC-B & C,to make one. Use for showing,parades,and chores on farm. - [EDIT]
B 1940 48327 Ted Seifert
Austinburg ohio Parts tractor $50 - [EDIT]
B 1940 37357 Nichcole Darrah
Washington - [EDIT]
B 1940 45166 Patrick Sweangen Fort Collins, CO - [EDIT]
B 1940 48692 RICK MAXWELL
B 1940 49652 kevin herr
callaway,va Trying to rebuid this tractor anyone who can help me with advice email me thanks - [EDIT]
B 1940 33546 Doug Keifer
Maple Park, IL Recieved from my late great-grandfathers estate in working condition with a 59 inch woods belly mower saving up for the restoration as I write. Crank start, bad seat, no muffler, and smashed grill, keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! - [EDIT]
B 1940 34818 Jennifer Stanley
Richfield, Ohio First time owner with restoration project. - [EDIT]
B 1940 52588 Steve Valles
Gainesville, FL Restored in 2017. Has Woods 59L belly mower and hand lift. - [EDIT]
B 1940 37404 Bob Saxton
Erie County, PA Found this orphan rusting away along the roadside. Making progress on getting the motor unstuck, tractor looks bad, but everything is solid and the fluids look good. Looking forward to the restoration and driving it! - [EDIT]
B 1940 36835 Dale J. Haymaker
Paris, Il. Steel wheels with correct rear hubs, air pipe and fenders.Have two way cast iron plows with hand lift and front wishbone weights.Restored. - [EDIT]
B 1940 45233 Bill Haines Scotland,AR. This will be a project for my son, who is 3 and myself. It will be our 2nd project. Lots of fun! - [EDIT]
B 1940 42309 chuck race & chris jackson
reading pa. been in the family since 1970's chris is currently restoring it for a seinor school project . have the orig. plow & cultivator. - [EDIT]
B 1940 36279 Tom Randol
winterset ia Dad bought this tractor from the Bashers farm sale,Weldon Ia el starter added however gen is under the seat belted to the belt pulley. - [EDIT]
B 1940 41011 Wayne Manske
Milwaukee WI My first tractor. A very nice Model B - [EDIT]
B 1940 33865 Robert Gilkinson Sr Sherman NY Bought in 2004. Unrestored, but in real good running condition. - [EDIT]
B 1940 47531 mike mcmillin mo - [EDIT]
B 1940 41652 bill young claysville pa - [EDIT]
B 1940 54660 Bill Oakes Oelwein, Iowa Bought this B in 2000 near Bremer Iowa. Runs good with good paint. - [EDIT]
B 1940 34638 Ron Pylant
Oak Harbor Ohio Great little tractor for plowing up ground - [EDIT]
B 1940 34936 Gordon Owen
Mannford Ok Electric start but has no provision for generator.and engine has not been changed. - [EDIT]
B 1940 40804 Tim Ponn
Orwell, OH Restoration project. Purchased 8/16/12 for $500. Came with MF 1019 belly mower. Nice tin, runs a bit rough. - [EDIT]
B 1940 44736 Justin Smith
ponca city,ok bought this beauty off my buddy,(the Clonts family,Blackwell,ok)his grandpaw bought it new! were only her 2nd owner. we call her Aunt B. proud 2 have it ! (thanx James) Runs Great!!! all origanal - [EDIT]
B 1940 40440 Jim Davenport
Glade Park, Colorado comlete restoration 2010, great little machine - [EDIT]
B 1940 38754 Todd Hintz
Wisconsin I have a truck plow, sickle bar mower, and cultivator for this tractor too. Lots of fun! - [EDIT]
B 1940 38136 Lewis Winward
Willard, Utah adjustable front wheels - [EDIT]
B 1940 35784 Chris and Pam Martin
Tuscumbia AL This tractor belonged to my wifes uncle until his death 12 years ago. - [EDIT]
B 1940 42033 john shifflet
marion,ohio just traded for it, engine stuck, good rubber, 12 volt with starter, but have parts for 6 volt and mag. any advice? - [EDIT]
B 1940 48216 Richard (Rick) Langhorst
Rosebud, MO This tractor is a worker or shall we say a mower. Wouldn't have anything else. - [EDIT]
B 1940 46246 G. Culp
Michigan Year information is taken from this site and from Terry Dean's "Allis-Chalmers Data Book." The person I bought it from thought it was from the early 50s, but it has two hand brakes and arched front axels. If I'm wrong, please let me know. - [EDIT]
B 1940 47803 Roman Williams
Fond-du-lac Wis Bought 11/07/04, engine (was) tight,need a rear wheel due to excessive rust, doing a lot of sanding and grinding,loving the hobby - [EDIT]
B 1940 44445 Phil Knight
SLC Utah Adjustable wide front end bought from daughter of original owner in running condition with double bottom. almost 1/2 way through motor teardown and rebuild. Learning A LOT along the way !!!! - [EDIT]
B 1940 36512 J.R. McDonald
Grand Forks ND I have had that little tractor for about twenty years and I have had alot of people try to buy it but I will not sell I use it to mow grass and clean snow - [EDIT]
B 1940 - Mark Johncox
Penn Yan N.Y. Restored 1940 asparagus Model "B" - [EDIT]
B 1940 34675 Lamar Steiner
Fredericksburg Ohio Compleatly Restored March - April 2005 all sheet metal in great shape Runs Great - [EDIT]
B 1940 - Mark Johncox
Penn Yan N.Y. I have two 1940 asparagus specails one is all restorded and the second one will be soon... - [EDIT]
B 1940 43970 Dan Hritz
Flint,MI restoration completed 1996.tractor has been in the family since 1943.runs great! - [EDIT]
B 1940 49564 Fred Pierce
Lockport, LA Trying to find out the year built. Just purchased. - [EDIT]
DURAND MICH this tractor is 95% original it has never been mechanically restored although i have sandblasted and refinished it to original new condition - [EDIT]
B 1940 37113 Brian Davidson
Hopkins, MN My uncle owned only one tractor. He bought this one new in 1939. My dad bought it in 1960 and I took it over two years ago. I painted it this summer (2002) and now it looks as good as it runs. - [EDIT]
B 1940 37483 Jim Cridge
Gerrardstown, WV Bought in Jan 05, with cultivator, engine runs great, currently restoring. - [EDIT]
B 1940 46981 Bob Wettergren
Elkhart, IN Would like to know what year & where it was made. - [EDIT]
B 1940 49177 Andrew C. Bazar
Cressona, Pa 17929 Model B Allis-Chalmers with field plow, disk, harrow, sickle bar, snow plow, and cultivator. Electrical system is converterd from 6 volt to 12 volt negative ground maintaining magneto ignition. Used Delco 10-SI alternator and Optima battery. - [EDIT]
B 1940 46712 Dan Hartnagel
West Milton, Ohio I was lucky to find one this original. - [EDIT]
B 1940 42436 Gary Baggett Jr.
Roseboro NC Complete restoration - [EDIT]
B 1940 35435 Dave McClenathan
Bellville Ohio Looking for a grill - [EDIT]
B 1940 cr40966 Jim Stahler
Odell,Il 60460 Stationary engine on cart with pto for auger power - [EDIT]
B 1940s? ? Reg. no. JUJ 44 Seeking current owner. Please help.
Believed Scotland, ex-Leicestershire/ Shropshire. An old friend! I have early history/ may have photos of interest. Please contact me! - [EDIT]
B 1941 55925 Sheldon Semon
California I am the third owner of the barn kept tractor. It's in great shape but needs painting and a few minor fixes! edit: nope, not a '40, I was right the first time it's a '41! - [EDIT]
B 1941 54285 Alan Avery
Columbia Heights,mn engine no be55187-g 12volt Has a new front end but needs engine overhaul.. - [EDIT]
B 1941 55837 Bob Davids
St. Albans, Maine my first ac. she has plowed a lot of snow, turned over a lot of garden spots and hauled a lot of firewood. semiretirement and restoration soon - [EDIT]
B 1941 56977 Steve Valles
Gainesville, FL Restored in 2017 with 3-point conversion and finish mower. - [EDIT]
B 1941 - jon schram
Nisswa, Mn No serial number present. - [EDIT]
B 1941 50316 Jeff Vogel
Plymouth, Wi A nice working tractor with 1-bottom plow, and front snow blade - [EDIT]
B 1941 55846 Sam Wyckoff
Amenia Ny This B is in great condition, when I got her she had ice in the engine 24 hours latter I had it thawed out , and 12 hours latter she ran for the firs time in two years, I have had it running many times since that she starts right up starter unheard! - [EDIT]
B 1941 - Lance Larrison
OHIO Restored in June 2015 by Lance Larrison and Adam DeMassimo. - [EDIT]
B 1941 53337 Brad Deplazes Devils lake, ND Older restoration - [EDIT]
B 1941 - Larry Weigt
ohio , Lima WOODS MOWER L-59 in great shape looks real good Just purchased this tractor but I have no use for the L59 woods mower that came with it if you know any one wanting to purchace the mower please let me know thanks - [EDIT]
B 1941 52073 Tom Andreas
salem, or. just finished restoration. have owned tractor since 1986. - [EDIT]
B 1941 - David B. Reasner
Keymar, MD Fair running condition, needs work, few leaks, belly mower 5 ft, and front mounted blade scraper. FOR SALE!!!! - [EDIT]
B 1941 54257 Ed Schaefer
Beaumont, TX Bought in early summer 09. Work in progress - [EDIT]
B 1941 56147 Matthew Varney
Hubbard, OR Engine is frozen but most of the tractor is still there. Engine is torn down halfway and I'd like to finish the job some time. - [EDIT]
B 1941 53231 Rick and Lora Bennett
Williamsburg Ky Still runs even with half the manifold gone and a leaky radiator hose. Currently undergoing restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1941 50875 Jerry Baker
Pioneer, CA Excelent condition restored. I am looking for Hydraulics, Bucket & Post hole digger. - [EDIT]
B 1941 52236 Quenton Kroge Kearney Missouri Tractor purchased at consignment auction in 2002. Tractor is torn down and restoration underway. Other than the engine, tractor is in very good condition. - [EDIT]
B 1941 56343 Robby Ruesch
Ely, Nevada Dads pride and joy - Restored 5 years ago. Converted to 12 V system. Currently used with draw bar, in the process of converting to 3 point hitch setup. - [EDIT]
B 1941 47412 Mickey & Jenny Johnson
Boneville,georgia unrestored-will parts tractor - [EDIT]
B 1941 50920 Mark Pfouts
Chagrin Falls, Ohio Been in Family 4 generations. Has starter, lights, and hydraulics. 2003 Restoration - [EDIT]
B 1941 53708 Ernest E. Sandberg
Coloma Michigan - [EDIT]
B 1941 52622 wayne hatley
albemarle nc looking for tractors for parts and equipment such as hay racks and other - [EDIT]
B 1941 50008 James Hovey
Mantua, OH All original, and it runs like new. Rebuilt the engine in 1975. Restored by Brian Orzechowski in 2005. - [EDIT]
B 1941 - Don Wagner
Blossvale, NY Purchased 2/23/14. Will post details as I examine it more closely. Runs strong. New Tires front/rear; 3pt hitch; 12 volt conversion; scraper plow. - [EDIT]
B 1941 B58758 Ryan Warinner
Powhatan, VA - [EDIT]
B 1941 55289 KEITH MARDON
queensland australia Now the tractor is complete had has been showed in our local area - [EDIT]
B 1941 - Clayton Bentley
Hazel Green, AL The tractor was gave to me. I need to do alot of work to it. It's on the back burner right now while I finish my WD-45. - [EDIT]
B 1941 50136 KEITH MARDON
queensland australia Now complete rebuild is done - [EDIT]
B 1941 B58337 Benjamin T Lewis
Robertsville mo Bought in nov of 2014 middle of restoration - [EDIT]
B 1941 56174 Ron Rasnic 18707 Elm Rd Carthage Mo.
Carthage Mo owner instaled three point runs like a top used all most every day. - [EDIT]
B 1941 49867 Dana Crowley
Sycamore, Il My father bought the tractor in 1975 to mow 13 acres of lawn. It never skipped a beat until the govenor blew apart and took out the camshaft gear. Rebuilt the engine and she runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1941 51131 Greg Matthews
Dowagiac, MIchigan Starter problems and then it is ready to go. - [EDIT]
B 1941 B 60755 Mason Wheatley
Indialantic,Fl Restoration in progress. When i first bought it it was the wrong color very little rust nice solid tractor. Please email with any questions - [EDIT]
B 1941 B51430 Brian Hoffmaster
Manhiem Pa good old B with ware loader - [EDIT]
B 1941 B55785 Billy Peveler
indiana love it!!! - [EDIT]
B 1941 51721 Jim Sharp
Manhattan,KS 66502 Just purchased it and am getting in in condition to do a little work for me. My dad sold this tractor to the father of the man I purchased it from. Its a nice one. - [EDIT]
B 1941 41799 Ted Seifert
Austinburg Ohio In pieces , will live again - [EDIT]
B 1941 53545 Curtis L Taylor
Houghton Lake, MI Unrestored. Has 3pt hitch, pulley and mid mount sickle mower - [EDIT]
B 1941 53402 Richard K Applegate
CT Working all original unrestored tractor with attachments. AC industrial mower,AC 1-bottom pick-up plow,trailer - [EDIT]
B 1941 56134 Larry and Jason Russell
Puckett, Mississippi Tractor is in good running condition. Has just been repainted and new decals applied. Will be used in Parades and to work the garden and wildlife food plots. Update 10-21-2005 Restoration Completed, the B was used this weekend for a hay ride. LHR - [EDIT]
B 1941 b54779 Marcus Harpur
Cavendish , Suffolk, UK Previously owned by the Philp family in castle hedingham. No history is known. Fitted with mid-mounted mower. Stored in a grain store. Presently undergoing restoration, evidently for the second time. - [EDIT]
B 1941 50778 Doyle Walling
Denton, Texas Sorry, this tractor has SOLD - [EDIT]
B 1941 53578 Tony Doyle Renville, Minnesota Running well. Came from Missouri. Has Woods belly mower and original cultivator. - [EDIT]
B 1941 - thomas cheney
oriskany ny was dads sitting 10yr engine stuck it willrun again - [EDIT]
B 1941 53713 Dennis H. Ashton
Michigan This tractor has been restored. Looks and runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1941 51452 Frank Fox
Ohio Restoring now found behind garage covered in weeds. - [EDIT]
B 1941 b58078 Jeremiah
bailey, co - [EDIT]
B 1941 50570 William Drake
Neola, Pa restored - [EDIT]
B 1941 53523 Ted Seifert
Austinburg Ohio Runs good is a family tractor with a L59 woods. will be restored to mint some day. - [EDIT]
B 1941 - Derek Davis
Stillman Valley IL - [EDIT]
B 1941 51469 willie T
B 1941 45769 mac kennedy
Florida passed on to me from my grandfather, still runs good - [EDIT]
B 1941 54902 Eric Jones
Cholmondeston, UK Bought the B in 2007 and been restoring ever since, its taking time but should be good restored for xmas 2011, - [EDIT]
B 1941 42402 jesse lamb
micro, nc she dont look like new but she runs solid - [EDIT]
B 1941 49994 David D.Johnson
Scottsburg,In. Used as a wood hauler.Runs very good. - [EDIT]
B 1941 52680 E. D. Gorden
Salem, WI. Runs good. Needs restoration yet. - [EDIT]
B 1941 54977 Andrew Edmonds
Kent, UK Purchased early this year in a partly restored condition - am currently finishing restoration - [EDIT]
B 1941 51818 G Anderson Tomahawk, Wi Runs great, tin in great shape also, have the hookon plow, hay mower, cultivator and home made back blade for snow. I have a riot with it. - [EDIT]
B 1941 50678 Mike Gartke
Waterman, IL Picked this tractor up for snow plowing and it works like a charm. Needs some new bearings in the PTO but that's easy enough to fix. - [EDIT]
B 1941 50667 Paul Craig Howell, MI Tractor given to me by farmer,son-in-law repainted and rebuilt carb& new decals, runs and looks good. - [EDIT]
B 1941 53042 Lyn Jones
Wales UK My first Allis! Bought ay farm sale at the end of April 99, It is unrestored and in good running order. - [EDIT]
B 1941 52033 Jeff Copeland
Jones OK Runs good, it has a Brushhog Brand belly brushhog I use to knock down weeds in the horse pasture. - [EDIT]
B 1941 52255 Dennis Christenson
lacenter wa. In the restoration process,, hope to be done by the summer of 03. - [EDIT]
B 1941 B51993 Emory J Voydik
Pine Grove Penna. - [EDIT]
B 1941 54168 Chet Eaton S.C Running great-Looks good-all parts there-well taken care leaks or smoking.rebuilt Mag 4/09 Got for my kids, will do full restore. latter - [EDIT]
B 1941 50546 Randy Mellberg
Central Michigan jerk & thief - [EDIT]
B 1941 52467 Don Smitht
Indiana This tractor came from over the state line in Il. Iam the third owner. It was a fence row tractor also. It will also wear its working cloths. - [EDIT]
B 1941 54023 Robert Zubicek Sealy, Texas Been sitting around for 10 years-good sheet metal so decided to do complete restoration-just started-but should be completed by end of year. - [EDIT]
B 1942 59113 Lake Region Grain, Seed Plant
Devils Lake, North Dakota Works with Woods Deck Mower L-59, in Devils Lake, North Dakota, Rohrville Elevator. Entered June 12, 2003 - [EDIT]
B 1942 56952 Butch Stecher
Haysville, Ks. Inherited from Grandpa. Rebuilt motor 1983. Restoration started fall 2001. Also have plow,harrow,5' sickle mower - [EDIT]
B 1942 - mike fenner clayton mi Winter restore project used to work 3 acre garden - [EDIT]
B 1942 - Emily Clemens
York, SC - [EDIT]
B 1942 59976 Joe Pat Robertson
Almo, KY Bought Feb 2007. Wide Rear Fenders, tall Air intake and spoke wheels on front. - [EDIT]
B 1942 58780 Schwartz Bros. Cent. MO Has engine BE60193G rebuilt to 3.375 bore. Machine has been rebuilt and has a Woods L306 mounted. - [EDIT]
B 1942 60170 James Ranney
Stockton,NY this B was on steel when it was new. It is now on rubber - [EDIT]
B 1942 B60569 Alan Lyscars&Ellen Walker
Southern New Hampshire USA - [EDIT]
B 1942 59650 Noel T. Hilford
Katikati. New Zealand Restored. Fitted with mid-mounted sickle-bar mower. - [EDIT]
B 1942 61348 David Kessler
Owasso, Ok. Father enlaws old tractor, has a Woods belly mower and hydraulics, Needs some TLC. - [EDIT]
B 1942 58196 Bob Delcamp
Mayville NY Going to hopefully restore soon - [EDIT]
B 1942 60057 Danny Emberton
Culpeper, Virginia Where to find parts - [EDIT]
B 1942 - Danny O'Steen
Richmond Virginia nice little original war time B runs good works good never been overhauled i have a old sickle mower and old plow for sale if you are interested let me know - [EDIT]
B 1942 59650 Noel T. Hilford
New Zealand Self restored - [EDIT]
B 1942 57549 Walt Evans
Montour County, PA It's in good shape. Has pair of plows, and belly mower. still 6 volts - [EDIT]
B 1942 - jim gustafson
Hesperia,ca Found in a big weed patch in Neb.3rd generation 2nd restoration - [EDIT]
B 1942 59924 Doug Gunther
Muncie, IN I purchased this tractor in the fall of 2003. It has a Woods 5 Ft. belly mower. Have 20+ Hrs. since having engine work done recently, runs very well. - [EDIT]
B 1942 59949 Chris TenEyck Bucyrus ohio - [EDIT]
B 1942 57030 Dave Swihart
Mt. Gilead, Ohio Bought from wife's grandfather. Perfect for mowing five acres. Thinking or restoring. - [EDIT]
B 1942 B58292 Creston Moore OK Bought in 2009. C engine/ B tranny and rear end. Restored with 6' belly sickle mower. - [EDIT]
B 1942 58342 Richard Baird Creston,OH The tractor came from the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster. - [EDIT]
B 1942 58327 David D. Johnson
Scottsburg,In. 12V,Has woods L59 mower,runs very good. - [EDIT]
B 1942 60568 timmy van riper
hillsdale,new jersey I am second owner and father was the first. and good shape - [EDIT]
MICH purchased the 42 from Prescott, MI in Nov 1998. she's a beauty and a worker & completly restored. ! - [EDIT]
B 1942 58789 Dustin Chadums Manns Choice,PA Needs some work. - [EDIT]
B 1942 58780 Schwartz Bros
Cent. MO Tractor has a Woods L306 mower mounted and is used for mowing ten acres. Both tractor and mower have been restored for use. - [EDIT]
B 1942 58812 Rodney K. Thompson
Farmington, New Hampshire Working tractor. Have original AC belly mount sickle mower, WIARD 2-way pick up plows and AC disc harrows. - [EDIT]
B 1942 61328 Brian D. Foltz
Thornville. Ohio It runs good enough to mow my five acres..... hopefully, this is the year we overhaul it..... - [EDIT]
B 1942 57352 julie steinmetz
Rhinelander, Wi need help getting it to start - last ran june 2002 - [EDIT]
B 1942 58341 mike mcmillin mo - [EDIT]
B 1943 65436 Patrick McMullen
Salisbury NC Very nice original tractor. Henderson loader, wheel weights, pto, belt pulley, rear lift, 6 volt positive earth, headlights. Great little machine. - [EDIT]
B 1943 63782 Matthew Camillo
Cortland, NY I love this little tractor. My grandfather bought it in the 60's. I've been riding this 'Ol girl for over 40 years. It even has the Hi-Lo range and hydraulics. Any info on parts and repairs is appreciated. - [EDIT]
B 1943 65378 Robert Mastrippolito Jr.
Coatesville, PA 6 volt, no lights, no dents, converted to Delco distributor, has PTO and hydraulics, enormous Meyer snow blade on a well engineered plow frame... underhood muffler, shutters, tough little tractor. Wouldn't trade it for ten Farmall Cubs. - [EDIT]
B 1943 65296 Gary Renda
Cape Town, South Africa 100% original, runs great. restoration to start in Dec'06 - [EDIT]
B 1943 58148 Dave B
Macedon New York Purchased at an auction July 2005. Presently under reconstruction. Already have it running pretty decent. - [EDIT]
B 1943 63598 Jack Bates
West Plains, MO Bought the old girl fall of 2000, has belly blade, a few implements, plan on restoring to go with my 66 Ford Ranger, show both at same time - [EDIT]
B 1943 - James Cleaveland / Martin Boots
Indianola, IA - [EDIT]
B 1943 64885 Mark Williams
Gloucester UK Under restoration - any help/information & updating greatly appreciated. - [EDIT]
B 1943 B59186 Stamper Locust - [EDIT]
B 1943 64929 Dale Stammers
Suffolk .England orchard convertion by Allman sprayers - [EDIT]
B 1944 B66014 Sue Thompson
Cedar Springs, Michigan - [EDIT]
B 1944 66202 Ed Sedgwick
Deep River, CT - [EDIT]
B 1944 66988 gig troutman
vienna,illinois 62995 nice tractor, needs to be repainted, use it with a l 59 woods mower,all new tires,2004 love the orange,ac's owned, wc, wd, wd45 and the b - [EDIT]
B 1944 B70185 William Hansen
Miles, Iowa Was what my grandpa had on the farm when my dad was growing up. Is now a father son project. - [EDIT]
B 1944 66142 Roger I. Strand
Park Falls, WI Tractor runs ok, pretty much original except for the 12V alternator. - [EDIT]
B 1944 -
B 1944 66305 Tom Anderson
Clayton, WI - [EDIT]
B 1944 68404 Jonathan J. Ischi
Evansville, WI Nice Straight tractor. I haven't done anything with it yet but get it running - [EDIT]
B 1944 67094 Mitch Adair Huntertown, In Makes a nice lawnmower with a Woods L59 5' belly mower. - [EDIT]
B 1944 68424 David & Paula King
Cleveland, Texas Rough but restorable; Just got it on 12-24-2001,engine's stuck etc..., needs a lot of T.L.C. - [EDIT]
B 1944 68698 Daniel Jirovec
Stevens Point, WI Bought in 1968, have 1 bottom plow, cultivator, hay mower, drag, snow blade, chains. Always kept in garage. Use it for plowing snow in Central WI each winter. - [EDIT]
B 1944 68852 Mike Walterman
Williams.Ia Runs Good, Fun to drive. - [EDIT]
B 1944 66359 JACK GIBSON
B 1944 67580 Craig Noble
Bellville Texas Bought tractor with stuck motor.Tractor came with busters, hoppers,seeders, planters, sickle mower,plow,disk and needs paint. - [EDIT]
B 1944 68972 Charles Harris
lewisburg, tenn.. run good rusted badly . still cultivate good size garden. - [EDIT]
B 1944 69938 Bob Juhlke
Beamsville,Ontario,Canada I bought this beauty Oct/7/09.It was restored over 20 yrs ago but it is faded and has alot of oil leaks.Tin is excellant and most parts are there.i might just leave it the way it is.I might try to hook up a snow blade. - [EDIT]
B 1944 B70555 Mitch Jacques
Alberta, Canada Running - [EDIT]
B 1944 68576 Jesse Garrett
Slaughters, KY This tractor is little more than parts now and is used to maintain many others. - [EDIT]
B 1944 68810 Mike Frankenberg
mound, mn 1st one. In great running shape. A winter restoration project hoping to be ready for Orange Spectacular. - [EDIT]
B 1944 67488 Al Lewis
Binghamton, NY I bought this B in spring of 2011. It came with an A/C plow, Oliver 2-row disc, single section spring harrow, back blade, and a brush hog. I've picked up rear wheel weights & engine weights. This is a working tractor, but in very nice condition. - [EDIT]
B 1944 68852 Mike Walterman
Williams Iowa Needs restored - [EDIT]
B 1944 67471 Jim Dill
Penrose, NC Bought by my father in 1971. Partially restored, and used for lawn mowing and gardening. Passed on to me after his demise. Currently I'm getting it back into shape, to use and finish restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1944 69577 Robert Bradshaw
Sandy, Utah In the process of rebuilding! - [EDIT]
B 1944 67532 Dan Foulk
Bakersfield, California Does not run, a retirement restoration project - [EDIT]
B 1944 69116 Joe Farmer
SW Iowa was bought from local dealer with L-59 Woods. Runs great Have mowed with it for 10 yrs - [EDIT]
B 1944 - Donald Mars Rogers,AR - [EDIT]
B 1944 67256 Mickey Shank
Winterset Ohio Just bought this thing in April 2007, all there and straight metal. Now, to get it running again !!! - [EDIT]
B 1944 70084 R. Martin
Danielsville, GA Belonged to my Uncle. Plan to restore. - [EDIT]
B 1944 67298 Seth Petro
Anoka, Minnesota restored, just needs fenders and battery box. Currently for sale - [EDIT]
B 1944 67298 Seth Petro
Anoka, MN - [EDIT]
B 1944 B70558 Mitch Jacques
Alberta, Canada Not Running ....yet - [EDIT]
B 1944 65544 David L. Clem
Md. Tractor was passed on to me from my father who passed away on March 30, 04. Fond memories and a strong working tractor still in use by myself for the garden for my mom. Will be restoring in fall, mechanically sound and requires some rewiring and paint. - [EDIT]
B 1944 69990 Aaron Arnett
Marysville, OH - [EDIT]
B 1944 65865 Don G. Finding
Vermilion, Ohio My father and I went in togather and bought our "B" which is now used with a 5' belly mower, Runs great! - [EDIT]
B 1944 68050 Earl Hayes
Dix, Illinois This is just my old workhorse. It's mowed alot of grass in it's life! - [EDIT]
B 1944 67934 Robert M. Rottman
5873 Arbor Rd. Ontario, NY 14519 phone #315-524-6382 I bought this tractor in June of 1999 in running condition. It is in fair-bad shape needing a complete restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1945 70687 David Monette
Friendship, WI This is my first Allis. This little tractor runs great! We use it here on the farm almost daily for small jobs, hauling fire wood, etc. - [EDIT]
B 1945 73369 Gilbert Bethke
Vancouver Wash Restord - [EDIT]
B 1945 71503 Larry Edwards
Prague, Oklahoma - [EDIT]
B 1945 70737 Gary Alms
Dickson, TN Runs great! Lost some flywheel teeth and started w/ the crank the last month of the mowing season! Primary use mowing and garden cultivation. - [EDIT]
B 1945 71732 Michael Lane
Deerpark, Wa. it runs great. Would like a manual. - [EDIT]
B 1945 - kyle c joiner ville,tx good tractor - [EDIT]
B 1945 70479 Mike Quilter
New Zealand Runs well, getting a new paint job. - [EDIT]
B 1945 72005 Wayne David
Newark, New York 14513 - [EDIT]
B 1945 - lee& nancy howard
baraboo,wisconsin completely restored and has a sickle mower in perfect condition also , we are part of the badger steam and gas show in baraboo in august every year, come see us . - [EDIT]
B 1945 71019 Steve Jelf
Parkerfield, KS I bought this tractor in August of 2002. In August of 2004 I bought a Wood L-59 mower for it. It died a lot until I got the magneto repaired in May of 2005. Now it runs and runs with no trouble, and mowing with it is a delight. - [EDIT]
B 1945 71505 Karl Wagenknecht
Deming , NM Just bought, runs great. almost complete, some minor parts, needs cleaning and painting. Hope to have alot of fun and pleasure from this project. - [EDIT]
B 1945 71383 Gary L. Naylor
Hampton, VA This is my first tractor, so any information or history I can get would be greatly appreciated. - [EDIT]
B 1945 71405 Toby Wellborn
Wilkesboro, N.C. Engine#CE42664G, Restoration in progress! - [EDIT]
B 1945 70290 Gerald R. Young Bridgewater N.h. runs like a top, has a hyd. bucket with manual dump,not restored,is complete - [EDIT]
B 1945 71907 Sean Roop
west virginia bought it disassembeled (in boxes for the most part) and any information about this model would be helpful. Especially about the steering setup.(this is my first tractor) E-mail me at - [EDIT]
B 1945 70611 Hurtt Equip., Inc
Hoople, Nd 58243 complete w/ woods belly mower/excellant - [EDIT]
B 1945 71924 Ryan Schott Smith Creek, Mi. built on dec.29,1945,being restored Sold to guy in marine city, MI in 2000 - [EDIT]
B 1945 - Brian Beaudo
Marinette, WI Still very nice condition. I am the second owner. - [EDIT]
B 1946 73124 Jim & Carol Roberts
Tecumseh ks Owners are the grandparents of myself( Brett Dallman) tractor is in its work clothes. Tractor is in good shape and gets used very lightly. Plan to restore tractor in the future. - [EDIT]
B 1946 - Roger Pettersson
Sweden A nice unrestored,tractor that runs well, - [EDIT]
B 1946 73160 Tanner hauger
Marysville Kansas Really good shape tin all straight it has cast oil pan valve cover and cast sum cover - [EDIT]
B 1946 72975 Bert Tonsi
Onoway, AB. Just purchased it and am not sure of the year. Have underslung mower for it also. Runs perfect. - [EDIT]
B 1946 73293 Raymond Curtis
Raymond,maine adjustable front & rear, restored - [EDIT]
B 1946 72371 GARY D. ARNESON
B 1946 73072 Nancy doyle
albany IL. Purchased in 1996, clean straight original condition. - [EDIT]
B 1946 72440 Tim Behrens
Waubeka,WI Tractor has expandable front end. Older restoration. I just rewired entire tractor. It has a 5' Woods belly mower and I just purchased the single bottom plow. - [EDIT]
B 1947 79110 Scott&Connie Willis
SpringBay, Manitoulin Island. Ontario Recieved as a wedding gift in may 2000 and recently restored. Will spend it days in Nursery production. - [EDIT]
B 1947 EB86142 Nigel Stroud
Oxford UK Same age as me. Drove one when I was 12. Early restoration with underslung manual tool frame. Bitch to start when it! (re-wound mag. starts ok hot!) - [EDIT]
B 1947 77887 Dub Willey Oklahoma Just overhauled motor,painted and decaled nice and runs good. This was my Dads tractor she;s a cream puff - [EDIT]
B 1947 78766 Gerald Clark
Woodville, Ohio Bought New in 1947, used on my wife's Grandfathers farm until October 2008, when I purchased it. - [EDIT]
B 1947 80026 Matt Wosmek
Silver Lake MN - [EDIT]
B 1947 B76661 Joseph F. Sharon
Pringle, Pa. Bought it fully restored. Runs like a top and intend to enter it in shows. - [EDIT]
B 1947 73441 Rebecca Heckaman
Norvell, MI - [EDIT]
B 1947 b76809 bob thornton
porterville,calif running low time tractor . have g need motor - [EDIT]
B 1947 B 77963 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden - [EDIT]
B 1947 79096 A.J. Cross
Racine WI. - [EDIT]
B 1947 77321 Gene Largent
Waterloo,IL, This tractor used to belong to my father in law. I will start restoration as money permits! - [EDIT]
B 1947 - Chance Thompson
Valley Falls ks A B with a belly mower and looking for more implements - [EDIT]
B 1947 893322 Barry C. Stewart
Webster, WI Body, tires are in excellent shape, engine needs work. Need to find new battery box. electrical system has been updated to 12 volt. - [EDIT]
B 1947 73836 Bob Weber
Waynesboro, Va. Restored in 1999/2000. 12volt conversion, After market three point hitch. Use with rear mount 5 ' Woods finish mower. Does good job on five acres. Added weights on side of engine and between wish bone. - [EDIT]
B 1947 B73993 Jason Geary
Albany, NY - [EDIT]
B 1947 79185 Philip Stroetz
Stacy MN Sweet running original condition with belly mower - [EDIT]
B 1947 75738 Bob Moore
SE Colorado My grampa's tractor. Used it to farm 160 acres for years. All the grandkids learned to drive on it and I still use it occasionally to rake hay or pull start a vehicle. Lots of fun but needs lots of work. - [EDIT]
B 1947 79885 Barry McCracken
Port Hope, Ontario Canada The email address is my son's but feel free to write - [EDIT]
B 1947 B79839 RICHARD LEHR
B 1947 79981 Joseph Hart
Springfield,TN Tractor is in process of being restored. Been in the family since the "50's". - [EDIT]
B 1947 61171 Eric Maas
Adams, WI - [EDIT]
B 1947 75742 Don Wild
Longmont, Colorado restored, adjustable wide front. - [EDIT]
B 1947 79819 Dennis Ross
NEWBERN,TN. Looking for a running engine or a rebuildable one in the northwest tennessee area.tractor is complete just needs restored. - [EDIT]
B 1947 80489 John Stack Shawnee, KS Just received the wifes Grandad's old Allis, Amlost all there...Going to be restored for the 2013 Ottawa, KS tractor show. - [EDIT]
B 1947 78410 John Rosecrans
Kennett Square, PA I just picked this B up - it reminds me of the CA I grew up on. Looking to keep her in good condition and searching for parts. - [EDIT]
B 1947 75425 Clarence Williams
Port Stanley, Ontario Canada Has mounted cycle mower, single bottom plow, mounted single row cultivator, runs good (some mag problems)to be restored asap - [EDIT]
B 1947 B92214 Jim gallagher
B 1947 77482 John R. Updyke, Sr.
Watkins Glen, NY Complete restoration of "B" w/ belly mounted 5' sickle bar mower begun in March '06. Completed 7/06. Engine No. CE 62604G. - [EDIT]
B 1947 74773 Ken Hanna
Beaverton, MI Use with brush hog and snow plow - [EDIT]
B 1947 78138 Jack Wetmore
Fredericton Nb boughtin ontario in 1985. tired. restoration project some day! - [EDIT]
B 1947 78981 Gary Norton
Georgia My 2nd tractor. motor is rebuilt and it needs just a little tlc---and reassembly! I'm going to fix this one up for use around the house. - [EDIT]
B 1947 79042 Roy & Betsy
Welcome, MD Just bought our first tractor. Update (1 year later) rebuilt the engine & magneto, new oil pump, clutch, pressure plate & radiator. Been blasting and reworking the skin for repainting (soon hopefully). - [EDIT]
B 1947 79046 Dale Koons
York PA Bought in Massachusetts to restore for my collection. - [EDIT]
B 1947 73996 Tom Nelson
Burdett New York she runs good and looks good. she does all i want her to do. i love her :-) - [EDIT]
B 1947 79848 Bob Bocchino
Morristown, NJ Just picked it up 8/11/12. Does not run. Looking for rerstoration advise, parts sources, etc... - [EDIT]
B 1947 83571 Rob Klepinger
Vandalia Ohio This tractor came from the eBay... looks ok, not locked up, but engine is a mess inside, stripped gov. gears? Hope to tear into the engine soon... 8/12/06 - [EDIT]
B 1947 77776 Per Broman
Borl?nge, Sweden In family since late 60. Under restoration, new paint, tires and wires 2000. Some problems with starting motor - otherwise in good condition. Used at least once a year since. - [EDIT]
B 1947 79275 Ruben Leal Dayton, Texas I believe that I have the correct SN, or do I? - [EDIT]
B 1947 78733 Randy Howell
Beggs,OK Working - [EDIT]
B 1947 79501 Wesley & Kaye Byerly
Pearce Arizona I'm not sure if this is the correct year. If anybody knows by the Serial Number. Please let me know. Thanks Wes - [EDIT]
B 1947 B 78183 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden With Allis Chalmers plow made in Sweden - [EDIT]
B 1947 73636 Fraser Elder
Hahei, New Zealand Used for launch and retrieve of a small boat at a beach property. Very relible but am interested in swapping notes on small problems encountered and where they buy parts. - [EDIT]
B 1947 EB87273 cyril hughes
N Ireland please could anyone tell me where to find chassis number/engine number on this tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1947 B90408 Chad Craver
Thurmont MD Not restored But engine got new paint and a lot of seals replaced. Found in field by friends house. Engine was stuck. In fair shape for sitting outside for 4 years in the fairly could Snowy/rainy Maryland winters. - [EDIT]
B 1947 EB87273 cyril hughes
North IRELAND Could somebody please tell me where chassis/ engine number is on 1947 model B - [EDIT]
B 1947 75431 Colin Giffen
Minesing, Ontario Bought at an auction fully restored, summer of 2015 - [EDIT]
B 1947 73650 Steve Levinson
Hendersonville NC - [EDIT]
B 1947 79521 Roger L. Krouskop Sr. St Marys Ohio ajustible wide front with specical adjustible front & rear wheels. restored 1995 - [EDIT]
B 1948 B96646 chris roos
libau manitoba canada repairing standard b with belly mount mower,has broken conecting rod and damaged sleeve,shells are shot to but will repair,otherwise in good shape. - [EDIT]
B 1948 85234 Joe Pat Robertson
Almo, KY Still going strong. Used with Woods mower. - [EDIT]
B 1948 87885 Beth Robertson
Almo, KY Won at 2001 I&I Historic Farming Days in Penfield, IL. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B82581 Dave Carney
Cisco, Texas Found this tractor in a cedar break. The tractors motor was stuck and had a 60" shredder attached. Since being reworked and repainted it runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B90358 David R. Jenkins
Flint MI This is a working tractor on my farm. I got it with a 60 series cultivator and it has the pto drive with pully and hydraulic unit. This was bought from a friend on 11/14/2003 - [EDIT]
B 1948 B87938 Alan Lierz
Seneca,Kansas My dad farmed with Allis Chalmers tractors his whole life. I saw this tractor on the side of a country road and fell in love with it. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B81627 Ed Mitchell
Frankfort, In. " Aspargus Special " - [EDIT]
B 1948 Eb86760 John chitty
Hertfordshire England Brought 9/8/15 1st of many Allis chalmers - [EDIT]
B 1948 B96259 ELDON VOIGT
B 1948 - Trish Mousseau
Plymouth, Michigan Wide wheel front end, all overhauled, new valves, brand new tires, brand new battery. Dirt plow, disc and 5' snow steel snow plow. Never seen a rainy night, parked in garage forever. - [EDIT]
B 1948 - mr l pancott swindon wiltshire - [EDIT]
B 1948 B80908 John and Karen Wilhelm
Springerville, Arizona - [EDIT]
B 1948 B90739 Joseph Zotter Sr.
Rosenberg Texas This is my work horse - dependable and low maintenance. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B88147 Bill and Billy Powles
New Windsor NY Just acquired, seems like it is all there. Included snowplow, chains, and wheel weights. Looking forward to restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1948 82174 Rick Stedtnitz
Spring Creek,Nevada Purchased from the original owner-Breitenstein Ranch-Lamoille,Nevada. Bow axle,foot brakes,electric start,pto and belt drive pulley. - [EDIT]
B 1948 R101851 K.C. Farm&Orchard
Oakboro N.C. Like to talk about tractors. Have some used parts. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B91645 Robin Boyachek
manitoba - [EDIT]
B 1948 B90862 Dave Carney
Cisco, Texas This B came from East Texas with plow, cultivator & planter/side dresser. Has later design adjustable wide front axle. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B99875 Al Johnson
New Hampshire Use to do roadside mowing with a bar. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B 93760 george wilke
murray ky - [EDIT]
B 1948 B95785 Butch Dell
Manchester, MD. Bought tractor with a Woods belly mower and 6' snow blade for use at my new home. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B81050 Kingsley & C ynthia Southwell
Hall. New South Wales. Australia Bought in restored condition in 1997 won major prizes at Royal Shows. I like living with Allis. - [EDIT]
B 1948 87109 EDDIE HATT
chippenham wilts uk the allis is now complete, after many hours of intersting work.we have even used allis on the chain harrows,and also had allis pulling a 3ton roller around the field. - [EDIT]
B 1948 83675 Randy Norden
Excello, Missouri Runs great! Very good sheet metal. Need to make it prettier now. - [EDIT]
B 1948 926902 dave nolan
portage pennsylvania in good condition i am in the process of adding a three point hitch. - [EDIT]
B 1948 85101 billy walter diggs
B 1948 90235 Dan Pfeiffer
Grand Blanc, Michigan Fitted with a Continental MOW-R KA-5-1200 mower - [EDIT]
B 1948 84354 Rick McConnell
Lacombe, AB Recently purchased from Edgar Larson (Lethbridge, AB). Good condition. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B84770 Jesse Garrett
Slaughters, KY This tractor was bought for 750. The engine is stuck and needs some TLC. Hopefully it will be back in service soon. - [EDIT]
B 1948 86034 originally D.D. Wright, now J.D. Wright Moulton St. Mary, Norfolk, UK Used up until 1982 hoing sugarbeet. Became redundant with more chemical spraying being introduced but now im trying to get it back into working order, whence it will again be used hoing sugarbeet. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B89902 David & Pat Erhardt
Laurel Fork, Virginia. Purchased from original owners son, Kept inside since new, Runs great, came with row plow, cultivator, mower & draw bar. Have manuals for all. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B 82949 Richard Cousins
Washington State Purchased this tractor today (4/21/2000) from a party in B.C. Canada. In his family for 20 years. Runs good and everything works. Plan to restore as close as possible to the origional condition. - [EDIT]
B 1948 97799 Laurel Caddy
Northern WI we have an L-59 Woods Mower on this B & still use it to mow Our 5 year old orchard. Purchased in 1998 from private party - [EDIT]
B 1948 88704 Warren Grinnan
So. Deerfield, Ma 01373 Still runs great. Use with a small brush hog. Have own it for 20+ years. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B 81759 Stephen Richards
Victoria AUSTRALIA Complete, U.S. model with PTO & hydraulics, adjustable front axle & bench seat. Engine not turning but will work on this in the future. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B99735 John Sessler
Canastota N.Y. Purchased 9/99 Still has great tin and paint.Used daily to mow lawn and take care of garden. 7/04, just repainted tractor, came out looking great. needs decals, that will happen soon. - [EDIT]
B 1948 90594 Bill DiLenge
Marsing, Idaho Really clean, mostly rebuilt tractor w/hydraulic loader being fixed up for sale. - [EDIT]
B 1948 EB 86146 Grenville Owen
Spalding, Lincs UK Restored back to former glory and now working my potbellied pig sanctuary as well as road runs and events. - [EDIT]
B 1948 - Sarah Ferguson
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada The first model of tractor we had on our farm. Working on restoring it. - [EDIT]
B 1948 83624 Jeff & Nancy Doyle albany IL purchased locally in 2004, Restored. - [EDIT]
B 1948 88120 Jeff Jamouneau
Dillsburg, PA This may be a 1947. Runs great. Used to mow fields with a Woods belly mower. - [EDIT]
B 1948 90398 RON & MINNIE CLARK
new paris , pa tractor needs restored but the sheet metal is verrry straight. also has new tires. - [EDIT]
B 1948 98510 Doug & Stephen Haggett
Wilmington, NC Restoration from ground up is in progress! - [EDIT]
B 1948 84513 Steve Barbato Sr.
Dover, N.J. First tractor I ever restored, and had a ball doing it! Would like to restore another AC model some day. I enjoy building wiring harnesses for these tractors, and get to meet a lot of super people that own em! - [EDIT]
B 1948 B97073 Phil Cox
Toledo, Ohio - [EDIT]
B 1948 B88106 Ike Kelley
Southside Virginia - [EDIT]
B 1948 E90631 David N. McCue
Carrying Place, Ontario Bought in USA. Came with woods 6' mower, snow plow, chains, weights, plow, tiller and utility wagon. Looks and runs like new. - [EDIT]
B 1948 98448 David Wittner
Frankfort, NY Working tractor w/belly mower. Soon-to-be winter restoration project... - [EDIT]
B 1948 B99687 Steve Byrd
North Carolina Given tractor by my GrandPa. Hope to start full restoration soon. - [EDIT]
B 1948 98536 Frank Fox Doylestown, Ohio Doing finishing touchs on restoration. Sheet metal in fine shape. Need controll panel box and having trouble figuring out wiring. Looks real good. - [EDIT]
B 1948 80775 Lloyd E. Wolfe
Balgonie, Sask. Canada Purchased this tractor at an Auction Sale QuAppelle, Sask. Canada in October of 2003. Restoration began is October of 2004 and was completed June 5, 2005. Will be showing at the Western Canada Farm Progress Show June 15, 16, 17 of 2005 - [EDIT]
B 1948 100900 Bert McCumber
Gainesville, Ga. This is a allis chalmers B (potato model) that is in the process of getting restored. - [EDIT]
B 1948 80504 Ron Latronica
Prather, CA. 93651 Complete with adjustable front end, mower and hyd. Non-operating at this time, just got from neighbor for a trade of 2 giant clam shells, (really) 20 and 22" south pacific shells worth aboout $300. +. Running tractor now as of March, 05 - [EDIT]
B 1948 B85144 Jason Olson
Eagle, WI This tractor has been restored to original. It even has hydraulics. I'm looking for a front-end loader for my Model B - [EDIT]
B 1948 TLB 26 Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN It is a TLB reverse loader built by Tractomotive Co. using an Allis B tractor. One of only 69 built. - [EDIT]
B 1948 90404 Charlie Morris
Locust,N,C. just starting restoration,looking for a pair of good fender rails. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B88393 Jay Burkard
St. Louis, Mo Bought fully restored from neighbor who has restored numerous tractors. Beautiful condition. Plan to use for mowing in St. James, Mo. - [EDIT]
B 1948 90124 John Allen
ATL, Georgia This was my Grandfathers,(I belive he bought it new) then my Fathers and now it's my turn to take care of her. - [EDIT]
B 1948 90756 Paul Winbigler
Coldwater, Michigan Bought new by my father from C.A.Young Implement in Mansfield, OH Been in family since new. Completely restored in 1997. Have cultivators and belly mount sickle bar mower. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B81821 Ron Southard
Salisbury MD Restoration - [EDIT]
Winsford, Ches. UK Bought not running but restored to a standard. This is Allis B No.3 in my lil collection. Eng. No.CE104518K - [EDIT]
B 1948 b88971 larry &kim sheets
wanatah In.used used on a blueberry farm. Motor was overhauled in 1997.Runs like a sewing machine !! Needspainted in the future - [EDIT]
B 1948 B94318 Jeff Brame
Junction City, Ohio In process of restoring. - [EDIT]
B 1948 88100 RON GRAY
B 1948 102042 Thomas McCall
Thomasville, Georgia Bought locally and in process of restoring. Engines runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1948 82490 RyanTN
Bumpus Mills, TN Locked up for 14 years before refurbish. Looks like new now. Use it with a Woods L59 to mow five acres. Resotring a plow I acquired for it. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B83454 Randy Hallstrand
Ogema, WI It was a very used tractor when we got it. Good tin, motor runs well and fairly good tires. The rest needed a lot of TLC. It is a great winter project, painting will begin in warmer weather. - [EDIT]
B 1948 B 84128 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden - [EDIT]
B 1948 101755 Walt Shields
Oregon Just bought the B from a neighbors estate sale - [EDIT]
B 1948 B88219 Nathan P. Fisher
Derry, NH Another one rescued for the collection, she'll be working in the spring. - [EDIT]
B 1948 90516 Randy A Wiley
Branson, Missouri Recent engine rebuild by prior owner, new tires,very good paint and decals, starts first time every time. Bought 9/25/2010. - [EDIT]
B 1948 90898 Charlie Pattridge
Wonewoc, WI Restored and overhauled w/3 point conversion. Implements include trailer mover, ball hitch, cultivator, carrier, snow blade, winch boom, 2 point draw bar, dirt scoop, lift boom & 2 wheel cart. 2nd owner. - [EDIT]
B 1948 b95842 Bryan Karr
Barnard Mo. - [EDIT]
B 1948 88819 D. Daly Bwk. Ga. under restoration Engine rebuilt.Preparing tractor for painting. - [EDIT]
B 1948 - Jonathan Bulmon
Adrian Mi Rebuilt in 2000 used for plowing my family garden. - [EDIT]
B 1948 84776 Clint King
Muncie, IN My dads 1st tractor and my first tractor and restoration. This tractor got me hooked on orange. - [EDIT]
B 1948 88759 Gus Grant
Auck New Zealand Owned this tractor for 25 years.Used to launch recreational fishing boat. Very reliable. Have developed a passion to maintain it as a working tractor. Interested in hearing from other model B owners - [EDIT]
B 1948 88113 mike mcmillin mo - [EDIT]
B 1948 92270 jason seitz
Silver Creek, N.Y. Found this tractor in Angola, N.Y. about 10 miles from my home at a friends,and had to have it.doing a total restore, should be a fun project - [EDIT]
B 1948 90238 Frank in NV.
Reno, Nevada Total tear down as of 12-99 Started back together 3 03, all new everything! - [EDIT]
B 1948 84982 william scott
mansfield ohio I use it to mow the lawn - [EDIT]
B 1948 93278 Robert Mull
Woodstock, Ga. wide adjustable front and adjustable rear, no rubber,engine stuck ,fair tin,hope to restore - [EDIT]
B 1948 B90680 Randy Favreau
Frankfort Michigan Found in a barn never stored outside.Completly restored,great shape,fun tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1948 84427 Dana Hobson
Stillwater, Ok hydraulic included, restoration in progress - [EDIT]
B 1948 84139 David Brown
Springfield, Mo restored, wide front - [EDIT]
B 1948 82046 Norman Bunyard
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma being completley restored. been in family since 1951. tractor has been used for farm work up until now. - [EDIT]
B 1948 96678 scott harrington
geneva ohio Looking to sell - [EDIT]
B 1948 84563 David Demars
Port Lambton,on oringinal, wide frontend - [EDIT]
B 1948 BD2-51 Lawrence
New Hampshire Excellent Working RoadGrader,2-71 engine, 6 Wheel,12 ft Moldboard - [EDIT]
B 1948 83990 John Gaul
LaPorte IN. - [EDIT]
B 1948 - Jon Bulmon
Adrian MI rebuilt in 2000 - [EDIT]
B 1948 B85006 Joe Prokop
Seffner, Florida Purchased at auction in Aug 2012 in Lakeland FL. Am restoring. Anyone know anything about its history, prior owners etc? - [EDIT]
B 1948 91159 David B Bogert
Morris, New York Purchase used May 3, 2003 - [EDIT]
B 1948 80143 Bob Dalrymple
Louisiana SW Bought in June. Runs great after cleaning gas tank, replacing broken carb, and tuneup. Hope to someday put a belly mower on it. - [EDIT]
B 1948 84717 Klingbile Kollection Lennox, South Dakota Purchased at Oscar's Dreamland sale in 19 ? Nice tractor - [EDIT]
B 1949 b110490 Kenny Washam
Fremont NC purchased 10-02-2001 plans for restoration begining.Needs battery & tool box,painting,seatcover. - [EDIT]
B 1949 98366 Bob Eckardt
Merrill Wisconsin Have a two way one bottom mounted plow on it. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B 100639 Craig D. Robinson
Monson, MA 01057 2nd Owner with Orig. Hay rake, front wheel weights, 2 bottom plow, cultivator and harrow. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B93245 Bill Armstrong KY - [EDIT]
B 1949 107118 James W. Shaver
Molalla, Oregon just trying to get information on my Granpa's tractor - [EDIT]
B 1949 B92090 Fernow Family
Lindsay, OK This tractor was owned and used by Marvin Fernow until November 2004. Original motor out of frame overhaul 2014 - [EDIT]
B 1949 B101265 Brad Rice
Oak Grove MO This is my first allis. The tractor was in such good condition I could not pass it up. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B107344 Still Creek Vineyards
Avenue, MD, USA Family tractor in restoration in order to shine again for the next generation. - [EDIT]
B 1949 109044 william Ross
chatham - [EDIT]
B 1949 107721 Steve Kennedy
NC Restored; has one piece cultivators. - [EDIT]
B 1949 109224 white cloud,mi were going to restore this one, pretty solid tractor yet - [EDIT]
B 1949 B92409 Bernard Hellstrom
Boyne City, Michigan Barn find, it been pushed outside and sitting for 4 years, asked about it and ended up with the b, now in a dry heated shop ,were pulling her down and hope to be running by spring. - [EDIT]
B 1949 101695 David Michael
Loganville,Georgia Needs work! Would appreciate any advice or instructions on repairs! - [EDIT]
B 1949 B94931 Richard
Port Elgin Ontario currently being brought back was a barn find still in OK condition. - [EDIT]
B 1949 94753 David Fullmer
McKenzie, TN Parts tractor - [EDIT]
B 1949 B100735 Ben Woodson Martin, Tn this is a great little tractor. starts and runs great. had to get it out of the barn today to pull a john deere out of a hole. i love it. - [EDIT]
B 1949 99306 Stan Rigney
South Alabama Found in a fence row and refurbished. It's almost like the one my Grandfather had in 1953. - [EDIT]
B 1949 101477 Ray Croswell
EMO, ONTARIO Have plow, cultivator, and mower. Motor runs, but am rebuilding and painting - [EDIT]
B 1949 95276 raymond jamrock
colon, michigan 1st tractor city folk - [EDIT]
B 1949 101001 Ray Croswell
EMO, ONTARIO Runs well, have plow & cultivator - [EDIT]
B 1949 89486 Jon W Hineman
Lyons Indiana Purchased at Brownsburg IN where it had lived for many many years. I am needing a woods mower for it. Will restore it as time allows. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B95970 Randy Howell
Beggs, Oklahoma Parting out - [EDIT]
B 1949 B93398 Chuck Strittmatter
New Alexandria, PA Runs well. - [EDIT]
B 1949 107530 Pearl Thoresen
L'Anse, MI 49946 Looking to sell this tractor - Please make an offer - [EDIT]
B 1949 B 96097 Richard Nemec
Hillsboro, WI Purchased 12/01 with Woods Belly Mower. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B92532 Edward Mills
Bogalusa, La Motor CR37914GA - [EDIT]
B 1949 94163 Jim Hanna
Rochester, N.Y. Restoration completed Aug. 1999! Sold to Bill Gleason from Scranton, Pa. April, 2004 - [EDIT]
B 1949 - Brandon Snodgrass
Appleton City Missouri Just overhauled it and need to sell it runs good - [EDIT]
B 1949 - Jimmy Burke
Boaz, Alabama Just purchased the tractor and runs well, have started to take apart to paint hoping to put it into some tractor show this spring. - [EDIT]
B 1949 - Greg & Amanda Holtgrewe Russellville, Mo Restored in 2003?(time slipped away from me) - [EDIT]
B 1949 100358 Bill Becker
Foristell Mo. i won it at the 1994 uper midwest ac club orange spectacular, use it regularly for mowing - [EDIT]
B 1949 B 107884 Mike Pietro
Lake George, Mi. Unmolested original tractor with new tires.Draw bar and hydraulics with lift cylinder. - [EDIT]
B 1949 97521 Bob Wagner
Dillsburg,pa runs good, woods belly mower & snow plow, also cutterbar mower - [EDIT]
B 1949 - Don Gibson
michigan I purchased this tractor last summer and just moved to the county and will be using her alot. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B92755 Scott Finken
Grovetown, Ga I am looking for a 5 or 6 foot woods mower if you have one that you want to get rid of let me know! - [EDIT]
B 1949 100708 Mickey & Jenny Johnson
Boneville, Georgia pile of pants tractor. fit for the scrap heap.... does anybody want it free of charge?????? email us now!!!!! - [EDIT]
B 1949 B96770 LEON ROYAL
Evening Shade, Ar - [EDIT]
B 1949 102081 Steven Ward
Lopez Island, Wa just purchased, can't wait to restore!!!! - [EDIT]
B 1949 112029 James Adams
Leroy MI This was my grandfathers tractor, I retired last year and got her going after she was sitting for 30 years. - [EDIT]
B 1949 49706 Tom Bellettini
Tomahawk Wis. wide front used for snowplowing and road grading - [EDIT]
B 1949 96574 Carl H
Sheboygan, WI has original belt pulley, PTO, Hydraulic lift, rear light, lights, battery ignition,and 21 in. adjustable sprung seat. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B93902 Greg Brown
Orleans, Indiana Looking for rear hub. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B99163 Dave Carney
Cisco, Texas Bought at auction. When purchase it was equipped with one row cultivator. I am going to set this tractor up for a light weight puller SOLD - [EDIT]
B 1949 85149 Don Mayer
Clarksville, Tn restored w/woods center mounted mower. - [EDIT]
B 1949 101008 John Lambert
Summit, MS Have owned for several years. Not running at present time. Would like to get it back to running again. - [EDIT]
B 1949 96791 Al Lewis
Binghamton, NY Bought at auction 9-1-2012 Engine seized, but included 2-way plows, belly mounted cultivators, sickle bar mower, rear wheel weights & swinging draw bar. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B106630 Al Kuffner
Winnipeg, Canada This tractor is fully restored w 80% new parts. Motor totally overhauled. Professionally painted. Willing to sell for $6800.00. See Kijiji for picture or email us and we'll send you one. - [EDIT]
B 1949 b111024 Robert Crum
Greeneville, Tn 37743 I have a 1949 Model B (adjustable front axle) and a turning plow for sale. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B97096 Ted & Patti Fuller
East Leroy, Michigan restored (our first), original tires, first tractor purchased - [EDIT]
B 1949 112176 Stan Sewell
Shiner, Tx Clean, 98%straight, paint dull but solid. I intend to make a pet of this will be used only for courtin' - [EDIT]
B 1949 B97567 Charles Pipes
Jonesboro, Arkansas Nick named "Sweet Alice" - [EDIT]
B 1949 B92930 chuck beduhn
geneva,ohio 90% restored changed over to 12v. going to add 3pt. and eventually a woods belly mower - [EDIT]
B 1949 102536 Robert Mull
Woodstock,ga. parts tractor,no engine - [EDIT]
B 1949 100473 R.E.clark
Stem N.C. Starting to restore - [EDIT]
B 1949 EB87409 JOHN EMPSON
HEVINGHAM NORFOLK UK Converted to coil ignition,used mag:as a distributor.adapted Land-Roover starter motor for starter motor,starts on the button now no more handle,made new petrol tank same diameter but full length of the bonnet in stainless steel--just use petrol. - [EDIT]
B 1949 EB86431 Rodney Schofield
Manchester, England Under restoration. - [EDIT]
B 1949 - David Pyle
Stephenson, Va. Tractor is used for mowing every summer. Has very low hours. Inherited from my father who was the second owner. Tractor is for sale. E-Mail if interested Has Been Sold - [EDIT]
B 1949 99370 B.Willis
Sturgeon, Mo. What year was this tractor built? - [EDIT]
B 1949 B97151 Roger Thorpe
Aniwa.WI Excellance shape,ajustable front end,9" rear rims,swinging draw bar. Original paint. - [EDIT]
B 1949 EB104649 J Cridge
canterbury new zealand needs lots of work - [EDIT]
B 1949 109819 David Carter Clements
Lecanto, Florida If any one has any info on the Kub-Klipper mower deck model B360E and parts for them please email me. Many thanks - [EDIT]
B 1949 100364 Wade Neuberg Northern MN Front end loader. Used weekly - [EDIT]
B 1949 B100575 DAVID HARRIS
B 1949 102044 Jim Ashby
New Castle Pa - [EDIT]
B 1949 109641 Todd Heil
Concord, NC Needs work, looking for Starter or at least starter coil spring, which is cracked. Ran decent up until this. Old of course, needs work. Three implements,mainly hope to repair to use hauling wagon. - [EDIT]
B 1949 96121 Ken Sloan
Puerto Rico Life is short! Tractors are cool !!!! - [EDIT]
B 1949 B96233 Jonathan J. Ischi
Evansville, WI Repainted and new decals. Has Belly mounted sickle mower, and adjustable frontend. - [EDIT]
B 1949 B97073 Phil Cox
Sylvania (toledo) Ohio Restoration in Progress - [EDIT]
B 1949 101697 Jason Jablonsky
catawba, WI bought from orignal owner came with home purchase uses lots of oil but runs well - [EDIT]
B 1949 B 100111 Stephen Richards Victoria AUSTRALIA Complete , original & runs well. Sandblast & re-paint are next. U.S. model with bow front axle,PTO & bench seat. Fitted with single rib front tyres, possibly original fitment as tractor has not done much work. - [EDIT]
B 1949 94555 Ross Kingdon
Gore New Zealand Fully restored. - [EDIT]
B 1949 98112 Joe Pat Robertson
Almo, KY My dad's tractor. Runs very smooth. Tractor switched to IH distributor ignition before my dad purchased in 1975. - [EDIT]
B 1949 93121 Greg Matthews
Dowagiac, Michigan Had it for 20 years. I completely rebuilt the engine just before my boy put it in the pond! Reconditioning it right now - [EDIT]
B 1949 98393 andy osborn
Marion NY Still used to cultivate pumpkins, haul sap and plow snow - [EDIT]
B 1949/50 - Master Lloyd Edwards
mid wales Tractor given to my little boy,hoping to be able to get it taxed but don't have log or old tax discs......any advice - [EDIT]
B 1949? 111185 Paul Benner
Upper Black Eddy, PA - [EDIT]
B 1949? B108220 J Norwood
Salem, CT I do not know the year of the tractor. Is it a 1949? The Tractor # is B108220 the block has # AM291627 and a CE133-183. could you confirm the motor type also thanks. - [EDIT]
B 1949? b85295 jim kovacik
dexter, mi I have been told its a 1949, restored and runs great currently mowing my 2.5 acre yard, 12 volt conversion - [EDIT]
B 1949-50 B 109303 John C
Stamford CT Bought it in NJ think it came from a farm in PA ,in very poor shape at time of purchase. - [EDIT]
B 1950 113999 Roger Threet
Benton,MS Recently purchased-working on. Fair condition. - [EDIT]
B 1950 111812 David Seal - A very good model tractor, runs good! - [EDIT]
B 1950 100311 Dennis Alley
Verona New York my 3rd tractor with in a year - [EDIT]
B 1950 EB104589 James Perry
Masterton New Zealand Great little machine - [EDIT]
B 1950 111488 mike whiting
East Arcade, New York Rebuilt in 1996, new everything, found in the weeds, looks alot different now, also have sickle bar mower and plow for it - [EDIT]
B 1950 109709 Edward Kapraly
Delaware, OH AC B purchased in Eastern Ohio. Adjustable wide front, electric start - [EDIT]
B 1950 B107995 Edward Mills
Bogalusa, La Motor CE132758G - free but not running; has AC sickle belly mount mower - [EDIT]
B 1950 107825 Russ Bennett
Corunna, Michigan After 5 yrs the restoration is beginning .After 15 yrs the restoration still isnt done. Hopefully by the end of 2013. - [EDIT]
B 1950 104739 Henry Neas
Christchurch New Zealand Bought from original owner,runs well,restoring it. - [EDIT]
B 1950 113005 charles
horatio,ar trying to figure out the hydraulics but she runs fine - [EDIT]
B 1950 111599 Mark Mercer
Hamilton, Ohio mows every week,looks fair,runs well - [EDIT]
B 1950 111867 Stanley J. Welch Jr.
China Grove, NC I love my tractor!! - [EDIT]
Winsford Ches. UK Bought running and very original. Intended to make one good from the two I now owned but have decided to restore. Engine No.CE125009K - [EDIT]
B 1950 - Justin Rich
Chilhowie, VA - [EDIT]
B 1950 B113405 Charles Hedges Mt. Vernon, IN Purchased in Paducah, KY in May 2001 with Woods L59 mower on it. Plan to restore Fall 2001 - [EDIT]
B 1950 108121 Brett Shepherd Otisco, IN I've been told that this tractor has the engine and some parts from a C. Engine serial number is CE 108178 G. Tractor is being restored. - [EDIT]
B 1950 111789 Palamara's Garlic Ranch
Canastota, N. Y. Purchased by Frank Devine, A local dairy farmer. Acquired in a trade from a local body shop pal. Needed some work but is used daily on the ranch. Has original Allis sickle bar. Runs like a champ !! We love our new tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1950 B117895 Tim McCormack
Central Florida Bought from original owner's family has woods 503 belly mower mounted. Has pto, hydraulics, still has original paint, plans are for my son and I to restore it. - [EDIT]
B 1950 B110835 Rob,Tammy,Cassandra & Russell Storey
Andes ,,N.Y. I purchased this tractor to restore with my kids . It was purchased on 3/19/00. This will be my first tractor restoration - [EDIT]
B 1950 B106863 Leland (Stub) Ploutz
Walton< 13856-9715> with AFA and newer style rear wheels ,complete restoration 1999 - [EDIT]
B 1950 - Colonel Leonard E.Eddleman ret.
stanfield,n.c. still mowing,plowing,blading[landscaping],gareding,pulling stumps,pulling utillity trailer'ssingle&tandom's around in fram snow plowing,pulling big rocks out of ground,,,,and more ,has never felled me yet! - [EDIT]
B 1950 - Dan Weisner
Kenosha, Wi Bought a B from my Dad. The restoration is cominga long GREAT! Should be done around Halloween. - [EDIT]
B 1950 102759 Howard Rawls
New Bern, NC It's quite rusty, but is pretty complete and runs!I hope to start fixing it up soon.This is my 2nd AC-B. - [EDIT]
B 1950 TLB67 Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN A TLB loader, #67 of 69 that were built. - [EDIT]
B 1950 b110307 richard l wolcott goodthunder mn my b is an older restoration the tractors main duty is to look kool i will be repaiting it soon - [EDIT]
B 1950 EB104405 john davis
Kyneton Australia only just aquired - [EDIT]
B 1950 107429 JIM & EMILIA BLANTON
Utica, Michigan tractor in good shape. Need paint & minor repairs. - [EDIT]
B 1950 B114771 Bill and Tim Maynard Sanford ME Handed down from my grandfarther,currently undergoing restoration - [EDIT]
B 1950 115649 Ed Goode
Northeast Ohio New Owner 9/2010 - [EDIT]
B 1950 B109793 Robert A. (Tony) Reeves
Emporia, Ks Sweet little mower tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1950 114724 timothy kellogg
Gobles , mich in the process of rebuilding - [EDIT]
B 1950 B111544 John Ramey
Gibsonville NC The old tractor doesnt look all that good but she runs good and she pulls good, have several small minor problems that I need to fix,she needs a paint job also. - [EDIT]
B 1950 109384 Mike Montgomery
Fort Lawn, SC Partially restored, runs great - [EDIT]
B 1950 109108 Gary Pacheco
Powell,TN Has PTO and hydraulics - [EDIT]
B 1950 110211 JEFF BUNTING
B 1950 114375 Woodard Burch
Goldsboro, NC Tractor runs good. It has well built flat top fenders on it that look like they were made for a special application. Pictures are available. E-mail me and I will send them to you. Jerry Parker, Wilmington NC - [EDIT]
B 1950 B112242 Tom MIller
tn Great little tractor - [EDIT]
B 1950 B110114 Stu Hanson
South Carolina WIP - [EDIT]
B 1950 111611 Daniel Moss
Brooks, GA Restored county tractor, after years of being abused by the city she has retired in style and comfort. - [EDIT]
B 1950 112306 Lonnie Smith
Baxter MN All original and running with hyd. lift and belly mower. - [EDIT]
B 1950 B103436 R.B. Sanders
Sealy, Texas This was the first tractor I bought in 1977. It was my only tractor till 1980. I'm going to restore it someday. - [EDIT]
B 1950 103089 Cory Van Antwerpen
Navarre, FL Tractor is is great condition for its age! - [EDIT]
B 1950 118161 richard kless
arcade,ny i would like to sell this tractor,with 5'belly mower and 1 bottom plow. runs like new looks ok 2000.00/ offer thanks - [EDIT]
B 1950 B108773 Richard & Patti white
Eugene,Ore Runs like a million bucks,traded a 5000 watt generator for her we love this tractor and will restore it in the future. - [EDIT]
B 1950 110xxx Tom and Tyler Morton
Lancaster, PA We restored it winter of 06 and 07. Dad has had this for over 35 years. We have a Bucksaw, 2 Way plow, Sickle bar mower, Cultivator frames, Side engine weights, and wheel weights for it. - [EDIT]
B 1950 106674 Al Rapp
Cassopolis, MI First tractor. Fresh paint on a very clean and straight body. Woods mower - [EDIT]
B 1950 110249 Robert W. Lemmert Cumberland, Md. rest'ed belly mows wk'ly,to shows@ times - [EDIT]
B 1950 115741 valentino garcia
albuq. ,nm - [EDIT]
B 1950 B114439 Jason D. Blackwell
Beaverdam, VA We aquired "Ol Ally" and 14 implements. They all conveyed with the purchase of our 5 acre hobby farm, "Erehwon Farm". She was aquired in good running condition. And yes, we KNOW how lucky we are! - [EDIT]
B 1950 B 109886 rick bush Clermont P.A. - [EDIT]
B 1950 B111342 Gerald S.
Stoneville, NC Purchased November 30, 2012 - [EDIT]
B 1950 B114020 Jim Rose
Mount Olive, NC Bought for my wife's birthday. We are the second owner. - [EDIT]
B 1950 114546 Joseph L Nelson
Keysville, Virginia This tractor was bought new by my grandfather,Daniel A Nelson - [EDIT]
B 1950 103880 Tommy Matsson
Hedemora, Sweden Under restauration. Owned by my father since the 60 - [EDIT]
B 1950 11132 Reg Mullen
Timaru New Zealand I am restoring this tractor, and require a starter motor. Runs well. has 2 point hydraulics. - [EDIT]
B 1950 111811 Rick Hester
Autryville. NC This is my first old tractor. Was in pretty good condition when purchased. Was used daily by a strawberry farmer near Greensboro. Wiring was botched terribly. Having a great time working on and learning about these old tractors. - [EDIT]
Winsford Ches. UK In process of restoration as time allows. Would like to hear from other B owners in the UK for advice and parts. Engine No. RL17293K - [EDIT]
B 1950 114526 Ian Plater
Fakenham - [EDIT]
B 1950 B111808 Jonathan M. Johnson
Burlington, NC Picked up this old tractor a few years back. Have been using it for mowing (5' Woods Mower) and some tilling. Other than the light front end, it's a hard working little machine. Getting ready to restore it. - [EDIT]
B 1950 112997 Norman Searcy
Rienzi Ms. I have fully restored it looks good runs great everything works - [EDIT]
B 1950 113221 William Tew
Ingold NC - [EDIT]
B 1950 107064 leonard gieseking
highland,illinois bought in october 2002. rough shape but got plans to change that - [EDIT]
B 1950 113394 Randy Baldwin
Santa Barbara, CA Purchased in 1999 and restored in 2002. Runs great and is a real eye catcher. - [EDIT]
B 1950 111598 Scott Griffith
Newnan, Georgia USA Rescued this tractor from outdoors. Owner gave up on it. I took it rebuilt the engine and gave it all new parts. Runs good as new. Everything works and is fun to use. I love Allis. - [EDIT]
STAFFS UK bought for our daughter sarah (aged 10). found in very poor condition renavated in her loving memory. - [EDIT]
B 1950? 121506 Jed Dixon
Foster, RI Owned for about 15 years. Used hard for logging and hay. Been sitting for about 2 years about to start restoring. - [EDIT]
B 1950? B112080 Orjan Arulf
Sweden - [EDIT]
B 1951 B119546 K.C> Farm & Orchard Oakboro N.C. - [EDIT]
B 1951 121204 Fred Craig
Chesapeake City, MD Runs good and has original cultivators. - [EDIT]
B 1951 B115566 J. Frederic Redslob
Dillsburg, PA Runs good but would like to restore, where do I start? - [EDIT]
B 1951 117628 Mike,Chris,Dakotta Roberts
Asheboro, NC Tractor was left to me by my late Father-In-Law James Williams in 2004. Restored January-July 2008 by 3 generations of the Roberts family. Thanks all. - [EDIT]
B 1951 - jay long
wamego ks - [EDIT]
B 1951 EB35067 Bertil Alfredsson
?stersund,SWEDEN - [EDIT]
B 1951 117115 donald e bauder watertown,ny one owner great condition runs perfect - [EDIT]
B 1951 121087 Jeffrey Borger
Kunkletown, PA Purchased by my father in the early '80s. Tractor is in good shape and just needs a little engine work and paint. - [EDIT]
B 1951 eb13779 paul finnimore
taunton somerset england restored and in use weekly . - [EDIT]
B 1951 115621 Dan McClure
Athens, Miich Ive been looking for one these for a long time - [EDIT]
B 1951 114993 David U'Ren
Madison WI My first tractor - [EDIT]
B 1951 116136 gary stapleton
south portsmouth KY runs and works like new looks rough i have removed all sheet metal in attempet to see what can be saved its looking good so far been working feilds all week .this B stills works hard and asks for more would like to know year it is was told 50/51 - [EDIT]
B 1951 116975 Harry T. Watts
N. E. Pennsylvania My "B" is a fantastic little tractor. I use it to mow about 4 acres. I have a Woods L-59 mower mounted under it. - [EDIT]
Lincolnshire Does anyone now anything about allis chalmers b straight axle ODE 360 please contact me - [EDIT]
B 1951 120521 Jim O. Bradford
Grove, Oklahoma I purchased it in 1977 have rebuilt engine, changed electrical over to 12 volt system, mounted a woods l-59 under belly mower on it and it performs great. - [EDIT]
B 1951 P117590 Jamie Dozier
Georgetown SC - [EDIT]
B 1951 117421 Robert Seminary
Round Lake Park, Illinois 60073 Aquired it from my cousin whose Grandfather bought it new in 1951 I believe he said the price was $445.00 in Nekoosa Wisconsin, Tractor is in excellent condition and plan to have it professionally painted and then show it - [EDIT]
B 1951 120059 Steve Levinson
Hendersonville NC - [EDIT]
B 1951 113380 bud george
bessemer none - [EDIT]
B 1951 119955 George Breckenridge
Kent, Washington needs lots of work - [EDIT]
B 1951 EB7113 David Barber
Victor Harbor, SA, AUSTRALIA - [EDIT]
B 1951 B114317 Frank Hobbs
Loganville, Ga. Restored, wide front - [EDIT]
B 1951 116912 AL DOREY
B 1951 117115 Donald E Bauder Watertown,N.Y. bought from original owner,great condition,runs going to restore,love my little trtactor! - [EDIT]
B 1951 119458 ed
missouri This is a good clean tractor new rubbeer on rear 2yrs ago.Engine o/h and painted 4yrs ago. - [EDIT]
B 1951 117483 RONALD NANCE
B 1951 B115675 JOHN ROBACK
B 1951 - Roger Pettersson
Sweden My snowmover runs great - [EDIT]
B 1951 115649 Ed Goode
Ohio - [EDIT]
B 1951 116693 William Phillips Dowagiac, Mi being restored, use often, wide front - [EDIT]
B 1951 EB 10760 Stephen Richards Victoria AUSTRALIA Not yet running, engine turns over, fitted with adjustable front axle & pan type suspension seat. English model with 12V electrics, PTO & hydraulics. - [EDIT]
B 1951 b116061 sam campbell
bloomsburg P.A just got a week ago already started to paint looking good. planing to put mower under or behined.All done painting looks great.Now looking for woods mower - [EDIT]
B 1952 B121489 Ronald McGee
Aurora,NC,27806 Purched in 2007 from Garland lewis in Blunts Creek,NC (in prosess of restoration) lew - [EDIT]
B 1952 121959 Randy Clardy
Pendleton SC Just finished restoring this B and took it for "my" first ride on it today 6-7-2007 It h as been in the family since it was new - [EDIT]
B 1952 B120150 Jesse Garrett
Slaughters, KY Good looking tractor with a stuck motor; came with a 5 foot belly mower. Only set me back $550!! - [EDIT]
B 1952 EB5970 Andy and Sara Hardie
Retford Nottinghamshire England Now finishing paintwork. - [EDIT]
B 1952 120523 GARY SCZEPANIK
B 1952 119891 George Leick
Normandy Park, WA Purchased in April 2006, running condition with straight tin but no implements. I am in the process of restoring and painting. - [EDIT]
B 1952 119530 Andy Hanson
Clarksville, TN Under restoration. Nice original B. 2005 close to completion. runs very well. - [EDIT]
B 1952 EB104446 Mikael Gisslegard
Stockholm, Sweden It have been in the family since 1952. I am just about to start to restore it. Does anyone know if it is made in UK or US? I would also appreciate if someone could give me some hints where to start. - [EDIT]
B 1952 121830 Rodney Jernigan
Asheboro N C I enjoyed fixing my D-10 so much I had to do another one . I added a 3 point hitch . It's plowing days are over it is a parade tractor only now . - [EDIT]
B 1952 122764 Brian Shelley
Perry, GA Belonged to my grandad, my dad and now me. Beginning restoration, runs great, just needs new paint and a little TLC. Have harrow and planting system. Tractor 50 yoa/ owner 29 yoa/ go figure! - [EDIT]
B 1952 ? Mikael H≈gberg
?verh?rde-Sverige My little darling... - [EDIT]
B 1952 B123894 George W Davenport
Trenton, NC Burns no oil. Used to mow with rear mount Woods rm59 Mower. Converted to 3-pt hookup with D-10 hitch. Also do light grading work with belly blade. Would like to get PTO generator. - [EDIT]
B 1952 EB 4160 Gary Thornton
Doncaster, England Just bought(May 2001) it to restore and show . Can anyone tell me what year it was made? The books don't list EB numbers. Also I need a trailer plough to suit, can any one help!!! - [EDIT]
B 1952 119455 Bruce Grennell
Horseheads, N.Y. Great little's a B with C wheels, had it for 18 years,work on her a little every year. run's great! wish i had TWO. - [EDIT]
B 1952 119656 Adam Wampler
Timberville, VA Restored, adjustable front axle, homemade 3 point, runs and looks great. Bought from a friend. My 6th Allis tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1952 119835 Darryl Klukow
Conger Mn Came home with a stuck engine. Work in progress.Restoration completed.2002 - [EDIT]
B 1952 119553 Ken Seigle
Auburn Wash Brought it back to the city to do minor repair and to paint on 9/1/01. - [EDIT]
B 1952 120**** Hanson
B 1952 123131 Jerry House
Godwin, NC Trying to restore - [EDIT]
Winsford Ches. UK Bought as a runner. No. 4 in my collection but the first one with electrics and hydraulics. Very rusty to be kept in "as found" condition. Engine No. CE98937K - [EDIT]
B 1952 123872 Barney Janes
Ohio Tractor is in Running Condition! - [EDIT]
B 1952 EB 4856 Delameillieure Jeroen
Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zwevezele In restauration.... I'm looking for a new radiator and a new generator. - [EDIT]
B 1952 B117954 Willie Schouten
Innisfil,Ontario I am Second owner original dealer Ewings Shelburne June 3 1952 - [EDIT]
B 1952 B117954 Willie Schouten
Innisfil,Ontario I am Second owner original dealer Ewings Shelburne June 3 1952 - [EDIT]
B 1952 - Dan C
CT This it the first tractor in my collection of this size. The rest are vintage garden tractors. - [EDIT]
B 1952 - Alex,Rich
shushan, new york the best dam small tractor ever owned. has plow and belly mower - [EDIT]
B 1952 B123188 Sid Rector
Irmo, S.C. very nice tractor. restored 2005 - [EDIT]
B 1952 123418 Brandon Owen
Greensboro, NC - [EDIT]
B 1952 121380 Maurie Van Nevel
Hesperia, Michigan Recently purchased this tractor. Decent tin but needs some work all the way around. - [EDIT]
B 1952 B122013 Charles G. Holden
Whiteville, NC Bought from original owner in early 70s. Has been a family toy for many years and did a little work along the way. Restoration is now complete. Runs great. - [EDIT]
B 1952 B1228XX John Davis Harpersville, Al. working tractor, purchased 10-98, with orginal turning plow, horrows and cultivators, tractor very orginal down to 6 volt electrical system. will use for small garden and to mow 4 acers. - [EDIT]
B 1952 119628 Sam B.
Prentiss, Ms. 39474 Not sure of model and year of serial# above. Please advise. - [EDIT]
B 1952 120178 Mickey & Jenny Johnson
Boneville, Georgia been completely restored! looks great-runs great! - [EDIT]
B 1952 118680 Dave Green
Washougal, Wa restoring - [EDIT]
B 1952 121678 Marvin Davis
Americus,georgia work tractor w/6'belly mount finishing mower - [EDIT]
B 1952 121,650 Eldon Jons
Spokane WA Complete B with adjustable wide front and C style rear wheels. Not running but should with a little work - [EDIT]
B 1952 123240 Steven Bowling
Stevensville,maryland revised to add serial # still love my tractor - [EDIT]
B 1952 ? EB 104292 Noel T. Hilford
Katikati New Zealand English B fitted with home-built midmounted blade. - [EDIT]
B 1953 123233 Tony Shepherd
Julian, NC Engine S/N-CE177525PA. Woods mower. Engine Casting#-AM2916-39. - [EDIT]
B 1953 EB 7742 Per Abrahamsson
Falun, Sweden Runs very good Made in England. - [EDIT]
B 1953 122520 Andy Kirkpatrick
Sarasota, Fl I am doing a full restoration. Looking for a hood in very good shape. - [EDIT]
B 1953 123313 Connie Scott
Moultrie, GA. Complete.. Being restored.. Purchased Feb. 2001. Found under tree in neighbors yard. There for at least 10 yrs. - [EDIT]
B 1953 1244981 randy wilson
ruffin north carolina - [EDIT]
B 1953 B123346 Bud & Nancy Ingerman
Axis, Al (Mobile) Bought this tractor in Dec.2003, excellent original condition, has woods belly mower, restoration not started yet. need zenith carburetor - [EDIT]
B 1953 B 124398 Rick yaskiw portage la prairie mb canada tractor is restored and was on display at the gathering of the orange in portage 2004 - [EDIT]
B 1953 HD5B 18588 L. Hancock Jr., (Andy)
Cascade, Idaho Where's the best place to get oil and fuel filters? - [EDIT]
B 1953 123316 BILL NALLEY
B 1953 - Ryan M Fowler
Rochester, NH - [EDIT]
B 1953 120996 Dale J. Haymaker
Paris, Il. Rare high crop. Unrestored - [EDIT]
B 1953 - Tyler Long
Missouri Used to be an old farm tractor and now its my first restoration project. - [EDIT]
B 1953 123227 Jim Dunbar
S.Maryland - [EDIT]
B 1953 B123489 Ed Hornback
Richland, Indiana Grandad bought it new in 1953, two friends helped me restore it in 2003, as good or better than new now after 1,500 hours of restoration. Retired for parade use only. - [EDIT]
B 1953 EB7060 A J FOSTER
B 1954 125537 Chris Anderson
Renton,WA Nice original B Allis.Came with two midmount Sickle bar mowers and a blade. - [EDIT]
B 1954 - Jerry
Danville, VA Tractor has snap coupler hitch. Can't find implements to fit it. Need a 3 pt. conversion kit. - [EDIT]
B 1954 125577 STACEY JONES
B 1954 125639 Steve Bartlett
Saco,Maine this B is still being worked by my grandfather and is being passed along to myself to restore at a later date. I've restored a 1953 Minnie that took 5th place in a group of 52 tractors at the cumberland,fair. - [EDIT]
B 1954 125763 Al Craig
SC Good running, heavily modified... - [EDIT]
B 1954 124739 Mike Kellett
Huntersville,NC just purchased...trying to validate year ..bill of sale states 1939...Tractor Enclopedia says serial number later yrs... - [EDIT]
B 1954 124847 Ricky L. Boswell
Wilson,NC My dad bought this B new and has been a part of the family since. - [EDIT]
B 1954 EB 13813 B. Kosters
holland Allis Chalmers EB year? Who can tell me more? - [EDIT]
B 1954 124519 Bob Weber
Waynesboro, Va. One connecting rod came loose several years ago and was bent. I bought the tractor for it's straight sheet metal and other small parts to restore my 47 B. Have many parts left. - [EDIT]
B 1954 125537 Jim Chandler
Auburn, Wa. - [EDIT]
B 1954 126566 Keith Brown
Valley Center, Ca. restored, like new. - [EDIT]
B 1954 - Scott Pollard
Greenville,NC - [EDIT]
B 1954 EB10039 Steve Johns
Devon, England Undergoing cosmetic restoration, hope to be finished for May 10th show at Ashreigney. - [EDIT]
B 1954 EB 108103 Shane Brayshaw Halifax Top condition. Very nice. - [EDIT]
B 1954 124980 Dave Perkins
Niagara,ontario works everyday, has straight front and looks "c" in a lot of plow,cultivator,sickle bar all take their turns mounted on her up this winter coming - [EDIT]
B 1954 ? EB 12043 Jim Rennie
Shropshire UK - [EDIT]
B 1955 B125606 Stan Christian
Mayo, Fl. In process of restoration - [EDIT]
B 1955 125842 Steve SW Pa. Purchased 2011. Factory Snap-Coupler with two bottom plow. Dealer sold in March 1970 to first time owner. - [EDIT]
B 1955 B 125409 Lee Rients
Parkersburg IA Thomson Hi-Crop - [EDIT]
B 1955 125595 Barbara Roby
york sc - [EDIT]
B 1955 EBD14105 Dennis & Roger Knipe
N. Ireland Been on the family farm since new. Factory-fitted Perkins P3 diesel engine. 3-point linkage fitted. Heavy front axle. - [EDIT]
B 1955 - Brian Gottfried
Montpelier, VA My first tractor. Came with a bush hog and snap coupler hitch (missing the bell coupler). I installed a 3-point hitch. I love cutting grass again! - [EDIT]
B 1955 125291 John Langan Jr
Elizabethtown Pa Purchased 9-13-2012 - [EDIT]
B 1955 125499 david allmond
north augusta SC Given tractor to restore\ fix. started july 2012 - [EDIT]
B 1955 B124774 Edward Mills
Bogalusa, La Motor 190026PA - free but not running - [EDIT]
B 1955 29496 Jean Henry
Mansfield, Oh Just bought it. Has cultivators, disc plow and Kub Klipper mower. Husband helping to restore. - [EDIT]
B 1955 B125621 Crowe & Sons Farm, Inc.
Kanas City, Missouri It has the adjustable wide front, 5 bolt dished rear wheels, factory snap coupler hitch, rear inside wheels weights, original paint. - [EDIT]
B 1955 B125603 Brad Hopwood
Arcadia MI - [EDIT]
B 1955 B125367 Steve + Wendy Cox
Raymond, Maine I have had her for over 20 years now, She still runs strong - [EDIT]
B 1956 - Scott Grant
Strasburg, VA Justed purchased for mowing, Great working condition. Overall very good condition. Looking at being able to hook up front blade. If anyone has any pictures or ideas please contact me. Thanks - [EDIT]
B 1956 B125878 Doug Griswold
Lancaster OH Just working on getting it running. Hasn't been started in years, but was kept under cover. - [EDIT]
B 1956 E126561 H.G. JERRY DOWELL
B 1956 B126580 Tom Verrette
Chaning Mi. Tractor is in good shape. Runs just almost like it should. Keep it in the shed year round. For its age it is pretty decent. All original still. - [EDIT]
B 1956 B127098 Mike Barber Arkansas Paid $300 for my running and working Model B - [EDIT]
B 1956 126885 Claude Stearns Herschel Sask. Canada Not Restored But Will Be In Near Future - [EDIT]
B 1956 B126734 Steve Skinner
Moncks Corner SC Current restoration project.Not trying to be as original as my C. Good working tractor. - [EDIT]
B 1956 B126735 Strunk
Honesdale, PA Adjustable width front axle, belly mounted Woods finish mower, hydraulic equiped, electric start. Still mows the field. - [EDIT]
B 1956 ? EB10533 NEIL CREEDON
B 1957 127409 Donald Montgomery
opelousas La. This was in my wife's family for years and now restored. I love this old Allis. - [EDIT]
B 1957 127361 Greg Wilkins Southern IN Only 99 Newer than this one.Saved from a falling down lean-to on the back of a milk shed. - [EDIT]
B 1957 127387 Anthony J. Yeazitzis
Hopkinton N.H. Fair cond.Tin needs manageable work.Everything looks original. Very first for me, Ihave a feeling I have a new hobby. And a lot to learn. Only 74 newer. - [EDIT]
B 1957 270 15378 Noel T. Hilford
Katikati New Zealand English 270 fitted with A.C. Number 52 plough, used for competition ploughing. - [EDIT]
B 1964 - Clay Seekamp
Burlington NC. I have B-12 Bumble Bee that I'm in the middle of restoring and wanted to know if anyone else has any pictures of color and decal placement, when I bought it was 3 colors amd no decals,,,any help would be appreciated. - [EDIT]
B 1964 B10 Ken Brown
Zephyrhills, Florida Allis B-10 Garden tractor . Full resoration. See at Florida Flywheelers Shows. Fort Meade, Fl. - [EDIT]
B 1965 044884 Tim Nelson
Alexandria, Kentucky Big Ten lawn and garden tractor. Dad bought it new. Still have the original owners manual with the receipt. Still use it today. - [EDIT]
B 1965 - Ron California Big Ten, received less engine & grille. I installed an 18hp Onan with dual exhaust going straight up thru the hood and machined a smaller rear drive pulley for better speed. It works & runs great! - [EDIT]
B 1965 b-10 george gaynor darke county oh. 937-231-6794 might sell need info have all attachments - [EDIT]
B 1967 054405 Timothy Blaker
Perkasie, PA My 1st Allis Chalmers a B-10, a project. - [EDIT]
B 1969 HB112 Ken Brown
Zephyrhills, Fl. HB112 Garden Tractor, Fully restored in 2007 - [EDIT]
B 1971? - Cal Link
New Jersey I have an HB-112 that is not yet running - [EDIT]
B 1972 616 Garden Tractor Ken Brown Zephyrhills Fl. 616 AC garden tractor, repowered with 20 hp Kohler - [EDIT]
B 1972 B110 Ken Brown
Zephyrhills, Fl. B110 Garden Tractor. Purchased in Indiana, Picked up 7/2007. - [EDIT]
B 1972? - Lyle Hoegy Mount Albert, Ont. Canada Excellent shape. Use for grading and field mowing. My cars stay outside but my Allis is in the garage. - [EDIT]
B 1978 46664d Jorge E. Saenz
South Texas Looking for body parts, and wiring harness - [EDIT]
B 1982 - Koeckeritz Exc,
MN AC 715 B-D TLB perkins engine , full cab, 1 yard loader/14 ft digmore extendahoe 34" bucket - [EDIT]
B 2008 B -7- 19- 08 Richard Aiken Bellefontaine Ohio May be seen at Dale Haymakers, needs a little more work next year, then everyone can plow a round. Richard If you want to do some plowing you will have to come to Ohio Will be auctioned off at the last show, July 2013 - [EDIT]
B 36 ? AM-2787-19 William Burke
Lithia Springs, Ga. I got this tractor from my brother after his boys burned the clutch out it was my Fathers pride and joy and I want to restore it but I don't know what I have could someone please help me find out what I have? - [EDIT]
B 39 27316 Eric Davis
N/W Missouri looking for goodies for my "B" - [EDIT]
B 40/41 B55045 J D COOK
Hereford - UK Eng-no R25092K Any information welcome - [EDIT]
B 54 120275 Tom Hanson
Wisconsin Looking for info. just picked up a Working B. Need help with the PTO. And Rear Center. - [EDIT]
B 55/56 EB8900 Andy Taylor
Norfolk U.K. new tyres,some new parts,managed to find a starter motor!Runs well.just needs decals to finish the job - [EDIT]
B na na Brian Heller
wyo. I have this allis B. I am looking for a home for it. It is in good shape but is needing a front rim. Please let me know if this is some thing you are needing - [EDIT]
B UK EB5042 Ray Davey & Son Jon
West Sussex Is this 1938 could someone help as we would like to registar with swansea. Does the E stand for europe. - [EDIT]

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